tagIncest/TabooVenus in a Girdle

Venus in a Girdle


He looked up from the bed, sweaty with anticipation, as the bathroom door creaked open. Her figure was outlined in the darkness by the bathroom light from the open door.

"God, Mom."

"Like it?" she said with a bemused smile.

"Yeah.. but I thought you were ..."

"Getting undressed?" She was standing over him now. Her heavy breasts were barely contained by her lacy underwire brassiere but it was the white, spandex girdle further down his mother's soft curves that held him in thrall.

"Do you want me to take it off?"

"No ...ooo". His mouth felt like it was full of cotton.

"I didn't think so," said as she leaned over him.

"How did you know...?" he said as his hand found the smoothness of nylon at the back of her thigh.

"Oh, mom's have a way of knowing these things." she placed her hand on top of his and guided it upwards. "I had to wash that old one in the back of my lingerie drawer every week..." His finger felt the bottom edge of his mother's girdle.

"...even though I never wore it." she continued. "Those stains were hard to get out." He felt a hot flush of shame but she continued to guide his hand along the swelling curves of her spandex-encased butt.

He exhaled sharply as she climbed ontop of him. He squeezed a buttock in each hand, savoring the exquisite feel of his mom's soft ass under the girdle.

"Oh..." But his cry was muffled as she planted her mouth on his. Their tongues met and darted playfully.

He grasped handfuls of his mother's plump ass through the cool elastic of her girdle. He kneaded her butt. He needed her butt.

His cock throbbed against her crotch. He could feel the moistness at the head as it pressed against the girdle, and felt alarmed at the building pressure.

In a panic his hands moved upward and found the elastic waistband at the back of her girdle. He pulled downward but the waistband won't budge. He pulled again.

"M..ahm," his voice said as his mother pressed her moist against his.

He pulled harder at the elastic. He tried to raise himself to gain leverage but his mother kept him pinned down.

"Mom!" he shouted as he pulled his mouth away.

She just smiled curiously.

He pulled more on his girdle. "Mom, shouldn't we take it off before ...?"

"Mom, no!" he cried in pleasure and anguish as he felt her hand reach under her and brush against the pulsing head of his cock. But he soon discovered that his cock was not her target as her fingers found the crotch of her girdle.

"Mother thinks of everything." she said slying as he heard the slight metallic sound of snaps being undone.

"Do you still want me to take it, off?" He groaned loudly as his cock slipped into the opening of the crotch and slid deeply into his mother's inviting moistness.

"Just shut up and fuck, Mom," he said breathless as he tried to raise his hips upward against his mother's weight.

She giggled and rocked back and forth against him. Her laughs both excited him and angered him. Both emotions caused him to plunge harder and harder into his mother but she met every stroke by throwing her weight at him. He didn't remember exactly when her giggles transformed into the hoarse grunts that matched his own. Her breasts jiggled delightfully. He reached into the left cup of her brassiere and found her nipple.

His mother groaned louder as he pinched. He pulled the cup down, leaving his mother's big breast flopping out obscenely from the top of her brassiere. On a downward motion of his mother's rocking he clamped his mouth on her exposed tit. He sucked his mother's tit as they continued to fuck.

He dragged her nipple lightly against his front teeth and felt the now familar quaking of her mother's body.

"Uhhhh..." he moaned as he spasmed into his mother. Her nipple, now glistening with his saliva, brushed against his cheek as he gritted his teeth.

He placed a hand at each side of his mom's hips and held her firmly as if afraid she would get up. He shoot stream after stream into his mother.

He was out of breath, and looked up to met his mother's eyes. "Mom ... I'm sorry ... did I hurt you." She placed a single finger against his lips. "Shhh..."

After his breathing was restored to normal, she rolled off of him and sat up. She watched him silently as she reached behind herself, pulled her brassiere off, and laid down.

She held his head while he sucked softly at her breast.

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Hot little story. What a loving mom!

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