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Vested Interest


The screen-door slammed shut behind Linda, as she entered the kitchen shuffling the mail in her hands. She discarded the advertisements and mumbled obscenities how the bills should go, too. One letter, though, Linda studied with furrowed brow.

"This looks like a wedding invitation for one of your friends, Joe. The return is from Mr. and Mrs. Baxter. I don't know who they are."

"Are you telling me the Baxters' sent it? Oh no, it cannot be Buddy getting married. I figured him a terminal single man. I knew he would screw up in Texas. He probably got some crazy cowgirl pregnant. I cannot believe this. Let me see it."

Linda chuckled as she tossed the letter across the kitchen table, and it slid into Joe's lap.

"So, your infamous friend has met his match. No more tales of your hero's sexual exploits, like Buddy fucking hundreds of women with his big dick. Buddy with a tongue, so long, that "Kiss" wanted him in their band. And whom you said I hadn't experienced sex, unless it was with his expertise that would have me gushing in orgasm."

"Don't tell me that you didn't love hearing those stories of Buddy and his big cock, Linda. You masturbated while pretending it was he fucking you to so many orgasms. "Super-hog," you nicknamed him."

"I did that for your benefit, dumb-shit. Besides, I think you are queer for him."

Linda teased Joe for his admiration of his friend's sexual conquests. She found the elaborate tales of lust to be full of exaggeration. It was believable Buddy had a bigger cock than Joe did, but referring to him as a one-man gangbang sounded far-fetched. Linda did have fantasies of two or more men, preferably with big cocks, ravage her body. She often played with her pussy in front of her husband with his well-hung friend in mind.

"Wait a minute, Linda--this invitation is for his sister, Rachel. She is getting married. That means Buddy will be coming home for the wedding. I wonder if he needs a place to stay. I should call to jerk him off about his little sister finding someone before he could. What do you think, Hon? Is it all right he stays here with us? It would only be for a few days. You will like Buddy--he has his way with the girls--that's for sure."

Linda felt a rush of excitement from Joe's request. A spontaneous lustful tingle in her pussy made her panties wet. One of her fantasy lovers could be coming in person to their doorstep. Linda hoped to wear her new bikini. She had visions of teasing him with her full breasts and tight butt being half-exposed.

"Well, he is your childhood friend. I guess we should extend our hospitality. He could sleep in the guest room. Which was supposed to be remodeled--and when are you going to start that project, Joe? Anyway, it is up to you; whatever you want to do with your Buddy. I don't care," Linda pretended to be indifferent to the idea.

"I'll call him, now. I cannot wait to see him again. It has been a decade gone by since he moved south. I bet he is bald and fat. That would be funny. Yes, I hope he stays with us."

Linda watched her husband from the kitchen window, as he circled around their pool on the phone to his friend. Her thoughts wandered to tempting scenarios with Buddy in their home. She slipped a hand inside of her panties, while the other massaged her breast. Linda craved more cocks than just her husband's dick alone. A cock like his friend's was what she needed. She prayed Joe was telling the truth of Buddy's ability to fuck for hours and still be hard as a rock. Her fingers jiggled her burning clit, while she stood at the window lost in a fanciful dream. She saw herself in adulterous images riding on his big cock and screaming in orgasm.

"Yahoo!" Joe yelled from outside in joy that his friend is coming; the confirmation had his wife coming, too.

It would be two weeks until Rachel's wedding and her brother's arrival to attend. Linda counted the days. She worked hard on her abs and doubled her time on the treadmill. Naked and posed at the mirror, she admired her breasts and thought about shaving her pussy. Linda wanted to do it for Buddy; but never having a bare snatch before; Joe would suspect her bad intention, her desire to be a total whore for his friend. Late in the evening and high with arousal, Linda watched porn on the internet and masturbated. Some nights, she played until dawn.

It was during one of those sleepless nocturnal sessions, as Linda sat at the computer in a self-indulging whirl, an email came for Joe. She had been watching two huge men fucking a brunette that imaged herself, when the message arrived. It was from Buddy. She opened it thinking he may have a problem, but all he said was hello. Linda thought this would be a good time for introductions and returned the greeting. He wanted to chat.

It started with an apology from Buddy. He was sorry he missed their wedding two years before, but the funds were not there at the time. Linda accepted his excuse and told him how anxious she has become to see him. She mentioned that Joe talked so much about him.

"Oh, what kind of things did he tell you? I hope they are not bad."

"They are bad, all right, but I happen to like bad boys."

"Is that right? I see Joe picked a sexy little devil, did he not? By the way, what are you doing up at three o'clock in the morning?"

"I am always up late on the computer. I cannot sleep with Joe's loud snoring," she partially told the truth.

"What kind of things are you surfing on the net?"

"I am just looking at the usual stuff."

"The usual stuff for me is smut, and I bet that is what you are viewing as well. This late at night and Joe sawing logs, you are watching kinky pornography."

"Buddy, you know me too well already. I won't lie; I was on a porn site."

"Me too, baby--I was stroking my cock while viewing a blowjob scene with a hot chick sucking on a large torpedo."

"You know that you should not be talking this way to your best friend's wife. You are making her wet," Linda joked at his lewd commentary, and she saw herself as that girl on her knees sucking Buddy's big dick.

"Hmmm, I have nine thick inches of hard cock in my hand, now, Linda. I wish you could feel how hot and stiff it is. I am pumping on it nice and slow."

"Stop it!" Linda exclaimed, but she rubbed her clit with flying fingers and edged close to good come. She knew this was all wrong. "I have to go now," she told Buddy and ended the chat. Her pussy creamed a puddle on the chair.

The next night, again very late, she hoped for another visit with Buddy. It was one o'clock with Joe tucked away, as Linda sat naked and surfed for porn on the internet. Her fingers and toys worked magic on her pussy; she brought herself to the third orgasm that evening. Buddy and his nine inches of cock were on her mind. Still horny and sloppy wet, she was in pursuit of number four when his email arrived.

It was titled, "I'm sorry," and inside a plea to forgive. Buddy blamed alcohol for his actions. Linda felt bad for giving him a bum rush the night before and pardoned his behavior. She did not admit to her craving for more of his erotic conversation, for him to talk dirty as hell and make her come.

This amicable connection started with talk of the weather and their livelihoods. Linda cuts hair part-time, but most days, she lays out by their pool working on her tan. Buddy gets his sun as a land surveyor, but he also has training in the modalities of massage. During the evenings, he gives a full body massage to wives of oil-tycoons--and they are big tippers. She asked what comes with it. Buddy said that would be his clients, and several times, too. Linda bartered to cut his hair in trade for a similar satisfying rub down. He made it a deal and then suggested they go cam to cam. She wanted to see him and his big cock, but her laptop crashed, and she shared an old desktop. Buddy gave his condolences with disappointment.

"I'm guessing you were watching porn when it crashed. You have to be careful where you surf. What kind of sites were you on? What do you like to watch? I am into girl-on-girl."

"Here we go again, Buddy; it is all about sex with you. I enjoy sexy talk, too, but Joe can never know of this. Is that a promise?"

"I am not going to say anything, and you better not squeal on me, either. Let us play a game called "Truth Hour." We take turns asking each other one question at a time. The recipient is obligated to answer that inquiry, and it must be with the honest truth."

Linda agreed to the rules. "This sounds exciting. You go first."

"All right, what kind of porn do you like?"

"Gangbangs are a reliable turn-on for me, with lots of big cocks. Joe and I like to watch movies together. We both like horny wives' videos, where the husband watches his wife have fun with other men. I also like masturbation clips, either girls or guys. I love to see their intense self-pleasuring and come with them."

"He is my friend and I love him like a brother, but I believe you have a real cuckold on your hands, Linda. It is your turn to ask me a question."

"How does Joe know that you have a big cock? Did he see it hard?"

"Those are two questions, but I will let you go this time. One summer night, while Joe and I were camping out, we experimented by jacking-off together. He shined the flashlight on my cock, which projected a monster shadow on the tent. Joe called it the Jolly Green Giant's cock."

"I see...it was sort of a scientific experiment...you say. Is that all that happened?"

"Now that is three questions in a row, Linda. Don't you dare tell him I told you this, but something else did happen that night. Joe gave me a blowjob."

"I knew it. He never wants to fuck. All he does is jerk off his little dick. You know he told me that our lawn boy is cute and encouraged me to flirt with him."

"You shouldn't jump to conclusions. A one-time occurrence does not make you gay. I hope not, anyway."

"Oh, so you did it, too. Boys are weird and try anything. I always knew, though, Joe was a funny kind of a guy. I am happy; our house is nice; he takes care of me."

"Sex is an important part of a relationship, and it sounds like you need more in bed than he could give you. My next question is this: Have you ever cheated on Joe?"

"This honesty thing is incriminating. Yes, one time, I did have an affair. It happened only three months ago. The shop where I work, "Clips in a Fly", is in the airport mall. Most of our business is travelers needing a trim during a layover and such. Closing time is at nine o'clock, but it never fails I will be stuck with a late arrival. This time a real hunk came in as I was sweeping up. He pleaded his case saying his plane leaves for Houston in two hours and asked if I could please fit him in. I got the strangest feeling, as if I had always known this man--a familiarity hard to describe. Maybe from a previous life we were close, or down the line destine to become.

This late walk-in came cute with dimples on a clean-shaven face, square chin with a cleft, and high cheekbones. A handsome man he was with broad shoulders, weighed about two-hundred pounds, and stood over six feet tall. He was not old, but lines of wisdom fanned from his clear blue eyes--perhaps caused by time spent joyful with smiles, or from the squint of days in the sun.

It pays to flirt with the customers and it helps to show a little cleavage. This hunk was getting a good glimpse of my gorgeous globes with a shirt alluringly half-open. I teased him with an occasional bump to a lingering lean of my breasts on his arm. I had more than just a monetary reward on my mind.

Light conversation (laced with sexual overtones) more often than not garners a sweet tip. I asked if it was hard for him getting thru the security. He said, "No, but they were very thorough inspecting my package and would not leave it alone." I believed him, for I noticed the fat bulge in his pants when he walked in the door. He had to be well hung.

All of a sudden, this customer started to grope my breasts demonstrating how they search women. The bold action stunned me at first, but I did not stop his little charade. He fondled with my breasts, and up popped my nipples in an obvious give-a-way of high stimulation. He told me further scrutiny would be required, and that I must remove my bra. The temptation was too much for this horny girl. Besides, I am proud of my breasts, and I wanted this man to see them. I locked the front door and slipped off the bra from under my blouse with hopes of more deviant pleasures to come.

His chair faced away from the shop's window, but anyone walking by could see us from behind. The thought of someone watching was an extra turn-on for me. I have a proclivity for sneaking masturbation while at work or other places in the public eye. Now with shirt wide open, I let this man molest my bare breasts. I could feel moisture between my legs in every fold of my hot lustful flesh.

I still tried to work at grooming his hair (almost cut his ear). I noticed a voyeur peeking with one eye upon us at the window. I stayed busy with my customer--whose hand found its way up my skirt and slipped inside my passion-soaked panties. He made me come. I shook in an orgasm, with dutiful scissors snipping away at air."

"Oh wow, Linda, that is real dedication, and you are good at Truth Hour. My cock is swollen hard and leaking wet. I am on my way to the first explosion of the evening. Tell me more."

"Hmmm, there is nothing tastier than the early dew on a man's sweet and slick cock. Did you say the first of the evening? I am three ahead of you. I wish I could watch you jerk on your big cock, while I attest to my passionate affair. I really do not know what you look like. The only picture Joe has of you is wearing a football uniform, with your helmet on, and eye-black smeared over your cheeks. So, unless you show up with number fifty-six on your shirt, I will not know who-the-hell you are."

"You will see me in less than two weeks. I will be sure to wear my old jersey, for your sake. By the way, and not true, but I told Joe I am bald and fat. We are going to have so much fun, Linda. Please go on with the telling of your two-timing fling and make me come."

"He said his name was John, and J.B. was the monogram on the cuff of his shirt. He took hold of my hand and pulled it under the collared cape. His cock felt long, thick, and throbbed in my grip. My hand circled its vast girth, but my thumb and fingers could not touch. On other work-nights, I would be home and wide-awake, only to find Joe passed out on the couch. That evening, I stroked undercover this stranger's nice cock. We kissed. He asked if there was somewhere more private we could go. I had gone that far under the pretense of customer service, but truly, I catered to my own pussy for fulfillment. There was a couch in the boss's office.

Once behind closed door, we stripped our clothes with our hands in wild abandon all over each other. A beautiful pink erection, angling proud above level plane, twitched for my approval. It had to be at least eight inches long and very thick--twice that of Joe's. He slapped his fat cock to the palm of his hand with gesticulatory firmness, to tender duty to its splendor. I whimpered that I only dreamed of a big one like his, as I knelt at my fantasy-cock come true. I kissed the majestic crown, and a drop of clear sparkling pre-cum salted the tip of my tongue.

My eyes were on his eyes, while he held my face in his hands and pumped his big dick into my mouth. He asked if I would cherish a warm reward. I did yearn for a taste. I wanted his monster cock to spurt its luscious cream on my face, in my hair, and all over my body. My overexcited pussy had first dibs. It needed to have J.B. blast-off inside and fill it with his precious cum.

John then suggested, with a sly smile, that I first needed a warm-up. He sat my naked body on the couch and knelt between my spread open legs. He kissed an eager pussy--already steaming with fragrant excitement--and said it tasted like a fine dry wine. I pleased his palate, as I came freely from his expert oral play. Panting and shaking in orgasm, I begged him to fuck me. Did he listen to me?--Hell no. His tongue and long fingers brought my slurping pussy to another strong orgasm that had me screaming for his cock. "Fuck me!"

I never came so many times. His thick cock made my pussy burn. We fucked in an unholy madness. I had an orgasm while sitting on his cock facing toward him, another riding on it in reverse. Then with me on my knees, he fucked me hard from behind and had me coming again. "I love your big dick, so much," I panted. He came, too--the first of two times he shot his hot cum in my pussy. I sucked his cock clean; it never went down. With John on top and my legs wrapped around his back, he pounded all of his horse cock into me. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" I screamed, until we both shuddered in another orgasm. More than an hour passed while we fucked ourselves silly. John had to catch his flight. He still had a hard-on, and I would not let go of it, until he zipped up his pants. I sat splay-legged and exhausted, with our combined juices streaming from my pussy."

"Linda, you just made me come all over my laptop. That was a good hot story."

"I am still three ahead of you; I made myself come, too. I guess you know by now of my acquired addiction for a big cock; and, how much I want you, Buddy, you and your nine thick inches."

These secret dirty chats between Linda and her husband's friend went on every night. They told each other erotic stories and drove themselves into orgasmic frenzies. Buddy shared memories from when he was just out of high school in the old neighborhood. Married women called him, everyday. They would sneak away from their husbands, supposedly to the store, and meet with Buddy just to suck his big cock. Linda promised never to say anything, as Buddy said Joe's own mom was one of those kinky housewives. In the mornings, Buddy came to their house for breakfast. She would give him a hand job under the table with her husband sitting across from them and reading the paper. Joe's mother gave Buddy a blowjob, while his dad and he dressed for work. She had a penchant for his cum. Other moms paid him to fuck them all day long with his big cock. Buddy gained in experience from these learned older women.

Two days before Rachel Baxter's wedding, Joe and Linda went to the airport to pick-up the bride's brother, Buddy. He was on an after midnight flight. They were waiting for his arrival in the mall diner just up from the shop where she cuts hair. Joe ordered a whole breakfast, while Linda, knowing the bad food and slow service, just had a coffee. Joe busied himself with his phone. Linda saw her lover, from the affair three months ago, at a newsstand across the mall. She figured he must have been passing thru, again. Linda told Joe she had to check something at the shop and would be right back.

"Hi, John, remember me?" She approached with a smile.

"Well hello, Linda, of course I remember you. In fact, I hoped I would see you," John said with a hug and kissed her on the lips. She thought it strange he greeted her as Linda, but she did not remember if she told him her name.

"My husband is sitting over there in the diner," she pointed.

"Let's go somewhere," he whispered at her ear with his hand on her ass.

"Follow me; we have only a few minutes." She wanted his big cock, again, and bad.

Linda took John to the closed and dark salon. Once inside with her key, she fell to her knees, opened his pants, and started sucking his big dick. There was not enough time for fucking, but Linda gave him a quick blowjob and swallowed his cum. She had to get back to the diner, but she told him that she would reserve a room for the next time he is in town. Linda hurried back to her husband with some of John's cum still in her mouth.

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