tagInterracial LoveVera Makes Cathy Her Bitch Ch. 03

Vera Makes Cathy Her Bitch Ch. 03


I was lounging on my sofa thinking how good things were now that my bitch Cathy was earning good money for me. Not only that but she eats my pussy better than anyone. My thoughts were interrupted by the ring of the telephone. It was my sweet little Cathy." Hi babe, what's up, you miss my cunt all-ready?"

"You know I do, but I called to request a two week vacation."

"Vacation! You out of your fucking mind? Whores don't get vacations."

"Please Vera, my mother is having a tough time; my father left her for a younger woman and she needs me."

"Where does she live?"

"Narberth Pa., it's not very far, my sister will be home to visit her from college in a couple of days but right now she is all alone, I want to see my sister also, it's been a long time."

"There is no way you can go with out me but because I love my little bitch and my new Cadillac could use a trip on the road away from New York City, let's go!"

"Oh Vera, thank you so much, can we leave tomorrow?

"Tell me what time and I will be there."

It was 9am. and the big Caddy eased its way into the driveway. I got out of the car with my surprise for Ron; two bisexual bitches to keep him company for two weeks. Cathy answered the door and hugged and kissed me, she was so happy. She eyed the two women and asked who they were.

"They are going to stay with your husband while we are gone, He is alone to much and I thought that it would be nice to give him a treat. Cathy, this is Aja and Latasha."

"Nice to meet you, can I get you a coffee or juice?" We all drank coffee and Cathy and I were on our way, the girls were told to make their selves comfortable and Ron would be home around 6pm. I called Ron at work and told him about his surprise, he was excited.

We drove down the N.J. turnpike and the weather was perfect, I was comfortable in my short sleeve blouse and Cathy was fine in her sundress. In about three hours we were in Narberth and Cathy directed me to her mother's house. It was a beautiful home with a pool and lots of trees and grass.

Once inside I was impressed, it was spacious and well furnished. What was even more impressive was Cathy's mother Carol. This woman, who was 42yrs old; looked more like Cathy's sister than her mother, she had the same blond hair and blue eyes, the same flat chest, and the face of an angel. I pressed my huge tits against hers and kissed her full on the lips. She was visibly embarrassed, her face turned crimson, she tried not to but she couldn't help but stare at my big black tits. She was trembling and I knew that she would be easy to seduce. I wanted Carol's face in my cunt!

Carol served us all tea and informed us that her 18yr. old daughter Sally would be here tomorrow. I told her that meeting her other daughter would be nice. Carol gave us a tour of the home and showed us the bedroom that was mine and Cathy would sleep in her old room. I put my things away and laughed at having my own room, no matter, I would slip into Cathy's room later. I showered and changed into a mini-skirt and no panties and a top that could not contain my big tits. I wanted to display my self to Cathy's mother, to make her curious, to arouse her and tempt her.

Dinner was divine and we all chipped in to clean up and do the dishes, intentionally my body rubbed against Carol several times ; on one occasion I whispered excuse me softly in her ear as I pressed my sexy self to her and felt her tremble and watched her face turn red again. I knew she would be mine.

The rest of the evening was filled with pleasant chat. Cathy was very happy to be with her mother and was looking forward to seeing her sister again. Carol served us a burgundy wine and we all relaxed and enjoyed each others company. We were getting tired and we all said good-night and went to bed.

I waited about an hour before sneaking to Cathy's room, I laid my nude body next to her and kissed her, she kissed me back and told me she was hoping to see me. "Show me how much bitch, make me feel welcome, make me feel good."

Cathy kissed down my neck and reached my breast and sucked my nipples, then she kissed her way to my hungry cunt, she licked my pussy like a cat licks milk, "Oh Yeah... lick it, suck it, yesss... oohhh.. shittt!" I was yelling as I pressed her sweet face to my wet cunt.

The bedroom door opened and Carol walked in and gazed wide-eyed at the sight of her daughter eagerly lapping my hot wet cunt. Cathy was busy eating pussy and did not hear her mother enter the room."Mmnnn.. ssooo good." Cathy moaned.

Carol just stood there and she moved her hand under her nightie and played with her cunt. Waving my hand I beckoned her to come to me. She slowly moved toward me and I took her hand and placed it on my breast. Carol looked like a frightened child as she squeezed my tit. While holding Cathy's face to my cunt with my left hand, I pulled Carol's head to my big tits; she immediately sucked my nipples, "Yeah baby, that's it-suck my big black tits."

"What...Mother, noooo, what are you doing?"

"What the fuck do you think she is doing bitch? Get back to that cunt and don't worry about anything else or I will kick the shit out of you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress." as Cathy went back to my cunt.

"I.. Don't think we should do this." Carol meekly muttered.

"Don't think, just suck, you know you love those big black tits, don't you cunt? Tell me, tell me how much you like them."

Carol went back to my tits and whispered "I do love your big breast!"

"Have you ever had your face buried in a hot wet cunt?"

"No.. I...I never, I... I couldn't."

"You can and you will! Cathy...let mom eat my cunt and get up here and service my tits."

Cathy lifted her pussy juice covered face from my cunt and guided her mother to my love hole. She hungrily sucked my nipples.

Carol had her face inches from my sopping slit and was breathing in the intoxicating aroma and slowly licked my pussy. Cathy was gobbling my tits with passion. This mother and daughter act was turning me on.

I grabbed a handful of blond hair and pressed her face to my cunt, "Lick it , suck it. you love that black cunt don't you?"

Carol was now eating pussy with fervor, she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and answered, "Yes, I love your big black juicy cunt, it taste so hot, so good I could eat it all night long."

"You just might do that, you are getting better by the minute, are you sure you never did this before?"

"No never, this is my first time, but I love it."

Cathy looked me in the eye and said, "I want to taste you some more too."

"Get down there with your mother then, there is plenty of pussy for both of you."

Two tongues were licking my cunt, it felt so good, I could feel my orgasm mount. "Yes suck it all up, lick up every drop of my love juice, here it comes all over your pretty faces. Ohhh, Mnnn, yesss..Oh Oh Oh I'm cumminggg, yesss!"

We all kissed and laid back and tried to compose ourselves when it hit me. I got to my feet and dragged Cathy to the foot of the bed and commanded "Eat her cunt."

"That would be incest, I can't do that."

"I don't think she will become pregnant, now do as I tell you bitch."

Cathy climbed in bed and started lapping her mother's pussy, slow at first then she increased her speed and was soon licking feverishly, her tongue darted in and out of her mother's pussy. Carol was moaning and pushing her cunt to Cathy's face. I lifted Cathy's legs and turned her so that they were in a sixty-nine position

Carol started licking her daughter's cunt, This was hot, I had three fingers in my cunt and came with them. We all slept together and did not go to our own rooms until morning.

We were enjoying our morning coffee at the kitchen table and Carol was talking about her daughter coming today and how nice the weather was and tried to pretend that last night never happened. I would have none of that and asked, "Cathy, that was your first taste of white pussy, which taste better?" They both blushed.

" I like both, there is no difference between black and white, except your pussy, it taste better than all the rest."

"Good answer, you sure made my day."

"How many women have you been with?" Carol wanted to know.

"Cathy is my bitch, she fucks men and women for money and I am her mistress and pimp, she loves it." I pulled Carol to her knees and ordered, "eat my cunt, you are my bitch too." Carol did not protest, she licked and sucked in a frenzy.

"Tracy!" Cathy yelled out.

A sexy amazonian woman was standing in the center of the room watching Carol with amazement , Carol tried to lift her head but I held it firmly in place. The busty brunette was getting turned on. I could see it in her eyes.

" I live three houses down the street and am her best friend, I wish I had known this, I had no idea she liked pussy or I would have let her eat me a long time ago; I love to be licked, my pussy is soaked."

"Carol is busy but my little slut will lick your cunt. Cathy, get over there and do what you do best."

Cathy obeyed without hesitation, she got on her knees, pulled down Tracy's shorts and dove right in, her face was buried in the hairy gash.

"Yes, Cathy is good, she can lick cunt, I love it." as she pulled her hair and pressed her face tight against her cunt.

"Don't smother her". I laughed as I was doing the same thing to Carol. We both came on their faces and opened a bottle of wine. Tracy was cool, I liked her. We all drank and talked for hours when Carol said that we should dress and get ready to meet Sally at the airport.

It was 6pm. as I waited in the car for them to get Sally. An hour later they entered the car, explaining they had to wait for the luggage.

The traffic was heavy and it took us two hours to get to Narberth from the Philadelphia airport. It was good to relax and sip some wine. Sally was very pretty, she wore a tee shirt and short skirt. As she sat on the sofa her pink panties could be seen as I gazed at her long legs. Her hair was light brown and her tits were not visible. It was difficult to believe but her tits were the smallest in a family of tiny tits.

Carol played the message on the answering machine and it was Tracy. Carol dialed Tracy's number and said "Hi, what can I do for you?" Then Carol laughed nervously and blushed. There was no doubt that Tracy told her what she wanted her to do for her. I would wager that it had something to do with eating pussy. Carol then said, "That would be wonderful, thank you."

Carol informed us that Tracy was coming over with pizza and she was so glad that she didn't have to cook at this late hour. Tracy arrived about fifteen minutes later with three boxes of pizza in her arms.

We ate and sipped wine for hours; everyone was getting high, I was in the kitchen getting more pizza when Tracy joined me and whispered in my ear. "Thank you for training Carol and Cathy to eat pussy, I love nothing more than to have a sweet thing eat me out! Do you think we can get Sally to join in?"

"Could be, I'm getting hot thinking about it, let's see what we can do."

"Cathy, go to my room and bring the tape from my brown suitcase." Returning with tape in hand, Cathy had a worried look on her face. I instructed her to put the tape in the player. The movie titled interracial lesbians was now playing. I sat on the sofa next to Sally and Tracy was on her other side, Cathy and Carol where in the love-seat.

Sensing that she was feeling her wine and was becoming aroused by the hot sex on the screen I asked Sally, "Have you ever had sex with a female?"

"I..I don't think you should ask me that, my mother and sister are right here." Sally slurred.

"Don't worry about them, they both love to eat pussy, isn't that right girls?"

"Just today, in this very room, your sister and mother devoured our cunts." Tracy offered.

Sally looked at the two on the love-seat and observed the blushing and fidgeting, she was convinced that Tracy and I were telling the truth. "Well, there is this one girl at school, we fool around some."

"Do you lick each others cunts?" I asked as I placed her hand on my tit, and moved my fingers up her leg to her thigh.


Tracy was now following my lead and licked her ear and whispered, "You like pussy, don't you?"

Tracy and I disrobed quickly and then stripped Sally, we were naked and Sally offered no resistance. Looking over to the love-seat, I commanded, "Take your fucking clothes off and finger fuck each other and watch!" They hurriedly obeyed my command!

Sally had a hand on one of each of our breast, Tracy was finger fucking her and I pinched her tits. Moans of lust flowed from her mouth. We offered her our huge breast and she feverishly sucked our aroused nipples.

"That's it suck them bitch, You tiny tit cunts love to suck big tits, don't you?"

"Get as much of my big black tits in your mouth as you can, Feels so good."

"Now get on the floor and drop to your knees, time to eat some pussy. Cathy, Carol, come help her!"

All three of them licked and sucked our cunts for hours, their faces were covered with our juices, it was so sexy.

Tracy went home and we all went to our rooms. I called Tony at his bar and Bertha answered, I explained the situation and told her we needed some big black cock for our little white fuck sluts. Bertha said that she would bring Tony and Leon with her. She told me that Leon was a well-hung stud that she was fucking. I gave her the number and address. " See you about 7pm." Bertha excitedly told me.

Next I called Ron and asked him how he was doing with his two black ladies. He said that it was wild and that when they weren't doing him they were doing each other. He thanked me and asked if he could speak with Cathy. On my way to her room I inquired about Ron's family. He said they all lived in Medford N.J. I told him we would visit them soon as I handed Cathy my cell-phone.

"How are you doing with your girl friends? I love you, see you soon." She told me that the girls kept him from being lonely but he missed and loved her. She patted the bed, inviting me to join her. Cathy pouted when I declined her offer and walked to the door. As I left the room I turned and told her to get plenty of sleep, tomorrow we were going to have a party!

The four of us were having our morning coffee at the breakfast table and I asked about the pool. Carol told me that the pool could be used but that it wasn't hot enough yet. "That's a shame, it would be nice to use for the party."

"What party?"

"Oh, I invited some friends from New York to visit and they are eager to meet you."

"You should have asked before you invited people to my home."

"Why? You're my little fuck slut and you will do anything I tell you to do. Look bitch, your old man left you for a younger woman, you need to loosen up, you need a big black cock shoved up your tight little snatch!"

Tracy came through the door and asked for coffee.

"Are you coming to the party?" Sally asked.

"I have not been invited to any party."

"Some friends of mine are driving here for a little get-together party, just drink, music and sex. You are invited."

"Count me in, I love all three of those things."

"Have you ever fucked a big black cock?"

"No but it sounds hot, are they all as big as people say?"

"No they all are not, but the guys tonight are both hung like horses!"

"Good, my husband has a small cock and I want to try a big one." We took stock of what we needed for tonight and drove to town and purchased everything.

Tracy came over and joined us for a drink, we had music on and were waiting for my friends to arrive.

Then there was a knock on the door and we all looked at each other and I told Carol to answer the door.

Carol served everyone a drink and introductions were made. Bertha said to Cathy, "Remember me babe?"

"Of course, how could I ever forget you."

"That's right, you really loved my cunt, didn't you bitch?" Cathy just nodded her head yes.

Leon was dancing with Carol and Tony was dancing with Sally, they were kissing and holding them close, pressing their cocks against their bodies.

Leon removed his enormous cock from his pants and placed Carol's little white hand on his 13in. black pole. Carol gasped and stroked it saying, "Oh God, it's so big and hard!"

Leon inserted two of his long fingers in her cunt and noted, "Your cunt is soaking wet, you want this black cock in that white cunt, show me how much you want it." as he pushed her to her knees.

She looked mesmerized and cupped his balls and kissed the head of his black weapon, she extended her tongue and licked up the pre-cum from his cock. Carol caressed his cock in loving adoration, then she opened her mouth and absorbed as much of his cock as she could. Her head bobbed up and down, saliva was dripping from her chin.

"Oh shit, you're one good cock sucking little white bitch, I can't hold it, here it comes, Aaggg...Ohooo... yessss..."

Carol swallowed every drop and kissed and licked his cock clean. She would not let go. Carol started sucking again.

Tracy and Bertha were finger fucking each other as were Cathy and I. It was so fucking hot!

Tony laid Sally on her back and was fucking her in-to the carpet."Oh, so big, it hurts...sooo.. bigggg... oh, oh uggg..aahhhhhh..."

"You love that big black cock in your fuck hole, tell me how much you like it bitch."

"I...I dooo.. fuck meee ooh.. Your big fat black cock feels sooo goood...fuck me, fuck me, yessss, I'm cuminggg...!" After several more strokes Tony withdrew his snake from her gaping cunt with a plop sound. Her cunt was now stretched wide open.

Leon was now hard again and got behind Carol and was fucking her from behind. "You don't miss your husband any more do you cunt?"

"No, no sir, I just want you inside me, Your big dick feels so good, fuck me, hurt me, yessss....Oh, yeahhh..."

They fucked with great vigor, Carol was fucking back just as hard as she was being fucked, she took the whole thing. Leon shot his cum deep inside her cunt. They collapsed on the floor in a heap.

Bertha moved over to Sally and lowered her cunt to her face. Sally licked and sucked with fervor. "Eat that black cunt, lick the clit, that's it, You're just as good as your sister, do it bitch!"

Tracy sat on Carol's face and made her eat her pussy, I had Cathy get on her knees and eat me out.The men watched and enjoyed the show, mother and daughters eating pussy!

Leon moved to Sally and introduced her cunt to his big dick. Tony slid his dick in Carol's slit. Both mother and daughter had big dicks fucking them as they licked pussy. You could hear muffled moans of ecstasy as they reached orgasms. The men lifted their bodies from the totally fucked white bitches and you could see the cum oozing from their gaping cunts and down to their ass cracks.

Bertha finally dismounted Sally's cum glistened face and announced "I have something else for you, open your mouth wide." as a yellow flow of piss splattered over her face.

Tracy smiled and did the same to Carol. After I reached my own orgasm, I grabbed Cathy by her blond hair and made her look at her mother and sister and said, "Look at your mother and sister, pussy juice and piss all over their faces, cum leaking from their wide open cunts and cum dripping down their ass." Cathy stared but said nothing.

The men went over to them and rubbed their cocks all over their faces. Leon put his cock to Sally's lips and said "Suck it bitch, take it all in your sweet mouth."She gladly accepted his long thick shaft. Sally took most of it but just couldn't fit it all in her mouth.

Carol was gobbling Tony's cock with fervor and had it all down her throat, she gagged but kept on sucking.

The men had them get on their hands and knees and fucked them from the rear. Leon exclaimed, "Now let's fuck them in the ass, you want a big cock up your ass, don't you bitch!"

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