tagLoving WivesValerie the Magnificent Ch. 03

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 03

byval wrangler©

Over the next week or so Val showed more interest in making love, but went back to maintaining the veneer of being prim and proper. Meanwhile I was doing a lot of thinking.

The night I tied her to the bed gave me considerable insight into what was now making my pretty wife tick -- sexually speaking. There was this other person inside her, curious, very highly sexed and just a little bit dangerous. This was who had been released by my friend Robbie coming on to her. She'd been in the ascendancy over the several months until Val finally had a chance to consummate her lust for Robbie's big dick.

Immediately after, the "good" Val had taken control again and shut everything down. Since that time, I guess she'd been waging an inner battle between these two opposing forces. Taking away the good Val's control by tying her to the bed had allowed my wife the opportunity to let her bad "bad" side peek out a bit and the results had been amazing. Now that I knew the key to the situation, I could help massage things in the direction I felt that both of us wanted to go. I began to think of it as The Game: facilitating Val being bad.

I knew my wife was curious about what I might do next, but I let that curiosity build for nearly ten days. During that time, I kept close watch on Val's toys to see if she'd started using them again. Whether she was being pretty cagey or had a stash I didn't know about, they didn't seem to have been touched. I did find our lubricant bottle in what I thought was a different place one day, so I noted things more carefully, but still couldn't spot anything I could be certain about.

On a Thursday Val was working late, and I was feeling a little frisky so I went into the cabinet below the TV where we keep our movies. Behind the first row is a small pile of porn flicks we'd gotten over the past few months (and which we hadn't watched together since Robbie). A little chance to unwind would be nice. When I pulled them out to look through them, lo and behold, there was the instructional video that came with the Sybian.

Now one thing my wife isn't is dumb. If she'd wanted to watch the video but keep it secret, she would have put it back in the carton with the Sybian. If it had been left here, it was with the expressed purpose that I'd eventually find it.

I went down to the basement and pulled the carton out. When putting it away I'd sealed it with shipping tape and it hadn't been tampered with. Now I understood. Val must have taken the tape out on the night of her birthday and hadn't been able to get it back in again because of the tape. Had she watched it, though? Undoubtedly, or it wouldn't have been where it was. The saucy wench was challenging me in her own discreet way. "I'm being bad. What are you going to do about it?"

The video gave me the perfect idea for her punishment. Something we could both get off on...

The following Saturday, Val was working at her store job all day. I went to the local adult toy store and bought some proper restraints. Using my ties was well and good, but something comfortable but strong would make it more enjoyable -- for both of us. I finally settled on four Velcro cuffs attached to long nylon straps. The cuffs had this furry fabric that felt quite nice, and they were big enough to put around Val's upper arms or calves if I wanted to. You could get them on and off quickly and easily, as well as tighten them pretty securely. This was important, remembering how Val had seemed to enjoy struggling against her bonds. It was all part of The Game.

On the way home, I stopped at a lumber yard and got a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood and a few other items I'd need and then spent the day getting everything together. By mid-afternoon, I was ready for the next step in our little erotic dance.


Val, predictably, came home that evening rather tired. I was ready with a glass of wine (or 2) and a light dinner, something necessary for what I had planned.

While we ate, I brought up the subject we'd both danced around for the past 12 days.

"I was looking around on Thursday evening for something to watch, and you'll never guess what I found in our cabinet."

Val immediately looked uneasy, but there was also something else there. Excitement? "Movies?" she countered flippantly.

"Well, yes. I did find a movie, but not what I was expecting. It was something that came with your birthday present. When did you take it out of the carton?"

She dropped her eyes. "While you were putting dinner on the table that night. I was pretty angry with you, but I was also curious, so I started looking in the box. Then you came in unexpectedly and I didn't have time to get that video cassette back in, so I hid it under a pillow."

"Why did you do that?"

Val looked up somewhat defiantly. "Because I didn't want you to know I had any interest in that machine. I was afraid..."

"Of what?"

"That you'd make my do something I wouldn't want to do."

I smiled at her. "You mean something bad?"

She nodded. "Yes."

"And tell me, have you watched the video?"

Val looked down into her lap again and answered by nodding.

"And did it turn you on?"

Again a nod.

"Did you have to play with yourself, make yourself cum?"

"Yes, she answered in a small voice, "twice."

"That's being very bad, you know. It means you're going to have to be punished."

Her eyes got big. "What are you going to do?"

"If you watched the video, then you know how the Sybian works. Have you thought of trying it out yourself?"

"You'd make me do that?"

"If I decide that's what your punishment should be, yes. Tell me, do you think you should be punished?"

My wife again looked down and several seconds later nodded her head again.

I drained my wine glass and got up. "I want you to meet me downstairs in five minutes. I want your hair up and I want you naked." With that, I turned on my heel and headed for the basement.

Our house has a finished basement, but we don't use it much. It was primarily a place for our two kids to hang out with their friends. Val and I had been wondering what we should do with it now that they'd moved out. I'd spent part of my afternoon getting it ready for our little drama. Some new lights had been put up and shone down on the middle of the floor. There, bolted down to the plywood I'd bought, was the Sybian. Since it was a bit noisy, I'd found an old piece of foam to put between it and the board and I'd bought a scrap of thick carpet to go over the plywood. When you turned the machine on now, it was fairly quiet and the carpet would also make it easier on Val's knees.

Also on the board, I'd mounted some eyebolts on either side of the Sybian. Val stopped midway down the stairs when she saw what was waiting for her. There was no doubt as it sat there under the lights, what the star of tonight's show would be. I'd mounted the largest dildo on the rotating post and it was pretty darned impressive. I thnk both our hearts were beating a mile a minute.

"You want to use that on me?"

"Yes. You told me yourself not that long ago that when you've been bad, you expect to be punished. Since you've been so curious about your birthday present and you know what an evil thing it is, I think you need to be punished -- by being forced to use it."

I thought for a moment that Val was going to bolt, but then I caught that evil little glint in her eye, just something fleeting, but I knew she was going to play.

"Please don't make me do this!" she pleaded. "I'll...I'll let you tie me to the bed again."

She didn't fool me for a minute. I don't think she'd spotted the eye bolts yet, or if she had, she didn't know what they would be used for, but Val was clearly transmitting to me that she wanted to be restrained.

"No, tonight it's the Sybian." From the couch in the corner, I picked up the new restraints and a bottle of lubricant. "Come over here."

Val quietly did as I ordered. She silently watched me a put a generous amount of lubricant on the dildo and some on the ridged pad that would rest against the top of her slit when she was mounted on the Sybian.

"Now sit on it."

Val actually gulped but did as I asked. Her eyes again got big as she carefully sank down on the dildo.

Kneeling, she looked up at me. "Now what?"

"Hold out your wrists."

I put a restraint on each wrist, tightened them up pretty snuggly and then tied the ends to the two bolts which were farthest away from the Sybian. Val's arms were extended straight out and at about a 45 degree angle down.

Next I put a restraint around each of her thighs and tied those lines around the inner pair of eye bolts, slightly behind the machine and out about half the distance to the edge of the plywood. What it forced Val to do was sit more snuggly against the machine.

Restrained like this, she couldn't be able to get off the Sybian until I unfastened her.

While I worked, I saw all the signs of my wife's growing arousal. I'd guessed right. This was really turning her on.

"What are the bright lights for? she asked.

I pulled are video camera from the corner and set it up at about the height of Val's head right in front of her. "You're going to make a video tonight. It's going to be called 'Val's Punishment'. You're the star."

She looked a bit concerned. "But Mike, honey, somebody could see it. Do you think you should risk that?"

"Oh yes. Next time I go looking for a nice video to watch, I'll watch you having orgasm after orgasm. Maybe sometimes I'll make you watch it so you'll remember what happens to you when you're bad. Maybe I'll let some of my friends watch it."

"Mike, don't do this to me. I promise I won't be bad anymore. At least turn the video off. Please!"

I'll give her this, Val was pretty convincing.

Picking up the Sybian's controller I went back behind the camera, turned it on and then turned on the vibrator component of the Sybian, using it's lowest setting.

The sensation must have surprised Val because she made a move to get up, and of course she couldn't. She couldn't even push herself off the machine very much because of the restraints on her thighs. The muscles in her ass flexed in the most delicious manner.

Sitting down on the sofa, I prepared to enjoy the show.

I gradually turned the vibrations up. Val sat ramrod straight, but it wasn't hard to see that the stimulation was beginning tohave the desired effect on her. Her ass began flexing more and I could detect a small rocking motion as she began to ride the pleasuring machine. Her breathing was also becoming faster and there was a definite flush to her neck and chest.

For a moment I turned the vibrations up much higher. A deep moan came out of Val and her eyes closed. She sagged down into the saddle, forcing stronger contact with her clit against the knobbed pad. I immediately turned the vibration control way down. She sighed and looked over at me but didn't say anything.

That's when I turned on the rotation.

Val immediately gasped and writhed as the big dildo rotated against her walls. The fat mushroom head, being farthest from the center of the rotation, moved the most.

"Oh my God! That feels...fucking...amazing," Val moaned.

"You used a bad word," I teased. Just for that, I'm going to have to turn it up a bit."

Val bucked and pulled on the straps holding her wrists. Her lower body began moving as if she actually were fucking somebody. Under the heat of the lights and also her rising passion, she was now sweating. I turned up the rotation and vibration up to the halfway point.

"Ohhhhh! That's almost too much, Mike. You're going to...make me cum! Oh shit, oh shit!"

Val was beside herself now and getting close to what looked to be a massive climax. She road the Sybian like a bucking bronco, thrusting against it with abandon and grunting in time with the rotation of the dildo.

I turned up both controls a bit more.

My wife screamed as the orgasm roared through her body, swaying as the dildo pushed against the walls of her pussy, the muscles in her body taut from the strength of her spasms.

As she started to come down the other side, I turned the controls back down and started taking my clothes off. Time for me to have some fun.

I went over and stood in front of her, my rock-hard erection standing out proudly. My wife took one look at it and opened up her mouth. I slid it in and could feel her tongue swirling around underneath the tip. It felt like heaven.

Turning the controls up again, Val moaned deep in her throat and her eyes opened wide. I stood looking down at her and played with the controls, now turning off the vibration, varying the rotation, mixing things up. She was having trouble concentrating on my cock.

With both controls halfway up again, she began to rock on the Sybian, fucking back at it and I started moving my cock in and out of her mouth. She leaned forward as far as she could and without much effort, I began to slide the whole length into her mouth and down her throat. Faster and faster I went, trying to match the crescendo of her approaching orgasm.

I climaxed just before she did, causing her to gag a bit and what felt like a gallon of cum began overflowing her mouth. I stepped back from her with weak knees. Once free of my cock, Val rode the crest of her orgasm, making wordless sounds of passion as the orgasm wracked her body.

Going over to the sofa, I grabbed my t-shirt and cleaned up the mess on her chin, throat and chest. Val thought I was going to release her, but I chucked the t-shirt on the sofa and headed for the stairs.

"Mike! Where the hell are you going?"

I turned to look at my lovely wife, held down against the infernal machine that had just given her so much pleasure. "I thought I'd go up and get a beer. Hope we have some or I'll have to go out to the store and heaven only knows how long that could take."

"Mike! You can't leave me here like this! What if something happens?"

"Something is going to happen: you're going to have several more orgasms while I'm gone." I started up the stairs. "Have fun!"

"Mike, honey! Please don't leave me, I don't know how much more of this I can take. I..."

Val stopped talking and let out a loud groan as another orgasm began growing to critical mass.

I stayed upstairs nursing a beer for around 15 minutes and during that time I heard the unmistakeable sounds of at least three more huge orgasms. Val didn't call out for me once as I expected she might. Perhaps she thought I really had gone out for more beer. Perhaps she didn't care.

When I went downstairs again, Val was like a rag doll atop the Sybian, lost in a haze of sexual excess. She seemed to be having orgasms about every two minutes or maybe it was one very long one with peaks every so often. She didn't even look at me as I sat down on the sofa again.

Her eyes were shut, her head lolled back. The muscles in her arms were standing out as Val pulled against the straps binding her wrists to the plywood and her legs were flexing rhythmically as if she were trying to pull the dildo farther inside her. I could see her swollen and purple clit sticking out between her labia whenever she rocked back. If someone has ever been in sexual nirvana, then surely this was it. My beautiful wife was fucking the machine as hard as it was fucking her.

I turned up the controls almost to the top.

Val at once screamed and began to shake uncontrollably, moaning, thrashing, riding to sexual bliss. This orgasm lasted for almost a minute and a half by my watch.

As she came down the other side, I followed, turning down the controls until the machine stopped. Val sagged against her bonds, her chest heaving with the excursion I'd just put her through. Sweat poured off her and I went in the laundry room for a big towel which I draped over her shoulders, massaging the moisture away.

She sighed deeply and looked up. "Please, honey...no more."

I switched off the camera and stood in front of her. "No, I can see you've had enough."

As I undid the velcro straps, I had to support Val or she might have just fallen over sideways. Her knees were stiff from having sat on them for such a long time, so I just lifted her into my arms and carried her up the stairs.

After laying her down on the bed, I went to the bathroom and got a wash cloth. Val's pussy was an angry red and very swollen. She'd been very thoroughly used. Juices coated the inside of her thighs down to her knees. By the time I finished cleaning her up, Val was already asleep, her face peaceful.

I went to the basement and put everything away. The top of the Sybian was soaked.

Watching the video later was a trip. I don't think I've ever seen anything so hot. Here was a woman on fire, riding herself to orgasm after orgasm, each one seemingly bigger than the last. There was one thing on the tape, though, that really surprised me.

Shortly after I'd gone upstairs, just after her third orgasm, my lovely Valerie looked directly into the camera. I could clearly see from her eyes and expression and the curl of her smile that it was 'Bad Val' looking out.

"How did you know this is what I want?" She began her rocking motion again. "I tried not to be bad, but it's hard when you punish me so good. Ahhhh..." Her whole body trembled and she smiled. "God, how I love this!"

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