tagGay MaleVictor and Samuel Ch. 02

Victor and Samuel Ch. 02


It had been three months since Victor had moved in with Samuel. The first two months were hard; hard for them both, but mainly for Victor. He and Pamela met later the week he'd left her. Her shock was gone and anger bared to him. She was more verbal about his deception toward her and she threatened all kinds of legal suits. In the end after several more meetings between not only him and her, but her parents as well - his a long forgotten part of his past - they finally agreed that he was still a good man and a good father.

Victor had just come back from what he hoped was the final meeting between their divorce lawyers. In his hand was the schedule Pamela had given him, with the times and dates for the upcoming months therapy sessions. That was the one thing they had agreed on right away. Therapy. . . Not to save their marriage that was obviously over, but instead to help their children accept the tornado that was disrupting their lives. The youngest was five and the twins just turned eight a few months after his and Pamela's anniversary. He placed the schedule on the fridge and headed to the shower. Samuel would be home soon and then they were taking the kids to the movies. It was the first outing that the kids would get to take with him and Samuel.

They had seen pictures of him, met him once during dinner with Pamela. Victor also spoke with the girls at length, hoping they would in time come to understand that not all families had to have a mom and a dad. His young son was adjusting also, easier than the girls, but he too showed signs of confusion. As Victor showered he wondered what age kids started to become so wise and what age they suddenly felt the need to shelter and hide themselves. The hot water fell over his lean form and he tried to ease the day's tension away with the steamy air and soapy suds.

Samuel arrived fifteen minutes after Victor climbed into the shower. He could hear the water running and remembered that his lover had planned on the two of them and the three kids to take in a movie that night. He headed to the bedroom to change. Once there he felt the familiar feeling generate around him whenever he walked in. It was a feeling of peace. Victor's things were lying about the room and every time Samuel picked up a stray article of clothing he grinned. Having Victor with him was something he had long thought would never happen. His relationship with the man had started fast and furiously, but now was everything he could have hoped for. Victor had finally admitted to his wife Pamela about his life as well as his love for Samuel and Samuel finally had his soul-mate with him.

He pulled off his clothes and headed to the bathroom to let Victor know he was home. It came as no surprise to either gentleman when the draft from Samuel pulling away the curtain and joining Victor brought a chill to Victor's warm skin. "Hey love," Samuel said. He wrapped his arms around Vic's waist.

"Hello," Vic returned the greeting. He placed the soap on the shelf and turned around in his lover's arms. "How was work?" The water cascaded over Victor's back. Trails of the hot liquid slid down his body, while it worked as a shield to block the watery spray from Samuel's face.

"Good. Missed you though," Sam said. He leaned in and kissed Victor. Their tongues danced for a few moments before they pulled apart. "I'll be happy when you come back. I miss our lunches, turn around and I'll wash your back."

Victor complied and closed his eyes as the water sprinkled over him. Sam's strong fingers worked out knots and worked in bubbles. "Well this is the last week of my leave so we'll be taking lunch together before long," Victor replied.

The last three months he'd taken a leave of absence from work, okayed by his boss, which lucky enough was Samuel. He still found himself amazed at how all that came to be, but he no longer questioned it. He felt that his place was where he was and he wasn't going to question or deny it any longer.

"I'm looking forward to it. Your turn," Samuel said. He passed the soap to Vic and turned around. Soon he too was lathered and washed. When the quick shower was finished both men started moving about the room, getting ready to pick up the three kids.

"I hope it goes well tonight," Samuel admitted, once they were sitting in Vic's car and heading to Pamela's. He was nervous about the evening. These three people would have the biggest impact on his relationship with Victor.

Victor took Samuel's hand in his. "We both have discussed this night...Pam and I. She thinks they are ready and so do I. One step at a time... what else can we do?" He squeezed his love's hand and continued driving. Once they arrived at the house, both men exited the car and made their way up the walk.

Memories assailed Victor and he found himself no longer hurting or dreading the path that led to the house. He wouldn't be staying. He wouldn't be lying. He would get the kids, watch a movie, bring them back, and then he would go home. This new life was one that he knew would have ups and downs, but he also knew he'd not return to the lie he led for so long.

"Mommy! Mommy! Daddy's home," the older twin yelled from the door. She was the mirror image of her sister, born only three minutes ahead, and still the fastest redhead on two feet.

"Hello Abby," Victor said, lifting her up and kissing her soundly on the lips.

"Ewww... boy germs!" she said, then threw her arms around her father's neck and hugged him tight. "Missed you," she whispered in his ear. Her eyes latched onto those of Samuel and she waved a fraction of an inch in greeting. "Hey," she added quietly.

"Hello," Sam returned the greeting. He had watched the exchange between Father and Daughter and was touched. He had never had children in his life before. He found it awkward, but was looking forward to it. After all, these kids were a part of Victor and Victor was a part of him.

The other children were soon clamoring for Victor's attention and Pamela followed up behind them. She gave a polite, yet reserved greeting to Samuel. She had agreed with both men that bitterness and anger were not something any of them wanted to display around the children. Samuel found this impressive and wished other parents felt the same way. The youngest child, Michael insisted on bringing his police car with him, and so it was with great chagrin that the other little one Alice helped Abby search for the much needed toy.

Once it was found, Pamela gave kisses to her little ones and waved goodbye, shutting the door behind them. She took a moment to reflect on the past three months and how it was slowly becoming more and more a reality. A sigh escaped her and she decided that for the next three hours she was Pamela, single woman with no children. She shut off all the lights, grabbed her candles and headed to the bathroom, to soak in a nice hot tub of bubbles.

As Pam indulged in what no mother ever gets enough of, Samuel and Victor were enjoying what many fathers don't get enough of either. Popcorn was being devoured, while sodas were slurped. Fifteen minutes into the movie Abby nudged her father in the side and told him she had to use the restroom. Sam offered to take her, but Abby shook her head no, so Victor left the other kids with Samuel.

"Do you like him a lot Dad?" she asked, once they were out in the hall.

"Yes Abby, I do. I love him," he answered her back.

Abby sighed, "I know. He seems nice." She squeezed his hand and used the ladies room while Vic waited outside. When she was finished she took his hand again. "I'm not happy though," she admitted.

"I know... but you may like him later."

"I know," she answered. "That's what mom says. She says since you like him, he can't be all that bad."

Victor chuckled. "Your mom's right. He's not all that bad."

Another series of bathroom breaks were made two more times before the movie was over. Young Michael allowed Samuel to take him to the restroom, as well as refill his soda, and hold his cherished police car. Now the children were on their way back to their mother's and both men felt a little more sure of the kids and Samuel's interaction with them.

"When will we see you again?" Alice asked her father. She hadn't said much to Samuel, but she looked at him now and asked. "Are you coming back?"

Victor let Samuel answer and he watched his lover bend down to speak face to face with the young lady. "I am. Your dad is my friend and I will be seeing all of you a lot now."

Alice sighed. "Thought so," she said. She turned away and left her father and his friend to go into the house. Victor followed along with the other kids while Samuel waited outside.

When they were both back in the car and heading home, Victor took Sam's hand in his again. "Alice will come around," he said. He too had noticed the quietness of his daughter, something unlike her usually noisy self.

"I know," Sam answered back. He caressed Victor's fingers and brought them to his lips. He kissed them gently. "Thanks for letting me be a part of their lives."

"Sam... thanks for willing to be," Vic said. He brought their hands to his lips and returned the moist kiss, lingering for a moment and smelled butter and Sam all rolled into one. His tongue reached out and drew one of Samuel's fingers into his mouth. He sucked softly, tasting the melted confection from the popcorn off his lover's digit. "Home?" he asked.

"Of course," Sam answered. He released his seat belt and scooted to the middle of the seat. His hand left Victor's easy grip and slipped down his chest. His other hand moved around to touch the curls that rested on the nap of his neck.

Vic looked over at his friend, smiled and stole a quick kiss before devoting what attention he could to the road while also enjoying the ministrations of his lover.

Sam glanced at the road and slipped his hand down the T-shirt that Victor had chosen to wear. When he reached the bottom his hand snaked up inside and traveled up to the hard nipples hidden from view. His thumb swept over the left then the right until both were hard peaks for him to pinch and tease.

"Mmm. . .," Vic muttered, licked his lips and felt the tingle run through his chest to his cock. "Nice baby," he said.

A smile creased Samuel's face and he leaned into his friend. His tongue slid out and tasted the pulse that beat underneath Victor's ear. Vic shuddered. Sam chuckled, repeated the action and added more long licks to the sensitive spot. "God baby, I want you," Samuel whispered against Vic's ear.

They had not touched physically while the children were with them, each one agreeing that taking it slow was important. Now that they were alone, both men wanted nothing more then to devour the other.

"Uh huh," Vic agreed. He tilted his head so Sam could take more of his flesh. Sam grinned and opened his mouth even further, this time choosing to suck on the hot skin with long pulls. As he lavished the spot with his tongue and lips, his hand was sliding up and down Victor's chest.

"Fuck, Sam. You make it hard to concentrate," Vic groaned out.

"Good," he chuckled. His tongue moved back and forth until he reached out and nipped Victor's earlobe. Slowly and with deliberately placed caresses, Sam abandoned his lover's nipples and traveled down the firm stomach to rest on the increasing bulge that was throbbing inside Victor's pants.

Victor hissed when Sam unsnapped the button and slipped the zipper down. His eyes fluttered for a moment and he took a deep breath. He caught sight of an old warehouse that no one used anymore and pulled into the parking lot. "Sam, fuck man."

Samuel laughed and began to stroke his friend's cock, still nestled in the cotton boxers he was wearing. Victor parked the car behind the warehouse, shut all but the interior dash lights off and reclined his chair. "Jesus... take care of that will ya," he said.

Before Sam did what he and his friend both wanted he pressed his mouth against Victor's lips. Their tongues slid side by side, each one coaxing the other out with more demanding strokes. Victor's hand moved to Sam's head, angled it and thrust his tongue in, plundering the warm haven. Sam nipped at his lover's lips, before finally making his way down to hover long sweeps of hot breath against the jerking cock.

"Oh baby, you know I hate that," Vic muttered. His hand had slipped into his friend's waist band of his shorts and was slowly massaging Sam's tight ass.

"Love it, or hate loving it?" Sam asked. He continue to blanket the thick shaft with nothing but the air from his lungs. The glow of the dash lights showed a bead of pre cum that was already making itself known. "You are horny aren't you baby?"

"Yes. Oh fuck Sam, suck it already," Vic demanded. He pulled his hand out of Sam's shorts, spit on two of his fingers and then returned to run the warm liquid along the crack of his lover's ass.

Sam raised his ass higher and lay more along the front seat of the Lincoln Town Car. He felt his cock throbbing as Victor toyed with the entrance of his ass. "Vic. . .Fuck me Vic," he said. Samuel's tongue then took a long, slow, torturous journey down Victor's swollen cock.

"Ohh. . .Yes baby. Again," Victor sighed. His fingers dipped into the tight hole he'd been playing with. He turned his fingers left than right while Sam pushed the cock into his mouth. "Fuck," Vic hissed.

The smile on Samuel's face couldn't be seen as he sucked and pulled on Victor's tool. He took the swollen rod deeper with every return trip down, until he felt the tip hit the back of his throat.

Victor's hips lifted when Sam angled his head, adjusted his jaw and began to deep throat his dick. "Ohhh. . .Sam, don't stop. Oh fuck, baby, don't stop!" he felt his balls tighten and he knew he'd be shooting his come into his lover's mouth soon.

Sam increased the speed and began to hum on the engorged member. While he did, one of his hands stroked and rubbed the hard marbles that were locked inside the warm velvet package. He felt his ass finger-fucked harder and he groaned. The vibrations ran through Victor's cock and trickled through his body. His balls felt the vibrations and were soon boiling over.

"Ahhh!" Vic shouted. His hips thrusts high in the air and the first shot of come exploded from his shaft. "Ohhh. . .fuck, Sam!" he yelled. A second then a third shot of steamy fluids filled his lover's mouth.

Sam's ass was no longer being pleasured. Victor was lost in the feeling of his sex being savored, unable to concentrate on what his fingers had been doing. Samuel didn't care, he continued pumping and cleaning Vic's dick with his tongue and fingers until his friend settled underneath him and started to massage his ass cheeks instead of fucking his hole.

When Samuel left Vic's lap he slid up and kissed his companion. Their tongues once again merged, danced, and made love. This time the strokes were slow and cleansing. "Wonderful, Hon," Vic said. He saw his partner smile and traced Sam's lips with his finger. "Let's get home," he said. "I've a need to see you smile too."

"I am," Sam answered. He scooted back to his seat and buckled up. He watched Victor repair his clothes and his erect penis ached even more. "Home. . . and believe me. I'll be smiling the whole way."

The two men arrived back at their house and once they were inside it was only a matter of seconds that Victor was returning the favor that Samuel had given him in the car.

Sam's come covered Victor's lips, chin, and neck and soaked into his T-shirt. He then slipped down to his knees and licked away the creamy fluids and suckled on Victor's neck once more. "God baby, I love you," Sam whispered in Vic's ear.

"Love you too," he said back. "Now. . .that shower this afternoon. We really didn't do it justice did we?"

Samuel laughed and readily agreed with his friend. "Shower before supper or after?" he asked. They both stood and walked toward the kitchen, Vic's stomach giving them the answer they both needed.

"It was a good evening wasn't it? Over all?" Samuel asked as the two of them worked together making the meal.

Vic thought for a moment and nodded his head. "Yeah. . . even Alice's goodbye afterwards. She didn't say anything rude and believe me I know those kids. . . they can be rude!" he laughed and went back to setting the table. "It will be nice having them over here on weekends. After we've had a few more 'dates' with them."

Sam liked the idea and shared his thoughts with Victor. "I think having them over here sometimes for a few hours, maybe before we go on an activity would help too. Eventually they'll come to realize we are similar to a husband and a wife, just two men."

"I think we'll do the short excursions first, introduce the intimate nature slowly. Just for now," Vic said. "The counselor that Pam and I are seeing will want to meet you. You remember that don't you?" He sat down. Samuel served out the salad, while Vic served out the soup.

"Yes, I remember. I guess we should do things the counselor's way for now huh?" he asked.

"Yes. . .that is the only way we can do this. Pam and I. . . we lived false lives. Sure I know I lied all my life, but I guess she's admitting that for years she was lying to herself." Victor said. He knew it was going to take time, he only hoped he hadn't scarred his kids in the process of growing up and finally allowing himself the freedom to be who he was.

The meal progressed, followed by cleaning up and an hour of TV, before the night became one that each man lived for. Victor took Samuel's hand and led him to the shower. The room was soon encased in rolling clouds of steam. The two lovers moved as one into the almond-colored enclosure.

"Let me," Vic said, when Samuel went to grab the soap. The water once again was splashing over the lovers, but this time, neither one really cared about shielding the other from the hot spray, they both were more concerned with touching and tasting the other, as well as eventually cleaning themselves.

Samuel gave the soap to Vic and turned around. He knew what was going to happen first. He knew how much Vic liked having his cock buried in the tight cavern of Sam's ass. Sam too loved it. He wanted to have the thick member pounding against him.

Vic admired Sam's ass as he worked a soapy lather up with his hands. The bar of soap soon rested on the shelf and Vic stepped closer to Sam's lithe form. His palms moved up and down on the hard cheeks. He then skated his fingers along the tight crack until he decided to test the puckered entrance with a finger.

"Ohh. . . mmm. . ." Samuel moaned. He pressed his palms against the shower wall and hung his head down, the water pushed and rolled over him. His ass backed up toward his lover and he felt Vic's finger move deeper. "Vic, more," he begged.

Vic's cock was slick with pre cum as well as some lube the lovers kept handy for their co-shower fun. He opened his friend's ass cheeks and felt his cock jerking to enter the tight haven that awaited him. "Come back to me, Lover," Vic said. The water lathered over them both and the rolling drops made trails over the soapy suds that Vic had painted all over Sam's ass.

"Mmm. . ." Vic said as he watched Samuel's ass close the space between them.

The hard tip pressed against the welcoming entrance. Samuel gritted his teeth as he pressed his ass back. The head of Vic's cock entered and he felt a groan of pleasure escape him. Vic took over and settled his friend deeper onto his cock. Once he had his lover's ass completely filled he closed his eyes and savored the tightness.

Sam increased the pressure against the invading cock by gripping his muscles and locking the hard shaft inside.

"Oh fuck yes," Vic groaned. He slowly began to drag his lover's ass forward and back on his tool, the sides of Sam's ass always behaving like a vise on his dick.

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