tagErotic HorrorVampire Lover Ch. 01

Vampire Lover Ch. 01


(This is an erotic vampire story. It is done in co-op fashion with two writers. This is our first story posted on here. Feel free to send any comments.)


The night was bright with the full moon. The Music was blaring. The people inside "The Zoo" were dancing and gyrating to the loud music blaring over the state of the art stereo system. The temperature was rising. People were lining outside for the opening of Las Vegas' newest underground club. Antonio "Tony" Silvestri and Sarifina " Fina" Alba looked on in anticipation of what the fruits of their labor were laying out before them.

Tony looked over to his centuries old lover and mate Fina her pale skin, exquisite eyes, statuesque form, making him excited as he stood next to her. The leather pants tightly holding back his hardening cock. His undead nipples stiffening with longing and pride of his captured prize.

He looked over and smiled at his love, flashing his fangs. Reached up he slid his hand under her blouse, grabbing onto her breast. Her skin chill to his touch. His passion, and hunger rising in him. He leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear " we need to feed soon".

Fina stared out at the people in front of her, the look of an arrogant huntress painted upon her face. Her eyes sparkled the color of emerald gems as she watched hungrily over the crowd. Her poise and posture regal and dominant, her clothes accenting her look. She had old world appeal to her but she was learning and trying to embrace the new world with the grace and elegance of the nobility she was born into two hundred years ago. She had chosen the clothes just to give Tony something to look at and that he would be pleased with. The open back metallic green scooped neck shirt with a short black leather skirt and knee high leather boots had appealed to her for some reason this night.

When Tony reached out and slid his hand across her back and under her shirt to grab her naked breast, she sighed and relaxed into him, the regal dominance slipped from her face and suddenly she looked much younger than the age of 19, when he changed her all those years ago. She turned her head to meet his eyes over her shoulder, pressed her body back into him just to feel his hardness against her back, lowered her eyes so she was looking at his Chest and nodded. "Yes Sir, I think food would be a wonderful idea." She licked her lips at the thought and tilted her head to the side and bared her bare neck to him, submitting.

Upon Fina submitting to him, Tony leaned down and lightly bit her barred neck, piercing the skin over her jugular. Placing one hand on the middle of her back for support, and sliding the other under her skirt to feel her pussy, he proceeded to passionately feed on his loving submissive.

As he fed, his cock started to get even harder, his passions even hotter. After just a few sips he pulled back, not wanting to drain her too much, and save her for later when he would take full advantage of her in all ways, as only the undead can do.

"Let us go and find our diner for tonight so we can fully enjoy all that this night will offer my sweet Fina". With that he withdrew his hands and slapped her on her lovely pert ass. Laughing as she jumped with the unexpected smack.

He then pulled her to him and kissed her deeply so as to let her taste her blood still on his lips, and feel his hard cock against her belly. He grabbed the back of her hair and pressed his whole body against her as he kissed, feeling her erect nipples against his barely covered chest. He could smell her arousal as it started to rise deep within her.

When he turned her towards him and crushed her to him, she let a soft moan escape her lips and she pushed herself more into him. His hand on her pussy driving her insane, knowing that the outfit she had chosen was a wonderful idea. All she wanted was to please him and make him happy. Her neck throbbed in time with the pulsing and flow of the juices that slid from her body onto his hand. Her nipples so hard they caused an ache to her very core. She wanted him as she had for decades.

Pulling away from that final kiss, she nodded, knowing they needed to feed. Fina stepped back and took his hand feeling a shiver run through her body. She turned her eyes back to the crowd at hand and skimmed the crowd wondering who he was going to pick for them to feed on. She smiled a slow smile as she raised her passion filled eyes to his. "Whom shall we dine with tonight Sir"? She was anxious to feed and make their way to one of their secret rooms, where they could give each other the pleasure they were both seeking.

"HMMMM.....I think they will do...". He takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor, walking towards a handsome couple on the edge of the dance floor. "Hello I'm Tony and this is Fina we are the owners of this fine establishment." he said to them as he approaches. "We would like to invite you to dine." He then grabbed Fina's hand and led them off to the back of the club, to one of the private VIP rooms with a large one--way plate glass window.

They entered the plush room, leather couches placed in a half circle facing the large window so the action on the floor could be seen. They all sat close and Tony offered them the menu and told them to order whatever they wanted on the menu...on the house. The couple looked at each other and smiled, then looked back and smiled at their kind hosts and thanked them graciously. "It's nothing" replied Tony, It's the least we can do for you enjoying our company. Tony then called in the order to the kitchen and then they proceeded to entertain the couple.

Watching and slightly following behind Tony and the couple they all headed for the VIP room. Fina took notice that this couple seemed to be feeders for others if their kind. She let almost a cruel look cross her face before it slid into a small smile as she watched them tell Tony what they wanted to eat. Then she made her move and slid in next to the male, her eyes bright with excitement.

Fina glanced at Tony for a moment to see if he was watching, then was back to looking at the couple she was so next too. Not waiting for approval or acceptance from Tony, in her excitement, she slid into the males lap, straddling him, her short skirt riding up her legs to above her thighs to reveal a she wore no underwear. Reaching over she grabbed the woman a little roughly and pulled her into a kiss. Her hips ground into the man and she could feel his cock getting harder with what he was watching.

Fina let out a little moan as she bit down on the woman's lip and pierced it taking sips from the woman. She smiled and pulled away letting the woman's blood slightly trickle down her chin onto her chest.

Leaning forward she again looked over her shoulder at Tony, licked the woman's blood from her lips as she made eye contact with him. Knowing she was playing a dangerous game with him by not waiting or asking, it was worth the punishment she would face and the pleasure that would come with it.

Looking back at the man she leaned forward and kissed him, nicking his lip and letting the life force flow into her mouth as she ground her bare, wet pussy against him, moaning. Bending over she kissed and licked her way down his neck to the half open shirt that bared some of his chest and she bit down, sinking her teeth into his skin just above the heart. Drinking slowly, her arousal grew and the grinding of her hips on the man's very hard cock through his pants, and each pull of blood, made her moan and drip her juices over his lap. Lifting her head again to look at Tony she let more blood trickle from her lips down her body.

Tony's first reaction to Fina's boldness was to slap her off the man, but he could smell her arousal and allowed it. He would deal with her later. No need to cause a scene in front of their dinner.

Following her lead (for the moment) he reached over and kissed the woman, tasting the blood on her lips drawn by Fina. He then kissed her passionately and pulled open her blouse, exposing her full, young breasts, He leaned down and sucked one of her rapidly hardening nipples into his mouth and sucked on it, making it even harder. He then proceeded to pierce her nipple and drink her blood as a baby would drink a mother's milk. A low moan escaped the woman as he did this, and Tony could smell her growing arousal.

The couple were defiantly " feeders", people who made themselves available to a vampire to feed off of. It is illegal to actually kill humans, but with consent, vampires were legally allowed to use humans as food.

Tony's own growing arousal gave him a very interesting thought. He lifted the woman's skirt up to her hips, noticing she also wore nothing underneath (these "new world" women were so brazen and bold). He then got down on his knees between the womans legs, spreading them wide. Her pussy opened up like a beautiful flower, exposing its charms to him. He could smell her arousal, see her juice starting to moisten her pussy. He then leaned in and slid his tongue up her waiting pussy,from her "taint" to her clit, tasting her, wanting her. This movement made her jump with excitement and anticipation. He sucked her clit in his mouth, grazing it with a fang. The woman moaned even louder and grabbed Tony by the hair and pressed his face closer to her wet and wanting cunt.

Tony pulled away for just a moment to tease the woman, and to glance at Fina and her meal. The woman groaned with momentary disappointment. Smiling at what he saw, he turned his attention back to the matters at hand (or tongue). He then sucked her clit back into his mouth and bit, piercing her clit. As he did this he then slid his tongue deep in her pussy, tasting her sweet juices. He then proceeded to tongue fuck her as he "dined" on her life blood.

At the feelings and actions being done to her, the woman moaned even louder, her hips bucking to the pulse and rhythm of what was being done to her. Her pussy exploded with the new and totally pleasurable things being administered by the vampire between her legs. She grabbed his head and pressed his face hard against her cunt and yelled " FUCK,MMMMMM, IM GONNA CUMMMMMMMM". Her hips rose and she froze, as the most fantastic orgasm she had ever experienced washed over her in wave after wave. Her pussy trembling and pulsating for what seemed an eternity as her cum gushed into her vampire lovers waiting mouth. She also felt him feeding on her blood at the same time, all of which brought her to heights of pleasure never before felt. With this overload of pleasure, she collapsed and passed out into a blissful "petite morte".

Fina watched as Tony turned his attention to the woman and dished out what might have been the woman's most pleasurable feeding she had ever given a Vampire. Smiling she turned back to the man that was watching it all with hungry eyes, as his hands traveled in fluttering motions up and down her legs to the insides of her thighs teasing her. She ground herself one last time hard against his hard cock and then she stood. Her leather skirt stayed in place where it had been pushed above her hips, exposing her shaved and wet pussy to all. She bent at the waist above the man and began to kiss her way down his chest, pulling open the shirt as she went, kissing down to his waist, undoing his buckle and pants, pulling his hard and throbbing cock out, a drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip.

As she did this she watched Tony and the woman out of the corner of her eye, and knew that he was enjoying himself with his face buried in the woman's pussy, it was such a wonderful vision of the things he would do to her later. She growled softly as her mouth hovered over the man's throbbing hard cock and then suddenly she sucked his waiting cock into her mouth. She placed her hands on each side of the man's hips as to give the illusion of keeping her balance with her feet spread wide, beautiful bare ass and sopping wet pussy in the air, and she began to face fuck the man swallowing him deep down her throat.

Her teeth pierced the skin at the base of his cock and he let out a moan as she began to pull more blood from him. The more she felt his arousal, the taste of the pre-cum, and hearing the moans from the other woman made her extremely wet and her own juices began to flow from her already quivering cunt and down her legs. Moving her hand down her body she began to finger her wet and wanting pussy as she felt the man coming close to his release, and heard the woman give hers. Suddenly the man gasped, grunted and exploded into her mouth, she swallowed and drank deeply his blood and ropes of cum he willing gave as he throbbed his seed and blood down her throat, passing out as well, joining his woman in peaceful post-sex bliss.

Tony stood up, a smile on his face and blood and pussy juice running down his chin, dripping onto his shirt. He grabbed Fina by the hair and dragged her over to him, kissing her deeply, tasting the man's cum and blood in her mouth, they shared the essence of their dinner with each other.

After a moment of passionate kisses, Tony still holding her by her hair, roughly bent her over in half "Grab your ankles bitch. I'm going show you what acting without permission will get you." He took his still hard cock in hand and slammed deep inside Fina's over heated and wet pussy in one swift move. He shoved it to the hilt, his balls slapping her clit in the process.

He fucked his submissive vampire mate hard and deep, which to a mere mortal would do permanent damage or death. His cock was fully hard and longer than a normal man. He could feel her pussy suck his cock in deeper than even HE could fathom. He continued his assault on her and could feel his balls start to tighten in the impending climax. He pumped harder and faster and deeper as he heard her moans turn to gasps, and her gasps turn into wails of pain and pleasure. He reached around and grabbed her breasts, one in each hand, using them to hold on to her and pull her hard against him. He pinched her nipples hard, breaking skin and drawing blood. He could feel her blood dripping on his fingers, as he continued to ram himself deep inside her. Then he felt the all too familiar feeling start to well up deep inside him, as her pussy was dripping onto his balls and her blood dripped on his fingers. He shoved himself DEEP inside her and held her tight as he unloaded several ropes of undead cum deep inside her, flooding her already wet pussy. As his orgasm came to a close, he pulled out and forced her to her knees in front of him and sternly said " clean my cock, taste me, worship me, prove you are worthy of me!"

With that he shoved his cock deep down her throat, savoring the feel of her fangs on his dick, the feel of her tongue as she sucked out the last of his cum, the moans of pleasure, as she served and worshiped her Master.

His pleasure sated for the moment, he withdrew his now wilting cock from her mouth, zipped up pants, and walked to the door.

Fina whimpered as he drew away from her and sort of slumped to a boneless heap on the floor. She started to reach for him as he pulled away and redressed but decided against it. She watched him from the ground with tilted up eyes as he walked from the room. She knew better then to get up until he had left the room. Once he was gone she stood and pulled her skirt into place and fixed her shirt. Then went to the little sink in the corner and began to wash off the blood from her face and neck cleaning up. Then she righted her hair and began to walk back towards the crowded room.

Back to business as usual.

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