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Vanessa Makes Demands


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"Knock knock," Vanessa sang down the stairs, startling Jack from an afternoon space-out at his desk. "I'm not, um, interrupting anything, am I, Jackie?" Vanessa's tone made the whole thing clear, and Jack's throat tightened as he waited to hear what came next. "Got a minute, roomie? Can you put down the Victoria's Secret catalog for a minute and come upstairs?"

"Sure, Vanessa," said Jack as he stood up, adjusting his pants to accommodate his slightly awakened manhood. Jack wasn't sure if he loved or hated what Vanessa's voice did for him. It always seemed like a little bit of both. He padded across the floor in bare feet, aware suddenly of the texture of the carpet. Jack's senses woke up further when he saw Vanessa at the top of the stairs, looking down with the grin Jack had come to know could only mean one thing for him: trouble, delicious torture.

"Hurry up, Jackie, I don't have all night. I need you, baby. Get up here." Jack quickened his pace, and watched Vanessa move to the living room. She wore a short denim skirt and a tight pink T-shirt. Jack looked at the imprint of her bra as she turned her back to him and wondered what color as he followed. Vanessa sat down.

On the floor Jack saw a towel, a bowl of steaming water, a tube of shaving gel, and a razor with a spare blade. Jack looked at the array and shot a questioning glance at Vanessa. She smiled. "Want to shave my legs for me, Jackie? Of course you do. You can touch my calves, honey. Feel my soft, warm skin. Come on, they need a shave. Feel that stubble?" she asked as she brushed her leg up the inside of Jack's left thigh. She lifted it high enough to brush Jack's balls, and he instinctively twitched.

It was also high enough that Jack could see up Vanessa's skirt. "Oops," she said, "you got a little peek, didn't you. Are these your favorite panties, Jack? The ones you picture me in while you're down there in your little nest, stroking yourself? Hmm?" Vanessa lowered her leg. "Come on, baby... shave me."

Jack knelt down, dipped his hands in the water and ran them from Vanessa's ankle to her knee, first one leg, then the other. Without a word he opened the shaving gel and put a dab in his palm before rubbing it over Vanessa's calves, working it in to bring up a smooth layer of foam. Vanessa looked down at him. "Oh, that feels good, Jackie. I like your strong hands on my legs." Jack tried to will himself soft but it wasn't working. He couldn't stop his stiffening cock.

Jack rinsed his hands and started shaving Vanessa's legs. Still seated, she propped her feet on the coffee table and opened her legs, giving Jack a wide-open view up her skirt. She smirked, and said, "well, you've already seen my undies Jack but be a good boy and don't stare." Jack couldn't help himself. Vanessa's panties were pink, microfiber bikinis, the kind that clung just enough to reveal the outline of her lips and gentle mound. Jack could barely swallow and heard the blood rushing hot in his ears. Vanessa smiled, wickedly.

"Come on, sweetie, you have to hurry. I have plans," said Vanessa. "Stop staring at my underwear, Jack, it's unseemly." Jack looked away as best he could as he finished shaving Vanessa's legs and dried them with a towel. "Look, Vanessa," he said, "I really need to get back to work. I have to deliver this draft tomorrow and I have a long way to go."

"Okay, sweetie, thanks. Just one more thing though," said Vanessa as she stood up and unbuttoned her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. "I want you to shave the rest of me first," and she turned, hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties before slipping them off. Jack couldn't believe his eyes, and she knew it.

"See? I'm getting hairy here too," Vanessa said as she stroked her hand across her mound and brushed her fingers over her lips. Jack tried to swallow, to speak, but he couldn't. "Change the razor blade, Jack, I don't want any nicks down here."

Jack obliged, and Vanessa lay down on the sofa. "Come on, Jack, I know it's been a while since you've seen any pussy but I really need this, and so do you, I can tell." Vanessa reached out and grabbed through Jack's shorts. "I see that hard-on, Jackie. Think of this as a gift, I'm giving you more masturbation material than you've had in months, don't you think? I mean, I know you're stealing my underwear catalogs but that can't be all that satisfying, can it? Come on, baby, shave me."

Jack rubbed the shaving gel carefully around Vanessa's vulva, and shaved gently, gingerly, leaving just a faint strip of hair up the middle, above her smooth lips. He wet a washcloth and rinsed her off, and all he could think about was diving head first into her beautiful pussy, licking, sucking, teasing, feeling her wetness on him. "I want to go down on you," he said pitifully. Vanessa laughed.

"I know you do honey... I know you do. Still thinking about that night in the hotel, aren't you? I know you are." Vanessa looked at her wrist, pretending to wear a watch. "Oh, look at the time," she said as she stood up, "I really have to go!" As she stood and reached for her panties, Vanessa pushed her ass right at Jack, just barely touching her freshly-shaved pussy on his nose for the shortest microsecond. She pulled up her panties, rubbed herself harder on him, and turned around as she buttoned her skirt.

"Jack," she said, "you need to go back to work. Get that article finished, honey, and I'll be back later. Get focused, buddy!" Vanessa grabbed her purse on the way through the kitchen and Jack watched her disappear through the door. He dropped to the sofa as he heard her car start, and idly pulled his shorts aside and began stroking his painfully-hard cock. He didn't hear Vanessa walk up behind him until she swatted his hand and said, "Stop masturbating, Jack. No touching yourself until I say so. Now, go back downstairs and finish your work!"

For the next three hours Jack worked at his computer, alternating between writing a few lines and stopping to massage his painful cock and balls. He thought about ice but that seemed like overkill. Finally, he finished his draft, grabbed a beer, and turned on the TV to zone out with some ESPN. He heard the soft hum of the garage door and muted the TV.

Jack heard Vanessa's trademark giggle as she said, "Come in here, let's have a drink." Not to him, though: Jack heard a man's voice too. She had company. Then, it came: "knock knock," she sang down the stairs.

"Hey Jack, come here, meet Rob." Jack walked up, still in the same shorts and T-shirt. Vanessa smiled at him, "did you finish that article? You didn't finish anything else though, right? Jack, this is Rob. Rob, Jack."

"Nice to meet you," said Jack, shaking hands. "Yeah, I pretty much just stuck to the article. I'm pretty beat, gonna grab another beer and relax a bit. See you," he said. Vanessa didn't respond. Jack waited downstairs with the TV on low, gradually sipping his way through a couple beers. He heard a muffled thump above him and muted the television. Voices.

Jack climbed the stairs and listened. He cracked his door open a bit, just enough to get a partial view of the couch. He saw Vanessa and Rob kissing, her arm moving, and Jack knew she had her hand in Rob's pants. They separated and Rob moaned a little. Jack's cock sprang right back to attention, his balls still heavy and sore. He watched as Vanessa's head dipped down.

Jack couldn't see the whole couch but he could see rob's hands on Vanessa's head, grabbing two fistfuls of her hair as Vanessa bounced, delivering what Jack knew was an epic blowjob. He heard the slurping, slapping sounds as Vanessa worked Rob's cock. Rob pulled her head up and said, "slow down, I don't want to cum yet. Work that cock some more, little slut. But slowly, don't make me cum." Vanessa went right back to work as Rob pushed her head down, thrusting himself deep in her mouth. Jack stood, barely hidden, fixated.

Rob pulled Vanessa's head up again and moved her to the end of the couch, flipping her over and getting behind her. Jack saw Rob's erection flash by as Rob bounded over the sofa edge. He slapped Vanessa's ass, evoking a moan, smacked it again, grabbed a handful of Vanessa's hair and pushed her legs apart, entering her from behind.

Jack watched as Rob pulled Vanessa's hips up and thrust deeply into her, slowly at first, then gaining speed and power. Vanessa's grunts gave way to moans of pleasure as Rob nailed her, pounding out a steady, hammering pace. Jack stood stock still. Rob pulled tight on Vanessa's hair and she lifted her head. Jack saw her eyes rolling back as she let out a long cry of pure pleasure, shaking slightly as Rob held himself deep and still inside her. As Vanessa's eyes rolled back down, they met Jack's and he knew he was busted. She smiled wickedly, and then closed her eyes.

"Fuck me harder baby, fuck me like you really mean it," she called out, and Rob obliged, pounding her with raw animal intensity. Vanessa moaned louder as she cried out, "yes, yes, yes baby, I love your cock inside me, fuck me harder baby, come on!" She looked up at Jack and seemed to give a little nod. "Come on, honey, cum inside me. I want your cum in me, shoot it in me, cum for me baby, fill me up," said Vanessa between pants and moans.

Rob arched his back and said, "here it comes, baby, here it comes," and he thrust deeply inside her and grunted as he unloaded into her. Vanessa moaned for more, deeper, harder, as Jack disappeared as quietly as he could down the stairs. He peeled off his shorts and lay back on his bed, his aching balls begging for relief, and began to stroke himself slowly. Jack lost track of time as he replayed the image of Vanessa impaled and writhing on Rob's dick, her eyes rolling down to meet his and the cruel grin playing at the corners of her mouth.

Jack heard the upstairs door open and shut with a thud, and then his own door at the top of the stairs swung open. Vanessa trundled down quickly, giggling all the while. "You little pervert! You just watched me fucking! I saw you, Jack, and now you're down here beating off again like you always do. Did you like it, watching me get fucked by a guy who can handle me? I sure liked it, Jack. Only one little problem... he didn't make me cum, and I need to cum, baby. I really need to cum," she said as she straddled Jack.

Jack saw Vanessa's pink panties again, only this time they were slick, wet, and sticky, and he could clearly see the outline of her swollen lips through the fabric. Vanessa pressed down towards Jack's face. "Get in there, baby. I know you want it, you little pervert. Come on, dig in and make me cum. My clit needs some serious attention." Vanessa rubbed her glistening crotch across Jack's face as he turned away, and then slid the panties to the side.

"Come on, little Jack, don't be scared. Just lick it, make me cum and I'll let you fuck me, I promise... not like last time, I swear I'll let you fuck me." Jack reached his mouth up to her pussy and felt her hot slickness. Slowly he drew circles around the hood of her clit with his tongue, pressing first up from below and then sliding down as she shivered a little. "Oh, yes, you're good with the tongue, Jack. Give me some more, make me cum, baby."

Vanessa arched and bucked, moving her open slit over Jack's tongue and he tasted the semen in her, nearly gagging as he knew she was force-feeding him Rob's jizz. Vanessa giggled, "come on, cumlapper, slurp it up. I know you like it hot and gooey, just like this. Did you see the size of his cock, Jack? Holy shit, he stretched me wide open! Back to my clit, baby, make me cum!" Jack did as he was told, circling Vanessa's clit again, more intensely now, as he felt her hips tighten and her thrusting focus into tiny rocking motions against his chin. Vanessa's breath got quicker, her moans tighter, and finally she said, "don't stop baby, don't stop, don't stop, right there, I'm right on the edge, don't stop, don't stop don't stop," and finally she let out an enormous moan as Jack felt her pussy pulsing against his mouth and tongue.

Vanessa rolled off him, laughing, "oh my god, what a fucking night this has been. Okay, Jackie, you earned it, slide that dick in me," and she got on top of him. At once Jack felt enveloped in a steamy ocean, and he thrust himself up and in, up and in, up and in, but he could barely sense any friction at all. "Jackie... are you even in me yet?" Vanessa asked, laughing. "Oh my god, I didn't think your dick was that small, but I can't even feel you! Jesus, Rob was massive if he stretched me out that much. Oh well... " Vanessa rolled off him and Jack felt the cold air on his cock. Vanessa grabbed it, then grabbed Jack's hand and guided it to his painful erection. "Looks like you're whacking it again, Jack. Whack it, Jack... come on. There's been enough cum in me for one night, now let's get some on you. Jerk it for me, baby.

Jack stroked himself as Vanessa giggled. "Oh, poor little Jack, no pussy again. I can't wait to tell my girlfriends about this one...I think maybe next time we'll have a little bit bigger party and you can play clean-up man for a few girls. What do you think, Jack? Hmm?"

Jack couldn't answer. As much as he wanted to stop it, he could feel it coming... and he knew what Vanessa would do as soon as he spilled all over himself.

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