tagIncest/TabooVeronica Blackmails Rick

Veronica Blackmails Rick


After yet another search for a job, Rick headed down to the basement. It was his secluded spot to get a joint ready. His father's new wife Prisilla frowned on it, so his father had quit doing it. Since at twenty-one he still lived under their roof, he had agreed to quit too.

It was too hard though, that sweet, relaxing buzz he loved so much. After today's three interviews he needed it. Rolling up a fat one, he kicked his shoes off and padded towards the back door. He propped it open and sat on the low back wall.

Taking a deep hit and inhaling, he thought back to his day. Job number one had told him he wasn't qualified, job number two he hadn't seen another black person in the place and number three had frowned on his attire. He didn't know what else to do anymore. He had to get out of this house.

His father was a good man, but when he married Prisilla, he'd become too straight for Rick. Prisilla was a pretty white woman, long flowing blonde hair and bouncy tits. He could see why his father agreed with her.

Moment behind him caught his eye, he turned and was face to face with Veronica. Prisilla's eighteen year old daughter was sexy. Her short black hair made her creamy white skin even creamier. She had nice tits and an ass to kill for.

He dropped his joint, but she'd already seen it. "Uh, Veronica. I didn't think anyone was home."

Her smile turned to a snarl, "Well, you were wrong. I'm home, and you know my mother doesn't approve of marijuana."

Rick's mouth turned down, "Yeah, I know, I kind of had a bad day."

"Well, I can't allow you go against mother's rules. She trusts me to keep things proper around here." Veronica turned on her heels and returned to the house.

He picked up the joint he'd dropped. He may as well finish it if he was going to get in trouble for it.

When he made his way back to the house, he thought of what to say to his father. He knew it was a huge punishment coming.

When he made his way to his room, Veronica was standing in the door of her room. She still had that snarling grin on her lips. She looked so vindictive.

When he got to his door, she called after him, "Oh brother, I could keep you out of trouble if you'll help me out too."

When Rick turned back to her, the she had shut the door. He walked back slowly. He knocked on the door, waiting for her reply, he paced.

She called out from inside, "Come in big brother."

When he opened the door, he couldn't believe his eyes. Veronica lay on the bed completely naked. Her skirt and shirt lay in a heap on the floor. She was on her side, one leg propped open and her head resting on her hands.

He could see all of her creamy white skin, her dark hair cascading around her arms. She looked like a vixen there on the bed. His pants got tighter in places he shouldn't have.

His mind racing, he pushed the door shut. Not wanting anyone but him to see her like that. He sat on the chair, he wasn't sure what she wanted or how he could help her.

"So brother, I see you want to help your little sister out. Now, stand up and take off those pants. I want to see what your packing!"

He stood, but instead of stripping, he headed for the door. When his hand took hold of the knob, she spoke again.

"now big brother, I would hate to have to tell mother and daddy about your little habit. Now, get back here and let me see what's under those pants."

He turned back to her, "You're blackmailing me? Over a joint?"

She snickered, "A joint? You wish it was one joint, I've been snapping photos of you from my window for months! You'll be kicked out for sure if mother finds out."

He leaned against the door, he was going to have to fuck his step sister if he didn't want his parents to find out he was still smoking marijuana.

He locked the door, then sat on the bed next to her. She sat up against him, undoing all the buttons on his shirt. As she pulled it off of him, his dark skin was glistening. She pressed her bare chest against his back.

Leaning near his ear, she whispered, "What's it going to be big bro? Fucking me or not? Your choice now."

He pushed her back on the bed, his face inches from hers. His fingers twisted through her hair, his mouth so close to hers. He breathed back, "Get ready to be fucked sister."

She lay and watched him strip off his clothes. His body was strong and in shape, his stomach showed off a six pack and his cock was large. Measuring a little over nine inches and twice as thick as average, his cock was monsterous for this white girl.

She quickly got to all fours, mouth wide open. He shoved his huge cock as far down her throat as he could. Her mouth was stretched as wide as possible and she was using both hands to stroke him.

The tears that fell from her eys, moistening his cock. She used them to lubricate his shlong and kept sucking. He enjoyed watching her, he liked having someone on his dick who knew what to do with it.

Before he could explode, he tightened his grip on her hair and pulled her back. Tossing her onto the bed, she spread her legs wide.

Her pussy was bare and she was wet already. His mouth tasted her skin and her clit. He teased her and tasted every part of her sweetness. His tongue pressed deep into her and rubbed her tightest spots.

Preparing her pussy for his thick cock, he used his beefy fingers to explore her lickable snatch. Using his fingers and his mouth on her at the same time proved to be more than she could take. Her head tossed back, she moaned loud before calling out his name.

He clasped his hand over her mouth, breathing near her ear now. "You're going to get us caught."

She laughed, "You did it, bro."

He lowered himself on her, lifting her legs high over his shoulders. His cock fit perfectly into her pussy. The more he pumped, the more she took. Swallowing as much of his thick cock inside her. Her hands gripped his shoulders, her nails cut into his skin.

He stood and pulled her up, into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist, hooking them behind his back. He entered her again, she bounced in his arms.

She was teasing his ear with her tongue, digging her nails into his back and rocking herself to orgasm. He pressed her against the locked door. Shoving his cock deeper into her.

She called his name, this time in a whisper in his ear. He pressed his lips against hers, parting them with his tongue. Teasing hers, tasting her sweet lips as he unleashed his load into her. Filling her tight snatch with his cum.

When he lay her back on the bed, she pulled him down too. As they lay together, stark naked, they could hear their parents walking around outside. She nibbled his earlobe and said, "Well brother, smoke all you want as long as you do that every time."

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