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V&T, a Lesbian Love Story Ch. 04


Violet & Trinity: Chapter 04 - Out and About

Trin drove confidently in the Arizona traffic. The sky was overcast, highly unusual for mid-June. Violet was in the passenger seat and clinging to the dashboard for dear life.

During the half-hour trip from their northern suburban duplex to downtown, Trin had cut off six people, flipped off two of them and narrowly avoided being smacked by a bus. Violet did not care for Trin's driving and often closed her eyes.

Parking in the underground complex barely twenty minutes before her weekly appointment with Nancy, Trin extricated herself from the passenger's side of her battered old nova and lit a cigarette.

Violet raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you quit?" She poked.

"I have one pack a month, I just make it last," Trin said, while holding the smoke in her lungs. The Indonesian Clove Cigarettes gave off an odd, spicy smell.

"You don't have to work tonight, right?" Trin said, desperate to change the subject.

"Nope," Violet replied.

Trin smiled her catty smile.

"What are you up to?" Violet asked.

"Me?" Trin asked, putting her manicured hand to her chest.

"You," Violet said flatly, putting her hands on her hips.

"Oh, I thought we might go out after you met Nancy. I found this cool little place to hang out. James can watch after himself for the afternoon."

"Okay," Violet said. She hefted a Steven King novel and they headed for the elevator.

Nancy was waiting for them at the reception desk and she smiled as she was introduced. Violet felt somewhat uncomfortable, for she did not like therapists, and was thankful that Trin did not insist she go back.

"So there she is, my woman," Trin said happily.

Nancy smiled and was happy for Trin as she babbled along for quite some time about this and that, mostly about their ever widening sex life.

"And then," Trin said with a huff, "the kid found out."

"James, her son," Nancy affirmed.

"Yeah, he wigged out, ran off for a few hours. I was gonna go hunt his butt down, but she damn near tied me down. She put me on my knees for crying' out loud," She bellowed.

"You're complaining, why?" Nancy shot at her.

"I didn't say I was complaining," Trin said. "I'm not used to it. There's a lot of stim coming from her in a lot of ways, and when James ran, well I felt it was fucked."

"But he came back," Nancy pointed out.

Trin nodded.

"We talked a lot, laid down some ground rules. We're gonna be cleaning up the house a lot, and Vi and I are going to move into the back bedroom. Get a big bed and be a couple."

"Did you ask her to Pride?" Nancy's eyes flashed.

"Yeah we talked about it. She says she's not quite there yet. I think maybe she's kinda just settling into the whole lesbian thing. I'm gonna go, but just for the t-shirts." She said, smiling.

Nancy nodded, half a loaf was better than none.

"So do you feel comfortable with the relationship?" She asked.

"Yeah, real good. I mean it's still in the early stages, we'll need to roughen out some edges. Heck, that's what you have to do with any relationship," Trin replied, gesticulating.

Nancy nodded.

"So how would you like to delve a little deeper into your psychology?" She asked.

"Um, how do you mean?"

"I'd like to introduce into your care plan some discussions about your addiction."

"I don't smoke that much," Trin protested.

"I'm not talking about cigarettes," Nancy pierced. "I'm talking about food."

Trin's face went stone cold.

"What?" She gasped.

"You my friend, use food like others use pot, alcohol or meth," Nancy stated.

Trin's mouth went dry.

"What did you tell me you were going to do after you left today?" Nancy asked.

"Take Vi out for lunch, and we're gonna go out to this spa place I know."

"When did you have breakfast?" Nancy inquired.

Trin looked at the clock. Twenty minutes into the session. Damn.

She replied, "I had two, Bagels at eight, and Vi about ten, but I just teased her."

Nancy deftly avoided Trin's attempt to change the subject.

"Are you hungry?"

Trin swallowed.

Nancy waited patiently.

"No," Trin concluded.

"So why are you eating, then," Nancy asked softly. She sensed Trin's fear.

"I, uh, don't know. It's lunchtime. I'm taking her out, it's our one-month anniversary for Christ's sake," she defended herself.

"Has Violet ever said anything about your weight?"

"No," Trin stammered.

Nancy pinned her.

"Did Ravi?"

Trin's tears fell. She shivered, and could only nod in the affirmative.

She lowered her face to her hands and sobbed her long, gasping sobs.

She took in long, gasping lung fulls of air, trying to be able to speak.

"This is a big deal for you, huh?"

Trin nodded.

"They used to pick on me, in school. All the time," she voiced hollowly.

"So you just ate more. You ate to hide from your rapes, and you ate to curtail the pain from Ravi's death."

Trin nodded as the tear factory started up again.

"Trin," she called gently.

Trin returned to her deep breathing, to try and be able to reconcile herself.

"Are you in pain now?"

"Normal aches and pains. Hips, knees, back. Crap like that," Trin admitted.

"Do you think any of that might go away if you were packing a bit less weight?"

Trin shrugged.

"I guess," she admitted.

"I'll make you a little deal," Nancy said.

"I'm gonna cut you loose a little early so you can go diddle Vi. In return you're going to track what you eat," a food journal, so to speak.

Trin would have signed a deal with the devil to get out of that room.

"Every fucking crumb," Nancy looked into Trin's eyes.

Trin nodded.

Nancy picked up her scheduler and looked at Trin.

"Same time next week, right," Nancy asked, pencil in hand.

"Noon, Wednesday," Trin affirmed.

Nancy smiled at her cattily and said, "have a good time."

Trin managed only the weakest of retorts with a simple, "Fuck you."

Nancy smiled her sickly sweet smile and replied, "that's fuck you, ma'am."

Trin gave her a half-grin, all she could muster. It let Nancy know Trin wasn't actually upset.

Violet saw Trin amble down the hallway toward the waiting room, her eyes red and puffy.

Trin handed her the keys.

"You're driving," she said.

"I'm driving? This from the woman who consistently picks on my navigational skills."

Trin glared at her with the red-lined rims.

"Please," she gasped.

Violet grabbed her hand and let her into the elevator.

"What happened in there?" She demanded.

"Put me through the fucking meat grinder. She'll do that ever so often." Trin got her cigarettes out in the elevator, and lit one the very second the doors opened.

She quickly inhaled and exhaled, getting hits of nicotine down as quickly as she could. In the time it took for them to walk to the elevator to her Nova, a good quarter of the clove had been consumed. Trin instinctively walked to the driver's side.

"Am I driving, or what?" Violet said, in a playful manner.

Trin reached out for the keys.

Violet smiled, "good, I hate city traffic anyway."

Trin sat on the side of the car, and smoked the clove to about half way. Out of the corner of one eye she saw the elevator open, and Nancy stepped out, lighting a smoke of her own.

The two women sized each other up from a distance.

Trin offered the olive branch with a nod, and Nancy returned with a half smile. Violet had already gotten into the car, and honked the horn to speed Trin's fat ass up.

Nancy stuck her tongue out at Trin, and Trin flickered her tongue back at her.

Nancy laughed, and waved as Trin slumped into the Chevy and fired it to life.

She glided along the underground garage to the exit onto Main Street, and deftly maneuvered the Nova to a small row of Chinese stores and restraunts. Both she and Vi loved Chinese food.

"All right!" Vi exclaimed happily.

"Now Vi," Trin said after they had ordered. "I know you like to be in control, but I'm gonna ask that you really trust me for the next couple of hours."

Violet looked at her.

"You are up to no good, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am. On top of that, I've spent a good deal of money to continue to be up to no good," she said, laying it on thick.

"So what are we talking, here?"

"It's a surprise," Trin said. "You wouldn't want me to spoil it."

"Sure I would," Violet retorted.

Their soups were served, a delicate egg flower for Violet and a potent sweet-and-sour hot spicy for Trin. She happily chewed on the Tofu.

"One thing," Violet said, gesturing with the soup spoon. "No tying me up."

"No, nothing like that. It's a sweet sort of thing," Trin added.

Violet sized her up.

"Trinity, sweet to you means you kiss the paddle before it hits your ass."

"Like you've ever used a paddle in your fucking life," Trin retorted.

Violet had to admit she hadn't.

Trin wondered if she could smoke in there and then decided against it. She heard the sizzle of a plate out of the corner of her ear.

The two women sat back against the booth as a huge platter of honey chicken was set down. It was followed by an equally large platter of mushu pork, with a large bowl of rice.

Trin's eyes were glazed as the smells hit her nostrils, and she closed her eyes for the barest of moments and gave thanks to the goddess for all the things in her life, even the ones she didn't like. Trin felt that all of her experiences made her a better person. She also gave thanks to the animals lives that had been lost to supply her with this meal.

Violet in the meantime had dumped copious amounts of the honey chicken on her plate, followed by rice.

Trin had gotten a hold of the Mushu Pork first and piled the cabbage-laden dish onto her plate. She only took a couple of pieces of the chicken for the deep fried foods she didn't really care for.

"Mmmh," Violet said. "This is fantastic."

Trin nodded, the pungent, fiery pork rolled over her tongue and palette and she was lost in the ecstasy of the moment.

"One of my favorite places," Trin said. "You think this is good, the Pad Thai place down the street, they are as good, if not fantastic."

Violet raised an eyebrow.

"You eat out a lot, don't you?"

"Yeah," Trin admitted. "Most every day."

Violet nodded, nonjudgementally, and Trin was thankful for the topic change.

"James got his schedule for next year. He made the tenth grade."

"With three F's," Trin said in disbelief.

"Gotta love no child left behind." Violet said.

Trin snorted, and had often compared both Bush presidencies to the reign of Adolf Hitler.

"So is he gonna get a job or something this summer?" Trin asked.

"He's fifteen," Violet said. "Nobody will hire him. He's got to have a work permit."

Trin nodded, "I did a lot of baby sitting and stuff. Can't he mow lawns or something?"

Violet conceded he probably could, and they plotted about things he might be able to do.

Trin pointed out James inherent tendency toward slothfulness

Both women had seconds, although Trin's was again, huge. She ate speedily, barely chewing as she listened to the current gossip at the nursing home.

"I told them how James had run out. The other nurse says that her oldest daughter doesn't have anything to do with her," Violet said.

Trin nodded and then said, "I just don't think that will be our problem."

Violet shook her head in the negative, "you've always been part of our family, from when you moved in before."

"Although," Trin pointed a fork at her, "he took a look at those bruises and was pretty impressed."

Violet frowned at her.

"I thought you were covering those up."

"You're the one that left the door open," Trin said.

"It was late. Early. I was tired," Violet protested.

"Tired enough to make me take off your clothing with my teeth," Trin noted.

"Will you be quiet!" Violet hissed, not entirely upset.

Trin leaned over, "my, my, someone's still in the closet."

"Hey, be nice. I'm still pretty new to this. It's only been," she thought, "a month."

"A month to the day, exactly," Trin said wolfishly.

Violet nodded her head, agreeing, and then leaned over, "and a happy anniversary to you, too. Now where the hell are we going."

Trin smiled smugly, "you'll find out."

The fortune cookies arrive, the leftovers were boxed and Violet carried the brown paper sack in the car.

Trin peeled out of the parking lot, and deliberately drove around in almost random directions for a good twenty minutes.

"You're lost, aren't you? Just say it, you are lost," Violet said.

"Nope, I don't get lost," Trin replied.

"Bullshit," Violet said.

Trin swung wide, flipping a U-Turn across five lanes and then pulled behind a Subway Sandwich shop.

"Be right back!" She said, leaving the car running.

Trin scooted around the corner, past the subway and entered into the front lobby of, "Sam's Spa house."

The proprietor, an old grizzled dyke who called herself Sam was waiting at the counter.

"Back door's open, girl. You got four hours, I've got the sauna all warmed up, and the candles are all lit."

Trin smiled madly, "You're the best, Sam."

"Anything in the name of romance," Sam said, high-fiving her.

Trin forced herself to bypass the Subway and hopped into the driver's side, pulling against some trees.

"Okay, Vi. This is where I really need your trust," Trin said to her, seriously.

Violet nodded. She could see Trin's intent in her eyes, and could feel the fire in her heart.

"Come out of the car, and turn around, facing it."

Violet did as she was asked, and Trin slipped a sleeping mask over her eyes.

"Hey!" Violet objected.

"Just trust me, okay? If you don't like it, we'll leave immediately, I promise."

"Promise?" Violet stated.

"I give you my word," and with that, led Violet by the elbow.

Sam opened up the back door, and held out a key for Trin.

Trin handed it to Violet, and led her down the suites all the way to the end. She'd taken two additional commissions just to pay for the next four hours.

The scent of the room was the first thing Violet sensed.

It smelled like roses, a flower that Violet loved.

She breathed in deeply, and then heard the gurgle of water.

Trin closed the mirrored door behind them.

The room was fairly small, about ten by ten, with a sunken hot tub and adjoining sauna. It had heavy shag carpets and wonderful fluffy towels. The room was illuminated entirely by candlelight.

Trin flipped switches, turning the lights very low, and giving them a crimson hue.

"Where are we?" Violet asked.

"Almost done," Trin said.

She was hustling her clothing off and then instructed Violet, "kick off your shoes."

Violet giggled ever so softly and felt the carpets, thick and lush.

"ooh!" She smiled.

"Arms up!" Trin said, smartly.

Trin picked up the hem of Violet's shirt, and peeled it and her camisole off.

Trin could see the arousal of Violet's nipples.

"There better not be a crowd of people!" Violet exclaimed.

Trin drug her pants down to her ankles and had her step out. Vi grabbed her for steadying, and realized that Trin had already become nude.

"Okay, so where are we?"

Trin put her hand on the metal bar leading into the spa, and then took off the mask.

Violet's jaw dropped.

"Private spa. Through that door is a Sauna, the hottest one they have."

She knew Violet loved a Sauna. Trin would only be able to take a few minutes of it, but she could enjoy the tub.

"Aw, Trin!" She turned around and kissed Trin right on the lips.

Trin grinned like a Cheshire Cat, and helped Violet in.

Trin nearly slipped, and had to use the bar like a crutch, and half fell in, laughing all the way.

Violet could not help her self and let loose a belly laugh.

Trin was the eternal clown, and made fun of herself.

Violet came toward her as she got settled, moving gracefully in the water, and grabbed at Trin's now wet hair.

Their lips met, Violet was hungry for her woman, and she nipped onto Trin's neck. The kiss was not enough to mark, but enough to re-take charge.

Trin lay back happily, her arms stretched out against the tub, grasping onto the edge.

Violet trailed down her neck, putting her face into the water, and dipped down, holding her breath, to chew on a nipple tenderly.

Trin had posititioned her behind onto a jet, and moaned lewdly as between the jet, and Violet she was getting it from both sides.

Violet came up for air, and as she did, Trin moved, a wicked smile upon her face.

Violet cleared the water from her eyes, to find Trin gone, behind her, teeth softly sinking into her shoulder.

She moaned and her knees bucked as Trin's lips softly made their mark. Trin slobbered her way up to Violet's ear, a tried and true erogenous zone for Violet.

Violet felt Trin's hand softly twist her nipples, and she used her hands to sort of float herself, leaning against Trin, writhing and moaning.

Trin guided her fingers into Vi's soft folds gently rubbing, very tenderly while still sucking on the earlobe. Her hot breath caused her Vi to quiver ever so tenderly, and she felt some sort of seat, about knee level.

"Lean forward," Trin instructed.

Violet put her knees on the bench, and softly Trin controlled her pelvis, gyrating her against the edge of the water jet.

"Oh!" Violet moaned.

Trin frigged Violet ever so tenderly as the thrusting pulse of the jet caught the edge of her mons making Violet moan again. It was like having a dozen warm throbbing tongues on her at once.

She grunted ever so softly her hips humping toward it. Trin guided once more, this time feeling the edge of the water jet throbbing against her attention starved clit.

Her hips moved involuntarily, humping the jet as Trin slipped under the water. With one hand, she split Violet's butt apart, and softly licked her tiny rosebud with her tongue.

Violet's eyes flared open, the tongue in her anal area a powerful stimulant. She bucked, cried out and quivered. Trin's mouth chewed her anal area tenderly, and it drove her to climax.

Trin felt the convulsion and stuck her tongue deeply into her ass, as far as it would go, and felt Violet orgasm twice more, with smaller, lesser throes of ecstasy. She then felt Violet's body sag, and she moved lest she be sat upon.

Violet had to move, for the stimulation was becoming painful and half tripped on the rising Trin, moving to a quieter area of the tub.

Trin smiled at her.

Violet gave her a dazed, yet happy look. She petted her left side, and Trin snuggled under her arm.

"That was...wild," she gasped.

Trin smiled and kissed on the cheek. She was very aroused and very horny, but also strangely happy, and oddly calm.

"Just think," Trin said, "we've got this room for another four hours."

Violet's mind turned that over and she leaned over onto, quickly having gotten her second wind.

"Works for me," she whispered, deeply kissing Trin, and plotting further how Trin could service her in the warm, humid environment.

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