tagIncest/TabooVicky's Revenge Heats Up Ch. 04

Vicky's Revenge Heats Up Ch. 04


As I continued to tongue my mother's ear and assault her neck with my kisses I also continued to finger fuck my sister's pussy and asshole with my sticky syrup coated fingers. I was harder than I have ever been.

Here I was witnessing my mother sucking my sister's tits or at least attempting to through the camisole. It was unbelievable my mother hadn't spoken a kind word to or about my sister in years and now she's attacking her with animal lust.

I stopped assaulting my sister's pussy so I could watch and help the two of them play with one another.

I sat down on the messy kitchen floor perhaps in a puddle of syrup and looked up at my sister's body. She was still dressed in her off-white silky camisole with syrup stains all over. Her matching panties were half in and out of her pussy from mine fingers. She was stroking my mother's hair as mom continued to suck as I had ordered.

I stood up and pulled Vicky's camisole shoulder strap from her left shoulder and pulled it down to completely expose her breast to mom. Mom quickly attacked mom's nipple taking it in between her teeth and then sucking it.

As mom continued to give pleasure to her daughter I went back into the dining room to grab a chair. I sat the chair behind Vicky. I then grabbed two thick towels and laid them on the floor in front of the chair. I instructed mom to stop and to standup straight. I then knelt down in front of my sister and adjusted her syrup coated panties out of her pussy. I then asked Vicky to sit down with feet on the chair bending her knees and spreading her legs. She did as I requested.

I then stood in front of mom and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Driving my tongue into her mouth. She kissed me back with the same amount of passion. Her hands found my cock concealed in my socks and started stroking me. As we kissed I pulled up her nightgown and slid my hand into her panties and rubbed her clit and swollen pussy lips. I refused to finger her or offer any relief. I pulled her hands from my shorts and pulled back from kissing her. I then ordered mom to get down on her knees on the towels in front of Vicky and to lick up all of the sticky syrup from Vicky's legs and from her panties.

Mom was hestitant and went to kiss me again. I looked at her and yelled, "DO IT NOW YOU FUCKING BITCH."

She slowly got down in front of a smirking Vicky. Vicky had her knees bent with her hands resting on her knees keeping them spread. Her panties were drenched with syrup. Her thighs were coated with sticky streams of syrup. Her left breast was showing with half of her camisole hanging down.

Mom was now on all fours. Her full-length nightgown covered up her body. I watched as her tongue started licking the syrup from Vicky's left thigh at first before switching over to the right. Then back to the left and closer to Vicky's sweet pussy. Then closer and closer cleaning Vicky's thighs entirely. Finally, she reached Vicky's panties. Mom wrapped her arms around Vicky's body and used her shoulders to keep Vicky's legs open and allowing Vicky to rest her feet and legs on mom's back.

I removed my shorts and walked in back of mom. I could see her head moving up and down slightly as she licked Vicky's panties clean. I stood on the left side of mom for a few seconds with my cock in my head before I reached down and palmed her ass with my right hand. It was as if I was wiping her ass. I could feel her pussy lips through the nightgown and her panties. I kept this up for about five minutes pushing the clothing deep into her pussy and asshole.

When I finished I looked up to see Vicky's hands grabbing mom's hair and pulling her head into her pussy. Vicky had her head tilted back with her eyes closed. I grabbed the kitchen step stool and placed it behind Vicky's chair. I then stood upon it and stroked Vicky's cheeks as I leaned forward causing my balls to lay on her forehead. She came out of her trance and moved her head a little as I shifted a little thereby allowing her greater access to my cock. She licked my shaft and then engulfed my cock between her lips. Her left hand came off of mom's head and came up to cup my balls. Her right hand continued to pull mom's hair. Mom continued to suck and slurp at Vicky's panties.

As Vicky sucked on my cock I reached down and pulled the right side of her camisole down exposing her right breast. I then started pinching her right nipple as she got me closer to cuming.

I could feel my body start to tense up and then she did it. She fingered my ass again and that was all it took. I came so hard into her tight lips. I just kept shooting cum into her mouth. I placed my palm on her outstretched neck so I could feel her swallow my cum. She swallowed about 4 times.

Mom was busy cleaning Vicky's panties with her tongue and I could tell that Vicky was ready to have her pussy eaten for real.

I ordered mom to stop and to lay down on the kitchen floor on her back. I then grabbed the towels and placed one on each side of her head. I then asked Vicky to remove her panties and to give them to me and then to place one knee on each side of mom's head and then to lower her pussy onto mom's mouth.

I told mom that I better hear her eating Vicky or she would pay dearly. I said, "you better clean her pussy and ass inside and out."

Vicky slowly removed her panties while standing directly above mom. Mom just looked up at Vicky's swollen pussy.

I took her panties and sucked on the inside crotch area while I watched Vicky lower herself onto mom's outstretched tongue. Slowly mom's tongue entered her daughters pussy and I could no longer see her tongue at all. I could only see her lips and Vicky's pussy grinding back and forth. Vicky placed her hands on the floor and leaned forward so mom could breathe through her nose and so mom could tongue fuck her ass. Mom had her hands on Vicky's ass cheeks spreading them a part as Vicky rode mom's tongue.

I walked around to stand over mom's flat and stiff body neatly covered by the silky nightgown. I knelt down and then straddled mom's mid-section as I admired her breasts. She was covered but her nipples were straining to be free. So, I decided that I would set them free by grabbing a hold of mom's v-neck and ripping it open completely exposing mom's breasts to my hungry mouth.

I leaned forward to suck on her nipples as Vicky leaned forward to whisper in my ear.

"Ahhhhh....Bobby, mom's tongue is in my ass".

The rest was inaudible as Vicky was moaning with pleasure. I could see that mom had a flood of juices on her chin and neck no doubt from mom cumming more than once.

I continued sucking mom's nipples and ocassionally going up to her neck and chin to lick my sister's juices.

I scooted back on mom a little in order to rip the nightgown down to her knees thereby exposing her pussy. Though she was all covered up I could tell that she was wet and ready to be fucked. I was ready to tease the hell out of her.

Vicky was cumming again. I could tell by her loader moans and by the fact that she was bouncing up and down on mom's face.

She looked up at me and mouthed, "I'm going to fuck you so hard."

I got up and walked over to the frig and got out a very large 9 inch cucumber and the butter spread. I buttered up the cucumber really good and then returned to mom's body. I knelt back down and slowly lowered mom's grandma panties down past her ankles. Each time that Vicky raised her ass a little I could see mom's outstretched tongue straining to enter her daughter's wet pussy.

I heard mom let out a moan as I started to run the cucumber up and down against her pussy. Her lips just wanted to wrap around it. I ever so slowly pushed the tip in --then another inch and another. In a matter of minutes I was fucking my mother with a 9 inch cucumber. She was moaning as she ate my sister's pussy.

Vicky started yelling, "FUCK HER BOBBY, FUCK HER HARDER!!!"

After mom came hard a few times I asked Vicky to get up. I then told mom to get her ass upstairs into her bedroom. I whispered to Vicky to meet me in my room.

When I entered the room mom met me next to the bed for a hug. I grabbed her shoulders and told her to lay down on her back on the bed.

"Vicky's taking a shower so it's just you and me now", I said as I tied a blind fold around her eyes.

I then strapped her wrists to the bed posts. Vicky started the shower as I instructed. I quickly exited mom's room and entered mine where I was met by a very excited Vicky. She quickly started kissing me uncontrollably and stroking my cock.

"I want to fuck you Bobby right here right now", Vicky whispered.

I stopped her and said, "she thinks you're in the shower, so we don't have much time."

I reached under my bed and grabbed a large black strap-on dildo. I put it on Vicky carefully positioning the short 2 inch dildo on the inside into Vicky's pussy.

"Fuck me Bobby, fuck me in the ass", Vicky whispered once more.

I ignored her and then lubed up the 8 inch black cock and led Vicky into mom's room without making a sound.

I told Vicky to fuck her for about 5 minutes before lowering her breasts onto moms. Then I would release mom's wrists and she could fuck her as long as she wanted.

When we got to the bed mom was laying there motionless with her legs spread and her arms restrained I said, "I hope you're ready to be fucked!!!"

She replied, "I've been ready for so long now Bobby."

With that Vicky climbed onto the bed and entered mom's pussy. After a few minutes of heavy thrusting Vicky dangled her breasts lower mashing against mom's nipples and then up to mom's mouth.

Mom said, "Vicky is that you?"

I walked into the bathroom and shut off the water then returned to the bedroom to remove mom's blindfold and wrists restraints.

Mom quickly embraced Vicky kissing her then rolling over and riding the strap-on until she came a few more times.

I got up on the bed over my sister's head and in front of my mother's as she quickly started sucking my cock. I pulled out before cumming in her mouth and sprayed all over her breasts. Vicky sat at and started licking up all of my cum.

Well, it wasn't so much torture as it was mutual satisfaction.

The three of us share each other and mother/daughter make up in chapter 5

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