tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersVicky's Pink Diary 03

Vicky's Pink Diary 03


So here I am waiting for my Uncle to come home for his tea, wearing Donna's knickers! Vicky's wardrobe is quite sparse, due to having just one locked suitcase hidden under my bed. I'm lucky that my stepmother is roughly the same size as me, and a total slut! Probably the only thing I like about Jenny is her clothes, she dresses like a girl half her age, and I know for a fact she shags around. I know my friend Sean has had a few narrow escapes from my stepmother. Then one day when I ask him about the way they smile at each other, he owned up. So I now know that they have fucked, I finally got it out of Sean. I sat there listening to him go on about how she sucked his cock like a real pro. She even rode him on top facing away from him. Kevin was mortified by Sean's confession, but Vicky was wondering how she would compare to her stepmother in that department! Okay I haven't got a pussy, but sometimes I imagine I have, and I do fancy Sean, but only as Vicky. I don't know how to stress this enough, but when I am Vicky, when I'm dressed up and wearing makeup, I feel like a woman, or as near as is possible. Kevin is a bloke, and he likes his mate Sean, but he doesn't fancy him. I'll admit that when I'm dressed as a boy, when I'm Kevin, I do have thoughts, sexual thoughts about men, but only when I visualise my self as Vicky. If that was hard to follow, just think how confusing it is for someone in my position!

So I've got my new breast forms on, and the weight of them feels, I guess, close to the real thing. I've heard another way to give your self a more realistic feeling pair of breasts, (and I've tried it too,) is with balloons! Balloons part filled with water and air. It was quite fiddly, and getting them the same size was a nightmare. Also don't wear an under-wired bra, especially one that has seen better days. Yes one of the balloons went pop, yes I got covered in water, and I ended up drying my stepmother's blouse with a hairdryer, just managing to get it back in her wardrobe, before she came home from work! So my new breasts forms are my pride and joy, and hidden nicely in my very own black and red lace bra. I'm wearing grey tights, my stepmother's grey mini dress, and my favourite black high heels with a T bar. I spent nearly an hour with my makeup, and my wig, and I even pinched my stepmother's fake pearl necklace. My ears aren't pierced, but I've got some nice clip on dangly earrings with two pearls hanging down, which bang on my neck, (I do love that feeling.) I've got a black nylon scarf tying my wig up, with bangs hanging down. Again the feel of the hair tickling my neck sends a nice shudder down my spine. I haven't forgotten who I'm dressed up for, but to be honest this is my fantasy. I want to look good, I want my Uncle to fancy Vicky, and most of all I want to spend the evening as Vicky, in front of a man!

Dinner is nearly ready. I've written in my pink diaries about so many exotic meals I'd cook, that settling for Sheppard's pie seems a little bit of a let down. Okay it is a ready made Sheppard's pie, but I thought I should concentrate on my appearance more than anything else. I find moving around the kitchen getting things ready, feels good. The swing of my earrings, the sound of my heels on the tiled floor, and the feel of my clothes especially my pantyhose on my legs are beyond fantastic. This really is so wonderful I can't explain it in words properly. But every once and awhile I catch sight of the feminized me, in mirrors or the glass on the cooker door, or I look down to see my fantastic breasts, forcing bumps in my stepmother's dress that look so bloody real!

I've sunk 3 strong wines by now, and I'm feeling a little more okay with things. I know my feelings will change as soon as my Uncle walks in, but even that has its appeal. I like to be seen as sex object, I want my uncle to leer at me, and I want him to assume control. This is my little woman feeling which I love so much. I want to be whistled at in the street, or groped in a crowded pub. I want men coming up to me, and whispering in my ear about what they want to do to me, and I'd love to be the only girl in a room full of horny men, with stiff dicks to deal with! Yes I'm fully Vicky now, Kevin can go fuck him self!

"That smells nice."

"Holy fucking shit!" I screech as I jump out my skin."

He chuckles at me, "Sorry, I came in the back way," his chuckling turns into a laugh, as he realises the double meaning in what he has just said, "Don't worry, your tight little ass is safe."

Even with all of my previous thoughts I hope what he has just said is true! He picks up the nearly empty wine bottle from the kitchen table.

"It looks like I've got some catching up to do. Now let me look at my, niece."

He takes time to look me over, as I stand there not quite sure what to do.

"Turn round, Vicky."

I turn round slowly, taking the time I'm facing a way from him to take a deep breath. My heart feels like it is being beaten by some heavy metal drummer, but I'm getting all tingly thinking about my uncle inspecting the look, which I've taken so long to prepare for him. This is what I was saying earlier; this is how I want to feel, and how I want to be viewed.

"Open another bottle of wine, and bring me a glass. How long will dinner be?"

"15 minutes, maybe a little longer."

"Don't you think you ought to check?"

I bend forward and open the oven door. A blast of heat hits my face, as if it wasn't red or hot enough already!

"Nice ass Vicky, that dress suits you."

I jump a little as his hand glides up the back of my dress, but I don't straighten up. I stay there feeling a light touch explore my pantyhose covered rear. Once again I'm getting what I have written about in my pink diaries so many times. But nothing has prepared me for just how thrilling this is. I've explored my own ass many times before like this. Just to feel the thin nylon which gets those lovely tingles started. But this is way better because it isn't my hand, and I don't have control over where it explores next! He moves away, and like some idiot I wish he hadn't. I shut the door and straighten up. The little red light comes on, indicating the oven is heating up again. The way I feel now, I could finish cooking the food with the heat from my blushing body!

When I turn round he has gone into the lounge, and I'm left there just coming to terms with things for a moment. I open another bottle, and quickly swallow the last drops from my glass. Then I top it up and take another big gulp. I chuckle to my self as I think that wasn't very lady like. So with my hips swinging I walk into the lounge, as I've practiced so many times before, but this time carrying a glass of wine, not for an imaginary man, but a real one!

"Thank you sweetheart," he says and sips the wine.

Sweetheart! Now that is pulling my head apart. Why do I find these little words such a big thing, well because I'm a bloke I suppose, but not at the moment, I'm Vicky, a chick with a dick. I want to be seen as a woman, and I've always wanted to be referred to as such, in my dreams. I know my uncle has read my diaries, but has he really taken in all my thoughts and the smallest details so carefully?

"So, have you written about last night yet?"

I gulp and nod.

"Don't worry I won't ask you to show me. Perhaps you should send it to one of those sex story sites. In fact, I think that would be a good idea, tell your story to a wider audience. I bet that excites you doesn't it?"

"What excites me, exactly?"

"Sharing your pink diaries with other Transvestites, and the men you write about, the TV admirers."

"Is that what you are?"

He chuckles for a moment, sips his wine, and then he stops to think, "Well, I guess I am. I think you should do it. I think you should send snippets of your diaries to a sex site."

"I've never really thought about it."

"Don't think about it, just do it, unless you want your stepmother and her husband to read them. I know he put you over his knee the day the caught you all dressed up. What was it like Vicky, having a man wrench up your tiny skirt, and then the feeling of his hand crashing down on your ass covered in silky panties and tights?"

"I, I, need to, to dish up tea."

I rush back to the kitchen, and there I stand, praying my uncle didn't see the slight lump in the front of my dress! I don't like my uncle, but right now he is pulling all my strings. He is behaving just like I imagined he would. I know perhaps it is because he has read my diaries, but what does he want? I don't mean at the moment, but he bought me my boobs, and he's helping me live out my dreams, but again I don't know why he is. Do I just go with it, or do I stop this and ask him outright? I mean look at me all dressed up like a girl, and serving my uncle drinks and now a meal, like it was the most natural thing in the world. Where the hell is Kevin when you want him...or do I want him?! I dish up dinner and just before I take it in, I catch my self checking my makeup in the mirror and smoothing my wig down. This is so unreal, but then again it feels great! As I carry the plates in I've decided to stop asking my self so many questions. I'm just going with the flow, and I'll see what happens next.

"Well, this looks nice."

I smile at his complement and tuck my hair behind my ear. Why the hell do I feel elated just because he said it looks nice?! Shit, another fucking question that I told myself I wouldn't think about!

We sit and eat and he tells me about his day. I'm not really interested, but it fills the void. I wash up and take in dessert.

"Well that was very nice Vicky, one day you'll make a wonderful wife."

He smiles and I grin back a little, embarrassed by his words. I sit next to him on the couch, as directed. I've already noticed the lump in his trousers, and I'm trying hard to find a way to get out of what is coming next, or am I? You see more questions are spinning round in my tiny brain. I know if he was a hunk like Sean, I wouldn't mind. In fact if Sean was that keen on me, I'd go down on him without question. I've written all sorts about Sean and Vicky, but right now with my uncle stroking my leg, I can't remember anything I've written about my fantasy lover.

"Kiss me...Vicky, kiss me."

I do, although I'm very hesitant but I move my mouth to his as his hand pushes my dress up. There is the scratchy beard again, but I'm getting used to it now. My uncle is far more forceful in his kiss this time, and his hand is groping between my legs! I struggle and try twisting away. I feel and hear my tights rip, and my uncle now has his hand on my cock! My uncle has started jerk my dick, and although I'm struggling my bloody dick is starting to stiffen. This is really hard for me to cope with. I don't understand why I'm responding like this. My uncle said he wasn't interested in my dick, and now he's jerking it and groaning as he kisses me!

"Do you want me to take those tits back?" is growled in my ear.

In an instant I stop struggling, because the thought of losing my wonderful breasts is like losing an arm or a leg!

"I, I thought you said, you wasn't interested in my...dick?"

"Oh Vicky, I knew how you'd react if I said I was, straight away. You really have laid yourself wide open writing all your thoughts and dreams in your pink diaries. Don't worry; I won't make you come, not unless you really want that, deep down."

All through his speech he was stroking my dick, and my dick was loving it judging by the way it got even harder!

"Now dream girl, you can do something for me. Twist round on the couch so I can still keep hold of your...clit."

Okay that was weird, but I've read things about cocks being called clitty cocks before. Maybe if I get that in my head I can deal with it easier. I twist round and there it is pushing a sizeable lump in his trousers. I watch my painted finger nails drag down the metal zip. I fish his cock out, and once again I'm staring at something I'm not sure I really want.

"Get your lips round it, whore."

Believe it or not that helps, my Uncle Creep calling me a whore. I know he is very turned on, I'm sure he will come quite quickly when I start sucking. No kissing this time, I just swoop down like an eagle diving on its prey. Well not quite like that, I'm still new at this and it still gives me a slightly uneasy feeling. But I want, and I must keep my new tits! I'm knelt on the couch sucking my uncle's cock, as he pulls at mine, or rather my clit as I think of it now.

"Oh that's good my little fucking slut....oh yeah...deeper...it won't be long."

I'm struggling to cope a little with his hard cock. In his excitement my uncle is bobbing my head down further, and it is all I can do to keep him pushing in my throat. Something else worries me also. My uncle is so turned on and close to coming that his other hand is jerking me faster and harder! Without warning I'm swallowing spunk. My uncle is grunting and crying out so loudly, I'm scared the neighbours will come crashing through the door. He doesn't let up on my head, and I'm gulping down hot jets of spunk and I'm feeling it ooze out the corners of my mouth and down over my fingers! The hot sticky mess is going everywhere, and I'm trying to pull away from his hand, which is jerking my overexcited clit faster and faster!

"Dirty fucking whore.....dirty fucking slut!"

We are both still now. My uncle is chuckling in between getting his breath back. I push away and rush up to my room.

Dear diary, For the second time my uncle has shot his spunk in my mouth, and for the first time, I've come in a man's hand!

I turn off the bedroom light and settle down for the night. It was quite embarrassing coming like that, so embarrassing that I'm not going back downstairs, not tonight.

With the dawn of a new day I'm still wondering about last night. Did I enjoy that, or was it something which was forced on me? I give up once again with the questions, and decide to get up.

"No college today then?"

Yes there should be, but Vicky has been tossing in her sleep. Kevin should go to college, but Vicky won't let him, she can't stop thinking about last night.

"Uncle, you don't work today, do you?"

"No, Kevin, I don't, or should I be addressing Vicky?"

Kevin is stood in front of his uncle in jeans and a tee shirt. Kevin feels a little awkward because he doesn't want to be thinking what he is thinking. I'm finding it difficult seeing my uncle as Kevin, even talking to him as Kevin is weird. Finally I blurt out that I want to be Vicky for the day before my stepmother comes back tomorrow.

"Well just don't stand there, go back upstairs and come down again."

I want to return his smile, but I feel so strange I just can't. An hour later Vicky is back in the kitchen making coffee. He comes in behind me and I freeze at the kitchen counter. I feel his breath on my neck and his hands come around my waist. He kisses my neck, and I gulp. His hands caress my belly and my naked shoulder, and I suck in a gasping breath of air.

"Let's see now, which one of your little fantasies is this?"

His words are teasing and they have a slightly mocking quality, but that doesn't put me off, in fact it helps.

"Sean has just left for work. You, you have come round, to, to get the rent."

"Oh yes, I remember reading that one. You can't afford the rent, can you Vicky?"

"No, I can't," I whimper.

"No you can't, because Sean spends it, doesn't he?"

"Yes," I gasp, as his hand trails over my rear.

"And as always, you are waiting for me aren't you?"


"You are waiting in your underwear, to pay the rent, aren't you Vicky?"

"Yes, like, like I always do."

"Well look at you, Black bra, black knickers, black suspender belt, black stockings, and black high heels, just like I told you to wear."

I nod, swallow, and whimper a pathetic, "Yes."

"And have you prepared the bedroom?"

"Yes, sir," I mumble.

He takes my hand and we go up to the bedroom. He smiles at the chains on the bed and the handcuffs attached to the ends of the chains.

"I'm waiting Vicky...time to pay the rent."

I get up on the bed on my hands and knees.

"Well? Put your wrists in the cuffs."

I snap the cuffs on one wrist and then the other. Having to do this my self is so humiliating, and a sign that I am surrendering to my uncle. In my diary it is the fat college tutor Mr Grew. He isn't my tutor in my fantasy he is just my gross landlord. Mr Grew has an eye for the girls. I don't think he has ever done anything with them. But just the way the girls talk about him giving them the creeps inspired the fantasy entry in my diary.

"Raise your ass."

Even now I'm shaking and we haven't really started yet. He picks up the red ropes that I hung over the end of the bed, "Not too hard. I don't know if I'll like it."

He dangles the ropes over my backside. The faint touch from the five thin ropes tickles, and then I don't feel them...and then I do!

"That was too fucking hard," I snarl, as for a moment Vicky disappears and Kevin wonders what the hell he is doing letting this man whip him.

I look back at him and he waits. After a few moments Kevin is gone and Vicky is back, "Please, not so hard...sir."

The next stinging kiss of the ropes isn't quite so hard, but it still causes me to jump. This time though, I manage to keep Kevin under control. After four more whacks on my ass I can feel the tingling. Again it is harder than I really want, but I'm coping with it, as Vicky. He walks round to my side, I turn my head, and I'm staring at his cock.

"Well, it isn't going to suck itself. If you and your boyfriend want to carry on living here you have to make up the rent in other ways, Miss Hoare."

Shit he remembered the name I used in the fantasy. I knew this woman that lived down the end of our road. As kids we used to think her surname was funny. But now I find it so arousing, and so embarrassing that I often make up situations in my pink diaries based on the name alone. Imagine me sat in a waiting room, maybe a doctor's waiting room, full of people. "Miss Hoare, the doctor will see you now," I get up and I can feel the looks, and hear the stifled sniggers, as the tranny dressed from head to foot in bright pink minces out of the room.

So here I am, letting my uncle into another one of my many fantasies, and he has done his homework. In fact it really is embarrassing that he has taken in every little detail.

A few months ago I pulled my case out from under the bed. The lock wasn't properly secure. At the time I was mortified. People like me, transvestites I'm talking about here, have to be so careful to hide these things from other members of the house. We check our things are locked away time after time. I've locked my case and gone back to it several times to check it is safe, sometimes as many as half a dozen times in 10 minutes. But the day I found it unlocked I just stared at it. I checked the contents and nothing was missing, it appeared nothing had been moved too, but I was paranoid in case my stepmother or stepfather had opened it. When I went down to tea I was actually sweating, waiting for one or both of them to call me a sick little faggot, and then having to explain my diary, my underwear, my shoes, my wigs, and every other thing that I had locked in my case. Nothing happened, and a few days later I was over it, but locking my case, even when I went to the toilet for just a pee, became a very conscious affair. Even though I've been caught wearing my stepmother's clothes, and been punished for it, I don't think they would put up with my thoughts, and my diaries.

I open my mouth and kiss the tip of his cock, as the ropes trail over my ass again. I kiss and lick as the ropes land again and again, but this time it is more of a light flick. I work further down his cock, and I know he is savouring it. I can hear his little grunts and groans of approval. I'm no expert at sucking dick, but I'm learning fast, and I must be doing something right judging by uncle's reaction. I guess I'm enjoying this now, sucking a man's hard cock, even though I'm not totally in to the thought of swallowing, but I've done it before, and I guess, I'll do it again. What makes it for me is the way I'm dressed. I can feel the suspender straps stretching, tugging the stockings, and the little panties that feel so soft and yet so strong. The new tits he bought me hang down in the bra, the weight feels wonderful, and shifting strain on the bra straps as they swing slight is beyond anything I've felt before. I can feel the makeup on my face too, from the mascara, lipstick, and foundation. Twice he has moved strands of my blonde wig from my face. I can feel the hairs from the wig moving on my back too. I like to feel that, I like the way it tickles and makes me feel so feminine. The cuffs on my wrists even have an affect on me that I've never felt before. Maybe because all of these things I'm experiencing, I'm experiencing in front of a real man!

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