tagNonHumanVampire Seduction Ch. 01

Vampire Seduction Ch. 01


Kate nudged the door close with her hip and kicked off her worn court shoes, struggling all the while with several bags of groceries in her arms.

"Is that you, missy?" the gravely voice was barely audible above the blaring of the television coming from the living room.

Kate sighed as she moved toward the voice. "Hi, pa," she said softly, leaning over the back of the sofa to briefly kiss the greying hair. Her father never turned from where he slouched on the sofa, his eyes fixed on the TV where a re-run game of football was being televised. The smell of liquor, stale cigarettes and unwashed flesh was overpowering in the stuffy room.

"Coming home all hours, what must the neighbours think?" her father grumbled.

"That I've just finished work, pa," she replied heavily, heading toward the kitchen with the groceries.

Everything seemed to be an effort, unpacking the groceries, opening the cupboard, making room in the fridge. She hadn't been sleeping well lately, her uneasy slumber filled with dreams vivid and disturbing in their intensity.

"I see it in their eyes. The Maguire girl can't keep her legs shut, the filthy slut. Just like her mother."

"What boys, pa?" she asked tiredly, wondering why she bothered. It was the same each night. Between working to support her father and herself, she had little time for boys. Other girls her age were out partying and dating, acting the carefree eighteen year-olds that they were.

She could barely remember her mother, who died when she was just two. She had only one photo of her mother that Kate had salvaged the night her father, in a drunken rage, had burned them all in an attempt to purge the memory of the woman who had finally escaped him in death. She had hidden it from her father ever since, taping it under her chest of drawers and only taking it out when he was passed out or asleep. Even now she could recall the faded image of the beautiful woman with long golden hair and soft creamy skin gazing over her shoulder at the camera with sad dark blue eyes.

She ignored the rest of her father's mutterings as she finished unpacking the groceries. She was too tired to eat, and just wanted a hot shower and to crawl into her soft bed. She made her way back through the living room to the hall. "Night, pa," she called on her way, but it fell on deaf ears. Her father never turned his head from the television. She climbed the steps tiredly.

The hot water was a blessing as she stood beneath its spray, letting it beat down on the crown of her head and shoulders as she leaned her forehead against the cool tiles. She watched the rivulets run down over the small thrust of her breasts, the tender swell of her belly and down between her thighs before winding around the drain.

She closed her eyes, feeling the tension wash away as she slowly lathered her body with soap.


The back of her neck prickled, and her hands stopped where they gently soaped between her thighs.

"Go away," she whispered, knowing the deep husky voice to be a taunting illusion. She had been haunted by it for weeks, a soft caressing whisper that hit low in the belly, making her yearn for something she didn't understand.


Only when she was tired or at her weakest did she hear him while she was awake. She had told no one, instinctively knowing she wasn't crazy, yet unable to explain why she felt this way.

"Please..." Goose pimples rose on the smooth skin of her shoulder, as though lips had gently brushed her there. "Just go away." Wasn't it enough that he filled her dreams, weaving a sensual spell around her aching inexperienced body?

She waited several moments before breathing a sigh of relief when only the pressure of the water could be heard in the tiny bathroom.

She let the water to stream over her, washing away the last of the scented bubbles clinging to her soft skin. She turned off the taps and reached for a white fluffy towel and slowly dried herself, dabbing at her moist skin, before quickly running the hair dryer over her long golden waves to take away their dampness.

She pulled on a large oversized T-shirt that reached mid-thigh and a pair of white cotton panties before padding silently down the dark hallway to her tiny corner room overlooking the small garden.

A blissful sigh escaped her as sunk into the welcoming warmth of her bed, letting sleep overtake her.

She moaned in her sleep as the cool hand slid up her thigh, a thumb teasing the soft inner flesh as it came to rest mere inches from her panties. She imagined she felt the bed shift, a cool hand brushing back the soft tendrils from the side of her neck as he leaned over her to breath in the scent of her skin.

"You smell like violets," he whispered as his mouth gently closed over her lobe.

She moaned, unable to resist him in her dreams, turning her head as her mouth sought his. She whimpered as his lips settled softly over hers. The kiss was tender, gentle. Her arms slipped up over his shoulders, drawing him closer, loving the feel of her breasts crushed against his solid chest.

She arched, her body quivering as his hand slipped up under her shirt to cup her warm breast, a thumb brushing over the taut peak. "Oh."

She was jolted awake as the alarm pierced through her skull, and she flung out her arm, her fingers instinctively hitting the off button. She lay there a moment, her heart racing, her body throbbing. Her dreams were getting more vivid, more intense, and she felt as though she had barely slept a wink. She groaned as she crawled out of bed, feeling far from refreshed.


When she got home from work that evening her father was glued to the television with the empty container of his frozen microwave meal left lying on the floor. She would clean up tomorrow, she promised herself as headed up the stairs, unbuttoning her uniform as she went.

As she showered her mind played over work that day, grimacing as she remembered how that old woman had yelled at her for accidentally running an item twice through the scanner, and earning her a glower from the floor supervisor.

She crawled into bed, unable to find her top and not bothering to get out a clean one as she gloried in the softness of her bed. Her eyes had barely closed before sleep overcame her.

She felt as though her whole body was on fire, her breasts, between her thighs. He had returned, she had known he would, his mesmerising green eyes, dark and mysterious, drinking in the sight of her. He always came to her naked, his body like sculpted marble, the almost translucent skin cool beneath her fingers. The first time she had dared allow her eyes travel down over the tapering V of his chest and the narrow hips to the thick, heavy penis that lay like a serpent against his thigh, she had blushed, her shyness present even in her dreams. He had chuckled then, capturing her lips in a kiss as he gently wrapped her unresisting hand around its pulsing length.

Now she was familiar with the body of her dream lover, no longer shy as he moved over her, crushing her breasts against his chest as he pinned her to the bed. His mouth closed over the sensitive skin of her neck, sucking and nibbling and sending quivers between her thighs. She moaned as his sharp teeth scraped her as he raised her hands above her head. He left them there, his fingers lightly tracing down the underside of her arms, brushing the sides of her breasts and down over her hips to hook under the lace trim of her panties. She lifted her hips, urging him on. Never before had he dared remove her panties, never even so much as delved beneath the thin material to discover the melting heart of her.

She panted as he tugged the material down, peeling it back from her damp flesh with a slowness that drove her almost crazy. "Oh, please..." she gasped, wanting to feel his fingers touching her wet pussy with an intensity that was overwhelming.

"Exquisite," he breathed, planting a kiss low on her belly as he slowly revealed the golden tuft to his all seeing gaze.

She moaned as he drew the panties down between her thighs, over her knees and ankles with a deliberateness that was agonising, before dropping them on the floor.

"Open to me," he breathed against her belly, and her thighs fell apart with a willingness that should have shocked her.

Her body arched with frustration as his fingers lightly traced the crease of her inner thigh where it met the rest of her body, his breath stirring the tight curls that afforded her mound little protection against invaders.

Her fingers curled around the edge of her pillow as a finger caressed the valley of her plump lips back and forth, dragging a moan from deep inside of her. "Please," she gasped, her head tipping back as his gently peeled apart her pouting lips, blowing on her glistening wetness.

Her whole body almost imploded at the sweet torment, needing, wanting, craving more.

"Oh, god," she cried as his cool tongue flicked her pink nub, swollen and damp. She knew this was a dream, one she never wanted it to end.

Shivers racked her as his tongue swirled in her slick channel, driving her to the point of madness. Her body writhed beneath the knowing exploration, her legs scissoring on the bed.

She gasped as his finger probed at her dewy gated, seeking admittance into her welcoming body, sliding up into her hot, clutching tightness.

"Don't stop," she breathed as her body stretched around the invading digit as it forced itself deep inside her pussy. She heard his groan as she instinctively clenched around the small spear, his tongue circling her throbbing nub.

She screamed in fright as her door banged open, quickly sitting up on the bed, her blue eyes blinking as they adjusted to the light falling across her bed. Her heavy set father stood filling the doorframe, the light from the hallway behind him, casting his face in shadow.

With a gasp she realised she was naked, and she swiftly slid from the bed, praying the darkness covered most of her sins as she moved to slam the door shut. She leaned her forehead against the door, her heart racing, her body feverish with need, as she tried to gather her wits.

"Slut!" The harsh whisper could be heard clearly through the thin timber. It was only when he finally turned away, his feet shuffling heavily down the hallway, that she realised she was holding her breath.


She fell warily into bed the following night after taking the sleeping pill the doctor had prescribed her. Desperate for sleep she had visited a walk-in clinic between shifts, and the doctor had prescribed the pills almost immediately, attributing her sleep troubles to stress and forgetting to eat. She didn't correct his assumptions.

She left the bottle on her nightstand and turned off the lamp, pulling the bedcover up under her chin. It didn't take long for the pill to work, but she knew it wasn't falling asleep that was her problem.

She felt as though she was enveloped in a white cloud, her body floating weightlessly in the hazy white fluffiness, miles and miles from anyone and anything.

Her eyes flew open as pain shot through her, the sensation of twin needles piercing the skin of her neck screaming along her nerves. Her hand flew up, feeling the dampness there.

The pain was immense, shaking the dregs of drugged sleep from her weary body with an abruptness that left her startled and wide awake.

She sat up, taking a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart. Leaning over, she fumbled for the switch of her bedside lamp. Even before the lamp flickered to life she knew she was alone.

She sat there, unable to sleep. It was only as dawn came, light slowly filling the dark room, that she realised that her sleeping tablets were gone.

She didn't return to the doctor that day, for she would have been unable to explain to him what had happened to her last lot of pills. At the back of her mind she tried to rationalise that it was her father that had taken them, but even if that possibility was true, it didn't explain the uneasiness that wouldn't leave her.


She forced herself to eat something for dinner that night, her body needing the sustenance even though the smell of food was enough to make her gag. The small amount of food she had been able to swallow sat like lead in her tummy when she went to bed later that night wearing a clean T-shirt and pink panties covered in rosebuds.

She settled into bed, her body moist and aching as she drifted off to sleep, the friction of her shirt against her hard nipples sending shivers between her thighs.

She moaned as his muscular thigh slid between her soft one, easing them apart as he settled over her, breathing in the soft womanly scent of her as his tongue swirled over the twin wounds on the side of her neck.

She felt him then, throbbing and insistent against her hip, like a cool column of marble.

"Do not defy me again," he commanded as his fingers cupped her face, his deep green eyes hypnotising in their allure as they gazed down into hers. She whimpered as his mouth crushed hers, slanting over her lips as he plundered her moist depths.

She felt his fingers curling around the hem of her nightie, dragging the material up over the tops of her thighs and hips, exposing her panties to the cool night air. She moaned against his mouth as his large palm slid down to press against her heat, and she eased her thighs further apart.

A gasp escaped her as she felt something nip her tongue, and she drew back against the pillow. Her eyes widened as she watched him savor the drop of blood, his green eyes dark and molten.

She was unprepared for when his fingers gripped the leg of her panties, ripping the thin material to shreds, exposing her sparse golden thatch. Kate swallowed hard as he moved down over her sprawled body, his eyes holding hers as he spread her thighs wide apart.

She knew she wouldn't stop him even if she were able to. She was slick with need, her pink flesh swollen, the blood thrumming between her thighs.

A whimper escaped her as a finger lightly brushed the curls, teasing her. She moaned as his fingers parted her, exposing her secret pink flesh dewy with her need.

Her whole body shuddered as without warning his finger slid up inside of her, stretching her. Soon another finger joined it there, softly caressing, exploring the tight sheath. Her head tipped back, panting gasps escaping her as her body opened to him. She gasped at the stinging sensation, her eyes widening in shock.

She moaned as he withdrew from her, bringing the fingers to his mouth, watching her as he licked them with shocking greed.

He cupped her buttocks, lifting her hips toward him and she felt his breath, hot and rapid on her aching flesh. She squirmed as his mouth settled over her dewy gate, her body writhing helplessly as he sucked on her greedily, his tongue unfurling in her tender channel, searching for every last drop of moisture. Her fingers tightened in his hair, feeling the ripples of ecstasy building in her pussy as his mouth kissed her intimately.

She cried out when his mouth left her, gazing down at his burning eyes where he hovered between her spread thighs.

"Soon, little one," he breathed.

She woke up, her gaze sliding to her clock, and she gasped as she realised she had slept through her alarm. Scrambling out of bed, she made a dash to the bathroom. She passed her father on the way, nauseous at the leer in his eyes as they dropped deliberately to her breasts were they strained against the thinness of her T-Shirt. She quickly shut and locked the door behind her as she tried to catch her breath.


The shift seemed endless, the people a blur as they came through the checkout. It was as though she was standing outside of herself looking on. She had barely responded when her supervisor yelled at her for doing something wrong, lost in a dream-like state.

That night when she got home, she kicked her heels off and paused at the entrance to the living room. Her father was there, and for once he turned his head to look at her. He stared at her, licking his lips as his eyes lewd travelled slowly over, taking in the thrust of her breasts against her uniform, the curve of her hips, the long legs beneath the short skirt.

She simply turned and headed up the stairs to her room. Her nipples were hard and aching, as they had been all day, a constant reminder of the man who visited her dreams. She tugged off her tight uniform and soaked panties before climbing naked into bed, welcoming the sensual dreams that quickly overtook her.

"Oh," she moaned, her body writhing beneath his, feeling a trickle of moisture between her thighs as his cool mouth closed over the tip of her breast, sucking its taut length deep into his mouth.

She felt the tension coil low in her belly, her legs moving restlessly on the soft mattress. "Please," she urged.

Her fingers closed over him, exploring the hardness of him, and he groaned against her. She cried out as she felt sharp teeth pierce her tender flesh just above her heart, the sucking of his mouth over the tiny wound sending jolts of ecstasy between her trembling thighs. She felt him harden impossibly under her hand, and a quiver raced through her at the thought of it sliding up into her tight pussy.

She knew that this was only a dream, but it felt so real, her body alive with sensation. She was panting, arching beneath him, her breasts flushed with desire, her body trembling for his possession.

Her small hands cupped his jaw, dragging his mouth down to hers in an urgent kiss. His hand slid between their bodies, curling around her mound, his thumb finding the swollen heart of her, causing havoc between her quivering thighs. She placed her smaller hand over his demandingly, holding it where she desperately craved him.

Her body shuddered, her head spilling back, eyes closed, as he stroked her there.

"You know what I am about to do?" he murmured.

Kate felt a shiver race down her spine, her heart picking up speed. Slowly she nodded.

His mouth slanted over hers as he moved over her, his thighs settling between hers. Her whole body stilled when she felt the tip of him prodding her, sliding through her slick heat until it came to rest against her dewy gate. She moaned as he eased the head of his shaft inside of her, spearing her tiny opening.

She felt him slide up inside her, stretching her around him, her tight walls straining. She breathed a sigh of relief as he eased out of her, only to gasp as he thrust back inside of her.

She clutched at his upper arms as her body arched against the pain of his invasion. "This shouldn't hurt," she whispered. "It's only a dream."

"No, not a dream," he groaned as he sunk in her tight pussy to the hilt, forcing her walls to stretch almost to splitting point around him as he bumped against her cervix. "I have wanted you for too long for this to be a dream."

She stiffened beneath him as the import of his words hit her. Thoughts raced through her mind: the missing panties, the bite marks, the missing pills. "It can't be..."

She moaned as he drew out of her before driving back in forcefully, sending shivers of pain and ecstasy tumbling through her. Her muscles clenched instinctively around him, drawing a moan from him as she gripped her tight in her pussy.

"Get - get off of me," she gasped, as he feathered kisses down her neck. She lay there panting beneath him, unable to move as he body tried to adjust the fullness of him deep inside of her, her nails digging into his arms.

"Shh," he whispered, his breath teasing her breast as he eased out of her. "Don't fight me."

The breath rushed from her lungs as thrust back into her moist heat, stretching her around the thick column of his shaft.

"No," she whimpered, struggling, pushing at his chest, beating her fists against him. Even as her mind protested her body lay beneath his, stunned by the intensity of feeling radiating through her pussy as he began deep smooth strokes, pushing up deep inside her with each thrust.

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