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Dan prepared for the evening with an air of confidence and arrogance about him. He was nearing the end of his senior year in high school and, as with many of his fellow classmates, he was feeling nearly bulletproof. He was already accepted to college and knew that virtually nothing academically, short of actually failing a class, could have any impact on him.

Oddly, as he seemed to care less and less about classes his grades stayed the same or seemed to almost improve. It was almost as if he had relaxed just enough to not get too nervous for tests or too worried of failure. As the year progressed he also had been getting rowdier and rowdier outside of classes. His fellow senior teammates on the football team and he had started acting up more and more in school. Nothing ever that would get them in serious trouble, but certainly trouble enough that they were becoming pains in the asses of some of the teachers and administrators.

The person they enjoyed bothering the most was Ms. Melissa Hayden. Ms. Hayden was the newly appointed vice-principal of the school. It seemed she loved going out of her way to be a bitch or a bother to some of the students. At times she seemed to unnecessarily come down on a classmate in what looked like nothing more than an effort to try and prove to everyone how tough she could be.

The feelings of Dan and his friends were no doubt amplified by the sexual tension they all felt toward Ms. Hayden. They all unanimously hated her, but there was no denying that she was completely hot. She couldn't have been anything beyond 35 but her soft, wrinkle free skin made her face look much younger. She was taller than many of the boys in school and probably would have been around 6' in bare feet. It was hard to judge her height because Dan had never seen her wearing anything other than tall, spike heeled shoes.

He and his friends suspected she wore the shoes to add to her height advantage over the students, but there was no doubt that the shoes added to her sexy appearance. She always wore very appropriate looking skirts that came down to her knees. They were never too tight, but were just snug enough to show off the perfect swaying of her ass and hips as she strutted down the halls looking for someone to bust.

Her tops were never very revealing, but she tended to wear silk tops that buttoned up the front. The way her top clung to her smallish tits and lean waist never failed to cause a reaction in Dan's cock despite his hatred of her. On many nights Dan stroked his cock thinking about how he would love to get under Ms. Hayden's skirt and fuck her until she begged for him to stop.

A few months earlier a rumor had run wild through school that Ms. Hayden only acquired her job by sleeping with various members of the school board. Dan was sure that it was a rumor as it seemed the story grew and changed every time he heard it. At first the rumor was that she had fucked the head of the school board, but by the time the rumor had grown she had let four of the members of the school board gangbang her until they agreed to give her the job.

Some of his friends had become regulars at Ms. Hayden's office after having been sent there either by another teacher or by the "queen bitch" herself after she spotted them doing something in the halls. There were a couple of guys that had so often been in trouble that she had made them her "assistants" after school as a form of detention. She usually had them emptying garbage cans or collating papers or other mind numbing tasks. Dan knew they only caused trouble so they could be with her after school. It was true they hated her, but the lust of an 18-year-old boy is far stronger than his feelings of like or dislike.

Dan himself had a few run ins with Ms. Hayden. Once, he had tried to sneak out of school one class early only to be caught by her. She had scolded him severely and kept him very late after school doing busy work as a form of punishment, but Dan didn't really mind as he took every opportunity to watch her walk or stare wantonly at her when she wasn't looking.

Now it was a Friday night and there were only two weeks of school left. He drove to school to attend what would be his final high school dance. The truth was that the dances themselves were usually pretty lame, but he and his friends often used them as a meeting point from which to start the night.

He parked his car and noticed that the light was on in Ms. Hayden's office. He wasn't surprised as she seemed to live at the school. She was at every dance and would often be seen on stage censuring the DJ's selections in music or out in the crowd separating couples who she thought were getting too "intimate".

This dance was perhaps even more lame than usual as hardly anyone actually showed up. The beautiful night combined with the end of school being so near apparently had everyone thinking of things other than school dances. Dan was getting ready to join some of his friends and leave when he made his way to the restroom.

He stepped out of the restroom and was immediately greeted by her overly stern voice saying, "Mr. Jenkins. I'd like to see you in my office." He stared at Ms. Hayden, dressed as crisply as if it was 8:30AM rather than 8:30PM on a warm, Friday night. He felt the familiar jump of his cock from his own lust.

"I, um, was just leaving," he offered in response as he tried to turn and leave.

"Now!" she commanded in a tone that made Dan stop and meekly follow her down the hallway toward her office. In the deserted hallway her tall heels made a loud click that echoed off the lockers. He tried to figure out what the hell she was doing and he couldn't help but stare at her ass.

"Sit down," she commanded after they stepped into her office and she shut the door behind them. Dan looked and saw one chair sitting in front of her desk and took a seat. He looked straight ahead at the closed blinds as Ms. Hayden began pacing and lecturing him. "Mr. Jenkins," she started, "I suppose you think I haven't noticed all the crap that you have been pulling lately."

Dan stopped listening to her and merely stared straight ahead as she continued her lecture. It was a couple of minutes later when he became aware of her presence directly behind him. The whole time she had been talking she had stayed either to his side or behind him so he hadn't really been able to look at her.

"Mr. Jenkins," she said leaning over close to his ear, "are you even listening to me?"

"Uh, yes," Dan answered unconvincingly.

"Really?" she replied. "Well then, why don't you tell me what I was just saying?"

"I...um...well...I don't know," Dan sputtered.

"Typical," she shot back. "You boys only know how to think with one thing. If you spent half as much time using your brains as you do worrying about your dicks you'd be brilliant."

Dan jumped and spun around to stare at her. Did she just say dick? His mind briefly fluttered with the various types of trouble he could cause for her because of her saying that.

She remained silent and stared into his eyes with a stern expression. She let him stare at her for a few seconds in silence before she said, "Oh, did that excite you? Did you like hearing me say dick?" She stared at him as if she expected an answer. Dan didn't speak so she repeated, "Did it excite you to hear me say dick?"

Her tone made it clear that he was to answer and he cleared his throat slightly before whispering, "Yes."

"Typical," she repeated before continuing, "turn around and face front, Mr. Jenkins. I didn't say you could look at me." Dan turned around and stared at the closed blinds again unsuccessfully trying to keep his cock from growing hard in his pants.

She remained behind him as she resumed her lecture, "I know how you boys think. I know that all you think about is fucking and getting in girl's pants. You'd be shocked if you knew how much I knew about you all." She paused and let Dan's mind spin as he tried to understand what the hell was happening. "Hell," she continued as she leaned slightly closer to Dan, "I bet you even dream about fucking me. Put your hands behind your back."

Her last two sentences were so shocking and had been spoken so quickly that Dan wasn't initially able to comprehend them and follow her directions. "Put your hands behind your back," she ordered again as he this time meekly followed her instructions.

By now Dan was so confused and excited he could hardly think. Was she coming on to him? Was he in trouble? What the hell was going on?

He jumped at the touch of her hands on his forearms. She nimbly maneuvered his arms behind him and the next thing Dan knew his wrists were locked in some sort of handcuffs behind him. In his shock he briefly struggled against them only to realize that not only were his wrists bound together but that he was also bound to the back of the chair. He heard Ms. Hayden laugh wickedly as he struggled.

The next thing he knew she was tying some sort of cloth around his head and his vision was totally blocked. She let him sit for a few minutes as she seemed to pace slowly around the room. He could only hear the click of her heels on the hard floor above his own excited breathing.

He heard her walk over in front of him and stop and he guessed she was standing directly in front of him. He gasped when he felt her hands at his feet. With the same quickness she had shown on his arms she moved both of his legs and Dan heard two quick clicks as his ankles were now cuffed similar to his wrists. He wriggled briefly but immediately found that his feet where tightly secured to the chair and he was totally trapped.

He heard her stand up and she quietly, but sternly said, "Now I expect you to remain silent. If you call out I will swear that I had no knowledge of this and it will be your word against mine. I will suggest that you and your friends were playing a cruel joke on me and you and your friends will be expelled. None of you will graduate and you will all have to delay college. Do you understand me?"

Dan nodded dumbly and then heard her footsteps move away from him and out of her office. He listened as they moved down the hall becoming softer and softer until he couldn't hear them any longer. In the silence of the office he again struggled to free himself but couldn't.

Dan had no idea how long he was alone in the office but guessed it was nearly 20 minutes before the clicking of her heels let him know she was on her way back to him. She entered the office and didn't say a word before she took hold of the front of his jeans. She deftly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and, before Dan could really comprehend what had just happened, she pulled his pants and boxers off together in one motion. She rocked Dan from side to side working his pants off until she had them pushed down around the cuffs at his ankles.

Without a word or another touch she turned and left the office. He again listened to her heels clicking down the hall until she was so far away he couldn't hear them any longer. He was vaguely aware that they sounded different this time but figured that was due to his own heightened excitement and anxiousness.

He sat now with his heart pounding in his chest and his cock exposed to anyone who might wander by. What the fuck was happening? What was she doing?

When he heard the voices from outside in the hall he froze in fear. He could hear his friends walking toward the office talking about where he had gone. "Shit, look at this," his friend Mark said, "fucking Ms. Hayden left her door wide open."

Dan gasped in horror and he could feel his heart jump into his throat. That bitch left him like this and then left her door wide open! If his friends caught him like this there would be no living it down.

"We should go in and trash the place," Mark said. Dan knew that Mark often liked to talk big like this and he grew terrified when he heard someone, he guessed it was Mark, start to walk into the office.

"What do you think you are doing?" Ms. Hayden's harsh voice called out from the hallway. Whoever had been walking in froze and immediately turned and retreated to the hall.

Mark then weakly stammered, "I was just, I thought maybe Dan..."

"You thought maybe Dan what?" Ms. Hayden sternly said. "You thought Dan was hanging out in my office. You never, under any circumstances, have the permission to enter my office without my consent. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," Mark meekly answered.

"Good," Ms. Hayden said, "now as far as Mr. Jenkins. I don't know that it is any of your business but I saw him leaving a while ago with another group. Now, get away from my office."

Dan listened to his friends walking away quickly. How could they buy the story that he left with someone else? Hell, there wasn't anyone else there to leave with. Surely they would see his car in the lot and know he was still inside.

Several minutes after they left he heard Ms. Hayden enter the room again. This time she shut the door behind her and said, "Your little friend almost had quite the surprise."

She moved around her desk and Dan could hear some rattling. He heard her punch some buttons on the phone and sat listening to her side of the conversation. "Hi hun...Sorry about this but I'm going to be late...I know...I've just got a project I need to finish...I'll make it up to you...Love you."

Her footsteps moved around her desk and again stopped in front of him. She pulled off his blindfold and tossed it aside as he blinked a few times to get his bearings. When his eyes focused on her again she was sitting on the edge of her desk watching him closely.

He watched her pick up something off the desk and felt his eyes widen in shock at the sight of what she held. It was a fur covered paddle. The paddle itself was like one of the old fashioned ones with the short handle and flat end that teachers used to terrorize kids with in the old days. The thing that made this one different is that it was coated in a light brown fur.

She slipped off the desk and stepped close to him until his bare knee was between her legs. She reached out with the paddle and started rubbing the soft fur up and down his inner thighs slowly. Dan gasped and stared at her still unable to believe or understand what was happening.

The first time the soft fur rubbed against his cock and balls he involuntarily let out a moan. Ms. Hayden smiled wickedly at the sound and continued to tease his cock and balls until he was rock hard. "You know," she said as if she had just been struck by a random, amusing idea, "I bet your friend Mark wouldn't have been too upset to find you here. In fact, maybe I should have let him come in. I bet he would have loved getting on his knees and sucking your cock."

Dan's mouth dropped open in shock and he stared at Ms. Hayden dumbly. "Oh, so you like that idea, do you? I bet you'd love to watch your best friend suck on your hard cock. He'd protest some, but only to make you think he wasn't into it. Once he took that first lick he couldn't get enough. Hell, I bet that would look so hot my pussy would get nice and wet."

From seemingly out of nowhere Dan felt his cum exploding out of his cock as she rubbed the fur up and down his shaft. He stared wildly as his cum surged out and coated the paddle in addition to his own cock and balls. "What the fuck is going on?" Dan thought to himself. Had he really just been aroused by the idea of Mark sucking his cock? No, surely it was only made to feel exciting by his particular situation and by the touch of the fur on him.

Before he could think about it any longer Ms. Hayden said, "That was your free pass. If that happens again before you are instructed there will be hell to pay, do I make myself clear?" As she spoke she firmly whacked the padded against his outer thigh leaving a wet spot from his cum on his red skin as she pulled the paddle away. She made it clear to Dan that she intended to use the paddle if he didn't obey her. For a moment he envisioned himself bent, bare assed, over her knee as she paddled him.

She set the paddle down on her desk and began to untuck her shirt. Slowly, and with a crooked smile on her face, she began to unbutton her top. She pulled her top off and revealed her cream colored bra to Dan's excited, confused stare. The smallish cups had lace accents at their top and he stared wildly at her tits. He gasped in lust as she next reached behind her and opened her bra before tossing it behind her.

Her nipples seemed to immediately grow stiff once exposed to the air and quickly stood out tall and tight on her tits. They were definitely smaller than average given her height but their shape was intoxicating. Dan wished he could reach out and touch them but was quickly reminded of his helpless state. She smiled at his obvious lust and took a few moments to fondle her own tits teasingly. She pinched and rolled her nipples between her fingers until they stood out amazingly far.

She reached up under her skirt and first pulled off her stockings before doing the same to her panties. Dan knew she was now naked with the exception of her skirt and his cock had already started to rise. Ms. Hayden stared at his growing cock, still coated in his own cum, and mused, "Ah, so predicable but so wonderful."

With that she stepped even closer and lifted her skirt as she lowered herself down until she was sitting on his thigh. She was straddling his left thigh and immediately started to grind her hips back and forth rubbing her excited pussy over his leg. Dan groaned when he felt the wetness from her pussy.

She continued to slowly "hump" his leg until his cock was absolutely rock hard and his leg was getting wet from her juices. When she stood she looked at him as if she was deciding what to do next. Suddenly she put her foot on his chest and slowly began to push him backwards until the chair was leaning back on only two legs.

Dan stared at her long legs and excited tits until he felt the chair go past the point of balance and he started to fall over backwards. Fortunately the one carpeted part of her office was behind him. The thick throw rug did help cushion the blow on his head but it still hurt quite a bit as he came crashing down on his back. "What the fuck?" he said as the chair came to rest.

"Don't you swear at me, young man," Ms. Hayden scolded. "If you would prefer I could leave you like this all night. I bet Earl the custodian could have lots of fun with you tomorrow."

She waited to see if he would protest and when he didn't she walked over to him and then straddled his head. He lay looking straight up her skirt but he couldn't see her pussy under its shadow. As she knelt down on top of him she lifted her skirt so that by the time he felt her wet pussy pressing on his face her skirt was up around her waist.

He tried to lick and kiss her pussy but she initially didn't seem very interested in that as she instead began grinding her pussy all over his face. She shifted her hips and gyrated all over until his face was coated with a heavy layer of her juices and Dan was gasping for air.

He had seen pictures of "smothering" on the internet but hadn't ever given much thought to it. Now he knew exactly how the guys in those photos felt as Ms. Hayden pushed her pussy wildly all over his face only letting him gasp for air occasionally. The act was so exciting, so nasty, and so erotic that Dan was wildly excited. Coupled with that was the intense frustration Dan felt at having no control over what was happening. Somehow the frustration only seemed to heighten his arousal.

Finally, Ms. Hayden settled her pussy over Dan's mouth and he eagerly started licking and sucking at her. In truth, Dan had very little clue what to do when sucking a pussy but he was so excited that he simply began to lick and suck at her with a wild abandon. For a while he didn't know if she was enjoying it as she was completely silent but then he suddenly felt her body tense as she pressed down on him very hard.

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