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I'm not sure how it happened, but it did. I only met her several months back, formally. It was marvelous, I mean being with her. She said she knew me from way back, but not directly. She said it was when I was young. At the time, she was too. She was only 24, teaching elementary school. I was in Junior High. She said the second time we came to know each other I was 18, she was 29. I recognized her the third time, but we didn't work with one another. I was 21, a college grad, and she was 32. That's when it all fell in line.

She wanted out. That's what she told me. Lying naked together after an erratic and raucous bout of great sex with her, we lay breathing heavily. And that was when she said it. She needed to get out. That was evident. What's a nun doing having sex with an adult male she's known off and on?

The caged desire was well hidden. It tore her apart. She developed bouts of depression, speaking out to her Mother Superior, and had argumentative bouts all the time with her fellow nuns. This was not good. She knew she desired a secular life. She knew she desired it more and more every living, breathing moment of her life.

I just listened to her. For a while, as we lay gratified of our shared experience, my hands resting behind my head. But my eyes, they peered over to my side, and they watched her breasts rise and fall, expand and contract heavily. It was a sight and she was a sight too. It was surreal as hell. To have sex with a nun who recalled me when I was a lowly student in Junior High and now as a grown man who was with her intimately, now that is surreal.

But was it worth it? Oh hell yes. It and she were worth every freaking second. The whole ordeal we went through was worth every ounce of energy expended between Vanessa or should I say Sister Theresa and me.

Not that I've ever seen a woman put as much energy and enthusiasm into sex, but a woman like Vanessa who was a nun at the time, came to fuck me and the way she did so was utterly amazing. It was spellbinding. It left me speechless.

She sighed forever and she thanked me and she thanked me again. And thanked me again after that. I looked across with my eyes only. There was no remorse, none whatsoever. She was laying there, her chest heaving up and down and I could tell the sex had blown her away.

But her vitality, her passion, and her deep seated desires drove her. She saw the upsides to a secular life. This is what which drove her and they drove me too. They drove us. Her deep seated desires drove her to finish what was so ingrained, so embedded in her mind and her soul.

For a seemingly pious and quiet person that she appeared to be she was not that, not on that day at least. In fact she was an entirely different human being. She was an entirely different personality. She had changed, switched into someone I did not know. But I did not fault her nor did I criticize her one iota.

That adventure drove me to desire her again.

She sighed again. My body forced me to breathe heavily too. It was instinctive. My chest rose. She looked over and gazed at it. She smiled and her eyes met mine. We smiled. I told her how much I enjoyed doing it with her. All of a sudden her face went blank, then she frowned. I knew why. I felt bad for her, really bad. I helped a nun disgrace herself. She knew she shouldn't have done it.

"If it makes you feel any better" I started to say in a sarcastic tone "you were a natural. What happened was like it was choreographed and meant to happen."

It was the right tone of voice too. She smiled. Turning, her breasts began to fall sideways. I watched them. I wanted to reach across and feel them. I didn't really want to play with them, only feel what they felt like again. I already knew, but she was a stunning looking woman without her conservative outfits on. She was a brilliant specimen as far as women went.

Everything from her hair, her eyes, and her humble lips to her shoulders, her breasts, and her modest nipples impressed me. And the rest of her impressed me too. Her slender torso, her retiring hips, and her tight small but shapely ass were incredible. All of her, everywhere, was incredibly captivating.

"Thank you" she said. She wasn't sure of herself. Her eyes looked down over her body. I watched them as they evaluated her figure. God, she was extraordinary in her own right. She looked up. She was going to ask a question so I smiled waiting for it. "Do you think I am attractive, a sexy woman?" she said.

I looked at her. And I looked at her, smiling as I waited to answer her properly without sounding crude and crass. I couldn't find the right words. "Never, in my life, have I" and I paused. "Never in my life have I ever, ever enjoyed making love with a woman more then I did now with you Vanessa... You have to be one of the sexiest women I've ever made love to in my life."

She smiled. I wanted to crawl forward and hold her tight. I wanted her to know what I said was true to the last word.

"How many other women have you made love to?" she asked.

I didn't have a problem answering that. "Several" I told her "but it's been a long time since I've been with another woman It's been a very long time if that matters or helps."

She smiled, said it did, and she reached across and pulled me towards her. She whispered again, but not in a remorseful way she wanted out. She said she wanted out so she could do this "morally" again. She said she wanted to make love like we had, but with me. That turned me on.

I started touching her, kissing her, but not on her lips. But on her shoulders and her chest above her breasts and I kissed her cheeks and she kissed me. She kissed my lips, she kissed my neck, and she turned me on. She felt me getting aroused. It stiffened. It awoke. She looked down and she smiled. She reached down and she took hold of it. And she placed it against her flat tummy and she looked into my eyes. She mouthed the words saying to push against her, push against her tummy, and I did. It was exciting. It was pleasurable. And we had foreplay. We had more foreplay.

And before I knew it we were making love again. And she was screaming and crying out joyously. She wailed and moaned beautifully, expressively. I pushed hard against her as her legs rested on my shoulders.

I watched her virgin pussy entertain my cock as the two of us had our parting orgasm. We fucked and we pulled at one another. We fucked madly and wildly and my house filled with screams of ecstasy. We had filled it full of ecstasy and euphoria as she and I came one last time. Once we came we collapsed harmoniously. We came together and it was wondrous. We kissed and held each other. The breathing was again heavy. We were exhausted.Our breathing was passionate and profound in nature.

Holding the other close we clutched each other firmly. I whispered in her ear telling her I loved her, but she knew I said it out of a fit of passion. She understood and it was okay.

She turned and smiled and her lips met mine and we kissed. She had to leave. She was preparing herself for her excommunication as a nun. She would tell her sins, be excommunicated, and she would be a free woman, soon. She would come back, seek my solace, and the two of us would again make mad passionate love with each other.

She was in an auto accident two weeks later. A truck hit the bus she was on. She was no longer a nun at that point. It was a rushed excommunication, done swiftly. She was free and she invited me to her new place. I had received the address. I went to see her at her new place, but she was not there. A woman came out of her apartment. I looked at her. She looked at me. Something was wrong.

"Are you a relative or friend, dear?" I nodded. "I'm sorry, but word has it she was killed last night in terrible auto accident." She told me what she knew. I knew nothing of her family. I went to the police station. I arranged things from there until her family came to town. I disappeared once they came into the picture. I will miss Vanessa. We had fun.

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