tagGay MaleVarying Extremes Ch. 02

Varying Extremes Ch. 02


Episode Two

I had just put a frozen dinner in the oven and I was sitting at my computer, surfing through random websites. I came across I hot little porn page; this chick on there had the biggest fucking tits a man could ask for. I started surfing through the various pictures and I was getting hard as hell. In one image, a muscular white dude and a black guy, with huge cocks were ramming a cute brunette from both ends. She took it like a pro, though! My dick was starting to strain badly in my trunks. My underwear weren't that tight, but I do have a pretty big cock (they tell me!) I was just about to get down and dirty with little Mr. Neamo, when I was interrupted!


Why the hell is it that someone is always knocking at my door? Without any warning, the visitor just barged in the door. I had forgotten to lock it yet again. As I turned around, my anxiety diminished. It was my roommate, Paul. From his facial expression, I could tell that he wasn't at all interested or freaked out by seeing me with my dick in my hand(he's walked in on similar situations before.)

"Hey Tom-Tom! You wanna put that away and help me with somethin'?" Paul said coyly, he knew I hated that nickname.

"Oh fuck you! Why the hell did you knock man?"

"Well, I was hopin' you'd open the door and give me a hand with these boxes..." He motioned towards the door with a nod, "I don't know if I want that hand though; apparently you were busy with Lil' Nelson--"

"Mr. Neamo." I corrected and laughed. I pulled my shorts on and stood up. I still had a pretty big hard-on; it wasn't going down. I sauntered to the hallway to see exactly what I was assisting with. Paul had already begun to bring a few boxes in. There were about four others just like still sitting in the hall. I grabbed three and Paul came back for the final box. They were big file boxes, like the kind one might keep important papers in for storage. When we had moved them all to the bottom of Paul's closet, he stared at them a minute as if he were thinking about what they were for. I was curious, just what the fuck was all this junk?

"What's in the boxes, Petey?" I asked. Paul's last name was DeLuca. People had developed a nickname for him combining his first and last initials, "P.D." Over the years, it had evolved into Petey, because of the similarity in the sound. Paul didn't give me an answer. He threw me a look of distain, as if to tell me he was disappointed by my question somehow.

"I guess I'm playing secretary for Miss Special..."

I knew exactly whom he was referring to. Just thinking about her, finally withered my semi-erection. Tina Murray, one of the assistant RAs of the dorms, drops by our rooms every now and then. When she comes, Paul always seems uneasy. I didn't really understand the dynamics of their relationship (nor would he discuss it with me). Originally I had assumed she was Paul's girlfriend, but he denied that and gave me the impression that he extremely disliked her. She had asked Paul to store things in our apartment many time. She said it was because we lived off-campus, and she didn't like the nosey students at the university to know her private business. She was a very shady and suspicious person.

I remember one incident when Tina had come by. She was acting like she had had the worse day possible. She was overly annoyed at something, but when I asked if she wanted to "let out some steam", she just rolled her eyes and asked me to get Paul. Even though his room was only about twenty steps from the living room, Tina always asked me to retrieve him. I remember that they had gone into his room. Hushed chatter could scarcely be heard. After about fifteen minutes, the both finally emerged. Tina strangely let on that she was much happier, however Paul looked pissed as all hell. I was really curious as to exactly what their relationship was.

"Why do you do all this stuff for her?" I had asked this many times before, I assumed, as with every other time, he wouldn't tell me anything, but I hoped for a possible change. It soon became apparent, that he wasn't gonna give me the change I wanted. His eyes became really big and he started to scream.

"I told you I can't talk about it Tom...I told you!" His face had turned red but his emotion changed from anger to vulnerbility. He collapsed on the couch, face in hands, and started to tear. "Why the fuck do you do this to me?!..." He said breathlessly; he was crying. I didn't know I would make him this upset. I figured all the summer term papers and the parties had really stressed him out. He was crashing...and crashing hard!

"I'm sorry P, I didn't mean to make you angry, man...I was just curious that's all...I mean, she really seems to tick you off, so I just--"

Wiping his eyes, he interrupted a little more sternly, "Listen, just don't ask. I don't want you to get into any of this; it's not worth it. I just have to do it Tom, okay? I just do..." Once again his eyes were releasing tears. I stood there staring at him. I felt really bad about asking him, though I still didn't see it as a big deal. He just kept crying so finally I walked over to him lifted him on to his feet and, in an effort to show my sympathy, I gave him the biggest bear hug I could. My dad used to do the same for me when I was younger. He responded by hugging me back. We released our embrace and I looked in to his eyes. Trying to give a sincere expression, I said softly, "Dude...I'm sorry...okay?"

He stared at me and gave me a half-smile. We stood there staring at each other for, what seemed like, ten minutes, but in reality was only a short passing. This was an awkward moment for me...very awkward. He finally broke the silence and said with a sheepish smile, "Okay...I forgive you..." Then he hugged me again. This time, it seemed different, and it was much longer. He loosened his grip and I felt his hands slowly moving down to the small of my back...and then he clenched on to me again, this time cupping my ass. The whole time, he never broke our eye contact. He smiled on last time before he moved closer to my face and quickly put his lips against mine. I kinda felt like I should stop him, but in many other ways, I felt that I had made him do this. Also, it wasn't half as bad as I had thought I could be, previously. I started to say something, but when I opened my mouth, he took the opportunity, and stuck his tongue to the back of my throat.

At first, I drew back a little, but eventually we were tongue kissing as if we did this all the time. My dick was getting hard again. I never got hard from kissing, but now I had a boner from making out-- with a guy! I guess Paul noticed it too, because he pulled me in by my ass, so our crotches were touching. I could feel the pressure in his jeans as well. He ended our kiss and looked into my eyes again. At that moment, it was almost as if I could see some kind of seductive fire burning within his pupils. His eyes looked so much different then I had ever noticed. There was something very lustful about them. Paul smiled at me and then he broke the silence for the first time since he had hugged me.

"So now you've made it up to me, right?" He smiled again. Somewhat out of breath I replied, "Yeah...I guess so..." I added a short, low chuckle. Paul spoke again.

"Well now I need to make something up to you...." He glanced down towards my stomach.

"What do you mean? What did you do?" I asked, thoroughly confused.

"Well..." He looked up at the ceiling and smiled, much like my girlfriend did when she was trying to be antagonistic and cute. He continued, "I interrupted something...just so you could help me just now, didn't I?...Well, now I think it's only fair to repay you for your services!"

"What did you have in mind?" I asked, very interested at this point.

"Well I was thinking..." He started to pull my shorts down, followed swiftly by my trunks. My erection sprung straight up. Paul was so close to my crotch that the head of my dick almost poked him in the eye! With my shorts and underwear at my ankles, he took his left hand and cupped my balls then he wrapped his left around my meat.

"...How bout we make this thing explode...", finishing his statement, he placed his lips around the head, then started inhaling my rod. He went all the way down to my pubes, and then he started sucking like a vacuum. I've never felt something so hot! My legs were getting weak. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and pushed me onto the couch. He stood up and started to undress himself. I followed his lead, and began to take my shirt off.

I had never noticed before now, what an awesome body Paul has. He is about 5'10"; he has sort of a basketball player's build with hints of tennis player. He has an oval-shaped head, commanded by a short, scraggy hair cut, that of Ethan Embry. His face houses light brown-green eyes, with amazingly thick lashes. They form a dark and seductive element his eyes and his eyebrows grow perfectly to accent the look. His mouth is something amazing. His lips are a spitting representation of Ryan Phillippe's and his teeth glow so pearly, white and perfect. His cheekbones are high and defined, leading down to his semi-cleft chin. All of these components sit nicely on his flawlessly smooth skin. I've heard many people tell him his face resembled Justin Timberlake. I, however, disagree. Justin Timberlake never looked this good. My dick was going crazy!

His body only furthered the experience. His sculpted chest and chiseled stomach made me jealous. His arms were any athlete's dream. And now his empyrean biceps were assisting him to remove his pants. Though, Paul and I had seen each other nude many times in passing, I had never seen his cock fully erect.

As he peeled away his Old Navy jeans, his undergarments began to show through. He completely surprised me when his pants finally fell to the floor. Unlike the underwear that I normally wore, Paul was sporting a very tight pair of black bikini briefs...string bikini briefs! The front of the briefs eloquently outlined the bulging package inside. I guess I was staring at him, awestricken, because he flashed me a perplexed smile. I giggled a little while gesturing towards his crotch with a smile. He understood my notion and placed his thumbs beneath the waistband of his underwear and---


Paul twisted around, turning towards the kitchen, giving me a perfect view of his ass. Through the fabric, his ass was giving me chills. The small of his back had two beautiful dimples on either side of his spine-- a very defined spine that lead the way down his crack. This parted his massively toned butt cheeks, which had no trouble stretching the material of his undies enough, so little was left to the imagination. I wanted to do something that even made me question whether or not I could have been straight. I started to pull myself off the couch, moving towards him--

"I think your food's done..." He said flatly.

"What!?" I responded a little started. What a way to ruin the mood!

"The oven...your food?" He responded suppressing a laugh. I had totally forgotten that that oven alarm had gone off! I was no longer, in any way what so ever, in the mood to eat. "Come here..." I said, somewhat commanding. He started to walk towards. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do to him, (or vice versa) but I had stopped caring about ten minutes ago. He was now standing with his cock inches from my face. It was about time to return the favor.

I pulled his briefs down instantly, and shoved his dick in my mouth until it was way down my throat. I just sucked it the way I knew I liked it. I placed my hands on his ass and pushed him into me. Just feeling his ass made me want to shoot across the room. It felt just as good, if not better, than it looked. I continued relentlessly, sucking hard on Paul boner; his balls were bouncing into my chin. I've always loved that feeling when I was on the receiving end. I moved my fingers towards his cleft and he let out a small moan. I was really interested in his butt. I pulled my face off his rod and stood up. I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards my bedroom.

He smiled and said, in mock-terror, "Uh oh...!"

I opened the door to my room and pulled him in front of me. Using his ass as a handle, I pushed him towards my bed. I remember all the times Paul had said he wanted on a bed just like mine. I had a King sized Tempur-Pedic mattress. I had told him numerous tales about hooking up with random chicks in the bed. The way the mattress is constructed allows you to do some wild and crazy things. A few girls had shown me positions that I'd never thought possible, before I invested in the bed. Paul had told me once, that he wanted to try it out one day. I never imagined it would be like this! I playfully threw him on; he landed face first, flat on his stomach. He glanced over his shoulder.

"Oh you wanna play rough!?" He laughed. I paid scant attention to any of the words that were coming from his mouth. My concentration was elsewhere. Damn that ass was godlike. I was tired of waiting, if I didn't try this now, the opportunity would probably never arise again. I walked over, climbed on the bed and leaned over his ass. This was the first time I got a close-up look. It was divine. It was now or never.

I placed my face right between his cheeks and started to lick the area right below his anus. He spread his legs farther apart, I took it as a hint. I went down a little farther and licked his balls, then slowly made my way up to his pucker, and then I stopped. His ass tasted a little salty and there were hints of some sort of soap too. The taste was nothing like I thought it would be, but the smell was delicious. It was a pungent smell of masculinity and lust. A smell that I wished I could bring everywhere with me. A defining aroma, like fingerprints unique to each and every man. A smell of the most intimate experience of male bonding.

I went back down to his balls, torturing him with my tongue. I made my way back up and then I hit it. The tip of my tongue struck his asshole. I circled all around his hole. I did this for about a minute, but I wanted more. I made an attempt to get my tongue inside his hole. When it started to open, I felt Paul clench his ass.

"You want me to stop?" I asked.

"No...just take it slow, I've never done this, you know?" When he said this, his face showed traces of his earlier emotions. Now was not the time to start crying again, Petey! I wasn't gonna give him time for that.

I went back to my rim job. After several minutes, he began to relax and I felt that he was ready to allow me

access. I went back to the circular motion and then I took the tip of my tongue and flicked his hole repeatedly. I then dove in a little. My tongue was almost able to taste his insides with ease at this point. However, he still wasn't quite as loose as I wanted him. I put my middle finger in my mouth and lathered it up with spit. When I felt it to be thoroughly lubricated, I pushed it inside him as far as I could. He let out a loud moan of pleasure.

"Ow!...slower dude, slower!" He half-laughed. So maybe it wasn't a moan of pleasure, who would know the difference these days?!

I pulled my finger back a bit and moved it around inside him. He moaned again and said, "Much better..." to dispel any confusion. I noticed that it was becoming more difficult to maneuver inside his butt. I pulled my finger from Paul's ass and without even a conscious thought, sucked it clean. I went back to the battle with my tongue. This time I was able to get in as far as I could go. His moans became increasingly louder and I knew he was enjoying it. I continued to tongue fuck him and his inside tasted as sweet as his beautiful ass had rendered it would. I wanted to fuck him.

"So...uh, you think---" I started.

Interrupting, Paul replied, "Do it man...fucking do it now!" as if he had read my mind.

I crawled on top of him, my painfully hard cock poking at his butt. Then I remembered he was a tight-assed, virgin guy! We need some essentials.

"Umm...I think I have some lube in that drawer over there..." I motioned to the nightstand. Paul opened the drawer, retrieved the lube and tossed it over his shoulder to me. I rubbed it all over my cock, making certain it was really slippery then I squirted some on his hole.

"So...how do you want to do it? I asked, trying to sound calm about the ordeal.

"Doggie style, man. I want to you to fuckin' pound my ass." He responded, overzealously.

Grabbing a pillow, he moved into position. I put some more lube on my cock, then moved behind him. I grabbed Paul around the waist, and put the head of my dick at his opening. I started pushed and his hole expanded more and more. I continued to push and slowly my dick started to enter him, and then when my head was about halfway in, it was like his ass sucked the rest of it in. My cock was in one of my best friend's asses and it felt great. I was popping his virgin ass. I began to slowly slide my dick in and out of him, all the way up to the head. As I started to fuck

him, he clenched his butt muscles hard around my cock and moaned.

"Damn, Tom-Tom...fuck like a man!" He shot out.

"Fuck you!" I countered and slapped his ass. However, I took his instruction. I didn't even gradually pick up speed, I immediately started drilling him. My balls were slapping up against him and I was loving every moment of it. Every time I thrust into him, he moaned his approval. His moans soon became screams of pleasure as I continued to pound his tight ass, which only made me fuck him harder. My body was now covered in sweat as I felt my balls tighten as my cum started to make it's journey. This was going to be a huge orgasm and I didn't want it to stop for anything. Paul had other ideas.

"Okay...that's hot dude! Now it's my turn." He pulled his ass off my cock and without waiting for my response, turned me around and threw me down on my back. I looked at him, confused. He pushed my knees up into my chest and grabbed the lube. While applying the lube to my nervous chute, I finally realized how he was planning on do this.

"Here goes...." Was the last thing he said before pushing inside of me.

I screamed hysterically. "Get it out, P...take it out! Goddamn, dude...this fucking hurts!"

"I know, man...I know...just hang on though, bro. It gets better" he smiled. I was not amused.

After about a minute, I realized he was correct. Paul fucked me non-stop after I had gotten used it. The only sensations I was feeling now, were his bell-shaped head hitting the underside of my prostate, and his pubes tickling the underside of my balls! This went on for another ten minutes, the only sounds being my moaning and yelping and his cock going in and out of me.

"You wanna switch back?" Paul finally spoke.

"No. Let's finish this way." I answered. I was enjoying being fucked way too much to stop. After five more minutes Paul came inside me. Then he sucked me off until I came down his throat, to which he said, "Hmm....not as rank as I thought it would be..." Paul kissed me again and then went to take a shower. I just lay there thinking-- deeply thinking. I had, no more than forty-five minutes ago, started making out with my roommate. I had allowed him to undress me and suck my cock. I had fallen into an obsessive fixation over his ass-- the ass which eventually found it's way to my mouth and then on my cock. I had just finished having my rectum battered by my best buddy's meat; I could still feel his cum dripping from my insides. He had brought me to an orgasm, giving me the best blowjob ever. And through all of that, there was only one thing on my mind.

What the fuck was in those boxes?!

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