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Victor (Excerpt)


This is an excerpt of "Victor - A Tale of Two Slaves" taken from chapter 6. I hope you enjoy it. It's a work in progress with 17 completed chapters. Let me know what you think.

Happy reading....

When the clock struck midnight throughout the mansion the crowd grew silent, as the chime seemed to bellow out, resounding across the throng that waited with great anticipation. Victor stood as the last chime rang through the place, reached for his slave, whom he pulled to his feet and ordered Jonathan stripped as naked as the day he had been born.

Jonathan trembled with trepidation and excitement, but kept quiet while Glenn quickly ridded the young man of all covering. He then took hold of Jon's arm and led him to the center of the room where he was tied by the wrists with a long woven rope before a column. Glenn was the first to reach down and stroke Jonathan to full hardness. The gleam in his eyes made the young man know that his trainer and valet had been waiting for that moment.

"Remember, do not protest, no matter what is done to you. No one is allowed to draw your blood, cut you, or injure you, unless your Master allows it. However, they may inflict pain by spanking, pinching or slapping you. There is no shame in your tears, Jonathan. You are allowed to cry if it hurts. Only you are forbidden to make a sound of protest." His trainer informed him.

Glenn was suddenly gone and Jonathan was faced with a leering crowd of eager onlookers. They stared him up and down not yet ready to approach him or touch him.

"He looks like a bean pole," someone commented drawing laughter from the crowd.

"Yeah, skinny little sprite," another agreed.

"He needs meat on his little bones," still another jeered.

"Yes, but he's a gorgeous bean pole," a deep resounding voice boomed over their laughter, quieting them. Jonathan didn't dare look up, but recognized the vampire's voice to be that of the favored slave of before.

"He's got a nice sized cock to torture," one of the first that had commented, stated thoughtfully then.

Jonathan's face flamed red at their comments and wondered how they could not anger his Masters. Though it all was true, it seemed an insult to Victor and Sabor as far as Jonathan was concerned. But, to his surprise they remained quietly seated and watched with expectation and great interest as the throng of guest viewed Jonathan.

After a few minutes of gawking at the new slave, they dispersed, meandering about talking and visiting. Jonathan was relieved that no one remained to torment him and wondered silently if that were good or bad.

But once in a while someone would stop right in front of him and grasp his softening member, stroking it to attention once more. A few would grasp his balls and weigh them in their hands or squeeze them gently before stroking him to hardness. It seemed the crowd was being kind to him though he was feeling the pressure of needing release keenly. And for a couple hours that was all that happened to him while he stood there bound next to the column.

The handsome vampire that owned the favored slave came to him then. He stood before Jonathan staring long at his naked body.

"Look up, slave Jonathan," the man spoke with that deep rich voice of his, causing Jonathan to shudder from the effect of it settling on his ears.

Jonathan lifted his eyes into the face of the man who smiled gently at him. He took in the tall form of the creature whose hair was dark and wavy. It was tied back by a dark ribbon that rested along the ponytail down to the creature's center back suggesting the era in which he had been made. His eyes were clear and colorless with only the tiny red ring around the irises. A handsome creature he was tall, lean, broad shoulders and cut definition that Jonathan imagined hidden beneath the dark suit he wore.

"Do not allow their taunts to anger you, slave Jonathan. They are a crude bunch that can never be satisfied." His alluring grin made Jonathan smile back at him instantly, even though his brow furrowed with questions for the vampire.

"You may speak, slave Jonathan," the vampire offered then.

"I saw your slave being tortured," he almost mumbled and felt lowly by the simple fact that this creature would even speak to him.

"Yes, and you worry that you will not satisfy your Masters as well as slave Peter has brought such pride to me," the creature stated frankly.

"Yes," Jonathan lowered his head in trepidation and anxiety.

The creature lifted a hand caressing a cheek with a gentle thumb. "We all understand that you are new, slave Jonathan. You need not worry so. This is a new realm for you and I am certain you will bring pride your Masters in your own way. You have the heart of a true slave. It is only necessary that it be channeled and trained properly," the creature smiled tenderly at the human who leaned into his palm. "Drink from my cup, slave Jonathan," the man placed the chalice that was in his hand at the human's lips and allowed the slave to drink of his wine.

He let Jonathan drink the remainder of his wine quickly; continuing to turn the chalice up as Jonathan swallowed it rapidly. When he had emptied it, the vampire handed the cup to his slave Peter who stood beside him. Then lightly grasping the back of Jonathan's head, he leaned into him brushing the human's lips softly.

Jonathan moaned, suddenly feeling highly aroused by this creature's forwardness. Trembling, he opened to the man readily and felt the creature's tongue enter his mouth. Everything faded from him, the sounds of chatter around him, and the noises of laughter and sex taking place everywhere. All he knew was this man's touch, his kiss, as their tongues danced with urgency and desire.

He felt the man's body pressed to his; a knee parted his thighs gently as the creature stepped closer. The man's free hand moved to his buttocks pulling Jonathan firmly to him lewdly grinding against the human's hip and thigh. He could feel an impressive hard-on beneath the material of the creature's clothes and wanted him desperately. The hand squeezed his bottom as if to measure its firmness, then a finger slipped between Jonathan's cheeks teasing him with a soft caress of his opening.

Jonathan pressed his pelvis closer to the man, moving against the creature with longing. His breathing became as urgent as their kiss became fervid. His hot desire rose far greater than he had ever experience, even while he was a prostitute. It overshadowed everything of his past, causing him to forget those that surrounded him.

And all too soon, the vampire ended the kiss, yet kept his lips less than an inch away from Jonathan's. "Do you want me, slave Jonathan?" he whispered to the human.

"More than anything, sir," Jonathan returned in the same manner.

The creature smiled at the human's response. "Your first lesson as a slave will be to learn to answer properly, slave Jonathan. When you are in the arms of another, even though I am not your Master, you should always reply as if I were," the man admonished gently.

"Yes, Master," Jonathan answered quickly.

"Very good, slave Jonathan. Now, turn and face the column," the creature released the human to do as he was told and Jonathan quickly turned around with his back to the man.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Glenn standing near with that gleaming expression of approval. His arms were folded across his chest, his stance one of a strong guard watching the goings on with great interest. He noted the bulge in the man's pants, knowing that Glenn was highly aroused by what he saw, making Jonathan almost want to giggle.

Then he felt the creature grasp his hips and pull his body back against him. The length of the man's strong hard-on rested naked along the divide of his buttocks. He moaned as the creature began to move, sliding his immense shaft up and down along his cheeks. The creature's lips caressed a shoulder, the fangs scraping his flesh and his hands traveling down Jonathan's thighs as far as he could reach.

Jonathan shivered profoundly, his body responding to the man's gentle persuasion as if the creature commanded him silently. He was given to it, pressing his bottom hard to the man's pelvis hoping to feel his massive cock filling him to overflowing. He groaned as a hand grasped his member tight at the base, tugging on it strongly. He winced, sucking air through his teeth and the discomfort aroused him more.

The creature took hold of Jonathan's sacks squeezing them gradually harder. He cried out suddenly, Glenn's hand was quickly pressed over his mouth and the creature released them. Jonathan nodded in understanding and the hand was then removed.

"When I take you, slave Jonathan, it will be hard and fast. Are you prepared to withstand it?" the creature asked, his lips trailing over the tender flesh of the human's throat.

"Yes, Master," Jonathan shivered at his touch, the creature's hands plundering him, moving slowly up his body.

"Then spread your legs, slave Jonathan," the creature ordered softly.

Jonathan opened his legs wide for the creature and felt his hands move back down to his bottom. He grasped each cheek in his hands spreading them further open. Then leaning firmly against the human's body, his member rammed into Jonathan completely and all at once.

Jonathan gnashed his teeth against the pain, squealing through them and his lips. He rested limply against the column when the man stilled. The creature's lips brushed his ear, his breath washing over it in quick short puffs.

"You may scream when you like," the creature then whispered to him, just before he began a strong moderate thrust.

Jonathan felt his feet lifted off the floor with the strength of the creature's thrusts. He grasped the woven cords of the rope above him clinging tightly to it. Tears welled in his eyes, but he pushed back against the man as best he could. His cock throbbed with need for the release that threatened. And still he gave himself over to the man, the pain, the longing and need, his desire. It was no different than what he had known with many of his tricks before Victor had bought him from that life.

He felt the man's lips caress his cheek, heard the huffs of his respiring with each sound thrust. The man's hands grasped the back of his knees, bending them and lifted his legs, spreading him wider -- pounding his way hard into Jonathan's body. And when Jonathan came, his body and mind exploded in flashes of light -- convulsing strongly. He screamed out his released to everyone there.

Glenn stepped to the slave to silence him. The vampire quickly pointed to the man, staying him where he stood. The trainer backed away with a small bow of respect to the vampire and remained there watching with eagerness.

The vampire spilled into him with groans and tremors that shook Jonathan's form. He pressed his lips to the human's ear allowing him to hear his release clearly. It brought a strong sense of elation to Jonathan that he had satisfied the creature. And as they calmed, the creature slowly released the one leg he still held to, his hands traveling over the human's body slowly.

When he finally pulled out of the human, he bit into his wrist giving Jonathan of his blood to sooth his pain and the damage he had done. Jonathan drank of the man eagerly until the vampire pulled away, his hand lightly settled on the back of Jonathan's head drifting down as he walked away slowly.

Jonathan rested there for a long moment catching his breath. He closed his eyes feeling the creature's stare remaining on him fully. A stirring drifted over him that he didn't understand and caused him to turn around to look for the creature, but couldn't find him. Glenn stepped up to him giving Jonathan more wine to drink, distracting him for a long moment from his search.

Then he felt as if the earth had shifted on its axis, seeing out of the corner of his eye, Sabor approaching him. It was as if a god came toward him in slow motion and was sucking his very breath from his body. His heart pounded against his chest so that he knew every vampire in the mansion could hear it. Again, he trembled, waiting for the moment when his Master would touch him for the very first time.

Look into my eyes, slave, and the thought brushed across Jonathan's mind with the sound of Sabor's voice. And he was glad for the opportunity to lift them and see his Master, to look into those lovely orbs. He raised his eyes to see such a wanton seductive gaze that bore into him so that he shivered visibly.

He stared into the insidious and determined expression of Sabor while the man approached him. His ghostly white skin and white hair made Jonathan feel he was staring at the Almighty Himself. His deep blue eyes, with the red ring centering on the irises, were steadfast and unwavering. Muscles bulged and rippled as the creature moved causing Jonathan to believe that at any moment, the creature would rip through the seams of the suit he wore.

Finally Sabor stood motionless before him for a time, taking in all of Jonathan with so much longing in his stare. He slowly leaned into his slave, tilting his head to one side and caused his long hair to tickle Jonathan's skin. Even before he met his slave's lips Sabor's tongue reached for them, yearning to taste of them.

Sabor moaned audibly, as Jonathan opened to him readily. He loved the warmth and moisture of his slave's mouth, the pliancy of his lips and the willingness to yield to his Master -- that tasted like honey to him. He didn't recall when he took hold of both sides of his slave's head deepening the kiss, yearning for more of Jonathan.

And soon, they wandered over his slave's body, plundering the young man without even forethought of it. His thumbs rested upon the plateaus of the nipples and the clamps that Glenn had placed there, pressing them lightly causing Jonathan to suck air through his nose. But the slave did not protest or complain. Relaxing his thumbs he waited briefly then pressed them again only this time a little more than the first.

Jonathan felt the first shock of pain to ripple through him. He breathed wildly from his arousal and the anticipation of more pain. He realized then that Sabor would test his slave though he wooed him gently, as the hands of his Master rested comfortably against his chest and sides, or wandered over his body softly.

The second shock came, more painful than the first. He groaned into his Master's mouth after he had gasped. And the thumbs lingered painfully in place testing Jonathan's resolve, endurance and obedience. He went limp when Sabor relaxed his thumbs, his weight hanging from the wrists and the woven cords that bound them. Sabor drew back from the kiss and nudged Jonathan's feet apart with his shoe. Wider he spread his slave with subtle glances of his shoe until Jonathan's feet were very much spread apart. He abruptly pressed his thumbs on the nipples moving them around this way and that.

Jonathan felt light flash across his mind and screamed. He writhed against the column wanting to get away from the pain, but knew he couldn't. Tears welled quickly until they streamed freely down his face. And when Sabor finally released him, he went limp once more sobbing as quietly as he knew how. But he made no protest or complaint.

Sabor allowed him a quiet reprieve, but studied his slave's maleness with his eyes and hands. Stroking the slave only a few times, he weighed the thick length across his palm. Then grasped it again and stroked it slowly.

The room was filled with murmurs and whispers as they all watched Sabor test the slave well. Many of them cheered the white haired vampire on not satisfied at all. But Sabor could feel Jonathan's limits. He could taste his slave's pain and knew the fire he had ignited within Jonathan's body, his emotions, and psyche. He would test his slave's limits, endurance and patience, but not beyond what was humane.

His hand traveled back feeling the weight of Jonathan's sacks but didn't stop there. The fingers reached caressing beyond the slave's scrotum then further back one finger nestled against Jonathan's opening teasing it gently. Bringing the hand forward again he dragged it heavily over Jon's balls and up his shaft to the tip. Then grasping the slave's thin waist, he turned Jonathan so that the slave faced the column.

Jonathan caught a glimpse of his trainer standing nearby with his arms folded across his chest. In each hand was an instrument of torment, one was a black leather covered paddle, the other a whip with many strips of leather. He wondered to himself why his trainer stood there with that gleam in his eyes, holding such dreadful tools to torment.

Sabor's hands traveled over Jonathan's round buttocks as if to measure them and weigh them. They traveled up his back and sides, brushing the nipple clamps, causing Jonathan to squirm briefly. And soon, Sabor laid is body against his slave's breathing heavily into his ear. His thumbs hooked the loops on the nipples tugging them gently. Jonathan almost hoped Sabor would pull the damn things off, but they remained in place hugging the hardened flesh steadily.

"Be silent, now," Sabor whispered softly before he removed his thumbs from the loops. His hands covered the nipples moving them slowly over and around, agitating the clamps, working the nipples around and back and forth.

Jonathan's body shook as he gritted his teeth against the pain, fighting to remain as quiet as possible in obedience to his Master's will. Harder the hands pressed against the nipples, forcing Jonathan to use all of his will to not scream. He bit into his bottom lip until he tasted blood and that is when Sabor relaxed his hands again.

He leaned forward licking the blood from Jonathan's lip clean and kissed them lightly before he pressed his hands firmly to the slave's chest again. Unprepared, Jonathan squealed.

Sabor released him and took the paddle form Glenn's hand. His Master standing to the side, Jonathan could see Sabor's arm drawn back and swing. He wanted to hide his face in his arms, knowing he had failed in his Master's wishes and deserved to be whipped soundly. He arched his back, jutting his buttocks to the Master to receive his just punishment willingly. Sabor stopped in mid-swing, as murmurs went up around them suddenly.

Then he smacked his slave squarely, the sound rippling through the room taunting Jonathan. Cheers went up, as finally they would see a spectacle of torment with the new slave. Oddly, Jonathan could feel their excitement and cursed them all silently for not having the courage themselves to punish him.

Each smack of the soft leather that struck him harder and harder, he backed away from the column, leaning his arms upon the polished stone, until his back was almost horizontal to the floor. He spread his legs for balance and took the punishment without a sound or whimper. But as the sting mounted, he wept silently, tears streaming from his face.

Even with his eyes staring at the floor, out of the corner of them Jonathan could see Sabor's cock straining against his slacks. Through his tears, he fought the grin that so wanted to play across his lips, knowing his Master was deriving pleasure from his slave's punishment. Yet, his bottom grew hotter, the pain lighting his mind with flashes as the sting of the leather grew more profound and Jonathan began to wonder when Sabor would be appeased.

He could sense that his Master would punish him further for his cursing the guests and their lack of courage themselves to torment him. Struggling to do so, he quieted his thoughts as much as he could. His only thought that he focussed upon was that he deserved his punishment and would take it to the end.

But soon, Jonathan could not withhold his sobs. He writhed under the continued smacks that to him seemed more painful now, than the clamps had ever been. And he knew better than to beg for mercy from his Sabor, or risk an even worse punishment.

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