tagErotic HorrorVictoria Pt. 04: Night with a Demon

Victoria Pt. 04: Night with a Demon


Victoria stood in the bathroom in a panic as the laughter she heard grew louder. The room began to spin and she soon fell to her knees unable to keep her balance. The laughter grew more and more until suddenly everything went dark and Victoria no longer was aware of what was happening. She looked up at her reflection seeing her eyes now black with the Red iris like they were earlier. It was no longer Victoria in control as Nessira looked through Victoria's eyes. The burst of energy Kate had taken from Eddie was enough to give her back temporary control so she could further her plan.

"Not my body but it will do, its the least that little bitch can do after betraying me." She said to herself examining Victoria's human form.

She stepped out of the bathroom and headed back to the bedroom where Rick was sleeping. She looked him over as she lyed down next to him. She ran her hand along his chest feeling the muscles he had developed since his transformation.

"So, this is all because if you, I admit you are a handsome young man but you had to fall for her didn't you, why couldn't you have been like the others, just some dumb teenager who wanted to get laid?" She said before she straddled him. "I had plans for her, and for myself after you were gone, big plans!"

Nessira was angry but then another feeling began to come over her as she felt his cock pressing against her through their clothing.

"I am curious though." She said with a mischievous smile as she began to rub herself against his crotch feeling his cock begin to grow as he let out a moan beginning to enjoy the feeling. "No reason I can't have a little fun!"

"Huh... Vic, what are you doing up?" Rick said noticing her straddling him to his surprise.

"I'm sorry did I wake you?"

"Maybe but I'm not complaining, everything alright?"

"Hmmm, oh yes, I just want you, right now!" she said as she continued to rub herself against him.

He began to pull himself up towards her noticing how strange her eyes looked. "You feeling okay?"

She smiled at him and tore her shirt open throwing the remains on the floor before she said "Just fuck me, show me what you got!"

Rick was a little confused but he pulled her close planting a kiss on her lips. She bit his lip drawing a little blood from it as he pulled away seeing her with a sadistic smile on her face. He began to kiss her neck before working his way down to her breasts sucking on her nipples leaving little drops of blood on them from his bleeding lip.

"Come on." She said slapping him in the face. "Show me the demon inside you, I want you to ravage me, or are you just a little bitch!"

Rick wasn't sure why she was acting this way but his eyes began to change as well. He tried getting a little more intense with her as his fangs grew followed by his horns and tail. She let out a small moan as he began to nibble on her neck a little. He pushed her down on the bed ripping off her panties followed by his own underwear before jamming his growing cock inside her. She seemed to like it at first until she let out a laugh that began to bother him a little not sure why she was mocking him like this.

"Is that the best you can do?" She asked still laughing until he removed his cock and grabbed her turning around to her surprise as he stared at her ass in front of him.

"Lets see how you like this then!" His said in a demonic voice as he jammed his cock into her ass making her yell out a little in surprise that he was being this rough.

She was getting exactly what she wanted from him. Making him use his demonic form and pushing his limits trying to awaken the darkness inside himself knowing he could be a loyal minion to her once she got full control of Victoria's body. She suddenly felt something creep up the side of her leg as his cock continued to thrust itself deeper into her backside. His tail was curling up between her legs before it wiggled right into her pussy.

"Oh fuck!." She said as she was suddenly getting double the penetrating.

Rick pulled her ups against him wrapping his arms around her squeezing her breasts. He leaned back pulling her in to the air until the only thing holding her up was his cock in her ass and his tail shoved in to her pussy. Nessira was surprised by his force and how easy it was to push him this far. The pleasure was intense even for her as she screamed her lust. Ricks demonic cock began to swell stretching her asshole even more just as he was about to cum. Nessira was on the brink of pain loving every second of this. Rick sprouted his wings now in his true demonic form as he shoved his cock even deeper up her ass to the point she let out a whimper not sure how to feel before his cock erupted filling her with so much cum that it squirted out the side of his cock back towards him while his tale forced itself inside pressing against her sweet spots until she screamed out and her fluids began to pour from her as well.

Rick held her in the air letting himself drain in to her as she moaned and squirmed enjoying every moment before he released her letting her fall to the bed with a splash as everything was soaking wet with all the different fluids they had expelled. He stood there for a moment breathing heavily as his chest heaved dripping with sweat as he looked down at Victoria who seemed more than satisfied.

"There's my big strong demon, I didn't think you had it in you!"

"What do you mean? What's gotten in to you Victoria?"

"Only your big fucking cock! Now why don't we have a little fun?"

"I thought we just did?"

"I mean let's go out, be ourselves for a night."

"People could get hurt or worse."

"Don't you trust me?" She said sitting up and running her fingers along his dripping demon cock."

"With my life." he said still unsure why she was acting this way but she had never given him a reason not to trust her.

"Then lets go." She said grabbing him as a strange light began to shine around them which made him feel a little strange until it cleared and they were standing outside some strange bar in the middle of nowhere.

"Where are we?" He asked, not sure what had just happened.

"Just a place to stop and get a meal!" She said as they stood in the cold and naked as Rick realized he looked human again.

"What if someone see's us?"

"Don't worry, we are invisible to them until I say otherwise."

He looked up as he saw some drunk red head come stumbling out the front door of the bar. She was very cute despite looking like she had a rough night as she struggled to find her car keys.

"Don't think it's too safe to let her drive home now is it?" Nessira said smiling

"What you want me to give her a ride home?"

"I want you to give her the ride of her life!"

"What are you talking about?"

"We need to feed and I am giving you permission to fuck a hot woman who's not me."

"I don't want to fuck anyone but you though?"

"Thats the human in you, we are not human no matter how much we try to be, you will fuck her, and I will still be here for you."

She stared in to his eye's for a moment. Rick stared back at those strange black and red eye's he had never seen her use before and he began to feel strange. It was like his demonic side was scratching at the door and he wanted nothing more than to let it out and fuck that drunken woman to death and absorb everything from her.

"You want it, don't fight it anymore, your cock is mine and I want you to use it on her, just trust me okay?"

"I... okay!" He said as his voice began to deepen again feeling his cock start to swell as he headed towards the woman who was almost to her car despite dropping her keys multiple times.

He walked up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist which surprised the girl at first but before she could react he was kissing the side of her neck. The moment his spit touched her skin she began to feel very horny almost to the point she didn't care who she fucked as long and there was a cock inside her. She was drunk which made it e was under his control and would give herself to him freely. Rick didn't realize he had this sort of control over woman as he had never tried before. Rick looked into her mind before he teleported her to her bedroom at home. She was so drunk and horney she didn't care how she got there or who he was. He pushed her down on the bed as she struggle to get her clothes off but he took her hand stopping her before running his fingernail down her shirt ripping it open without leaving a scratch on her. He grabbed her skirt and tore it off with on pull throwing it across the room. She was in a bra and panties and her body was very nice looking indeed as he examined it.

Rick wasn't sure what had come over him but he didn't care. His cock was throbbing as he thought about fucking this girl and sucking every ounce of life from her. She would enjoy every second of it too until her last breath. It was a gift to any human to lose their life to one of them as they would feel pleasure unattainable from a normal human. He gently touched the front of her panties making her squirm and moan as they began to get wet. Her grabbed them ripping them off of her before he pulled her by her legs to the end of the bed. He kneeled down as his tongue grew and slithered out from his mouth caressing the front of her slit before pushing the walls open and sliding inside her.

"Holy Fuck!" She yelled out never feeling the pleasure of an incubus tongue before.

His tongue wiggled around like snake covered in massage oil attacking her from the inside. She kicked her legs frantically not sure how to process the feeling as he held her tightly continuing to thrust his tongue deeper and deeper into her. His saliva worked as an aphrodisiac making her more horny every second. No matter what he did with his tongue or how amazing it felt the fluid kept her from orgasm. Rick had never physically fucked a human before. When he had sex with Cindy he was still transforming but now he was a full incubus and he was excited to do this despite the outcome. He pulled his tongue out of her making her moan at the feeling before it began to slither up her stomach making her skin slimy as he tasted her. It wiggled up between her breasts wrapping around her bra before pulling it off of her. His tongue began wrapping around one of her breasts squeezing it like a snake before tickling her nipple with the tip.

"Oh fuck! Fuck fuck!" She continued to yell as she was being driven mad by pleasure.

He crawled up on top of her before sliding his cock inside her with ease as her pussy was dripping wet. He didn't notice at first but Victoria was sitting on the dresser behind him watching as he pleasured this woman to death. She licked her lips watching the process thinking about all she could do with Rick by her side. He had impressed her more than she expected and could almost see why Victoria loved him but love was a concept long forgotten by her. The woman squirmed and moaned as he continued to thrust himself upon her. He enjoyed the sensation as he could feel his cock ready to suck the life from her. It was a strange feeling but the pleasure was intense as he continued to fuck her. His tongue continued to cover her in his saliva making her his horny little slave ready to give him everything.

He could feel her orgasm approaching he was ready to feed. He wanted it more than anything as the pleasure felt more and more intense. She let out a scream as she began to cum and he felt her life force begin to flow into his cock. It was a greater feeling than he could have imagined. In the dreams it never felt this good. She screamed out as an orgasm more powerful than she could handle ripped through her body. She felt a warmth build inside her that felt amazing begin to flow through towards her pussy as Rick absorbed her energy into himself. It felt better than he thought possible as he fed on this girl's life force. He didn't know her name or anything about her and at the moment he didn't care as it felt so good. A constant warm sensation filled her sexual organs flowing through her pussy and into his cock giving her a wave of pleasure with every pass. He was in his full demon form as she became lifeless beneath him before with a look of satisfaction on her face. He heard Victoria laughing behind him but something was off. It didn't sound like Victoria and he knew the voice as he had heard it before. He got a chill up his spine as he soon realized who this was and how she had been using him all night. He quickly pulled his cock from his victim he turned around looking at Victoria who was still laughing.

"That was amazing to watch, I have to admit you got me turned on all over again, now why don't you come over here and share some of that precious life force with me?"

He stared at her for a moment before he said "Nessira!"

"You are even more impressive than I thought, you may have been a pitiful human but as an incubus, well let's just say you make my nethers quiver."

He lunged forward grabbing her by the throat and pinning her against the wall to her surprise. Ricks demonic hand around her throat ready to squeeze the life out of her.

"There's my big strong sexy demon." She said getting even more turned on. "But if you're going to choke me, well let's make it fun!" She said sliding her hand between her legs teasing herself.

"What are you doing here Nessira, you should be dead?"

"Sorry to disappoint, but when that foolish girl drank my blood and used my power to save you, lets just say it gave me a way to come back."

"Get out of her body right now!"

"Haha! You think you have the right to tell me to do anything, speaking of someone who should be dead, you messed up a perfectly good plan, but if you want to fuck me again like you did earlier, I might be able to forgive you."

"How dare you use her body like this, I will kill you!"

"Haha, you get me so hot when you use your demon voice, why do you want her anyway? This woman has so many issues, but with me you could be the Demon King, you could be by my side and fuck whoever you want, think about it, you and me sucking the life out of so many sexy and delicious victims."

"I'm warning you Nessira!" He said as his hand began to squeeze around her neck.

"Ha you think you can...wait... how are yo..." Nessira choked out surprised by his strength.

"You will let her go now."

"Please... I can't..." she struggled to breath and could not budge his arm no matter how ward she tried.

"Bring her back now, and leave her body forever!"

"You... you wouldn't... harm..."

"I WOULDN'T?" He yelled out intimidating her a little. "I would rather her die than be trapped in her own body under your control, Now let her go or I will kill you both right now!" He said squeezing tighter.

"It's not... that simple you... fool!"

"Make it simple quickly!"

"Please... loosen... grip!"

Rick continued to squeeze her throat wanting to kill her but also not harm Victoria. He was torn but he knew he wouldn't do it despite how much he wanted to. He loosened his grip enough to let her breath but still had her pinned against the wall. Nessira coughed a few times as she struggled to catch her breath.

"There you go, now we can talk."

"Make this short Nessira."

"I love how you think you can intimidate me, I have the woman you love and the means to give her back to you and all you can do is threaten me?"

"What do you want?"

"I want what you stole from me, I want to return to this world and have my fun, I could just do all that with Victoria's body, hell she owes me that much."

"Never going to happen!"

"Then let's talk, you know Rick you really fucked thing up for me, if you had just died like you were supposed to Victoria and I would be feeding and having a great time, but you have her heart, while I have her body."

"I'm not hearing anything I like Nessira!" He said as his hand started to squeeze again.

"Okay okay, I admit you have me at a little bit of a disadvantage, how are you so strong anyway?"

"Strong? Not sure what to tell you, I've never been an Incubus before, now get to the point!"

"Well, there happens to be a perfectly good body right there behind you that... let's just say it isn't being used anymore."

"What of it?"

"She is very nice looking, and it may take a few adjustments but it looks like a body I could call home considering Victoria destroyed mine!"

"What, you expect me to just hand you over an innocent woman?"

"She was drunk and slutty, how innocent could she have been, besides she's not using it anymore!"

Rick was angry that he had taken the life of this woman and didn't want to just give it to Nessira but he knew she couldn't stay in Victoria. He refused to let her use the woman he loves as a puppet.

"Fine!" He said releasing his grip dropping her to the floor.

"That's a good boy." She said standing back up and smiling at him.

She walked over and began circling around him examining him and enjoying his form. She found him interesting and above all sexy. After the fun they had earlier that night she found use for him in the long run.

"You know, I find you very sexy."

"Not now Nessira, lets get this over with."

"Oh come on, we had some fun earlier didn't we? I haven't been fucked like that in centuries."

"Had I known it was you it never would have happened."

"Oh come on, you enjoyed it didn't you, you enjoyed this whole night, letting your demon side out to play, it was the best night of your life despite what you say. You love Victoria but you know deep down you could never have as much fun with her as you could with me."

"That's not true!"

"Oh I know it is, you want to fuck me again, I see your cock throbbing right now knowing how good I am, a daughter of Lilith with her lips around your hard member giving you pleasures you never thought possible. You want to know don't you, you want to know what I can do." She said getting close to him

"Shut up!"

"Once I have my new body you will see what I can do because." She leaned up and whispered in his ear "you haven't seen anything yet." She nibbled his earlobe a little before pulling away. "Hell for now you can have us both if you want, unless you just want me, and by time we are done you will be begging me to fuck you again."


"Oh I think so because." She placed her hand on his cock stroking it a little.

Rick couldn't help but enjoy the sensation as she caressed his member getting him turned on again. he closed his eye's starting to lose himself to the sensation before she slid her hand up his chest before it began to glow.

"Ahhh, what are you... doing?" He said dropping to his knees in pain.

"I am taking away your power, don't worry, it will use up all the energy I have left so when I am done you will have Victoria back... for now anyway, and while I recharge I'd be careful if I were you, you are mortal again so any fun you want to have with her may cost you! Haha!" She said as she pulled a red light from him making him fall to the floor human again struggling to catch his breath, "so weak now, you were so powerful but I'll let you in on a secret," she said pushing him down and straddling against his will. "Once I have my new body, I will give you your power back, but only after you fuck me again!"

He felt weak and tired. He could hear Nessira laughing while grinding against his cock which was still rock hard. Her moans grew louder and he couldn't help but enjoy the feeling as he no longer could over power her in this form.He tried to stand up but couldn't with her still on him and he would probably stumble a few times if he could. Nessira laughed a little more before she closed her eyes and collapsed on top of him falling unconscious.

"Victoria?" He said checking on her. "Victoria wake up!"

Rick looked around and realized something was very strange. He was back home in his bed while Victoria was still unconscious on top of him. He had no idea how he had gotten there but figured Nessira did it before she left. He moved his foot and felt something at the end of the bed as well. When he looked he saw the body of the young woman whose life force he drained lying there as well.

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