tagIncest/TabooVelvet Love

Velvet Love

byNo Panty Girl©

I was eighteen and still a virgin.

I lived in a small fishing town Newfoundland where the only industry was lobster trapping and Cod fishing. The Cod stock was near depletion so with government imposed quotas the townsfolk were pretty impoverished.

I hung around with a nineteen-year-old son of a fisherman name Max. I wasn't in love with Max; he was just someone to hang out with. Whenever Max started necking with me other than letting him put his hand under my shirt to feel my breasts I would stop him.

Max always complained if I cared about him I would let him "do it" to me. I would rebut, "I guess I don't care about you"?

I first saw Kim when my parents took me to Shaw's Theater in nearby Corner Brook. Shaw's was an old-time burlesque house and movie theater.

Kim Nichols was a featured singer. A young twenties short hair blonde she dressed as a young man in her performance. In a three-piece suit and a bowler hat she would do her routine swinging a fashionable cane.

The young girl's beauty immediately took me. It was not the usual female beauty, as she appeared rather flat chested and her outfit concealed most of her body.

I don't know if it was in her eyes or her mannerism but I knew she was someone I could love.

The thought of a girl loving another girl was unthinkable in out community. Girls had always married men and become fishermen's wives. It had been that way for a hundred years.

At the end of her performance Kim threw a single red rose into the audience. She threw it to me and I caught it!

That night as I lay in my bed sleep would not come, my head was full of erotic thoughts of Kim Nichols. I imagined I was in bed with my fantasy girl while I pleasured myself. Finally after a sweet orgasm I drifted off to sleep.

Much to my delight the following day Mom asked me if I wanted to go to Shaw's again with Uncle Steve. Uncle Steve is Mom's brother and she had told him how good the show had been and said he should go and see it. Uncle Steve had asked Mom to ask me if I wanted to go so he would have company.

Overjoyed at the prospect of seeing Kim again I eagerly awaited Uncle Steve to pick me up after dinner.

I had always liked Uncle Steve; he was a jovial confirmed bachelor who knew what young people liked.

I sat in the front seat of Uncle Steve's Buick listening to tunes as we headed towards Corner Brook. My short skirt was about mid-thigh and I noticed Uncle Steve staring at my bare legs. I thought nothing of it until he casually put his hand on my left leg above my knee.

I did not panic, as he was probably just being friendly. I tried to convince myself is hand wasn't slowly sliding up my leg closer to my panties. By the time we pulled into the Shaw's parking lot Uncle Steve's hand was touching my white cotton panties.

Excited to have returned I dragged Uncle Steve to the box office where he purchased two front row seats!

I was so thrilled when the house lights lowered I did not object when Uncle Steve's hand returned to my leg.

Kim Nichols was the second act on stage. By the time she came out Uncle Steve was fingering my pussy.

I had never allowed any boy to touch me there but I was so happy to be there I thought it was the least I could do to show my appreciation to Uncle Steve.

Kim looked right at me and smiled. I felt my face go red as I wondered if she could tell Uncle Steve was playing with me?

I forgot about Uncle Steve's finger in me, as I was absorbed in Kim's act. At the end of her routine she blew a kiss to the audience, she was looking right at me!

Kim had been off stage about fifteen minutes and some comedian was going through his routine when an usher whispered to me that Kim had invited me backstage after the show.

I couldn't believe it, I was going to meet her face to face and be able t tell her how much I adored her. I sat on the edge of my seat until the final curtain.

We rushed backstage to find Kim's dressing room. There it was with a star on the door, Kim Nichole" the gold letters proclaimed. Uncle Steve knocked lightly on the door.

In a matter of moments the door opened and there stood Kim. She was just in the process of removing her costume and invited us in.

As Uncle Steve and I entered the room Kim said she was glad we came to see her. She had the top fur buttons of her shirt undone and through the open vee we could see she was wearing no bra beneath.

Her breasts were perfect, about the same size as mine, 36B, with delicate pink buttons nipples. Shamelessly she resumed removing her shirt.

Uncle Steve and I watched mesmerized as she removed her shirt while chattering abut what a long day it had been. Kim now stood before us bare breasted.

With out hesitation her hands dropped to unfasten her belt and trousers. Quickly she slid the pants down over her hips and stepped out of them. Now she stood before us in only a narrow white thong.

"I hope I am not embarrassing you?" she said as she folded the trousers over the back of a chair.

"Oh no!" Uncle Steve replied leering at he slender body.

Then something unexpected happened. Kim came to where I stood and kissed me, lips on lips. I felt her tongue pry between my lips and enter my mouth. Placing her hands on my shoulders she drew me into her nakedness as we embraced in a lengthy kiss.

When our lips parted Kim began unfastening the front of my blouse. I offered no resistance as she undid button after button. As she held the blouse open I slipped my arms out of it. Next she reached behind my back and unclasped my bra.

Bringing her hands back she pulled my bra with her uncovering my young breasts. Uncle Steve watched fascinated as we embraced once more, this time crushing out naked breasts together.

A feeling of warmth filled my body as I stood there in the embrace of my new lover. Eventually we parted and Kim's mouth lowered to swallow my left nipple.

I felt her soft wet tongue teasing my teat as the tip flicked my aroused pap.

I felt Kim's hand drop to unfasten the waistband of my skirt. Undoing the button she let it drop to the floor in a puddle around my feet. She pulled me forward causing me to step out of it and her hands went under the elastic waist of my panties filling with my bare ass cheeks.

Slowly she drew my panties down for the viewing enjoyment of Uncle Steve.

Kim stepped back briefly to slide off her own thong and then we embraced again, this time totally naked.

It felt strange, my furry pussy pressed so tightly against Kim's clean-shaven cookie. Uncle Steve had his cock out in his hand and was stoking it.

Kim dragged me over to the couch in the corner of her dressing room. She fell backwards onto the couch with her legs open and pulled my head down between her legs. With her legs stretched apart her labia was separated and I could see her puffed-up clitoris waiting for my lips. I bent over and buried my face in her sweet musk.

My tongue curiously explored Kim's pussy as I got my first taste of another woman. She was pungent and tasted like sex.

I felt something prodding into my butt crack; it was Uncle Steve's cock!

I would have protested loosing my virginity but Kim's nectar was overpowering, I could not leave her womanhood.

Kim moaned softly as Uncle Steve plunged into my innocent fuck hole. The pain was sharp but short at he battered through my virginal barrier. In one powerful stroke I was filled with eight inches of rock hard cock.

Uncle Steve grasped my hips and began pistoning in and out of my tight hole like the driving rods on a steam locomotive. Each plunge felt as if he was reaching virgin area.

I was fully engulfed in Kim's sea of love licking her ever-moistening pussy like a loving puppy dog.

I realized Uncle Steve's cock was in me unprotected and hoped the "vitamin" pills Mom insisted I take every morning were birth control? I knew he was going to cum in me and fill me with his jizz.

My vagina gripped Uncle Steve's cock as if to stop its movement in me. Uncle Steve was way too far into fucking me to be stopped. The strength of his cock's plunges into me was irresistible and he was determined to blast his slimy goo into me.

Kim was writhing as she approached her climax so I decided to go with them.

I could swear Uncle Steve's cock was growing in size within me as Kim begins secreting a steady flow of pussy milk. Eagerly I slurped it as quickly as she produced it.

Uncle Steve's explosion triggered my pinnacle, as a gusher of thick creamy sperm deluged my womb my pelvic muscles spasm in an uncontrollable tremor of passion. My uncle's final thrusts were driving my face harder into Kim's cunt and she moaned as I felt her pussy quivering as she squirted a geyser of heady juice into my mouth.

I had gone to the show as a girl and was returning home as a woman. With Uncle Steve's sperm swimming around in my pussy and the taste of Kim Nichole on my tongue we drove back in silence as my mind relived the wondrous odyssey the night had transpired to be.

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