tagLoving WivesVegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation


It was the first day of a long overdue vacation. After several years of marriage Robin and I had finally gotten a full week off together, away from work, and without the children. While we would have liked to have gone some place exotic the best we could afford was a week in Vegas. It may not have been the most exotic of locations but it certainly beat anything we had locally.

We had checked into our hotel a couple of hours earlier and had since been out walking up and down the strip. We gambled a little here and there along the way and kept up on our drinking continuously. We were feeling pretty buzzed when we decided to head back to our hotel. Unfortunately by this time we had walked good distance so we decided to take a cab back rather than try and stumble our way back. As we were getting into our cab some person handed us a flyer to some exotic dance. Robin saw the flier in my hand and asked if I wanted to go. I told her that I would rather take her back to our room and have her put on a show for me and that would be a thousand times better than any sex show put on by a stranger. Robin leaned over and said that sounded good to her but if she were going to put on a show than she really should have some props. I asked the cab driver about going to an adult bookstore and he said he knew the location of one and would take us there.

During the drive Robin kept leaning on me, rubbing herself against me. One hand was rubbing my cock along the outside of my jeans and she was kissing me passionately. I had one arm wrapped around her, lifting her skirt up and rubbing her thong covered ass while the other hand caressed her breasts. We were making out hard and heavy when I heard the cab driver say loudly that "we're here." I guess we must have been stopped for a while. The car was parked and he had turned almost completely around and was watching us, well, mostly my wife's ass.

We got out of the cab, paid the driver, and walked inside. It was the largest porn shop I had ever been in. Rows and rows of movies, toys, oils, lingerie, etc. There was also a large section of movie booths as well. We walked the aisles for a little bit. Robin picked up a couple of different things, looked at them, and then put them back. I knew she was wasted when she held up a large dildo and asked me rather loudly if I wanted to see this big of a cock sliding in and out of her pussy. This got the attention of several of the stores patrons and I could see a couple of rather large looking biker types start moving her way. With the look in their eyes I thought it best if I got my drunken wife out of sight and out of sight fast.

I grabbed Robin by the arm and led her to one of the movie booths. We got inside and closed and locked the door behind us. I saw the slot for dollar bills and upon checking my wallet realized all I had was twenties. I slipped one in the slot and a porn movie turned on. What the plot was I have no idea for as soon as the movie started my wife pushed me against the wall and started making out with me. She was drunk and she was horny.

As we kissed I lifted her dress and stuck one of my hands in her thong. My fingers quickly found their way inside her and she was dripping wet. Her hands undid my pants and found their way inside, freeing my cock. I was fingering her pussy when she pushed me back away from her. As I was pushed back my legs hit the bench behind me, forcing me into a sitting position. Robin broke away from kissing me and looked at me with lust in her eyes. She then put a hand on each leg and leaned forward, taking my cock into her mouth.

I leaned back and savored the feeling of my wife's warm and wet mouth on my cock. Her tongue working its way on the shaft. I looked at her and saw her looking up at me. Eyes wide open, cock in her mouth, dress pulled up around her waist, thong running down her ass, and her beautiful ass cheeks pressed up against the booth wall. I placed a hand against the back of her head and helped move her head back and forth, up and down, on my cock. My head leaning back, eyes closed and enjoying the world class blow jobs that she gives.

Robin continued to bob her head up and down on my cock and I continued to enjoy the oral pleasure she was providing. I don't know exactly when I noticed it but at some point I noticed that while my cock was still inside her mouth, her head was no longer moving. I opened my eyes and looked down at her to see her mouth wide open as well as her eyes. She was looking straight ahead with kind of a surprised look on her face. My cock was insider her open mouth but she was no longer trying to give me head. I noticed her head was still moving back and forth, just not up and down. It looked different some how. I looked up at her body and saw her dress was still around her waist; her thong was still on, the strap pulled to the side more along her hip than down the middle of her butt. And her body was moving back and forth, slightly rocking.

Wait, her thong wasn't there before. Then it hit me. Movie booths go with glory holes. If her panties were pulled to the side and she was pressed against the wall, if there was a glory hole right there than anyone could have access to, well, all of her. I placed a hand on the back of her head and pulled her attention back down to my cock. Her mouth closed and she once again started sucking. Her body continued to rock back and forth. I pulled her forward so that she was no longer pressed against the wall. It was then I saw a cock protruding from the wall and inserted into my wife's pussy.

While I was trying to figure out how I felt about this Robin showed how she felt about it by pushing her hips back, sinking that cock into her pussy farther. At the same time she buried her face down to my balls, sucking my cock harder. At that point my mind was made up for me. I would go with whatever happened tonight and we could chalk it up to the alcohol, being in Vegas, the first vacation in years, all of it.

As I enjoyed the blowjob my wife was giving me I noticed that she was moving back and forth faster and faster. I could hear moans coming from the other side of the wall as well and I knew that whoever was fucking my wife was getting close to cumming. As things continued I heard the person on the other side of the wall yell out and knew that he was cumming now. I hadn't seen a condom on earlier and figured that whoever it was was unloading deep inside Robin's pussy. Robin lifted her head away from my cock, stood up and moved away from the wall. She turned her back to me and then sat down on my dick. My cock easily slid into her sopping wet pussy. I could feel the cum from the stranger sliding out of her cunt and dripping down on me as she lowered herself onto my shaft.

As Robin ground her sopping wet pussy into me I reached up from behind her and pulled her dress down, freeing her tits. As I rubbed her tits with one hand the other slid down and started toying with her clit. She leaned her head back into me and told me she was sorry. She was so excited blowing me that when she first felt the fingers playing with her pussy she didn't do anything, thinking that it wouldn't go any further. Then before long she felt the head of a cock being placed against her opening and forcing its way inside of her. By then it was too late. Another man was fucking her while she sucked me. She was sorry but it was one of the most sexually arousing things that has ever happened to her. She hoped I wasn't mad.

As she continued to grind her pussy into me and clench my cock inside her tight warm walls I thought about what happened. If I was mad my cock sure wasn't showing it. I was as hard as ever. I thought about the alcohol and the highly aroused state we were both in and realized I couldn't be angry. It had excited me just as much as it had excited her. I told her that I wasn't mad and that I was hornier than ever. Right now in this room in Vegas we could do whatever we wanted with no regrets. When I said this she slammed herself down on me and clenched her pussy muscles, squeezing my cock. She leaned back into me, kissed me deeply and thrust her tongue into my mouth. Obviously she liked what I had told her.

As I continued to fuck my wife and feel up her tits I saw a cock poking out through the glory hole. This cock wasn't glistening with pussy juice so I doubted it was the same one that had just fucked my wife. I told Robin that another cock had come through the hole. She asked me what I wanted her to do. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said "you have to tell me". I told her to suck it. Suck that cock while I fuck you from behind.

She leaned forward, my cock still inside her, and took this new strange cock into her mouth. I watched as her cheeks caved in, indicating she was sucking it. I watched as it slid in and out of her mouth. I watched as she leaned back and ran her tongue along the head of it. All the while I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her pussy. Her pussy that had already been filled once tonight by cum.

Robin placed one hand against the wall and with the other took hold of the cock before her. She continued to suck on it while I continued to fuck her from behind. I knew I was getting close and told her as much. I also told her to make the other man cum. I told her I wanted to see her make another man cum. She asked where I wanted to see it and I told her I didn't care. In her hand, in her mouth, on her face, on her tits. I just wanted to see her get another man off.

Her hand started moving up and down on the strangers cock faster and faster. She took the tip only in her mouth and sucked on it. I could hear him from through the wall and knew he was close. Just as he started to shoot Robin leaned back and aimed his cock at her tits. I watched as cum erupted from this strange cock, covering my wife's tits and nipples. This sight was too much for me and I grabbed hold of her hips and buried myself inside her. Unloading a second load of cum into her pussy.

I fell back my cock sliding out of Robin's pussy. I could see the cum running down the inside of her leg. As it did I wondered if it was mine, "his", or ours. Robin stood up, pulling her dress down over her hips, and up over her tits at almost the same time. She looked at me and said that we should probably go before things got ay crazier. Crazier? She just had one stranger fuck her and another stranger got a blowjob from her. How much stranger could it get?

I stood up and pulled up my pants and straightened my shirt out. I looked at Robin and saw her hair was a mess and her dress was wrinkled. I could see cum running down the inside of her leg and saw cum on her cleavage. There was no doubt about it. She definitely had the "I just got fucked" look about her. As we walked outside the booth I took her by the hand and started to lead her to the door. As I looked towards the door I could see the cab driver that had dropped us off was now walking out. As we continued to walk towards the door I looked around and saw a number of eyes were on us, more specifically on Robin. I couldn't help but wonder which of these men was responsible for cumming inside of her. In her pussy or in her mouth. For that matter I wondered how many others here knew that she had just had sex with complete and total strangers.

I noticed more than one smirk on the faces of the men as we walked outside. We got into the cab and told the driver to take us to our hotel. As we drove I noticed it was the same driver that had driven us to the porn shop. When we got to our hotel and I paid him, I noticed the fly on the cab drivers pants was down. I wondered if this was by accident, because he knew what my wife was doing inside and he was jacking off, or was he one of my wife's strangers?

As we rode the elevator up to our room I wondered what the rest of the week in Vegas would have in store for us.

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