tagIncest/TabooValley of Mom

Valley of Mom


Moral: Your Mom was right when she said Dreams really can and do come true!

My mom had just sold her house and I was helping her move into a very nice apartment. She decided she didn't need the house as I had left several years ago and my Sister, Beth, had just settled down into her own place. Since the divorce it had been hard been make the large mortgage payments so it was time to move on.

I was 26 and worked at Hermannhoff's as a waiter/bartender. As bars go it was a good place to work the boss was good to us and the tips were great. It was also a very terrific place to meet ladies. They tended to treat the waiters as a bit higher class than the male patrons. I think it was because they knew where they could find you and knew that you also knew it.

One lady told me that it didn't hurt that I was 5'10" and 180 pounds. As much as I enjoyed the girls I met through work the sexiest ladies in the Missouri River town where I lived were in my own family. My sister, Beth, was drop dead gorgeous and had been giving me hard-ons since we were teenagers. It was easy to see where Beth got her looks as my mom was a more mature sexier version of Beth.

Mom stood about 5'5" and I don't know what she weighed but she carried everything perfectly. Beth's boobs were probably DD and looked small next to mom's. Mom had had a wonderful hourglass figure with a narrow waist flaring out to a very large solid ass. She was the first woman I ever thought of when I jacked off. It was really hard not to stare at her as Mom wore stuff the really showed off her figure especially the valley between her boobs.

Beth and I as teenagers had given mom's cleavage a name we called it the "Valley of Mom." And, of course, I really fantasized about visiting it. Little did I know as I helped her move that day that Mom had her own ideas on the subject. We got the last of the stuff put up and Mom offered me a glass of wine.

We sat there on the couch chatting about the good old days remembering some of the things that had happened at our old house. It wasn't long before it was dark outside and we were over half way through our second bottle and feeling no pain. Mom said that she needed to get out of her hot sweaty clothes but just sat there and continued to talk until bottle two was empty. Finally, getting up she got the third bottle and told me to open it while she changed.

Personally, I thought we had enough but never questioned her. I poured the glasses while I listened to her piss as she hadn't closed the bathroom door. For some reason this sent a strange shiver up my spine. It also reminded me that I had to pee. Walking to the bathroom I could see inside her room and could see her changing but was disappointed that, because of the angle I couldn't make out any detail. I followed her lead and left the door open as I whipped out my penis and urinated.

We met back at the couch and I took her cue and got more comfortable taking off my shoes and outer shirt. My eyes popped out of their sockets when I saw her. She was wearing a long silky nightgown. While it didn't scream out that the wearer wanted to be fucked it was very sexy. It had a draw string that pushed up her boobs, even though they didn't need to be pushed up. This was the deepest I had ever seen her sweet valley, not to mention, the fact that I could see at least a third of the skin on both sides of her glorious globes. I couldn't help it and got the biggest hard on of my life.

It did not help that mom was a very hands on person and kept touching my leg and shoulder. She poured us another glass of wine. As she raised it to her mouth she spilled it on her tit and lap. There was a small puddle between her thighs so she asked, "Phillip, hurry and get the paper towels before the wine stains the material."

I was off in a flash I tore her off a piece of paper towel and asked, "Is there any other way I can help, Mom."

Staring right at the bulge in my pants she held up her breast toward my mouth as she wiped it off and sweetly said, "Please wipe it off my lap before it gets on the couch, would you?"

"Sure mom," was all I could stammer out. I wiped the area off very tentatively as she continued to play with her boob. Satisfied that I had done the job I put the paper towel on the coffee table in front of us. Finished with her boobs mom follow suit and placed the rag she had been using beside the one I had used.

Then out of the blue she suddenly snaps, "Shit!"

"What is wrong mom?"

"The fucking wine has soaked through to my panties!" With that she stood directly beside me, almost touching, lifted up the nightgown and yanked off her panties. I got a brief glimpse of her naked ass as she did this

"That is a shame," I coolly reply while admiring her crack. Panties in hand she plops back down on the couch sitting diagonally facing me.

"What do you think of my panties?" she asked while holding up the garment that obviously didn't have a drop of wine on it. They were sexy red silk bikini panties. She had a hand at each end and stretched them out for me to appreciate which caused me to gulp loudly.

"Ah, mom, they're very sexy."

"Well, how about me, am I sexy?

"Well, you are my Mother."

"I know but am I sexy?" Now she drops the panties and begins caressing her boobs with her fingertips as she moves her leg causing the material of the gown to ride higher on her thighs. I take another sip of wine trying to avoid the answer but know I have to respond.

"Mom, there probably isn't a guy in town who doesn't think you are sexy." I thought I had answered the question the best way it could be, but mom didn't let me off the hook.

"Now, Phillip I asked you if you think your 47 year old mother is sexy. Now sweetie, tell me the truth am I sexy?" Before I could answer she reached up and pulled the straps to her gown from her shoulders exposing her boobs to me. They had the biggest brown nipples I had ever seen. She used her hands to boost them up toward my hungry eyes.

"Yes, mom you are the sexiest fucking woman I have ever seen!"

"Oh, thank you, Phillip oh god Phillip I can't help myself, forgive me." She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down to her tits.

"Mom, what the fuck?"

""Oh baby boy suck my tits, make love to me. Please be my mother fucker?" Now, I found my head between her boobs, down in her deep valley. I was too turned on to protest any further and lavished her boobs with kissing and sucking like I had never given any woman before. Of course, I let my hands join in the fun squeezing and twisting on her wonderful orbs. I couldn't believe how wonderful they tasted as I licked off the wine, sweat, and various tastes from a long day of moving.

She shocked me as suddenly she pushed me away and stood up. She let the gown fall to the floor so I was looking at her neatly trimmed but very full bush. Seductively she purred, "Follow me to the bed room, with out your clothes but with the wine."

Needless to say, I was relieved that our fun was just beginning, I stripped so fast that I got to her room almost at the same time she did. She held her arms up to me inviting me back between her titties. I dove right back in. I could swear she was purring as I worked on those marvelous twin peaks. The smell of her cunt was calling to me and I could not help myself any longer and quickly worked my way over her tummy past her bush and right to her clit.

I nibbled and sucked on her tiny bud and used my tongue to scoop out her sweet juices. It didn't take long for her to beg me to fuck her. I moved into position but she told me to stop.

Mom had a better idea. She wanted to be on top and if I didn't see the obvious advantages of that then we didn't have to fuck. Of course, I agreed and lay right down and watched as she carefully mounted my cock. She pushed down three times before I was all of the way inside of her tight cunt. I had never had a fuck like this before.

She pushed her cunt hard against me to make sure I didn't escape as she leaned down and deep throated my mouth with her tongue. Then sitting back up she resumed slowly moving up and down up and down up and down on my rigid prick. It was almost maddening how slow she was going as she was driving me fucking crazy and she knew it. I wanted to pound away at her, but she was clearly in charge here. I was surprised when she dropped one hand to her clit and began frigging herself off.

But, somehow it turned me on even more. The more she frigged the quicker her fucking became. As I played aggressively with her boobs she began urging me on. Excitedly she moaned, "Phillip oh yes play with mommy's titties. Oh yes baby that is the way. Damn it mother fucker cum inside of mommy. Come on bastard fuck me."

Now, we were pounding one another. Her muscle control was marvelous. It felt like a half hour before we came when it was probably only a fraction of that. When I finally erupted inside of the womb from which I came I found that she wasn't finished with me yet. She climbed off of me and promptly got on her hands and knees right beside me.

"Phillip, put it up my asshole, right now. Come on be a mother fucking butt fucker." How could I resist such a sweet invitation? My cock was slick with our combined juices. So, I just took some of what was dripping from her cunt and applied it to her asshole and guided my cock to it. As soon as she felt my cock at her rear opening she pushed against it. I popped right in. It was the tightest hole I had ever been in but she relaxed her muscles so well I had no problem ramming all of the way in.

She was moaning and growling even harder than she had when I was in her cunt. I held onto her ass cheeks for dear life as our mutual assault continued. I had thought I had emptied myself completely in her twat but before I knew it my cock exploded in her bowels. She bragged later that she had cum four times while we made love that evening. We were both worn out, but knew that this would not be the last time we would have passionate sex together. I fell asleep that night lying with my head between her boobs in the Valley of Mom.

(Phillip's adventure continues in "Tab to Pay")

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