Valestock Ch. 01


The fire in Claire's body however wouldn't be denied and with strength fuelled by lust, she pushed Tony's hands back and rolled over so that she lay on top of him, kissing him deeply and holding his hands down by his head as she rocked her hips back and forth.

Breaking the kiss, Claire began to kiss down Tony's neck, her lips travelling on down his hard chest to his stomach and back up before she sat up and stared down at him lustfully.

Tony stared back up at her with eyes that burned with hunger. Claire's breathing was heavy causing her large tits to rise and fall rapidly. Then she crossed her arms and reached down to take hold of the bottom of her top before pulling it up, over her flat stomach, over her large, round, 38D tits and then finally over her head, tossing it carelessly away somewhere in the tent.

Staring down at Tony as she straddled him, topless except for her red and black lace bra, Claire ran her nails down his hard chest as the hunger in his eyes turned to insatiable desire as he stared at every inch of her sexy body and beautiful face.

Abruptly his hands reached up and seized her head, pulling her down roughly to him. Her lips mashed against his and their tongues danced once more as her large tits pressed almost nakedly against his naked, hard chest, squashing the soft, firm flesh hard against his body as they both breathed heavily.

His hands quickly moved down to grab her tight ass and pull her onto where his crotch bulged with something big and hard.

"Ummmmmph." Claire moaned breathily into Tony's mouth as she felt the hot, hardness press through her trousers against her now blazing pussy.

Breaking the kiss once more, Claire once again began kissing down Tony's toned body, but this time she kept her eyes on his as he watched her, his hands slowly moving to her head as she kissed down his stomach before lifting up above his hard-bulging crotch.

Slowly, the sexy girlfriend placed her hands on Tony's jeans, unbuttoning them before slowly pulling the zipper down. She then began to pull them down his legs, helped by him until she threw them in the corner of the 'room'.

Running her fingers up his legs, Claire let her hand trace the outline of what was now a huge, hard bulge, barely contained in his boxers, before she took hold of the waist band and began sliding them down.

Suddenly, Tony's dick sprang free of its confines as Claire pulled his boxers down and Claire felt her breath catch and she stopped moving. His dick was so huge and hard! She had never seen anything like it!

Mesmerised by Tony's big cock, Claire stared avidly while Tony sat up and pulled his boxers off before he once more kissed her, placing his hand on her cheek and his other hand on hers, guiding it towards his long, hard shaft.

Claire's tongue danced with his as her hand wrapped around his thick cock and slowly began to pump up and down the long length causing Tony to quickly breathe heavily into her mouth.

With a deep grunt he finally broke the kiss, and with a heated, hungry look lay down, running one hand through her hair as Claire continued to jack his dick a little quicker. Fuck, it was huge! And so thick! It felt good in her hand as she glided up and down the stiff meat.

Looking up once more at Tony as he lay there, watching her with a look of pleasure on his face as she jacked his dick faster, Claire slowly lowered her face towards the big rod. Opening her mouth she stared intently at the huge cock as she slowly lowered her mouth over the thick head, moaning lightly as she felt Tony's dick stretch her lips tight around the thick shaft as it pushed deeper into her hot mouth, pressing firmly against her throat.

"Fuck!" Tony moaned breathily as his friend's hot girlfriend's mouth engulfed the first four inches of his dick, her luscious lips wrapping tightly around the thick shaft.

Still pumping her fist up and down, Claire began to suck hard and slash her tongue around the head, slurping noisily as she breathed heavily through her nose before she slowly began to bob her head up and down his long cock.

Tony's hand kept tensing and relaxing in her hair as she sucked his dick harder and faster and soon the tent was filled with the lewd sucking and slurping noises of Michael's hot and horny red-headed girlfriend eagerly blowing his friend Tony.

"SLURP! SLURP! SLURP!" Came the sounds as Claire's lips slid swiftly up and down Tony's big, long, naked cock, the feel of that hard shaft as her soft lips gripped it firmly and slid wetly up and down as it filled her mouth and throat, teasing her teeth and tongue was just so incredibly hot to both her and Tony. Over and over the gorgeous red-head's mouth slid rapidly up and down as she bobbed her head enthusiastically on her boyfriend's friend's cock while her cheeks moved in and out as she sucked hungrily and her tongue danced furiously along every thick inch of his oh so hard dick.

"Ah, yes, suck it Claire! Suck my dick!" Tony groaned breathily over and over as he continued to flex his hand in her long dark crimson hair.

With the feel of his ragingly solid dick sliding in and out of her lips, filling her mouth, the feel of Tony's hand in her hair, the buzzing feel of sexual desire mixed with weed and alcohol, and the hot, illicit sounds of her slurping on his cock as he moaned and groaned in pleasure at her cock-sucking skills, Claire quickly began to get into the hot act, and soon the stunning red-headed girlfriend was forcing more of her boyfriend's friend's dick into her mouth, relishing the feel as an inch of his big cock began sliding down her tight throat. Then another followed as she worked her mouth up and down his dick, then another, until her lips met her fist and she had seven inches of Tony's huge cock stuffed down her throat.

Tony was groaning constantly now as Claire continued to suck his dick furiously; alternating between enthusiastically ramming the thick shaft down her tight throat and pulling it from her throat and once again jacking up and down as she bobbed her head on the rest of his cock, looking up at Tony's face as he stared down at her ecstatically.

Her large tits bounced and swung happily underneath her within the confines of her thin bra as she knelt on her hands and knees jacking Tony's dick into her hungry sucking mouth energetically as her head glided up and down rapidly.

"Mmmmmph!" Claire moaned again and again around Tony's cock as she shoved seven inches of it down her throat or sucked hard on the head and jacked furiously with her hand, trying desperately to suck the cum from his swelling balls.

Over and over Claire sank her mouth down the thick shaft of her boyfriend's friend's cock, and over and over Tony raised his hips to shove his solid cock between her soft lips and down her tight throat. Moaning and slurping constantly, Claire's tongue danced around the sensitive head as she eagerly gave Michael's friend the best blowjob he had ever had, repeatedly swallowing seven inches of his unprotected cock into her mouth and down her throat.

After a few minutes of this, though, the stunning girlfriend began to only use her hand to hold the base of his dick straight so that she could feed his enormous dick into her mouth and throat easier; sucking and licking harder and bobbing her head up and down his gorgeous dick faster and faster until finally her hot lips reached the base of what had to be a thick, nine inch cock, that was now buried balls deep in her throat and hot mouth.

"Oh fuck! Ugh!" Tony groaned lewdly and loudly as he felt his entire dick be buried down Claire's tight throat before she lifted her mouth almost all the way off and then slowly slid her lips all the way back down to the base.

Claire flicked her eyes to watch Tony's ecstatic expression as she continued to bob her head up and down slowly but steadily, deep-throating him as she sucked as hard as she could.

After a couple of minutes of this though, she pulled her mouth from his dick and once more wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft, jacking up and down furiously as she tossed her long dark red hair over her shoulder and smiled at Tony teasingly.

"You like that?" She asked mischievously as she continued to pump her fist up and down his long length of hot meat.

"Fuck Claire, yes! You're fucking incredible at sucking dick." He groaned in answer as she continued her ministrations on his hard cock.

Claire smiled proudly and playfully at him before she once more lowered her face close to his impressive cock and once more stared into his eyes as she flicked her tongue out to tease the head before letting her tongue circle around the tip then ran it all the way down his nine inch shaft. Kissing her way back up his big dick, Claire opened her mouth and once again engulfed the head of his cock, tightly wrapping her dark-brown lipstick covered lips around the shaft before she once more began bobbing her head up and down furiously, her cheeks sucking in and out as she sucked Tony's dick for all she was worth. All the while her fist pumped furiously up and down his raging hard on, jacking him into her mouth as she slid her lips up and down his big, long shaft.


Once more the sounds of Claire sucking Tony's dick filled the tent, mingling only with Tony's constant groans of pleasure and Claire's occasionally lust-filled moans around her mouth full of cock as she relished the feel of such a big, thick dick shoved inside her mouth.

Faster and harder the hot girlfriend bobbed her beautiful face up and down her and her boyfriend's friend's big cock as she sucked furiously, stuffing as much as she could down her throat while her hand jacked furiously up and down the rest. Lust had taken Claire completely and right then she had forgotten all about her loving boyfriend of two years as she sucked his friend's dick with loving passion.

Similarly Tony had too as he simply stared hungrily at Claire's big tits as they bounced lustfully, confined only by her black and red lace bra, while she continued to ram his dick into her mouth and throat.

The tent was filled with the lustful sounds of the hot, illicit blowjob and the moans and groans of Claire and Tony as they enjoyed it. Meanwhile, outside the tent, the festival continued, completely unaware that Michael's hot girlfriend was on her hands and knees sucking their friend's big dick for all she was worth.

Michael laughed as he said goodbye to Sam while he headed back to the tent. He had hardly stopped running around since he had woken up early. No, in fact, he hadn't stopped at all, but then, this was what a festival was meant to be like.

As he made his way through the tents, finally he saw their one and began to head towards it. The front flap had been zipped up which meant someone was probably sleeping, however Michael thought he needed to catch a few minutes too so he would head in and be quiet so as not to disturb them. Meanwhile, inside the tent at that moment, his hot, loving girlfriend was making out with his friend, letting him run his hand beneath her top and squeeze her bra-covered tits roughly as their tongues danced and their lips mashed together.

As Michael came close to the front of the tent he heard someone call his name and so turning around he saw Matt heading over with a big grin on his face.

"Mike man, you gotta see this, they have some crazy fire-eating juggler people on stage. Come on bro." Matt said enthusiastically and Michael grinned, glancing back at the tent wondering if he should get those few minutes or if he should just head off again. He had another band to see in half an hour after all.

As the unaware boyfriend was deliberating whether to enter the tent of not, Claire had pulled Tony's t-shirt off and had rolled on top of him, pulling her own top off too to reveal her almost naked body, which was hidden only by her red and black lace bra as she once again kissed him passionately.

"I was gonna grab some sleep man." Michael replied, figuring that he really should get some sleep at some point during the festival or he was going to be running around like mad the whole time.

"Come on bro, you can sleep tonight. When do you get to see things like this?" Matt replied ardently and Michael laughed and nodded.

"You're right man, we've got all night to sleep I guess." Michael said in reply, "I'll just grab another bottle of water." He added as he bent down to take hold of the zip.

As Michael was about to unzip the front tent flap, Claire, his hot, loving girlfriend of two years, had pulled Tony's jeans and boxers off and was just wrapping her soft lips around his thick shaft, before bobbing her head up and down his hard cock furiously as she pumped her fist tightly up and down the rest of the raging hard cock in her hand.

While his girlfriend was giving their friend a blowjob, Michael looked over his shoulder as Matt spoke again.

"Screw that man, you can grab a beer when we head over. Come on Mike, we'll miss it otherwise." Matt said urgently and Michael glanced once more at the tent flap before he laughed and stood up, walking over towards his friend.

"Come on then, show me this amazing sight." He jested as the two began to make their way away from the tent.

If Michael had opened that tent flap, if he simply turned around to grab that water bottle or had listened hard enough through the sounds that filled the air, he would have witnessed an amazing sight indeed. He would have seen his girlfriend stuffing all nine inches of their friend's dick down her tight throat, he would have seen her cheeks moving in and out furiously as she sucked Tony's dick for all she was worth. He would have heard the lewd sounds of the illicit blowjob Claire was giving while half-naked. And if he had waited a little longer, he would have seen her doing something hotter; swallowing noisily.

However Michael walked on towards his next sight to see, while his hot girlfriend sucked their friend's dick so hard and fast, she was about to receive her reward.

Claire's head bobbed up and down, her cheeks working in and out as her hand gripped tightly around Tony's dick and flew up and down furiously.

Sucking and licking for all she was worth, Tony had become one long groaning noise as she worked his big cock in and out of her mouth and throat. His hand now gripped a handful of her hair and he watched her big tits jiggling lewdly as she gave his dick all she could.

Claire too relished the feel of Tony's huge cock slamming back into her throat again and again, filling her hot mouth to bursting as she sucked as hard and fast as she could, trying to suck the cum from his balls...literally.

Suddenly, Tony gripped her long red hair roughly and growled loudly.

"AH FUCK!" He shouted and Claire knew what was about to happen.

Holding her head still with Tony's dick in her mouth, Claire continued to jack her fist up and down his thick shaft rapidly while slashing her tongue across the sensitive head. Looking up to see Tony watching her, his face contorted in ecstasy, Claire suddenly felt the head of his big dick expand.

As their eyes were locked on each others, abruptly Tony shouted out and his dick exploded in orgasm inside her hot mouth.

Huge loads of cum blasted from his dick across Claire's tongue, hitting the insides of her mouth and the back of her throat. Quickly the hot, torrent of thick cum filled her mouth and Claire hurriedly began swallowing Tony's cum as fast as she could, however more continued to erupt from the enormous cock in her mouth.

Gulping the hot, thick liquid down her throat noisily, Claire felt it slowly slide down and into her belly as her mouth continued to be filled by Tony's never-ending surge of white seed. Cum began to dribble from the corners of her mouth as more and more pumped into her mouth than she could swallow, and still she jacked his dick and stared intently into his eyes with her lust-glazed own.

Tony had never seen anything so hot in his life as seeing his friend's incredibly hot girlfriend, wearing only her bra to cover her large, heaving tits, on her hands and knees, staring up into his eyes with his dick stuffed in her luscious mouth, her fist pumping up and down his cock while he filled her mouth with his hot cum, and she swallowed noisily while some began to dribble from her mouth and down her chin. Fuck, this was hot.

Claire's throat worked convulsively, trying in vain to swallow the flood of cum that filled her mouth and leaked from her lips.


The hot sounds of her swallowing filled the tent with Tony's groans as he came and Claire lost count of how much cum she must have swallowed.

Finally however as she held her free hand under her chin to catch the cum that ran from her full mouth down her chin, she felt Tony's dick shoot one last powerful blast deep into her throat before he grunted and lay back, panting heavily.

With one hand full of cum, Claire tightly jacked the other up and down Tony's dick, licking the end of his cock as she sucked hard to make sure she had got everything before finally she pulled her mouth from his dick and looked at him with a faint, playful smile on her cum-coated soft lips.

"I take it you enjoyed that?" She teased as she wiped her chin with the hand not holding Tony's cum.

Tony let out a heavy breath and grinned.

"Damn I needed that." He said in reply and Claire laughed lightly as she wiped her hand she had just used to clean her chin on the nearest thing, which just so happened to be her new long-sleeve.

"I could tell." She teased before she looked at the cum in her hand and thought about what to do with it.

"You're not going to waste that are you?" Tony asked as he sat up a little wearily and took hold of her slim waist.

Claire smiled playfully at him before she lifted her hand to her mouth and tipped what she could into her mouth before licking the rest from her palm. Once more she looked at her and Michael's friend, showing him his cum in her mouth and coating her tongue and teeth, before she deliberately swallowed noisily, letting him see her throat work before she showed him it was all gone.

Taking a long swig of her beer to help with her thirst after such hard work, Claire smiled as Tony looked very impressed, and very turned on by her little display. Placing the can back down Claire once more wiped her hand on her top before tossing it away as Tony began to kiss her neck and shoulders, working his way slowly down to her chest.

His lips felt like fire as he kissed the tops of her large exposed tits before kissing between them and biting the firm globes. Claire let out a sigh that became a breathy moan as she held on to Tony's head, pulling him into her heavy breasts as he continued to bite her tenderly.

She felt his hands work around to her back, before carefully unhooking her bra. Leaning back he began to slide the straps from her shoulders and Claire felt that fire within her burning more intensely. Her pussy blazed as the bra fell away from her huge tits and Tony's eyes fell on them naked for the first time, hunger burning in his eyes.

Without waiting, or being gentle, he reached to grab her tits, pushing them together and squeezing them roughly before he once more began to kiss and bite them fiercely. Claire let out a loud moan as he took her nipples into his mouth, sucking and biting them non-too-gently as she pulled his head into her tits forcefully.

"Oh Tony, fuck me. Fuck me please." She moaned breathily and desperately as Tony continued to bite and kiss her large tits.

Not one to waste an opportunity such as this, Tony pulled his teeth from Claire's naked tits and once more mashed his lips against hers, darting his tongue into her mouth as he pulled her against him. Claire's large round breasts squashed flat against his naked chest as their arms wrapped around each other and they both kneeled.

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