tagErotic HorrorVictoria Pt. 02: The Housewife Hex

Victoria Pt. 02: The Housewife Hex


It had been a few months since Rick had been turned. His parents were surprised when they came back from Europe and he told them that he and Victoria were now dating. As strange as it was for them at first they started to like Victoria as they got to know he better so it didn't take them long before they came around. They never knew the truth of what happened while they were away or about what they both were but Rick and Victoria knew it would be better that way.

Rick was now living with her in the house next door to his parents which he still found awkward sometimes but it was better than living there. He was over there so often that it just made sense. It took him a while to get used to what he had become but Victoria helped him along the best she could. As much as they both came to terms with what they were it was still a struggle finding a balance even after all this time but their passion for each other was stronger than ever and neither one of them had ever been happier.

They had their fun going out at night and find an unsuspecting victim however they would never physically make love to anyone. They learned early that if they invaded the victims dreams they could easily take what they needed from them because even though they were sexual demons they still didn't want to fuck anyone but eachother. This made it difficult for them sometimes but they were constantly finding new ways to deal with the matter.

Victoria spent a lot of her time reading up on Succubus spells to find new and kinky ways to get what they needed while making sure their victims were left mostly unharmed. Their main issue was if they sucked someone's energy to the point of death they wouldn't have to feed again for at least a month, however they both had only one rule and that was they would never kill anyone and would only take what they needed and then share it with each other but it would only sustain them for days so it was becoming increasingly difficult to get what they needed.

Rick came walking in after helping his parents with some yard work and headed upstairs. Victoria was lying in bed in a T-shirt and panties after just getting out of the shower. She was reading her book and found a spell she wanted to try when she saw him walk into the room covered with sweat. His shirt was sticking to him showing off his physique which had tightened up a lot since he turned.

"Hey sexy!" She said looking him up and down.

"Hey yourself, what are you reading about?" He asked laying down on the end of the bed before he began rubbing her leg.

"I found a spell in here I really want to try."

"Oh, is it good?"

"It's interesting, It's a sort of hex, apparently I can hex someone so when they have sex they absorb the energy from their partner and transfer it to me."

"Interesting, so what do we do?"

"Don't worry, we can keep ourselves entertained during the process. I think it was created by a lazy succubus, but something about doing that to someone just turns me on a little, besides it might help our feeding problem."

"So how does it work?"

"Well I cast the Hex on a woman by invading her dreams like we usually do, but instead of sucking energy from her I seduce her and put the spell on her.

"Sounds sexy."

"It can be, then when she awakens she will start to feel very sexy and confident about herself along with being very horny, and it will make Her husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or whatever begin to notice it as well."

"How so?"

"Well according to this she'll start looking sexier to him as her skin begins to look younger, her age marks and imperfections fade away and he will start to lust for her until he finally gives in and falls into her trap, or our trap."

"That does sound interesting, she won't kill him right?"

"Awe, you never let me have any fun." She said pouting at him. "But no, not if I do it right."

"God you're sexy when you pout. So who were you thinking of trying this on?"

"I was thinking Mrs Thompson down the street."

"Jennifer Thompson? She's a nice looking woman already, she doesn't need any help from us getting Jonathan's attention."

"Well that might not be entirely true, I think her and Jonathan aren't doing so well anymore, apparently he doesn't find her as attractive as he used to."

"Really? How do you know?"

"From his dreams, I think Jonathan is thinking of cheating on her."

"Are you sure? I know them both and I don't think he's the type."

"I don't believe he is cheating yet but I know he's dreaming about it, he has an attractive secretary and.........." she said starting to get a little angry.

"Woah woah, calm down, he's not the type to cheat, I'm sure of it."

"I thought the same thing about my husband."

He took her hand in his "Hey, that's over, you know you are my whole world right."

"I........ I'm sorry, just still a sore spot for me........., besides you dream cheat on me all the time" She said jokingly trying to change the mood.

"Well so do you, but what were you doing in his head? I thought people we knew were off limits?"

"I didn't fuck him, I was more or less curious after I found this spell."

"So does that mean I can invade her dreams?"

"Not if you want me to rip your balls off."

"Okay then, moving on, so you want her to absorb his energy out of revenge for something he hasn't done yet?"

"No, I have another motive here, I was actually thinking it might save their marriage if I did this."

"Well well, little miss succubus trying to bring people together?"

"Hey I'm not a total heartless bitch like my mentor was."

"That's what I love about you, but I do find you sexy when you're up to your little schemes."

"You always find me sexy, I could sit here and say nothing while reading a book called "how to kill your boyfriend and get away with it" and you'd still be all over me."


"Nothing, just love it that's all."

"Haha, well can I at least watch?"

"Watch what, me putting the spell on her or her banging her husband?"

"Either or."

"You pervert!" She said smiling at him.

"That's partially your fault."

"Yeah I guess it is."

"It totally is, but I'm gonna go take a shower."

"Not before I'm done with you." She said grabbing him and pulling him down on top of her and pulling of his shirt.

"Are you sure? I'm filthy and sweaty."

"Just the way I like it."

She pulled her shirt off smiling and biting her lip as she looked up at him. He loved it when she was being playful however she never had to put much of an effort to get him turned on. Being what they were came with a certain amount of sex drive and most of the time unless they were getting a meal they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Most succubi and incubi have an insatiable lust for human prey which they also had but they had a lust for each other that was stronger which was not normal for their kind. This lead to some issue's that they were dealing with daily.

Victoria had a dark side to her as did they both which was partially because of their condition but because she had been corrupted by Nessira so hers was a bit stronger. Rick struggled with his sometimes which is why he still lived next door to his parents as seeing them and spending time with them every now and then helped keep him centered and still feeling human which in turned helped him keep Victoria centered as well. Victoria had also drank the blood of Nessira who was a daughter of Lilith which had made her a little more powerful than him but she loved him more than life itself which gave him a certain amount of control over her. She didn't think of him as her master just as the one person she never wanted to disappoint and she knew the harder she tried to behave for him the easier it became for him to control his urges.

The most human thing about the both of them was how they felt about each other. They were both good people at heart but sometimes their desires and their hunger made them do things without caring about the consequences. Victoria had this problem more than him but he still had his moments as well. He almost killed a woman one of the first times he fed after Cindy and even though Victoria wanted to watch him drain the girl dry as the idea of it turned her on a little she still convinced him to stop worried that even if he forgave her for not stopping him he would never forgive himself had he killed the girl.

They balanced one another and knew they would be lost without each other. Even though Victoria had those moments where she almost seemed evil to some extent it actually turned him on sometimes. He would look into her eye's and see the beast inside who just wanted to fuck but In his heart he knew who she was. He loved her and was not willing to let her turn without a fight.


Victoria studied the the spell carefully wanting to make sure she got it right and there were no adverse effects. She made sure she had memorized every word of it and its English translation so there were no mistakes. The best way to cast the spell was to invade Jennifer's dream and seduce her which both Victoria and Rick were looking forward to.

The night arrived and she used a simple dream to distract her. Nothing too fancy just something that would make her think it might be a dream and drop her guard a little so Victoria used her skills on her which Rick was looking forward to watching. When the dream had a lot of familiar things for him including a bright blue light from the moon shining in every room. He stood there in the living room of their house with Victoria by his side as he looked around at the interior of their house.

"So hey what's with the moon light, always showed up when you were invading my fantasies."

"I always liked moonlight, you don't?"

"No I do, just wasn't sure if it was a dream thing or a you thing"

"Yeah, you should start using it as well, sometimes the dreams you give people are so dark and creepy I'm afraid you're going to scare someone to death."

"Well you will have to teach me won't you, so now what?"

"Now she will come walking downstairs to get a drink any time now and that's when I'll make my move."

"Will she see us?"

"Not until I want her too, and she'll only see me, well at least a blurry dreamy version of me anyway."

"I like the dream version of you, some of my favorite memories of you."

"Okay seriously pull back a little because you're getting me turned on."

"Wouldn't it make more sense to disguise me as her husband and let me do it?"

"No, besides you don't know the spell, and I thought you wanted to watch?"

"Good point, you're right never mind go ahead."

"Shhh, here she comes." She said as he saw her walking down the stairs.

"What do you mean shhh, she can't see us or hear us."

"Just shut up will you."

Rick couldn't help but look her over. She was in her early 40's but she still looked amazing. She was wearing a black nighty and he couldn't help be stare at her legs and he began to wonder how her husband wouldn't be attracted to her any more. She had brunette hair with not a single gray in it and she was still in amazing shape. As he stared he suddenly looked over at Victoria who was watching him. Her eyebrow was raised as she eye balled him. Rick felt a little guilty and looked around aimlessly for a moment before she stepped towards him and kissed him while Jennifer walked pass them into the kitchen.

"Well, it's show time, just keep your hand out of your pants okay?"

"I make no promises." He said before he grabbed her and kissed her before letting her go and watch her walk into the kitchen behind Jennifer.

She walked up behind Jennifer and ran her hands along her shoulders. Jen seemed a little shocked at first but soon tilted her head back enjoying Victoria's attention like she hadn't been touched in a long time. She began to kiss the side of her neck and it wasn't long before Jennifer was turned on and letting Victoria have her way with her. As Rick watched it seemed pretty obvious that Mrs Thompson had figured out she was dreaming as she turned around to face her before Victoria slid the shoulder straps off of her letting her nighty fall to the floor. Rick looked Jennifer over in awe as she was a very sexy woman. He knew her son as they had gone to school together and was happy that he had moved away while he was at college so he wouldn't be around to see the results of this spell provided it worked.

Victoria was wearing the same red nighty she wore the night she came back after Rick had just had his way with Cindy. He often thought about that night and how he never really saw Cindy again after that. They had brought her home and she seemed convinced that it was all a dream but that fall she left for college and that was it. He didn't really have any feelings for her but he felt bad fucking her even though Victoria knew he had to do it to complete his transformation, and he also felt bad for what he did to Cindy but he tried not to dwell on it.

He cleared his mind realizing he was missing the show. He was so turned on watching his girlfriend make out with Jennifer as she began to work her way down her body. Jen was leaning against the counter as Victoria traced her tongue down her stomach getting lower and lower. Jen looked so ready for attention and Rick could tell that she he hadn't had any in awhile.

Rick was so turned on a part of him wanted to jump in and join them but he knew he couldn't get involved. He watched Victoria explore her with her tongue, her breasts heaving as she took deep breaths while Vic pleasured her. Every now and then Victoria would turn to Rick and smile and wink before going back to work. As he watched he saw Vic starting to chant something while she waved her hand in front of Jennifer's pussy making her moan. Rick was curious about what exactly was going on but was shocked when he saw Jens pussy begin to glow a strange red color while she writhed and began feeling her breasts like the spell was giving her pleasure. He almost envied her knowing what it's like to be seduced by Victoria in his dreams.

Her chants continued and Jennifer's body shook as it seemed like she was about to climax more than she had in years while the light got brighter and brighter between her legs. Her moans grew louder as she had a look on her face like she was about to cum in a way that she wasn't sure she was ready for. Jen began to moan louder and louder grabbing the counter like she was holding on for dear life until suddenly Mrs Thompson let out a scream of pleasure as she shot up out of bed feeling her orgasm soaking through her panties. Her scream woke up her husband who was very confused by what all the nose was about.

"Woah, what? Honey are you alright?" He asked his wife as she sat upright panting and covered with sweat breathing heavily.

"Huh.......... yeah.......... yeah I'm fine..... just a.......... bad dream."

He put his arm on her shoulder wanting to make sure she was okay before he looked over and noticed the sun was up and his alarm was about to go off.

"Well I might as well get up and get ready for work, are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine, but I think I'm going to stay home today, I just........... I just don't feel right."

"Okay, just relax, do you want me to stay home with you?"

"No, I'm okay really."

"Alright, but don't hesitate to call me if you need anything."


Jonathan got up and showered before getting ready for work. Jennifer headed downstairs to make herself some coffee still trying to process the crazy dream she had just had. She sat down at the counter drinking her coffee remembering what had happened in that very room during the dream feeling herself getting turned on thinking about it. She began to envision Victoria as she seduced her and she could feel herself getting wet between her legs again. She wasn't even sure who it was in the dream as everything seemed fuzzy to her. Victoria did that on purpose not wanting her to think anything if they ran in to each other.

Jonathan came walking downstairs a little while later and walked into the kitchen pouring himself a glass of coffee before turning around seeing his wife breathing heavy and licking her lips with her eye's closed.

"Jen, Honey?" He asked confused.

"Huh, oh sorry."

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine, really."

"Okay, but like I said call me if you need anything alright, you just seem a little..... off today." He said walking over and giving her a kiss goodbye.

When his lips hit hers she grabbed him and pulled him tightly. He took the moment to enjoy it as hadn't kissed his wife like that in years. She tasted amazing and he actually felt a little turned on all of a sudden. He finally pulled away from her surprised by the kiss but enjoyed it very much.

"That was nice?" He said as she smiled at him a little.

He stared at her for a moment as something about her seemed different but he wasn't sure what it was. The way she looked at him seemed different, there seemed to be a lust in her eyes and she just seemed sexier to him all of a sudden, like he had been going blind for years and had suddenly gotten a new pair of glasses. He had almost forgotten he had to go to work before he looked at the clock realizing he had to leave.

"Oh shit I gotta go but um, I'll see you tonight." He said grabbing his keys.

"Can't wait." She said smiling and kissing him again before he left.

Jonathan walked out the front door and got into his car and took a deep breath as he was almost tempted to call in sick and just stay home with her. He had to adjust his briefs a little as he was half cocked but still had to get to work. He began to back out of the driveway when he stopped letting a blonde girl pass by who was out jogging. She smiled and waved to him as she went by to which he waved back but even as attractive as she was he couldn't stop thinking about his wife.

Victoria continued her jog as she headed home with a smile on her face. She walked in the front door seeing Rick in the kitchen drinking coffee to which she gave him an odd look as she walked over to him. He looked her up and down loving her jogging suit as it hugged her body.

"So what's with the coffee?" She asked grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Old habits die hard, besides your drinking water?"

"Still gotta hydrate, besides I don't want to fuck you until tonight and this helps." She said licking her lips with a certain amount of excitement in her eye's

"So did it work?"

"The look on Mr Thompson's face said it all, he didn't even check me out."

"Really? Are you sure his eyesight isn't messed up?"

"Haha, no he's only got one thing on his mind right now."

"Nice, now are we sure this isn't going to end badly?"

"Will you stop worrying, trust me if he dies he is going to die a very happy man."

"Not very reassuring."

"Don't you trust me?" She asked him walking over looking very pouty again.

"With my life of course I do, it's other people's lives I'm a little iffy with trusting you with."

"I haven't killed anyone since I met you, well except you and Nessira, but I brought you back to life, and you know I would never kill anyone right?"

"I know, I just worry about you sometimes."

"You worry about me?"

"Of course I do, I watch you struggle daily with your urges and every time you learn more spells and become more..... Succubus, I feel like I lose you a little, and I don't ever want to lose you."

She smiled at him feeling a warm feeling in her heart after he said that to her before she walked over to him. "Whatever happens, what ever I do or become, I will always be yours, I promise you that." She said rubbing up against him and sliding her hand up his face and pulling him in for a kiss.

He felt her tongue in his mouth and held her in his arms. He enjoyed her taste, her scent, everything about her that his senses could process he absorbed. After a moment she released her lips from his and looked him in the eye.He pulled her in tighter as their lips touched tasting each other. They had wanted to wait for the spell on Jen to take hold but they couldn't keep their hands off each other as he hooked his hand under her ass pulling her up and sitting her on the counter as she wrapped her arms around his head. It wasn't long before the started pulling each others clothes off throwing them on the kitchen floor as he picked her up again and carried her over to the couch throwing her down on it before climbing on top of her.

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