I first met Vera Stevens in the living room of my mother's house. She had just moved in next door and my mother had invited her over for a welcoming cup of coffee. Having just finished my shift at the local burger joint I was looking forward to putting my feet up, but when I walked in the front door I saw a rather prim looking lady sitting on the sofa. My mother introduced me as her 'wonderful son Andrew, the man of the house.' Since my father left a few years ago she had sometimes gone a bit over the top when discussing me. This was one of those occasions.

'I'm very pleased to meet you, Andrew,' her voice, like her appearance was prim and proper. She was dressed in a white blouse with a black skirt and jacket. Her silver-grey hair was perfectly set and she had a pleasant face with just a few small wrinkles around her eyes and mouth. When she stood to greet me I noticed two things about her. She was quite slender in build, but she appeared to have rather large breasts. About five and a half feet tall, she was probably in her mid to late fifties. I had just turned eighteen and seemed to have an almost permanent hard on, particularly when it came to big boobs, and I suspected that under her blouse, Vera Stevens possessed a pretty sizable pair.

While we chatted I noticed that she spoke in a refined manner. It wasn't snobbish, but she used what might be called correct English and I doubt she would be reduced to using slang terms. We spoke amiably about a number of things, including what brought her to our neighbourhood. Her husband had died a few years before and she decided that she really needed a change of scenery. She seemed very nice, if a bit starchy, but I found it hard to drag my eyes away from her chest, imaging just how big her boobs might actually be.

When my mother left the room to take the cups out to the kitchen, Vera leaned across and said, 'Andrew, I am most flattered that you find my bosoms so interesting.'

I spluttered a denial and I'm sure I went red with embarrassment. 'Nonsense, dear boy.' She seemed remarkably calm. 'I am not angry. In fact I find your interest quite flattering. So much so that I am prepared to let you see some more of them, if you want.'

'I don't know what to say,' I managed to reply. This was not at all where I thought our conversation would go.

'Of course you don't. But I do need some help unpacking and if you would come over and help me tomorrow I might reward you with a glimpse.'

I'm not sure what I would have said, if I could have said anything at all, but I was spared the situation when my mother returned to the room. Vera took the initiative and explained that I had agreed to help her and that if I was free tomorrow I could come over and spend the day with her. My mother said that I wasn't working and that she was sure I'd be very helpful,

Shortly afterwards Vera said goodbye and left us discussing what a pleasant neighbour we now had. Under the surface I was wondering what on earth was going to happen when I went there the next day.

Promptly at the appointed time of 10 o'clock I rang her front door bell and there was Vera dressed in exactly the same clothes she was wearing the day before. I was invited in to a living room filled with antique furniture. Vera explained that it was one of the few rooms already unpacked. She sat down in a high backed chair opposite me. 'Now young man,' she said, 'we need to discuss some things.' When I started to speak, she waved her hand for silence. 'Don't interrupt please. This is my house so we will operate under my rules. That must be perfectly clear.' All I could do was nod. It didn't seem like it was going to be much of a discussion.

'Yesterday you found it almost impossible to lift your eyes up to my face so I must ask if you are excited by large breasts?'

Finally, I managed to speak, 'Yes. I'm sorry, but I've always been turned on by them.'

She smiled. 'There's no need to apologize. I think it's perfectly normal for a young man such as yourself to be interested in such things and I am flattered that you find mine attractive. Although I do find it a little surprising that you would show an interest in an older lady like myself.'

Now it was my turn to smile. 'For some reason a lot of older ladies seem to have bigger bosoms than younger ones. Maybe it's because they sag a bit, too.' I was amazed to hear myself saying this, especially to such a prim and proper looking lady.

Vera laughed. 'Some sag more than a bit Andrew. I am afraid mine sag a great deal.'

Her words caused my dick to start straining against my pants. 'It's not a problem, really. I like them saggy.'

'Do you, indeed. Well in that case I think you've come to the right place.' She sat back in the chair, 'Now you must promise that whatever happens here remains between you and me. I am not sure others would understand our particular interests. Are we agreed?' I nodded. 'Good. Now I must tell you that the way I am dressed now is not what I would wear around the house so I am going to get changed into what I would normally have on when I am at home.' With that she stood and walked out of the room.

I sat there trying to take it all in. I found it hard to believe and I was getting rather excited by what might happen next. It turned out that I didn't have long to wait. Within a few minutes Vera had returned and when she walked in my mouth dropped open. She had exchanged the skirt for a pair of old brown slacks, but it was on the top half that caused my eyes to pop out of my head and my dick to threaten to burst out of my trousers. The blouse and jacket were gone, replaced by an old cream v-neck cardigan under which it was obvious she was no longer wearing a bra, or anything else. Her breasts did sag a lot as she said. It seemed that they hung down nearly to her waist and they swayed gently to and fro under the fabric as she moved. She was carrying a tray with coffee and cakes which she set down on the table between us, then she returned to her seat.

'This is not what you expected is it?' she asked.

'No, not really, although I'm not sure I had any idea what to expect.' I was surprised I could speak with any sense at all. If my eyes kept straying to Vera's breasts before they were glued there now. 'This is what you would normally wear?'

She nodded. 'Indeed it is. I think I should tell you something about myself so that you will understand how this situation came about.' While we drank coffee and ate slices of cake Vera told me her story.

'I grew up with a large bosom and it was quite embarrassing so I tried to make it look smaller by wearing tight brassieres. They were exceedingly uncomfortable and I hated them almost as much as the comments I received about what they were trying to hide. I had a rather unpleasant time. That was until I met Fred, who would become my husband. Like any normal man he appreciated my assets, but he also loved me and he told me I should be proud of them. One day when I complained about how painful and uncomfortable wearing my brassiere was he said that I should just take it off. I said that people would find it improper. If that was the case then Fred believed I should only wear one when we had company or when I went out. He certainly didn't mind what I wore around the house. When I complained that my bosoms would sag without support it seemed he didn't mind that either.

'So I followed my husband's advice and took off my brassiere. It was wonderful. After that day I never wore one in the house again unless we had visitors and I avoided wearing one anywhere if it was at all possible. The longer I went without one the more I enjoyed the experience and the more I hated wearing one when I had to. I adored the way my bosoms moved when I walked and the way they rubbed against whatever I was wearing. My nipples became so sensitive. The other thing that happened was really due to gravity. Being so large, my bosoms soon began to sag and they've been drooping ever since. My husband loved it and our romantic life was very pleasant indeed.'

She stopped and looked at me. 'Since he died I did not think anyone would find them and me attractive again. Then you came along and looked at my bosoms in the same way Fred used to. So I thought I would be quite forward and bring things out in the open so to speak.' As she spoke she undid three of the six buttons on her cardigan revealing even more cleavage. 'Now I have shown you something of myself it is time for you to repay the favour. I want you to stand up and remove your clothes. You really do need to let your thing out for some air. It's been pushing and straining against those trousers ever since you got here. And besides I would like to see it.'

I thought about protesting, but then I realized how much of herself and her soul she had revealed so I stood up and started to undress. Vera gazed intently as I took off my shirt, then pulled down my track pants and stepped out of them. At this stage my dick was tenting out the front of my underpants. Taking a deep breath I pulled them down and my thing as Vera called it, sprang to attention. 'My, my,' she said quietly, 'most impressive.' Then she looked at me. 'Don't worry. It used to bother me when I first began to go without my brassiere, but I soon became used to it. I'm sure you will get used to not having your thing covered.'

She stood up, 'Now, as you have done as I asked, and because you have been so kind I will give you your reward.' As she said it she undid the remaining three buttons on her cardigan allowing it to fall open. What I saw took my breath away. Vera's breasts were not so much big as long. They did indeed sag down nearly to her naval and her large, dark nipples pointed almost straight towards her feet. Her years of going without her brassiere as she called it, had definitely had its effect. Vera held her cardigan open, 'What do you think of my bosoms?' she asked as if my dick hadn't told her the answer.

'I think they are the most wonderful things I have ever seen,' I managed to reply.

'I'm very flattered,' she smiled. 'Now we should sit down and continue our chat. I did as instructed, but could not keep my eyes off her. When she sat, leaning forward a little, her breasts rested on the tops of her thighs.

'Vera,' I asked, 'you always refer to them as your bosoms, did you or Fred ever call them anything else?'

'Well, I always considered words like tits and boobs to be unpleasant because that was how boys talked about them when I was young, but Fred and I did have a name for them. We used to call them my "wobblies"' She giggled as she said it and the way her breasts moved made me understand why.

'What a great name! It's perfect. Just like your wobblies.'

'You have been so kind Andrew. I think it's time I allowed you some relief.' She stood up and walked over to the table. 'I want a close look at this,' she said as she sat down on the table in front of me. 'Now your thing has been so excited for a long time that I think you should do something about it. You have my permission to play with yourself.'

'Vera I would love to, but I think that if I do I will make a mess on your furniture.'

'She smiled. 'Don't worry about that. I have something that will catch any mess you might make,' and as she spoke she lifted her boobs so the nipples pointed directly towards me. 'Now stand up and show me what you can do.'

I did as she asked, standing directly in front of her, and gently stroking my dick. At first she was quiet, watching with rapt attention, then she started kneading and squeezing her wobblies. 'That's it Andrew, my dear. Just keep your eyes on these and enjoy the view.' As she spoke I continued to stare as Vera lifted her breasts and then let them fall, then lifting her breasts and gently sucking her nipples before letting them fall again. My stroking got faster as knew I couldn't hold back much longer. Vera realized this. 'Yes Andrew, let it all out. Show Vera what you can do.' As she spoke she lifted her breasts and at that moment I exploded in the biggest climax I've ever had. The cum landed on her breasts and neck and a couple of strands even hit her face. None of this seemed to bother her in the slightest. When I had finished she let go of her boobs, wiped the strands of cum off her face and then smeared them on her tits which already showed plenty of evidence of my excitement.

My legs almost gave way as I dropped back on the chair, my pulse rate starting to return to normal. Vera seemed delighted. 'That was quite spectacular Andrew. I don't think I've ever seen so much from one thing before. Thank you.'

'You're welcome,' I managed to reply. 'I don't think I've ever had so much inspiration.'

'How kind of you to say so.' She smiled, 'I enjoyed it, too.' She stood up, 'Now, we must do some work. I will leave my cardigan open while we work and when your thing has recovered we might find something else to do.' I stood and reached for my pants. 'No need for any clothes,' Vera said. 'Let your thing have some air while we work.'

The next couple of hours had an unreal quality as we unpacked boxes in Vera's spare room. She had been right about one thing, I was able to easily ignore going naked as I worked, although in watching Vera I had pretty much forgotten about myself. It was fascinating. She moved without seeming to notice that her breasts were swaying around and once when she knelt down on the floor they touched the ground. When that happened my dick started to get firm again. Vera noticed straight away, 'Oh, Andrew, I think we need to do something about that.' She got up onto her knees and took my cock in her hands and started to gently stroke it. Vera then leaned forward and placed a kiss on its tip. She stood up and took me by the hand and led me down the hall and into her bedroom.

Once there I was told to lie down on the bed. As I was doing this she slipped off her slacks revealing a pair of old white cotton panties. Vera noticed me looking and said, 'I've never been one for fancy underthings. Does that bother you?'

'No,' I answered. 'Actually I like them. They look good on you.'

'Thank you, but not for much longer.' She smiled as she pulled the panties down and stepped out of them. Vera stood by the side of the bed wearing only her cream cardigan which hung open on either side of her breasts. 'Do I look alright?'

Actually she looked pretty good. There was just a slight roundness to her tummy and her pubic hair was more grey than dark. Her legs weren't too bad either. 'I think you look lovely,' I managed to say.

'Such flattery,' she said with a smile. 'And flattery will get you somewhere. Now I am going to climb on top of you so you can put your thing in me and we can both enjoy ourselves.' As she was speaking she climbed astride me, grasped my cock with one hand and guided it into her. As it went in she gasped and then sighed. 'It's been so long,' she whispered as she began to move slowly up and down, her breasts swaying to and fro.

Gradually the pace of her movements increased and it was easy why her husband had called them her wobblies as they moved to and fro and up and down. As she moved towards a climax Vera's breathing became more ragged and she began to moan in time to her movements. As the orgasms hit her she became louder and most un-Vera like. 'Oh God! Yes! Yes!' and finally 'FUCK, YES!' as we both came together.

She collapsed on top of me and I put my arms around her and held her tight. 'Thank you so much. I'm sorry I was crude but it was so wonderful I just lost control.'

'That's okay,' I whispered. 'I'm glad I could be of service. You were pretty special yourself.'

'Thank you, kind sir. If you like we can be "pretty special" together some more. I have so many boxes to unpack. Who knows how long it will take and my 'wobblies' and I will need a lot of help.'

'You and your wobblies can have all the help you want,' I said. 'You only have to ask.'

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