tagGay MaleVampires and Lovers Ch. 05

Vampires and Lovers Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Newborn Love

Seamus smiled as he watched Vincent and Wyl walk together, blissfully oblivious to his scrutiny. He knew it had been the right thing to do to bring his family to the remote home of Mario and Roman. The villa was spacious, there were immaculately maintained gardens generously dotted with tall trees and it was set just a short walk into an ancient forest. Gabriel had spent time with Roman and his mate the previous evening becoming acquainted with it whilst the others had simply enjoyed sitting out under the star-encrusted skies; a luxury given their home was a city of man-made night light. He knew Vincent had not yet spoken about his imprisonment and it was his hope that in the quiet, relaxed environment his beloved friend would finally unburden himself. The love that the couple shared was apparent, but Seamus was not blind to an underlying anxiety that both men tried to hide.

He had caught glimpses of the pain Vincent was trying to conceal and all could see the way Vincent could hardly bear to be parted from his Chosen. However, as much as Wyl's presence seemed to settle the older Vampire, it was obviously not enough. It was equally apparent from the concern he could almost taste emanating from the youngest of their family that Wyl did not know how to help his mate. Something deep beneath the surface was eating away at Vincent and Seamus was determined that if he was not approached within the next couple of days, he would make the first move.


David grinned happily up at his Lycan mate. He received a warm smile in return as Gabriel's nostrils flared assimilating scents that were missing from urban life. Mario and Roman, Lycans themselves, had settled here to be able to enjoy running free in the forest and David had enjoyed relaxing whilst his lover and their hosts had taken a run the previous evening. It was clear to the petit Vampire that Gabriel was heading to a specific destination. The thought sent pleasurable shivers through his frame.

"Soon, angel."

The low, husky rasp had David stopping and giving his lover his best sultry look, smiling at the groan it wrenched from Gabriel's throat.

"Soon?" David purred, rubbing his body sensuously against the bigger male. He gave a gasp of delight as Gabriel's mouth quickly fastened at his neck, sucking hard as the Lycan growled softly.

"Very soon," Gabriel assured as he gazed with satisfaction at his mark against his mate's pale skin. He hurried his pace a little, still wanting David to be able to enjoy their surroundings, but keen to reach his destination. He had found a delightful clearing, just big enough to allow a couple to lie beneath the stars when making love.

It took just a few more minutes, the big Lycan urging his smaller mate through a thicket of decaying trunk and branches with verdant creeping vine that ran between some densely packed, ancient, living trees and their fallen comrade. As they emerged, Gabriel gave a wide smile of the gasp of appreciation from the man at his side,

David stared around. The living trees almost encircled a small clearing, with the dead wood and vines providing an entrance that was not apparent to an unknowing eye.

"Did Mario and Roman show you this?" David asked as he wandered to where a thick grassy knoll caught his eye.

"No, but I'm sure they know of it," Gabriel husked. His carefully controlled arousal was now free to set alight every cell and synapse and he felt his sex surge into hardness. He licked his lips as he stalked his prey and took David in his arms for a slow, deep kiss. As his tongue thrust eagerly past his lover's lips, Gabriel guided them to the ground, not breaking the kiss until he had thoroughly mapped every nuance of David's sweet mouth.

The shirt that inhibited access to the delectable chest was undone with an enthusiastic rapidity that had the blond smiling. Then Gabriel undid the zip on David's pants, slipping his hand inside and relishing the soft moan at his deft touch. The Lycan's long fingers encircled the eager erection stroking the steel-hard, satin-smooth length, as he plundered David's mouth. His tongue swept imperiously back inside the warm, wet cavern and left not a millimetre untouched.

The way that Gabriel ravished his mouth and caressed his flesh made David's slender form sink back onto the grassy knoll, ceding willingly to his alpha mate. The touches made him swell instantly, his hips arching for more of his mate's caresses. He pulled open Gabriel's shirt to run his fingers over the Lycan's chest, stroking the furred torso lovingly. He whispered Gabriel's name in a soft cry even as the bigger male resumed the plundering of his mouth.

As his lover's hand found a nipple and then moved to rub his upper body, Gabriel shrugged out of the shirt and gave a feral grin. He let David traverse his chest as the blond chose, placing gentle kisses over the forehead and cheeks of his petit lover. He let out a growl and leaned down to nip his mate's nipple with his teeth as David shivered with need.

"Gabriel, please take me."

"Soon, my love," Gabriel replied. He stood, his shirt tossed aside, as he began to unzip and snap open the stud of his jeans.

Watching Gabriel strip, David felt the irresistible heat of desire surging through him with every piece of clothing removed. His fingers were trembling as he wiggled his jeans past his hips. He pulled them off along with his briefs, socks and trainers as Gabriel kicked his boots and jeans to join the growing pile of discarded clothing. David moaned appreciatively as the dark male came back and lay between his spread thighs. Gabriel loomed over David, framing the golden Vampire's head with his large hands, pressing their erections together and swivelling his hips causing David to groan. The smaller man clutched his mate's shoulders.

"Gabriel, love you, want you," David whimpered softly, running his hands over the broad shoulders and down his back. He cupped Gabriel's muscled buttocks, kneading with preternatural strength.

"I love you, David, my angel,"

A groan left the Lycan's throat as he moved away slightly then Gabriel's mouth was placing searing kisses against pale skin. The bigger male's nimble tongue touched a hot-spot behind David's knee which caused the Vampire to tremble. He kissed the inside of a satin-smooth thigh and a soft moan left the blond's lips.

"I want to make you burn hot and fly high," the Lycan said, in a voice made husky by desire. Gabriel snaked his tongue out, flicking it against the base of David's erection, his right hand sliding down and cupping David's sac, rubbing and manipulating with a gentleness that belied the need that blazed through his larger form.

"I've only ever felt heat like this in your arms," David groaned, as Gabriel's tongue sent flickers of flame through his body. He whimpered as the Lycan caressed the hard orbs high in his sac.

"Want to fly higher?" Gabriel asked, in a low purr. His tongue slid with agonising slowness up David's turgid flesh. One hand slid over satin-sleek thighs, the other lovingly rolled the Vampire's orbs, keeping the blond trembling on the precipice. Gabriel then began a slow, deliberate swallow of David's erection applying suction as he reached its base. His fingers circled the tight entrance between the blond's cheeks, feeling the liquid desire that was oozing free. The touch to furled flesh had the rose beginning to bloom, the Vampire's body opening to accept its mate.

Arching upwards David let out a low moan of passion as Gabriel swallowed his hardness. He wriggled his hips, trying to encourage his mate to be inside him as he felt the teasing digit. His shaft was already in heaven enveloped in the warm wetness of his lover's mouth. Gabriel's finger pressed against his entrance caressing in circular motions, not quite penetrating and David' moans increased. There were no words, just heat, desire and love.

"Just relax," Gabriel whispered huskily, starting to press the tip of his finger into the beautiful golden form that was his own, personal angel on earth. Gabriel swallowed David's penis once again as he eased his finger deeper, he curled it and stroked the Vampire's sweet spot. A dulcet cry of his name left David's kiss-swollen lips.

Stars ignited behind David's eyes and he quivered helplessly as Gabriel's head moved up and down, the Lycan's long tongue swirling, tasting and teasing. His hands tightened and relaxed spasmodically against the broad shoulders of his mate. Pleasure seared through his veins sending him soaring out of control. His inner muscles clenched and unclenched around the welcome intruder as his lover encouraged his body to stretch to take Gabriel's rampant sex.

"Gabriel, what you do to me," he whispered

Sliding up the small, sleek body beneath him, Gabriel lay there a moment, gazing lovingly at his mate. David's eyes had darkened to indigo from his passion, his hair was a golden nimbus as his head thrashed and low moans escaped his lush lips. The Lycan continued to slide his finger gently in and out of the delectable form. He dropped his head and his teeth nibbled hungrily on a hardened nipple,

"I'm flying," David's voice was filled with joy and desire and his caresses light against Gabriel's shoulders. "I only feel this way with you, my love." He whimpered needily, his hips arching upwards as two fingers delved inside him and a fluttering kiss was placed against the base of his throat. David's moans became a gasp when a spike of heat slammed through his body as Gabriel tapped at his hidden jewel. His mate slid down his lithe form, nipping at his stomach, until he reached David's navel and dipped his tongue in, swirling it around. The Lycan pulled his fingers out of David's tight passage leaving the blond aching to be filled once more. David's hips arched encouragingly as Gabriel began to press the tip of his erection against his still-tight entrance.

"Love me, Gabriel."

"I do, David, I do and I always will," the Lycan groaned before he sealed his mouth over David's and pressed harder against the tight rose.

"More," David's command was as much a plea, his voice roughened with passion.

"Yes, my angel," Gabriel complied, as he slid all the way inside and stilled.

"More," David countered, his voice dropping, becoming sultry and low. He cupped Gabriel's face and pulled him down, his tongue slid against Gabriel's lower lip in a slow, sensuous motion.

With a groan, the Lycan pulled his hips back and thrust smoothly. David's body contracted around his hard length as he pushed deeper into the heated sheath. Their mouths met in heated passion, tongues dancing in an age old rhythm. Gabriel pulled David closer and growled deep into David's mouth as the blond dragged his fingers into the bigger male's skin, trying to get the Lycan to move faster and harder.

Gripping the slender hips of the younger man beneath him, Gabriel tilted them upwards, the angle allowing him to thrust deeper into the welcoming body. He deliberately stroked David's prostate with every movement, teasing the blond with a flurry of rapid snaps of his hips and then a slow, desultory grind. He draped the lithe legs over his elbows, spreading David wider, pounding into the willing form. Gabriel reached between them and took David's neglected erection in his hand. He stroked the hot, damp flesh hard and fast, his hips pumping with a feral speed. Gabriel grinned fiercely as David came screaming his name in shuddering convulsions. The blond's seed fountained over Gabriel's fingers as his body twitched uncontrollably beneath the purring Lycan.

"So very beautiful in your pleasure, my own sweet angel," Gabriel whispered. He continued to move slowly, languidly in David's body, still stroking his lover's sweet spot, raising his seed covered fingers towards his mouth. "David, watch me."

The Vampire's eyes opened and he watched as Gabriel began to lick each finger clean, slowly...deliberately...the gesture making his sated shaft twitch slowly back to life. His loins began to tighten and heat spread throughout his already highly-sensitised body as Gabriel's still-hard flesh repeatedly stimulated his jewel. The initial, almost frenzied, coupling slowed, becoming gentler, sweeter, more loving.

"Oh, Gabriel," David sighed as his lover's hard, thick rod glided in his slickened channel.

"What do you want, my love?" Gabriel asked, leaning down and brushing his lips over the softer ones beneath him. For the big Lycan, kissing his beloved was so addictive that he never wanted to stop.

"I want you to fill me, Gabriel. I want to see you come," David groaned as he arched upwards and captured Gabriel's mouth, ravishing the lips with his teeth and tongue.

"It will be my pleasure, angel," Gabriel whispered, His tongue swept back into David's mouth. Tilting slender hips higher, he shifted David's legs to his shoulders, allowing him to penetrate impossibly deeper. He began to thrust faster and harder into his mate. David's mewls spurred him on as he grunted and growled with mind-fracturing pleasure as the slick sheath contracted around his eager erection. The Lycan gave a low howl of triumph as David's sated flesh hardened once more.

David's moans increased exponentially to Gabriel's speed and force until the Lycan was ramming into him with all the preternatural force of his powerful haunches. He felt pleasure building on pleasure. It was addictive, sensual, two-becoming-one. He did not feel as if his orgasm had ceased from the moment he had initially spilt his seed. He still had residual aftershocks which were growing in intensity. He ground his lips against the Lycan's in a hungry, desperate kiss. Tongues duelled and teeth clashed, chests rubbed against each other and hands tangled in hair. David moaned incoherently, needing more, needing the shared release that would take them both to bliss.

Gabriel's eyes glittered with excitement in the dim light. The pleasure was reaching irresistible levels. He stroked David's resurrected rod, twisting his wrist at its apex to swirl his thumb over the dripping head. His hand matched his hips' furious rhythm, becoming a blur of speed. He swooped down and covered his lover's mouth with his own, tongue plunging immediately into the welcoming cavern. David's wail of completion was muffled by Gabriel's lips, the Lycan still mercilessly pounding as his mate's small frame shook with over-arousal. Although his lover's crème adorned both bodies, Gabriel continued to fist him.

"Come with me!" Gabriel barked. A high-pitched keening built up in David's throat as Gabriel's hips finally jerked erratically, his rhythm faltering. "David!" Gabriel roared out his climax, pumping his seed into David, and that sent the blond over the edge one last, effortful time.

David screamed to the sky as another orgasm tore like a tornado throughout his still shaking body. His channel contracted brutally against Gabriel's spurting flesh, but his own twitched dryly, the few scant drops in no way reflecting the magnitude of his final climax.

Gabriel came deep inside the blond beneath him. Still convulsing with the pleasurable aftershocks, the Lycan shivered and trembled. He rested his nose and lips against his mate's throat, biting down, marking the Vampire as his. His teeth pierced fragile flesh, tongue lapping languidly at the sweet essence of his mate as David mewled softly. He licked the tiny puncture marks closed before easing his satiated flesh from David's exhausted body. A low rumbling, deep purr accompanied the dark male's tongue bathing his lover's body as he lapped up every precious drop of David's crème. Effortlessly he flipped the pliant form, spreading satin-smooth cheeks. He buried his tongue deep inside savouring his lover's most intimate taste overlaid with his own seed.

David sighed his pleasure as he was finally settled to lie on top of Gabriel's body. He nosed through the abundant chest fur to suckle one thick, dark nub, then the other. He smiled as Gabriel tilted his head, offering his throat.

"Feed from me," Gabriel rasped.

David daintily fastened his teeth at the exposed flesh, drinking strength and power from the large Lycan. He hummed his joy as he licked closed the small wounds and nestled safely in Gabriel's arms.

"Can we stay here a while?" he asked. "It's so rare we get to spend time under the stars."

"We can stay as long as you wish, my angel," Gabriel replied, nuzzling his mate's temple, his hands roaming freely over David's slender back and buttocks. "I love you."

"Love you, too," David smiled. He kissed the Lycan rubbing affectionately at the well-trimmed goatee before snuggling his head into the junction of the bigger male's head and shoulders. He gazed up at the stars, listening to the low, rumbles from deep within Gabriel's chest and sighed in a mixture of satiation, completeness and love. He began a slow stroke of his lover's furred chest. He wanted them to make love again in the magical spot before returning to their family. He gave a feral smile as Gabriel's shaft began to twitch as his hand skimmed towards the muscular abdomen. He was quite sure his wish would soon be granted.


"Are you certain you will not take a walk with us, Vincent?" Seamus asked. He had hoped to get both men to accompany him as twilight was falling. Vincent had shown no inclination to speak to anyone willingly and as two days had passed, Seamus was now looking to break down the barriers himself.

"Not this time," Vincent said. It would be hard to let Wyl leave his side, but the blue-eyed blond knew that his heart-brother was likely to want him to speak and he was still unable to talk of his imprisonment. He occasionally revisited his ordeal in his memories, seeking to assure himself he had not been physically assaulted and that there had, in truth, been no way for him to have stopped Marcus. The big, red demon was a frequent visitor in his mind and Vincent felt he needed to work things through for himself before being able to speak of it to his family -- especially his Chosen.

"I can stay with you..." Wyl began, but was silenced by a soft kiss. He sighed, knowing he would cede to Vincent as he had done since they had reunited.

"I am happy to stay and chat with Mario and Roman," Vincent smiled, caressing Wyl's beautiful face, trying to smooth the lines of anxiety on the normally unmarked brow. He could also see the signs of shadows under espresso eyes and a shard of guilt cut through him. He had to act soon. That he was causing his Chosen pain was not acceptable. Another day and he would make himself speak. "Go and enjoy the forest. Gabriel and David enthuse about it." He moved to whisper hotly in Wyl's ear. "Find us a place where I can love you under the stars. I love you, Wyl. Never doubt I love you."

"I love you," Wyl whispered back, letting his body meld to the bigger Vampire's solid frame as Vincent hugged him hard. "I want to help you, Vincent," he added in a tiny voice.

"You do, you are," Vincent vowed. "Just a little while more, my Own, please."

Wyl nodded as he was released from Vincent's embrace. Perhaps some time alone was what his husband needed. He gave a small smile as Vincent headed towards the two big, blond Lycans that stood a respectful distance away.

"He'll be fine, Wyl," Seamus said as he wrapped an arm around a trim waist and began to lead them towards the forest. "He needs to come to terms with what happened and it's taking longer than we would like."

"I'd do anything for him, Seamus. Anything," Wyl said softly.

"I know, little one," the older Vampire replied. "And I know how hard it's been for you, too." He dropped a kiss into Wyl's dark tresses, earning a smile from the slender brunette. "I promise to take care of you both."


Wyl looked around with awe at the tall, majestic trees. He felt he had been transported back in time thousands of years to when a primordial world would have been covered with such flora. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scents of the forest. Everything seemed cleaner, crisper and even the greenery seemed brighter, verdant, more alive than he had ever experienced before. He caught a glimpse of the grin on Seamus' face.

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