tagGroup SexVicki's Graduation Party

Vicki's Graduation Party


Now that Vicki had been introduced to a number of sexual varieties and had passed with flying colors, Tyko and I thought that we should have a graduation party for her so that she could put her new found knowledge to practical use. After obtaining Helen & John’s permission, we called Larry & Ellie who have a beautiful, secluded home on Long Island and asked them if they would like to join the party and have it at their place the following Saturday night. When we told them about Vicki and described her, they immediately agreed and we decided that two more couples would be invited so that Vicki would have enough variety to keep her busy all night. Then Larry came up with the idea of starting off with a pool party around 2 pm and continuing as long as we wished since it was a weekend anyway.

We thought that was great since his property was completely enclosed and hidden from the outside world and we could relax naked around the pool all afternoon and even have sex there if we wished.

When we got off the phone with them, we started to think of who else we could invite that Vicki might really like. It had to be a couple in which the wife was bisexual since Vicki loved both men and women equally and it would provide enough variety to keep her busy and happy. We decided on Jerry & Pat since Vicki had flipped over Jerry’s huge cock during her matriculation and we knew she would like Pat just as much. We called them immediately and confirmed that they would be available for the party. Jerry was very interested since he had found Vicki to be sensational and wanted his wife to meet her also. After some thought, we decided upon inviting Charly, since none of the others except Jerry had met her yet, and a gorgeous hermaphrodite would add a little variety to the party as well as the fact that Vicki was totally captivated by her and constantly asked us when she would be seeing her again.

Besides, inviting Charly was like inviting a couple anyway. Luckily, we got Charly on the phone and when we told her about the party, she told us that she was going to cancel the plans she had already made and would definitely be there. Then we called Vicki and told her that we would pick her up at 1 o’clock Saturday afternoon and would be having the party on Long Island. She was all excited and asked who would be there. We told her that we were going to introduce her to some very exciting couples as well as a couple of friends she already knows and when we told her that Jerry and Charly were coming, she screamed with excitement and said that she didn’t know how she was going to be able to wait for Saturday.

She wasn’t the only one, as Tyko and I also couldn’t wait to get together with the group we had put together, and every day seemed to drag by until it was finally the day and we pulled up in front of Vicki’s building. She was waiting for us on the sidewalk and both Tyko and I pulled in our breath when we saw her standing there in a tight skirt and v-necked blouse which showed off her magnificent breasts to perfection. She asked us all sorts of questions about the people at the party on the drive out to Larry & Ellie’s place. We told her that Larry was a very attractive guy in his mid 40’s who was 6’ 5” and built like a football player and very well hung and that his wife was a very tall, good looking, blonde with a sexy body that could be fabulous if she lost a few pounds.

She asked about Jerry’s wife, who she had not yet met, and we told her that she was going to love Pat since she was a natural beauty who never wore makeup and had one of the sexiest bodies in the world and knew what to do with it. Then Vicki told us that she had been masturbating all week just thinking about having Charly’s big cock inside her while she was sucking on the huge head of Jerry’s organ. We told her that she could really relax and have a good time since everyone at the party liked most everything we did and would indulge in any reasonable idea she came up with. I noticed that she had her hand up under her skirt as we talked and suggested that she refrain from playing with herself as she was going to need all her strength for the coming day and night.

When we drove up the driveway to the house, they were waiting for us on the steps since Tyko had called them from the highway on her cellular. Vicki took one look at them and said that she was looking forward to having a great time and we got out of the car to greet them. After introductions, as we were entering the house, Larry whispered to me that he thought Vicki was a knockout and couldn’t wait to have her. I noticed that Ellie said something quietly to Tyko and assumed it was about the same thing. Just as we got settled in the library and started sipping our drinks, we heard a car pull up in front of the house and Larry went out to see who had arrived. He came back in a few minutes later with Jerry & Pat and I introduced Vicki to Pat and caught the look of interest in both their eyes as they appraised each other.

When Ellie handed them their drinks, we heard the screech of brakes and a car skidding to a stop on the gravel driveway and I remarked that Charly was about to make her entrance since I knew what a wild driver she was. Larry opened the front door for her and returned with a big smile on his face and her arm locked in his. I introduced Charly to Larry, Ellie and Pat and noticed the admiring glances she was getting from everyone as she sat down and accepted a drink from Ellie.

After a period of small talk, Larry suggested that we bring our drinks and go outside and sit around the pool since it was a gorgeous day. He had a row of cabanas at one end of the pool and told us that we could hang our clothes there and come back out and really enjoy the sun in the buff. Ellie asked the girls to go in first and led the way as Vicki, Pat, Charly and Tyko followed her inside. While we waited for them to come out, Larry mentioned that Vicki and Charly were really gorgeous and he couldn’t wait to get together with them and I looked at Jerry and smiled as I told him that he hasn’t seen anything yet! Just then we heard a cry of surprise come from the cabana and a few moments later Tyko, Vicki and Pat walked out trailed by Ellie and Charly. Ellie was holding Charly’s hand and Charly held a towel in front of her as she was led over to where we were sitting on the chaise lounges.

I watched Larry as his eyes roamed over Vicki’s sexy body and then over Charly’s spectacular frame but when Ellie snatched the towel from Charly’s hand, he almost choked in surprise when he saw the thick, long penis hanging between her legs. Ellie couldn’t contain herself any longer and told him that he hasn’t seen anything yet as she lifted Charly’s penis and revealed the perfect cunt underneath it. Larry was flabbergasted and just stared at her speechless for a moment until Pat broke the silence and told Charly that she was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. I poked Larry and suggested that the three of us go to the cabana and undress also and it took a moment for him to react and tear his eyes away from Charly’s fantastic equipment. When we finished undressing and went back outside, Vicki and Tyko were in the pool and the others were enjoying their drinks on the lounge chairs as Ellie asked Charly all sorts of questions about her sex life while she sat on a pillow and played with the magnificent cock and pussy in front of her.

By the time we got there, Charly’s cock was almost fully erect and both Pat and Ellie were alternately fondling it as they talked.

We pulled some more chairs around in a semi-circle and sat down to join them when Vicki got out of the pool and walked over to Larry and said that it was time that they got properly acquainted. She dropped to her knees alongside his chair and ran her fingers over his balls and cock as he took her nipple between his fingers and gently pulled it until it got hard. His organ started to rise as soon as her fingers touched it and she leaned over and flicked her tongue over the crown and teased it as it reached full erection. Then she held it around the base and covered the entire head with her lips and began a slow, sensuous suck that had Larry groaning in ecstasy while he squeezed her full breasts. Meanwhile Ellie couldn’t contain herself any longer and was sucking on Charly’s huge erection while fingering the large clitoris just underneath it.

Pat got down alongside her and asked her to pass Charly’s cock as she wanted to taste it also and Ellie slipped a pillow under Charly’s ass so that one of them could lick her pussy as the other was sucking her cock. They moved back and forth enjoying Charly’s special equipment as Charly lay back and savored the sensations she was getting. Tyko reached down and took hold of Jerry’s semi erect organ and led him to an unused lounge chair where she had him lay back and relax as she got down and began to suck his huge organ erect so that she could fuck him. I looked at Vicki’s sexy ass which was waving in the air as she sucked Larry’s organ while on her knees on the lounge chair and saw her cunt lips peeking out and couldn’t resist coming up behind her and burying my face between her ass cheeks and licking her puckered asshole.

Then I got lower down and licked her pouting cunt lips and ran my tongue between them into her wet slit so I could taste the delicious juices which she was creating from sucking Larry’s cock. As soon as she felt my tongue licking her cunt lips, she spread her legs wide so that I could reach all of her and I settled myself down to really enjoy orally worshipping her vagina and asshole. I drove my tongue deep inside her hole and licked up the juices flowing down and then worked my way between her wide open, swollen labia to her clitoris which was fully erect and peeking out of the folds of her clit hood. A minute or so after I took the tiny organ between my lips and began to suck it, I felt her body shudder and heard a long moan as she wet my face with her orgasm and pushed down on my mouth as she went into spasms of release. She must have been sucking hard on Larry’s organ as she came because

I heard Larry cry out that he was cumming also and then listened to her gulps as she swallowed his offering.

We spent the rest of the afternoon taking turns fucking, sucking and playing with each other while Vicki got sexually acquainted with Larry, Ellie and Pat as they did with Charly. We took breaks between playing and went swimming, played volleyball and just soaked up the sun making sure that we applied plenty of sunscreen to those parts of our bodies that rarely, if ever, see the sun. About 6 o’clock, Ellie asked us to move into the house as we were going to have drinks and dinner shortly. She told us to leave our clothes in the cabana as we wouldn’t be needing them until we leave and then led the way into the house. She took us into the playroom which they had furnished especially for their sex parties with wide, comfortable couches, leather benches and cabinets all around the room containing all sorts of sexual equipment from albolene to sexy dildos and everything in between.

We had some scintillating conversation with our pre-dinner drinks and playfully touched each other from time to time before retiring to the dining room where Ellie had prepared a wonderful buffet for us. When everyone was finished eating and ready for coffee and desert, I told Ellie that I was sure that she had some delicious deserts but I before I had hers, I wanted to have my most favorite desert of all. Tyko smiled and cleared the dishes in front of me as she got up on the table and spread her legs wide for me. I licked her delicious slit and drove my tongue deep inside her hole to capture her juices and savor their exquisite flavor. When I had my fill, I helped her off the table and she sat down next to me to enjoy the Swiss chocolate cake that Ellie had given her . No sooner did she sit down when Vicki asked if she could have some also as she was passing up regular desert to have the no calorie, no fat kind that Tyko has between her legs.

My wife, being the kind of woman who will never refuse being eaten anywhere, anyplace, anytime, got right up and helped Vicki clear a space in front of her so that she could feed her pussy to her. We were all finishing up coffee and decided to go back into the playroom. We told Vicki and Tyko to join us there when Vicki was finished eating and made ourselves comfortable with after dinner drinks. Larry lit up a joint and passed it around saying that he got a small stash from a friend in Hawaii and that it was a real “crotch” grass in that the first place it affected was your crotch and you got horny as hell. Pat thoughtfully decided to bring the joint to Tyko and Vicki who were still in the dining room as she was sure they both would like to try it.

A few minutes later she came back with the other two and Vicki told us that she just had the best desert in the world and would like to market Tyko’s juices worldwide and make a fortune. We all started to contribute ideas for the new corporation until Tyko called a halt to the proceedings when she found out that, in order to meet the expected worldwide demand, she would have to have her legs spread for two shifts of both men and women teasing vast quantities of her “liquid gold” all day, every day. She said that she loved being sucked but there was more to life than just doing that every day, all day so Vicki unhappily disbanded the corporation until I reminded her that Tyko was our private source and we could drink her juices anytime we felt like it which brought a big smile back on her face.

The grass had started to take effect and I felt my cock slowly growing in size and could feel the flow of hot blood going into it. I looked around the room and noticed that Charly’s beautiful cock was about half hard as was the other two guys’. Ellie suggested that we form a fuck or suck chain to get things started for the evening’s festivities and most of us agreed on a suck circle as we were still a little full from dinner and didn’t want to upset our stomachs. Ellie got things started and lay down on the carpet in the center of the room and spread her legs wide for someone to eat her. Jerry licked his lips as he descended upon her beautiful pussy and no sooner had he begun to kiss her labia, Tyko took his thick organ in her mouth and began to play a tune on it as she hummed a happy song. Then Charly got down between my wife’s legs and started licking the swollen labia and as she spread her legs for someone to go down on her,

I couldn’t resist concentrating on her petal-like cunt lips and fairly large clitoris. I had just taken one of her labia between my lips when I felt my cock covered with a warm comfortable mouth and looked down to see Pat swallowing my organ. Larry got down between Pat’s sexy thighs and buried his face in her cunt while Vicki waited for him to get settled comfortably before laying down and taking the huge, sloping head of his penis in her mouth and sucking it firmly while teasing the tip with her tongue. When Ellie saw Vicki part her thighs for her, she looked at the gorgeous pussy and asshole for a minute or so before going down and worshipping it with her tongue and lips. Now we were a circle and each of us was sucking either a cock or cunt. Pat was doing a magnificent job on my organ and occasionally would add a little variety and teasing by sucking my balls and sliding her tongue in my asshole.

We were at this for quite some time, with someone occasionally lifting their head from a crotch and mentioning how much he or she was enjoying what they were doing and what was being done to them, when one by one I heard the cries of sexual release as one after the other in the group experienced orgasm. I had my lips around Charly’s hard clit when she tensed and reached down to hold my head tightly to her cunt as she went into a shattering climax and fed me her delicious juices until she had no more to give. I knew that I wasn’t anywhere near cumming and told Pat that she could quit at any time. Slowly everyone started to get up and drift over to the refreshment bar for a drink and snack. We sat around talking for a while and got around to the subject of Vicki. I told her that before the evening was over, she would have to have sex with everyone since, just before leaving, each person was going to give her a grade from 1 to 10 on her prowess as a sexual partner which will determine if she will be invited back to Larry & Ellies parties.

She gave me a sexy smile and dropped to her knees in front of me and lifted the head of my cock with her tongue and looked into my eyes just before covering the smooth, sloped crown with her loving lips and gently but firmly sucking it. She cupped my balls in her hand as she sucked me and squeezed them lightly from time to time as if coaxing the cum out of me. She continued this for some time and then suddenly got up and pulled me over to a couch and asked me to fuck her doggie style. I got behind her and fit the head of my organ to her wet vagina and fed it in smoothly in one long, deep stroke until she was filled with cock. As I worked my thick shaft around, I looked down and saw her labia tightly clasping my penis and turning inside out as I pulled my shaft out to the tip and then back in again. Just then Charly appeared and made herself comfortable in front of Vicki so that she had a choice of organs to suck.

Vicki swallowed as much of Charly’s huge cock as she could and after a while, she lowered her head and began licking and kissing Charly’s swollen labia and tasting her delicious juices. I was at the stage of sex where I could stay hard for long periods of time without cumming and still feel all the fabulous sensations to which my cock was subjected. I worked my thickness back and forth into her hungry, wonderful vagina and watched her going from Charly’s sweet cunt to her thick cock sucking juices from both organs. Then I felt her tense and heard her muffled moan from between Charly’s thighs as she wet my shaft with her hot juices and pushed back hard to hold me deep inside her as she went into a series of spasms which contracted around my thick shaft like her cunt was sucking me inside. When she recovered, she took Charly’s huge shaft in her hand and held the head to her lips as she sucked on it like it was an all day sucker candy.

Charly lay back and let her suck it for a while and then told her that it was OK to stop since she was nowhere near cumming and wanted to fuck her. I had just removed my cock from her grasping pussy and it was very wet and filled with my cum. Charly put the head of her organ to Vicki’s opening and plunged deep inside with a sharp intake of breath as she felt the warm cuntflesh grasp her thick cock. I lay back on the couch and watched the strange scene before me as the absolutely beautiful hermaphrodite stroked her huge cock in and out of Vicki’s pussy. Since I was directly behind her, I could see her cunt lips peeking out from between her thighs as she fucked Vicki and decided to get down on Vicki’s pussy so I could lick her clit as she was being fucked and also lick Charly’s clitoris. I grasped Charly’s erect clit between my lips and began to suck it as she buried her cock deep inside Vicki and, from her moans and gasps of pleasure, realized that Vicki was milking her cock with her cunt.

It didn’t take long before I heard Charly’s breath becoming heavy and then she socked her organ deep inside Vicki’s cunt and cried out as her orgasm hit. Vicki came again as soon as she felt the streams of hot cum squirting against her uterus and I worked my way from underneath them as Charly collapsed on top of Vicki with her full breasts pressed against Vicki’s back.

I glanced over and saw Larry laying on a leather bench on his back and Tyko straddling his body as she rose up and down on his large penis while Pat was fucking his face. From the expressions on both the gals faces, I assumed they had been at it for some time since they looked as though they were in another place and another time. Sure enough, as I was looking at them, Pat cried out that she was cumming and bore down on Larry’s face as Tyko pulled on her erect nipples. When her spasms ended, she remained on his mouth as he licked up the last remnants of her orgasm. Then I noticed that Ellie & Jerry were on the other side of the room and Ellie was on her back on the couch with her legs in the air and spread wide as Jerry worked his huge member in and out of her sopping wet cunt. Tyko suddenly started to gasp as her orgasm took hold of her and she wiggled on his thick organ lost in total pleasure.

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