tagIncest/TabooVegas Baby: Deuces Wild

Vegas Baby: Deuces Wild


"Is everything OK?" the woman asked in particular as she walked back into her living room, wondering what that bell sound from her computer was about. She smoothed down her jersey dress -- a UNLV Rebels Larry Johnson jersey, of course -- and pulled out her office chair to take a seat. When she was able to focus on the screen, she saw it was yet another urgent message about payouts for some set of machines.

"Yeah, yeah, Craig, whatever," she said to herself as she clicked OK on the on-screen alert. She called up the various terminals to see how they were humming along. Seeing that they were working well, she queued up the various backups and reports for the servers, then leaned back, taking a sip of the can of store- brand cola on her desk. She shivered a bit when her breast pushed the satiny fabric onto her arms, making her shiver a bit. She sat up, putting the soda down, and readjusted her dress, making sure her boobs sat down well inside them as well as making sure her scrotum as in place with her panties.

"Go freakin' figure. It's weird enough that I became hung like a stallion thanks to my crazy sister's hormones. Now I'm losing weight, and it looks like my boobs are getting bigger if anything," she said to herself.

She turned to the door when she heard a racket of knocking at the door, wondering who the heck it was. To her relief, it was her wacky next door transgendered neighbor Jesse, and she figured that since things were slow, she could hazard a visit.

"Who is it?"

"It's Jesse, Marilyn. Who else knocks on your door during the day?"

"Oh, yeah. Good point," Marilyn said as she turned her chair towards the door. "Come in. The door's unlocked."

"Thank you, darling!" Jesse said as she strutted her way in the room, her long legs leading in bright red heels sticking out of some daisy dukes. She plopped down on the couch, making a show of crossing her legs.

"You're off the clock, Jess," Marilyn said as she looked back at her friend. "You don't have to be so leggy there."

"Well, the only show I'm looking for is one between your legs, sugar!"

"Ever since you walked on me..."

"...peeing like a butch when you could be a pretty girl on the stage with me?" Jesse said as she leaned forward. "Hey, maybe you could give a gift to your fellow transgendered sister. Or is your sis still on ya?"

"You, just chill, OK?" Marilyn said as she shivered a bit at that last remark. "I-I mean, Shari is nuts, but I think I can handle her."

"Hey, when does Mai get home? I got a proposition for ya that's a bit adult."

"Another curious chick?"


"I got a few minutes," Marilyn said as she made the last few keystrokes emphatically before turning around in her chair. "What freak show curious straight chick have you steered my way?"

"Like you mind," Jesse said as she sat up on the couch. "Remember that last one?"

Marilyn leaned back a bit and shook her head, looking up into nothing. "And to think I was this close to introducing Mai to her..."

"Earth to Marilyn!" Jesse said to Marilyn. "You do miss your late wife, ya nut. Anyway, lemme tell you about this one. She's cute, a pale little redhead and thinking Black people are the sexiest thing in the world. What do you say?"

"Gee I dunno," Marilyn said to Jesse. "I mean, it has been a while since the last one ran off, and my sister has bugged off for one. I mean, I wish she'd get past that high school stuff, but damn..." she trailed off. "Anyway, did you pass my phone number to this one?"

"With email as well. Check your phone. I think you might have a pleasant surprise from this one."

Marilyn picked up her phone and noticed she had received a photo message from someone. When she opened it up, she noticed a smiling redhead holding up her cell phone camera up to a mirror, her lips curled into a grin as her cleavage fell out of her tank top. Below the picture, it said "call me. Can't wait to see if Jesse's right!" Seeing that message, Marilyn's grin matched the one in the picture, getting her to nod her head.

"You always amaze me Jess," Marilyn said. "I mean, I don't know how you find these women? I mean, I can't exactly go into a bar and meet women like this, ya know? Even among the lesbian set, there's a difference between a strap-on and the, um, genuine article."

"Come on, hun. You'd be surprised how often women flirt with me. Besides, since I can't get you in a little black dress with heels and that anaconda tenting for me, I figure that I'd get my kicks wishing I was one of those lucky women."

"Thanks," Marilyn replied.

"I mean with all that body you got there, why the heck do you dress like a boy so much? I would kill my mother for a body like that," Jesse said as the screech of the school bus breaks filled the room.

"Here comes Mai now," Marilyn said as she saw the school bus door open and her daughter come bounding out. Her bookbag and long, straight hair were bouncing behind her as she ran to the door, opened it and pounced into her mother's arms. Marilyn gave her daughter a hug and a peck on the cheek before letting Mai out of her arms.

"How was your day at school, Mai?"

"It was fine. I don't have much homework today, so can I watch Disney Channel first?"

"Sure, daughter of mine," Marilyn replied. "Have you said hi to Aunt Jesse?"

"Hi Aunt Jesse!" Mai said as she bounced over into her arms. "How's everything with you?"

"Fine, kiddo! Hey, you're looking cute! When's momma gonna get you some lip gloss?" Jesse said.

Marilyn glared at Jesse for a moment after that remark. "I'm not getting her lip gloss this young. She's a eight year old for crying out loud. So Mai?"

"Yeah, mom?"

"Do you want to go over Aunt Jesse's tonight? Mommy needs some alone time tonight, and you have fun with Aunt Jesse, right?"

"Aunt Jesse? Are you gonna get make me cupcakes like last time?"

"Sure kid!" Jesse said with a smile. "But in order to come over, you gotta have all your homework done, because once you're at my place, it's fun time!"

"Alright!" Mai said as she bounced out of the living room towards her bedroom.

"She's gonna be a pretty woman when she grows up," Marilyn said wistfully as she bounded away. "My height, her mama's build, and apparently the best of our features. Kat would have been proud."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," chuckled Jesse. "I mean, I thought you came out here to start over from her."

"True," Marilyn said as she eyed her phone, checking out the photo message she received. "Anyway, let me give this chick a call."

"Spending time with the youth and helping a single mother get laid? I think I've done my good deeds for the day. Mind if I come over tomorrow with a bottle of wine to chill out and dish a bit?" Jesse said as she got to her feet.

"Sure, why not? I love hear about America's esteemed closet communities."

"Like you're Miss Liberated yourself, with your sis. I remember the stories you told me."

"Alright, alright. Tomorrow night then, after Mai gets to bed?"

"Sure," Jesse said as she looked over her shoulder walking out the door. "See ya then!"

As soon as Jesse was out of earshot, she gave her new admirer a ring. "Hello? Is this my admirer?"

"Hey, are you the hung pretty black stud Jesse told me about?"

Marilyn fell out onto the couch chuckling to herself, wondering what tales her friend had told this latest woman. "I guess so. A woman has her friend walk in on her while peeing and Lord knows what happens next. But yes, I am transgendered and well-endowed. So how did you meet up with Jesse?"


Marilyn batted her eyelashes at the mirror, trying to wipe a clump out of her eye before putting on her lip gloss. Her long hair was pulled back into a neat pony-tail, and her face was lightly kissed by foundation. As she reached down for the lip gloss, she could see her cleavage peeking out from her white blouse ever so slightly, her black lacy bra peeking out just a bit. She stepped out on her low heels a bit, shaking her dick down one loose pant legs to make sure it didn't make any surprise appearances as she put on a coating of metallic pink gloss on her lips. She hurried to slip her diamond studs into her ear, then stepped out of the bathroom, making a bee line to the fridge to check the temperature on the beer she purchased. "I hope she has a taste for microbrews," she said to no one in particular as she heard the doorbell ring.

"Coming!" she called out as she hurried towards the door.

"Get here soon as I'll let the neighbors know what you said!"

"Alright, alright..." Marilyn trailed off as she took in the vision in front of her. The auburn-haired woman smiled brightly through her red lips, and her hair framed a spaghetti-strapped tank top cleavage that, while not lascivious, definitely let her know that she was amply padded in the right places. Her jeans well filled out nicely, and her hands stared to feel a bit numb from the blood that was pumping elsewhere.

"Come, come on," Marilyn said as she got her wits about her and opened the door. She watched and smelled Jesse go past her as she made her way to her couch, looking at the ass that she hoped would be grinding on her hips soon.

"So Natasha," Marilyn said as she closed the door shut. "So, I have some barleywine in the fridge. Mind if you join me in one?"

"What's that?"

"Oh, just really strong beer. Think of O.E. if it were made with actual ingredients."

Natasha chuckled a bit. "Damn! Haven't messed with that since high school. That brings back memories. Yeah, bring me one."

"Not a problem," Marilyn said as she darted towards the refrigerator and pulled out two bottles. She popped the tops and tried her best to walk gracefully into the room, feeling Natasha's eyes on her as she handed her a bottle. She took a seat next to her new friend on the couch and took a large sip of the beer in her hand, finishing with a smile as a drop slipped down her chin, dropping into her cleavage.

"Ooh, sorry there," Marilyn said as she wiped the drop from her breasts.

"Don't be," Natasha replied. "They call attention to what I hope is your second nicest feature. And I can't believe Jesse clocked you looking like that. You definitely have a good shape."

"I know, I know," Marilyn said with a smile. "I try to keep in shape, plus my little girl helps with all that running around."

"Aww, that's sweet!" Natasha said. "I know you must love her, since you mention her so much."

"Thanks, I guess," Marilyn said as she trailed off into her own thoughts. "And thank you for hitting on Jesse. It's amazing how she can get women to hit on her."

"C'mon, it's Vegas!" Natasha said as she wrapped her arm around Marilyn's shoulders and squeezed them as she chugged from her bottle. "I mean, come on. Everyone's here to live a little. I know I am, right?"

"I hope so," Marilyn said as she put her bottle on the floor after taking a sip. "Um, so, um..."

"So you want me to lead, huh?" Natasha said as she licked her ruby lips. "Allow me, then!"

Natasha leaned over and mauled Marilyn's tits through her shirt as she surprised her with a firm, passionate tongue kiss. Marilyn felt Natasha's cool hand slip into her shirt as she felt the other hand squeeze her balls through her pants. Her nipples perked up as she felt Natasha's cat-like tongue swirl around her areola, and her dick started to swell as Natasha pawed at it through her pants.

"Wow, Jesse wasn't lying huh?" Jesse panted as she bent down and took the whole of Marilyn's areola into her mouth and sucked hard. She felt her tits expand into Natasha's mouth, her nipple rubbing the roof of her fuck buddy's mouth with each suck. She gently held onto Natasha's hair as she felt Natasha nurse on her tits and stroking her hardening dick through her pants. Her hips pumped forward into the ivory hand, while the rest of her body fell slack onto the couch. She felt Natasha unbutton and unzip her pants, then struggle to pull her dick out before simply pulling her pants down over her hips, making it slap loudly across her thigh.

"Shit, that's big!" Natasha hissed as she held it up to her forearm, her elbow slightly digging into Marilyn's crotch as the tip pulsed in the palm of her hand. "I guess bigger than someone's forearm isn't just a porn cliché huh?"

Natasha moved her arm and looked hungrily at the rampant staff as it fell back into Marilyn's boobs. She licked her lips as she hefted it back up with both hands, drooling at the thought of the spongy head filling her mouth. She took it into her mouth, slurping wetly on it as she felt it throb. She stretched her lips to take as much of the tip into her mouth, but gagged when it hit the back of her throat. Realizing her limits, she pulled her head off to catch her breath before swirling her tongue on the head, her hands massaging the length. She rubbed the head along the roof of her mouth as she sucked again, feeling Marilyn's legs thrash around her as her pussy lubricated thinking about what the weapon in her hands could do to it. She closed her eyes and pumped and sucked, her nipples hard and her panties soaked, thinking about what that big dick could o to her. Just as se felt it get close to the edge, she let the dick go to fall back on Marilyn's stomach and licked it from her balls to her tip, punctuating it with a kiss.

"Wanna go back to the bedroom and impale me with this."

"Sure," Marilyn said with a nervous laugh. "Besides, it's been a while."

Natasha climbed up onto her feet, then tugged Marilyn by her dick. "Big as this thing is, I could pull you up by this!"

"Eh, hush!" Marilyn said as she kicked off her shoes and pulled her pants all the way off. "I do appreciate the love though."

Marilyn stood up and led Natasha into her bedroom, the only light from a lamp on the nightstand. Natasha brushed past her to flop face down onto the bed, using her feet to kick her sneakers off. She then popped herself up on her knees and unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them off to reveal her boyshorts stretched across her fleshy round ass.

"Eat me, you big dicked babe! Get me wet for that thing of yours," Natasha panted as she wiggled her ass in the air.

Marilyn wordlessly unbuttoned her shirt and let it slide to the floor, revealing the push-up bra she wore for this lady caller. She kneeled down at the foot of the bed and pulled aside the gusset of Natasha's panties, lapping up at the visible wetness on her bare lips. She freely drank of Natasha's essence, feeling the cunt grind on her face as Natasha reached back and pulled on her hair. She spread Natasha's labia, found her small clit and sucked it between her teeth. She held onto Natasha's hips as they rocked back and forth over her knees, her tongue swirling over the small head. She then worked her tongue into those almost- white sugar walls, pulling out more juices from Natasha as she groaned through gritted teeth and held onto Marilyn's head. Suddenly, Marilyn was pushed off of Natasha's head, making her tumble to the floor.

"Get your condoms and try to put that thing in me, now!"

Marilyn got onto her feet, her huge dick bobbing in front of her like a nightstick, as she went to the nightstand and fished out her condoms. She tore open the gold wrapper and rolled it out until it reached two-thirds of the way down her shaft, giving it a few more strokes for emphasis. She moved around kneeled on the edge of the bed, her dick resting on the crack of Natasha's ass as she slid her ass back and forth over it. She saw Natasha get up on her knees and reach back, grabbing her and aiming her right for her wet cunt, which distended just as Natasha let out a primal scream.

"Fuck, you're big, bitch!" Natasha screamedas she eased off the tip. "You're like one of those fucking gag dildos, but I know you're real right?"

"Yeah," Marilyn whispered in reply as she felt the slickness and heat through the latex, wanting to push in.

"Lemme...lemme get it in as much as I can, then you work it, OK?"


Marilyn watched her huge dick being grasped by Natasha as she lined it up with her pussy once more, enjoying the show the redhead was performing on her huge object. The visual of those tiny lips splayed wide open on her dick gave her a shiver as she felt the slickness slid over her condom. Bit by bit, Natasha's impalement was matched by the rigid tightness and friction on her tip as Natasha struggled to get as much as she could inside her. When Natasha couldn't take any more, her hands fell flat to the bed, her breath short with overstimulation. Once she got her hands back under control, she reached back and grabbed the shaft with both hands, feeling Marilyn's balls just brush the pinky of her second hand. She pumped her hands on the shaft, flexing her pussy on the dick inside her, her ass and lips flushing as she gritted her teeth and came, the wetness dripping down onto the bed. Marilyn felt Natasha milk her dick hard enough that she swore the condom was torn, and saw the end result leave a fine sheen on Natasha's prone form.

"Oh, shit. The thought of that big dick just, there made me cum," Natasha said. "I didn't know something like that could do it to me."

Marilyn took a deep breath with that remark, feeling her shiver as Natasha hit one of her triggers. She took a deep breath and tried to calm down, slowly pumping her hips to keep herself turned on.

"Ah, fuck, keep doing that. Pull out when you wanna cum, 'cause I wanna taste it!"

Marilyn grabbed onto Natasha's lush hips and slowly stroked half of her dick in Natasha. As she got a smooth rhythm going, she let go and held onto her shaft, not wanting to hurt her partner. With all that friction, all she wanted to do is let go in some wet hole surrounded by smooth skin, and the blood rising to the surface of every inch of skin seemed to agree with that assertion. As she felt Natasha about to cum again, she stopped moving and started stroking herself with the half of her dick still outside the woman, thinking of great sex of days past. When she felt herself edge to the point of no return, she eased her way out of Natasha and quickly shucked the condom, stroking her head just slow enough that she wouldn't cum yet.

"Ready for my fucking cum?" Marilyn seethed through her teeth.

"Give it to me!" Natasha replied as she sat up on the bed, pulling the straps of her top to bare her huge round tits before sucking on what bit of the tip could fit in her mouth, letting her flicking tongue do the rest. She felt Marilyn grab onto her hair hard, her lips being smacked by Marilyn's jerking off. She felt that familiar throb and in an instant, the creamy sweet nectar hit her lips, her mouth swallowing as much as she can while a few drops landed warmly on her cleavage. As she felt the squirts call down, she leisurely nursed on her huge toy, humming to herself as the semen slid down her throat. When she felt Marilyn let go, she felt back onto the bed, rubbing the cum on her tits into her skin with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey, that dick is for real, right?" Natasha said as she playfully kneed Marilyn in the balls. Marilyn froze with a bit of discomfort, then smiled as she realized that her friend was just playing. "I think that's a yes," Natasha said with a chuckle as she rolled onto her side,

Marilyn climbed onto the bed and spooned behind Natasha, loving her soft, plaint, warm body against hers. She gave Natasha a kiss on the back of her neck and hugged her tits tight, a smile of relief on her face. Her hands idly toyed with Natasha's nipples, and her breath was very calm as they laid there.

"Can I say one thing, uh, Marilyn?"

"Feel free."

"Never has eight minutes of sex felt so good. I guess you can get away with a lot with size, huh?"

"Yeah," I guess, replied Marilyn, her voice sounding crestfallen.

"Ah, don't worry. I like hanging out with my toys. Besides, the convo during my recovery time should help, right?"

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