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Vancouver Night


I smiled faintly, and reluctantly murmured, "Well, OK," to her request, feeling déjà vu. I was in the same room and on the same bed as I'd been two weeks before. And again I found myself flat on my back. I was naked, feeling vulnerable, and I was aroused beyond belief. Cindy had carefully and quickly undressed me, and mostly herself as well, with many quick kisses and caresses. She had let me lie on the down comforter of the bed, not even pulling it away. The early evening light filtered through the shear fabric of the French doors. A little too much light, I thought ruefully; my 56 year old frame was still somewhat athletic, but had become less so throughout that summer with the relentless travel, grabbing quick meals as time allowed, eating the wrong foods...

It had been almost two weeks since we had seen each other, and indeed, had even communicated effectively in any way. She was on the West coast of Canada; I was desperately chasing a career project through the States and Western Europe. Our e-mails and phone conversations were few and brief, and I had cursed the difference across the time zones. Cindy and I had been friends for years, but two weeks before, our relationship had taken an interesting turn. For we had made passionate love in the waning hours before I had to leave, and since that time, this wonderful thing had not been far from my mind.

And now that I had her within reach, she had impishly moved my hands away. I could look, however, and I drank her beauty in with gratitude. She stripped off her black tee, cast it aside, and clad only in hot pink panties, she slid quickly again to my side. Cindy kissed me on my jaw, propped her head with her hand, and locked me in that laser gaze, her brilliant green eyes flashing with wide-eyed amusement.

Her voice was as a husky whisper, "Now Dave, do you remember the last time you were here, before you left? What you did for me? Your totally unselfish act?"

I nodded, my mouth so dry I didn't trust myself to speak.

"Well," she said, "I've been sooo wanting to return the favour. To just let me please you."

I blinked as I vividly remembered. Cindy thought it unselfish? That I got to gaze at her beauty? ...And to watch her face, her eyes, at the moment she had an orgasm? I had to smile a little at that. She thought that "unselfish"? We had cuddled together as our time had grown short. I was secretly afraid I had not measured up to her passion, so I had taken her in my arms and had kissed her as tenderly as I knew how. As she responded, I had stroked her slowly and carefully to a satisfying orgasm. Cindy had twice reached for my straining cock, and I waved her off, as I had wanted this to be a time for focus on her alone.

She thought it a totally unselfish act? I smiled, for I had watched her face and her eyes, as the rhythmic waves washed over her. For this was something I would remember for all the rest of my days.


Cindy then slipped from my side and stood beside the bed, and faced away from me. She was a vision of feminine curves, her near-alabaster skin contrasted interestingly by the presence of several tan lines. She hooked her fingers and thumbs into her pink panties and slowly lowered them, following them down all the way; a gesture that was the sexiest and the most selfless thing I'd ever seen. As I watched, she went to her closet, and I reveled at the sight, her right breast backlit in perfect profile as she reached high on a shelf.

Cindy stepped out of view for a second into the closet's confines, and when she came out, leaned against the jamb and purred, "Do you like?"

She had on my light blue dress shirt! I took it all in, this gorgeous vision... from tousled blonde hair, Almond shaped green eyes, million-watt smile, my shirt gapped open and no match for her magnificent breasts, and her cleanly shaven pubic region. I just nodded, for I'd truly forgotten to breathe. Cindy was 45, but what stood before me was a timeless youthful voluptuous beauty no age label could quantify.

Once again she knelt to me, kissed me again briefly but thoroughly, and just as I started to bring my hands to her breasts, she whirled away. She whispered, "Be right back!" and I was left with just her scent.


As I watched, Cindy breezed back into the room, my shirt-tail billowing behind her. She was carrying an oversized coffee mug, and in it was a squeeze bottle.

I found my voice. "Umm... Just what did you have in mind?"

She laughed, as she knelt beside me. "Your pleasure, sweetie, just as you did for me last time. I warmed this for you."

She took out the squeeze bottle of oil from the cup, and as I watched fascinated, she applied it liberally to her hands. I braced for the contact, but she surprised me by applying the oil to my belly below my straining cock. It was warm to the touch. She liberally coated the whole area until my belly and pubic area was slick with it- my pubic hair dark glistening ringlets. She then slowly applied oil all over my testicles. I tried not to tense, but the sensation was absolute heaven.

"I make a lot of my own lubrication, but for what I have in mind, I thought a little more couldn't hurt," She smiled.

I then watched, fascinated, as she liberally applied the warm lube to my straining cock, her long pink nails glistening. She straightened up, took her left hand and moved it slowly between her legs, her fingers out of sight, probing, her eyes never leaving mine. Smiling faintly, she said, "Hmmm! It appears I'm pretty well ready to go."

She set the little tube aside, and with a smooth almost feline move, she straddled my waist and my erection, placing her labia right on my shaft.

"The last time you were here, David, you left me with a most satisfying orgasm. Do you remember? Well, I'm going to see to your pleasure now, with a little twist!" She laughed and held up her wiggling fingers.

"I'm not going to use my hands!"


"Does this feel good?" She purred.

Cindy moved forward on the shaft of my cock. I felt her vaginal opening on my tip, and she didn't stop her forward movement until my tip felt her perineum. I nodded, breathless.

Feel good? Was she out of her mind?

I tried to palm her beautiful breasts but she grasped my wrists as I got to them. Grinning, she said, "No hands, sweetie, for you or for me, OK? Here, if you want to touch something, put your hands here."

She guided them to the sides of her calves, and patted the backs of them as if I were a schoolboy. She then continued the forwards and backwards gliding of her super-lubed labia on top of my cock. The feeling was exquisite. I knew I wasn't to last long at all. I must have telegraphed this, as she was watching my face closely. She reached to touch my face and was inhibited by the shoulders of my blue shirt. Pausing, Cindy shrugged out if it and flung it aside. This gave me an uninhibited view of her breasts, alive with motion as she glided back and forth. I ached to touch them, to gather them in, but I dared not.

Heart hammering, I could hear the blood go snic snic snic in my ears. I thought wildly this was beyond pleasure; this was nirvana.

Cindy was now having great fun in her role as vixen. She began to roll and undulate her middle like a belly dancer. She clasped her hands behind her back and really got into the motion. I was fixated with her breasts and their hypnotic movements with the rest of her, her nipples hard in pencil-eraser perfection.

I couldn't stand it for long. I felt my testicles gathering as I felt myself go ever so near, and I started to arch my back to push harder onto her. She sensed it, opened her eyes and gazed into mine, evidently seeing the agony there. She slowed to a stop with her vagina well forward.


I did so, and we were motionless for some moments, our only movement the rise and fall of our breathing. As I eased away from the brink, I relaxed my back muscles and got my wits somewhat together. My cock tip was just behind her vaginal opening. Crazily, I started to ease my butt down into her mattress... if I could only draw back a little, I could get my...

"Oh, no you don't!" She laughed.

She slid downward, uncovering my head. Suddenly, she leaned forward, brushing her breasts on my chest as she retrieved a pillow under the comforter. Oddly, I wondered what kind of mess we were making of it. She tucked the pillow underneath my head. "There now, sweetie, you can see better..."

Indeed I could. I saw my cock head glistening, held in place against my belly by the hood of her clitoris. She gently placed her fingertip to my head and drew it slowly away, drawing away a clear string of my pre-cum. She nodded as to herself, and slowly resumed her rhythm, only shortening her glide distance, keeping the head of my cock in sight.

After a few moments of this I couldn't stand this sweet agony any longer. I again arched my back to increase pressure against her. I'd do anything to hasten the release. I moaned and came in pulse after pulse, and as we both watched, a small flow turned into two major lines of ejaculate, then subsided.

I released my back muscles, and just concentrated on breathing. Cindy made no move, she just watched me, her smile radiant. I guess it was her turn to watch me. I shook my head, opened my mouth to say something, anything. After a moment, I whispered, "I just don't have the words..."

Cindy had not as yet moved. She said, "Dave, you're still hard."

"Yeah, he does that. He's done, but he'll stay hard for a couple minutes."

She again started her gliding on me, but not with the sexy undulations. There were shorter, more machine-like in motion. I watched, fascinated, as she concentrated rubbing her clit on the back of my cock head.

With something like a sigh, she said, "You can touch me now..."

My hands flew to her breasts. Suddenly inspired, I raked my thumbs through the lubricated mess on my belly, and rotated my thumb tips around her nipples.

As she came, her eyes never left mine.

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