tagBDSMVera's Pet Ch. 01

Vera's Pet Ch. 01


Brian was nervous. He was going to see her again after two years and he remembered that when they parted it was not in friendship. Well, this meeting was just business, but Brian couldn't help feeling a thrill. He didn't know how he was going to hold his ground in face of that woman. He had always been scared of Vera and his own fear had always excited him. He knew it was going to be the same today. He looked up and saw her approaching. She was strutting towards him with her assured step, tall, dark, threatening. Looking at her he felt the first thrill. It was as if nothing had changed.

With her eyes fixed on the man in the far end nook of the restaurant, the woman was heading towards him with total disregard of the looks the measured click of her high heels attracted. She was tall, five feet ten with the ideal weight of 16o pounds. The beautiful face was stern. The large brown eyes were crowned with long thin eyebrows, marked cheekbones and straight nose of aquiline tip similar to a bird of prey. The lips were full and glossy with navy blue lipstick. Those eyes, however, were cold and that face had some unmistakably cruel aspect, the strong chin was like a manifesto of powerful will. The long straight black hair fell in shiny unruly strands onto her back and bulging breasts giving her an element of wilderness.

Vera Moangrave was wearing a plain ivory blouse tight enough to make her bust press against the material in a way that was like magnet to both male and female eyes as the open front gray businesslike striped jacket only drew attention to her E cups. Despite her 43 years, thanks to estrogen, massage and carefully fitted bra, Vera's breasts never sagged. Her very tight black spandex leggings were like second skin to her long, straight legs and with her waistline cinched with a black corset, made her hips sway and her round firm ass cheeks move alluringly. The metallic click as she walked came from the 6-inch stiletto heels of her black patent leather Louboutin pumps.

Brian stood up quickly gaping at her hypnotized. She looked even better than he remembered her. She stood in front of him and extended her gloved hand. He squeezed the sleek thin leather of her long gloves knowing the moment he did that she would not return the squeeze, one of her old techniques of putting men in place.

"Hello, Vera," Brian said, "Good to see you again. It's been some time."

Vera didn't respond to his greeting, but merely indicated with her head that he should sit down. He did while she remained standing, towering above him as she fumbled with her gloves carefully removing them from her hands revealing long perfectly manicured fingers with long and sharp nails enameled navy blue to match her lipstick. She sought the waiter's eyes with hers to indicate she required his immediate service and the young man was instantly by her evidently flushed in the presence of the gorgeous woman.

"Get me a double Smirnoff, honey," the woman said in a surprisingly soft voice not looking at the waiter. When she finally finished removing her second glove, she sat down, folded her gloves carefully and looked at Brian.

"What's the big deal, Brian?" she moved to the point without any preliminaries, showing him that his company was not what she desired most. That was in fact not true. Vera had been looking forward to this meeting. Who knows, maybe she'll be able to have some fun with the man the way she used to. Not that she didn't get enough opportunities to have her way with men, but for Brian she would have a special treat. She didn't like it when men walked out on her the way he did two years before. Vera never forgot things like that and with a bit of luck, Brian was going to have his memory of the fact refreshed. For the moment though she was prepared to tread carefully.

"Well, Vera, as you know our studio wants you back on track. I hoped we could discuss the details including the finances in a nice atmosphere," he said and put on the table in front of her a thin file. "If you cared to look inside and tell me what you think..." he didn't finish as at that moment the waiter returned with her drink and put it on the table ceremoniously.

"Pay," Vera said to Brian who instantly dipped into his pocket to find the money. The waiter collected the money and the tip and turned to go giving the woman one other look, but she stopped him.

"Wait, please!" she said and turned to Brian and demanded, "I want you to say how badly you want me. Do it now!" Her voice was harsh.

"Vera, please, let's not..." Brian started.

"If I leave now you're not gonna have that contract, darling, and your boss will come to the inevitable conclusion that you've fucked things up again." the woman said collecting her gloves. "So?"

"I need you very badly, Vera. It's a question of my career. I'm desperate to have this contract," Brian said and looked at her to see if that will do. She was sipping her drink not looking at him, the waiter stood by with a stupid grin. Brian should have expected something like that. He made his appointment with her in a public place to be on the safe side. He couldn't know what she might do and how he might react should they be in a private place, only the two of them. Well, it seemed that the bitch had found a way of degrading him in the public place too and now she was waiting for more. Brian felt a wave of excitement come over him. He cleared his throat and continued, "Please, Vera. Help me. I need you. I..." he hesitated knowing that there might be no turning back, but he was too excited to think soberly, "I'll do anything you want."

"Enough!" the woman stopped him and turned to the waiter, "What did he say?"

"He said he'd do anything for you ma'am," the waiter responded and added, "I would do too."

"Thanks," the woman smiled. She looked at the waiter and instantly dismissed the idea – the fool didn't know what he was talking about. This didn't bother Vera. She didn't need consent to do what she liked, but she could see the weakling wouldn't last long enough to give her satisfaction. "Maybe you'll get your chance if I'm in the right mood." She said noncommittally and sent the waiter away with a gesture of her hand. Brian felt her shoe caress his calf under the table and his dick was immediately alert. Vera had heard and sensed enough. She knew now she could have her way with her former slave. She would show him that once a slave to Mistress Vera, always a slave to Mistress Vera!

"We'll go to some private place to finalize the deal. I think the studio will be fine," she said and that moment she drove her metal heel into his groin with might, crushing his left ball against his body. Brian almost howled with sudden pain and the waiter stopped to look surprised. Vera kept Brian pinned to the seat with her heel taking her time finishing the drink. Then she released him and got up.

"What do you say?" she demanded in a grating voice.

"Thank you."

"Thank you who?"

"Thank you, Mistress."

"There's a good pet," she patted him on the cheek not minding that some people were looking. She left her car on the lot and demanded the keys to his. She drove towards the studio across the railway tracks. On the way she stopped at a large adult store.

"Give me your wallet and stay here, pet," she said and went to the shop. She returned carrying a black plastic bag. Twenty minutes later they arrived at the empty studio. Vera knew nobody would disturb them here until morning. Brian took the bag she had taken from her car and led the way to the entry. The moment Brian opened the heavy door and followed her inside, she gripped him by his hair on the back of his head and put her lips on his. He opened his mouth to protest, but his mouth was instantly filled with her tongue preventing speech. Brian was unable to resist. He had never been a match and it seemed that after two years she was worse and he was even weaker. It was a long kiss of past lovers restored. They toyed with their tongues, measuring the depths of each other's mouth. Brian was no match in this game: he had always been fascinated with Vera's unnaturally long tongue that was now reaching nearly into his throat! She finally pulled his head away from hers and bit his lower lip with her sharp white teeth. Brian hissed as the vamp woman drew blood. She tasted a drop of his blood and said:

"Good to have you back honey. You've kept me waiting." She spoke in a mild voice, but Brian knew that tone of voice and remembered what it signified. He felt his excitement grow, but made one last attempt to prevent what was coming. It was a half-hearted attempt that Vera ignored reaching to his crotch with her hand, opening his zip and feeling his rigid fucktool.

"Don't give me that crap you don't want to belong again! Look at your dick. It knows what you really want and believe me, honey, you're gonna get it from me! Oh yeah, you're gonna get it!"

Brian had effectively stopped fighting the moment he felt her cool hand pulling on his cock. He gasped and before his mind surrendered itself to her will, managed to ask, "And the contract?"

"It's gonna be fine. You let me do what I like and I'll do what you like, okay, baby?"

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you Mistress," Brian whispered. He knew he was in her power again. He had thought he had freed himself, but that of course wasn't true and now he could see it perfectly well. Over those two years when he kept himself away from her, he was only half living. Now it was all coming to him with force and he wanted her to do it to him quickly. Do what they both wanted!

"Please do it to me, Mistress," he whispered unwittingly as her fingers caressed his swollen shaft and reached down to his ball sack to squeeze it lightly. The pain would come later. Precum oozed out of his cockhole and Vera squeezed the head of his cock to bring more of it onto surface. She collected the precum with her fingers, smeared the slimy crystal liquid between her forefinger and thumb, smelt it and then licked it with evident pleasure. Brian remembered that she was a gourmet when it comes to both precum and cum. His dick started craving release at the thought, but Brian knew any release would have to be hard deserved.

She stood behind him massaging his close-shaven balls with her left hand, driving her right hand underneath his shirt to caress his flat firm stomach and asked:

"Now tell me what you are and where you belong!"

"I'm your pet, Mistress and I belong to you."

"Oh yes, you are!" she laughed, "You've no idea how much you're gonna belong to me ever since, pet! An inextricable bond it will be!"

Brian didn't have time to wonder what she meant since she put her tongue to his neck giving him a lot of pleasure. Brian was moaning softly hearing the familiar buzz of anticipation in her throat and anticipating what he knew would happen now.

"Ouch!" he yelled as she drove her sharp teeth into the delicate flesh of his neck and pulled it holding it with her teeth. He wondered how he was going to appear in the studio the following day, but wouldn't dream of trying to stop her. That, he knew, would have been to no avail and would only anger her.

"Oh, baby! You're so yummy! You've always been," she said with a wicked laugh that sent thrills down his spine. With her hand stroking his cock, caressing it with her fingernails, she bent down to his neck again and danced her tongue on it before again biting him badly and smacking her lips on another drop of blood. Brian hated turtleneck sweaters, but that was what he was going to wear to work the next day. She stood aside from him and said:

"Let's go to the studio and get going, darling pet. You've made me so hot I can't wait."

Brian was hot too. He led her into the studio and lit the lights. In one of the corners of the large hall there was a piece of rope hanging from the ceiling. She directed her steps there telling him to undress. She also removed her jacket and hung it carefully on the back of a chair. When Brian stood naked in front of her, she put leather cuffs that she extracted from her bag on his wrists and tied his hands to the rope, then pulled the rope up with a wheel on the wall so that his hands stretched up but he was not forced to stand on tiptoes. From her bag she produced two pieces of rope and tied his left leg to a heavy chest and his right to a hook in the wall so that he was forced to straddle his legs. She looked at his right buttock where a tattoo said, "Vera's pet." She ran her fingers caressingly over the tattooed skin and said:

"Still in place. How did you survive so long without getting what you know you crave, pet?"

Now Brian also wondered how he managed to survive those two years. As he was not quick enough to answer her, she bent down and with a swift movement of the hand twisted and squeezed his balls.

"Ouch!" Brian cried out.

"Ouch!" again as she slapped his balls from behind.

"I'm sorry, Mistress!" he quickly said. "I had a hard time surviving, Mistress."

She looked at him critically and said:

"These balls need to be longer. I like them hanging down nicely. Would you like me to do that, pet?"

"Oh yes, please Mistress. Please do!" Brian wasn't faking enthusiasm. He was genuinely happy at the prospects of having his balls weighed down with something heavy. He always used to love that in the past. Vera tied his ball sack firmly with a piece of thin rope that had a hook at the end, and put on the hook two weights, each of 1 ½ pounds. Not too heavy because she intended the weights to stay there for longer. She kicked the weights into a swinging motion with her foot and Brian gasped with pleasure again. More precum oozed out of his cock and Vera kneeled in front of him to put his cock head into her mouth and suck all the precum he could give her at the moment. She would be feeding on his ooze more often before the night was over.

She pulled his ass cheeks aside and took a look at his anal rosette.

"Have you used your ass-pussy, pet?" she asked.

"Yes, Mistress. I have regularly," Brian was happy to be able to reassure her.

"But you're not wearing a plug," the woman stated. "We'll remedy that. Hope you're empty, slut, since you'll have to lick that plug clean when we finish. Vera was a great believer in anal subjugation. All her slaves of both sexes were subjected to the humiliation of having their anus controlled by the Mistress. From the small bag she took out a five-inch black anal plug that she had purchased at the sex shop. She put some lubricant on that and slowly worked its way into the man's anus. His sphincter opened slowly to welcome the tool of her domination over him. It was not difficult. She had effectively addicted him to having his ass filled over the time when he was her sex toy in the past. The whole length slid into him until the wide base of the plug rested on his bottom holding the plug securely in his ass.

Next Vera took a simple wooden paddle from her bag and started hitting his buttocks strongly, systematically to make the flesh more sensitive and bring out color. Brian groaned softly with the long missed pleasure of having his flesh subjected to the torture that once was his daily exercise. She wasn't making it easy for him. He was supposed to be tough the way she liked her slaves and no weakness would be tolerated no matter how much time had elapsed. With Vera's systematic exercise on his bottom, his flesh was soon invitingly red. She stopped paddling her object, and ran her fingernails over the now extra sensitive skin reaching to his cock with her left hand to stroke it.

"That was nice, wasn't it, pet?" she asked.

"Yes, Mistress, thank you, Mistress. I missed it."

"Good pet. Now let's have fun, shall we?"

"Yes, Mistress. Please Mistress," he answered humbly but eagerly. Yes, he wanted it! He wanted all she could give him and wanted it badly!

A flogger landed on his buttocks. It stung even though it was still only the warming up! It was a new flogger he wasn't familiar with. Twenty elastic silicone falls gave the special sting.

"Ah." Brian sighed with authentic relief. He was back in his place and his Mistress was taking care of him. Another multiple bite of the falls on the back this time. The mistress was beating her object as if nothing had happened, as if they had barely parted the day before. She was bringing the blows swiftly with strong movements of the hand punishing his back, ass and thighs. She didn't count the strokes or the minutes and neither did he. She wasn't applying time measured punishment, but was satisfying herself and would be doing it as long as she decided it was time for something else. Brian was too lost in the reverie of being flogged, flogged by the Mistress again, to bother to make any calculations. That was hardly ever required by the Mistress anyway.

Brian felt his back increasingly on fire. The way he writhed his buttocks was gradually less in comfort and more because of the stinging pain, and so were his moans changing in quality from pleasurable to mixed with pain. Vera could see that and stopped the punishment. Not that she took pity on the man. Oh no, not she! The more uncomfortable her victims were the happier was she! She stopped to change the flogger only. She didn't want him to tire too quickly. Once he was in her grip again, she wanted to take her time playing with him, using him for her satisfaction. After all this was still only the warming up! She took a deerskin flogger of 35 lashes that can be used to caress, but equally well to deliver whopping thuds. Vera would do both, but first she would take care of her pet's comfort.

She stood in front of him and raised his face taking his chin in her right hand while caressing his fucktool with her left. Under the impact of her touch, the cock started growing swiftly, happily.

"Enjoying yourself, pet?" she demanded.

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress!" the slave knew he had to deliver the answer instantly when asked.

"Good, because I've got so much more in stock for you."

"Thank you, Mistress." He sounded hoarse with anticipation. He knew it was not expected of him to ask any questions.

"What a hoarse voice you've got, pet. Open up this yap. I'll salivate it a little."

Obediently, Brian opened his mouth instantly and Vera spat into it profusely.

"Don't swallow," she said and collected more saliva in her mouth. She spat again and again making him hold her spittle in his mouth. She knew what he liked and could feel his precum wetting her hand again.

"Swallow!" she ordered him finally and patted him on the cheek when he did.

"Thank you, Mistress. You're very good to me." Brian was grateful for her spittle. Yes! This was what he needed. There was no point trying to negate it. He was a true slave and needed to belong. He could only truly live when he belonged, otherwise it was mere existence, not life. Vera was caressing his cock with her fingernails running them into his skin passing her hand along his whole length. Brian started moaning softly. He closed his eyes succumbing himself to the pleasant sensation. Suddenly she removed her hand from his dick and slapped it painfully twice.

"Ouch!" Brian exclaimed both in pain and frustration of the pleasure being denied him.

"I want you to look in my eyes. I want to see your submissive eyes and I don't wish to hear that moaning again! Is that clear?" she demanded.

"Yes, Mistress. I apologize, Mistress."

"Apologize? Do you think it's enough to say 'I apologize?' No, sweetheart. You're gonna feel your punishment. You've earned it and I'm gonna give it to you with pleasure!"

"Please, Mistress, punish me!" Brian could hardly contain his excitement!

"Everything in due course, pet." She slapped him playfully on the cheek and returned her attention to his cock. She stroked it with long caressing movements of her hand making sure there would be a lot of precum. Brian obediently kept his eyes fixed on hers and he felt his submission grow. He was transfixed with her magnetic gaze, almost hypnotized like some animals when they are in the paws of a predator and stop fighting, subjecting themselves to their fate. As if understanding his thoughts, Vera opened her mouth wide baring her sharp white teeth and made a move as if she was about to bite his face, but lowered herself to his crotch instead and with a decisive movement took his the head of his cock into her mouth. She circled his head with her tongue with slow teasing movements letting the precum seep into her mouth until she locked her lips tightly on the cockhole and started sucking the precum. She luxuriated in the sensation of the dense liquid coating the tip of her tongue. And then she released the head of his cock to swallow and stood up abandoning the cock on a verge of orgasm, giving it a sharp slap to make sure he wouldn't come! Still smacking her lips she returned to the flogging.

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