tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVictoria's Cell

Victoria's Cell


Victoria woke on a cold hard floor, disoriented and a little afraid. It was dark, musty and smelled slightly like the earth. Was she underground? She sat herself up and tried to feel around for any clue as to where she might be. Somehow she was barefoot, and the ground underneath her feet felt rough and uneven. She reached a wall and used it to brace herself while she shakily stood on her cramped legs. She traced the wall with her hand and concluded that she was in a very small space. When she got to the last wall, instead of concrete her hand felt cool metal bars. A cell, not good.

How the hell had she gotten here? The last thing she remembered was walking to her car from the campus library. She remembered that she had a sense that she was being watched and had quickened her pace to get to safety faster. After that... nothing. She didn't even know how long ago that was. It could have been an hour ago or it could have been a whole day prior. Although she suspected more the latter with the way her body was protesting from laying on that uncomfortable ground for too long.

Okay, Victoria, think! How to get out of this? She tested the bars to see how strong they were. They didn't budge. She stuck her hand through them hoping to find a latch of some kind. She found the lock used to trap her inside. She reached for her hair hoping maybe she had a bobby pin stuck somewhere in her long wavy auburn hair. No, her hair was down. Then she silently laughed at herself. Really, even if she had a bobby pin she had no idea to pick a lock.

She heard a door open somewhere outside her cell and didn't know whether to call out for help or to hide in a corner. Her pride won out in the end, she refused to shy away. "Excuse me, hello? Can anybody hear me? I think there's been some mistake," she shouted, not knowing if anyone could hear her.

Low lights were instantly turned on and she got her first good look at her surroundings. She was looking out into a dark cement hallway. There were other cells, but it was hard to tell with the light only coming from the hallway whether they were empty or not.

She heard footsteps start down the hall make their way toward her. Her pulse began to quicken. She nearly fell over backward in shock when the man approaching came into view. He was huge! He must have been 6'4'', all muscle, and the expression in his cold grey eyes was menacing. This guy meant business. She backed up as far and she could go, which wasn't much considering the size of the cell she was in. For a moment he just stood on the other side of the bars and stared at her. She was quickly losing her nerve and for the first time in her life she felt real fear.

"Who are you?" she asked because she couldn't stand the silent stare a moment longer.

"Stefan, your master," he replied and reached for a chain he was wearing around his neck. He took it off and used the key hanging from it to unlock her cell door. "Come," he ordered. Too speechless for words, Victoria stood where she was a shook her head back and forth. "Do not make me ask you again. Trust me when I say, you will not enjoy the consequences. I, however, will."

Victoria believed him but she could still not force her trembling legs to take a step closer to him. She wanted to run and hide from this man, but knew that she had nowhere to flee. He lips crooked up with a slight smile then, almost as if he was happy that she defied him. "Fine, we will do this the hard way."

Stefan walked the two steps into her cell and before she realized his intent he backhanded her across the face, hard. She cried out in shock as she was lifted over his shoulder effortlessly as if she weighed no more than a pillow. She tried to struggle off but he only tightened his grip around her till she couldn't breathe.

He carried her to a room located at the end of the hallway and once the door was closed threw her down to the ground like a discarded sack of potatoes. She looked up at him. He seemed even larger, if that was possible, from down on the floor. She scrambled up to her feet, frantic to be in any position less intimidating. Defiance blazed in her green eyes as she spit out the blood from her split lip.

"Undress," he said, almost bored. Her mouth dropped open in shock.


"Oh, I can already tell I am going to have fun breaking you," he responded. "Now be a good girl and undress for me." Again, she just stood there shaking her head. She would not, under any circumstances, take off her clothes for him.

He pulled out a deadly looking knife. Her knees began to tremble a little again but she made no move to take off any articles of clothing. He stepped close to her and began to move the cold steel lightly across her neck. Tears began to form in her eyes but she did not relent. This is it, she thought, this is how I'm going to die. She closed her eyes as he moved the knife between her full breasts and then down to the bottom of her shirt. Then she heard ripping and cool air touching her skin. The pants were the next to go and now she was standing there in just her black underwear and matching bra.

"Please stop," she pleaded. He chuckled in response.

"You are mine now, pet. I will only stop when I want to stop. That isn't now." He was still caressing her exposed skin with the knife, slowly working the blade across her lovely body. When he got to the bra straps he cut them, and then made his way between her breasts and cut it in the center. The bra fell away to reveal her beautiful nipples. He couldn't help but lean forward and take one in his mouth. She gasped when she felt him sucking on her and hated herself for liking the feel of his mouth there. He picked up his head and then cut her panties off.

He took a step back from her and slowly circled her, taking in every inch of her gorgeous body. He smiled to himself; he definitely picked a good one. Victoria had never felt so humiliated. Standing there, completely naked, being gawked at by a crazy man with a knife! She wanted to die.

"It really is such a shame I am going to have to mar that lovely skin of yours. Maybe next time you will learn I do not like the word 'No'." Then he stepped forward and roughly grabbed her forearms. He lifted them over her head and shackled her to chains that were hanging from the ceiling.

"What the hell!" She screamed at him. He backhanded her again and then grabbed her chin so she would look up into his face.

"Never yell at me," he said chillingly. Then he moved behind her and out of her line of vision. She couldn't twist her head around to see what he was doing, but she heard him grabbing for something.

"This is for saying the word 'no' to me," and then Victoria could only feel pain as something smacked against her naked ass. She cried out and he hit her harder. Stefan enjoyed using the rough paddle on her. Tears were streaming down her face but he didn't stop. Again and again the paddle came until she thought she could not handle it a second longer.

When he finally stopped she thought she was going to cry out in relief. He reached up and unlocked her wrists from the chains. She collapsed to the ground instantly and couldn't find the strength to care. He reached down and grabbed her by the hair. She had no choice but to lift up her head and get to her knees unless she wanted him to rip out a chunk. He jerked her head back so she was looking at his face.

"Now that we have your punishment out of the way, it's time for my pleasure," he said and while still holding her hair with one hand began to pull down his pants. She began to whimper as she saw the size of him and realized what he wanted her to do. Just like the rest of him, he was huge.

"If you know what's good for you, you won't try anything funny. I know you thought what I just did was bad, but if you do anything else I don't like it's going to be a lot worse," he threatened. "Do you understand me?" She silently nodded her head, which was a struggle since he was still gripping her head back.

"Say it!"

"I understand," she quietly said.

"You will address me as 'master', now say it again."

She glared at him but hesitantly replied, "I understand... master."

"Good girl. Now please me," he said and pulled her head to his cock. She didn't want to do this, but she knew she didn't have a choice. She could not endure something worse than she already had right now. Maybe he would finish fast and then take her back to her cell and leave her alone. She never thought she would be happy to get back into those tiny quarters, but it seemed like paradise compared to this.

She opened her mouth and allowed him to guide his large cock to her lips. Timidly she closed her mouth around the head and sucked an inch or two of him in. He was hot and thick. She reached up and grabbed the base so she could have a better handle on him and slowly began to suck him in and out. "More," he hissed out after of minute of this. She managed to get about half of him in her mouth, but she feared she would gag if she had to take any more than that. Still it wasn't enough for him. "Deeper."

She pulled him out of her mouth, "I can't!"

He smacked her hard across the face. "You can, and don't ever take your mouth off me again unless there is cum down your throat. You will take me all into your mouth and if you even think about vomiting I will leave my cock in there until you suffocate." Then he grabbed her hair again and violently pulled her back.

She immediately opened her mouth for him; she did not want to die by blow job. He shoved himself in her mouth deep and she stifled the urge to gag when he reached the back her throat. Though she didn't think it was possible, he pulled himself even deeper till she couldn't breathe and held himself there till she thought she would pass out. He repeated this many times till she became more accustomed to the feeling.

"That's a good girl. God, your mouth is so hot!" He loved every second of this. He started a steady rhythm and began fucking her mouth. He had total control of her head and moved his hips back and forth, in and out. The sensation was amazing for him and he started pumping faster.

"You little dirty whore, I hope you're ready for your dinner," and then he shot his load deep into her throat. "You better swallow all of that, bitch." She swallowed, resisting the urge to spit it out in his face. He pulled out and she got her first full gulp of air since he started that assault on her face. She stared up at him, hating him for doing that to her.

"You have a lot to learn, and it will be my pleasure teaching you, literally," he smiled down at her.

"Thanks, but no thanks," she replied getting up on her feet. Her anger had returned full force and she refused to cower to him anymore. There was no way she was letting him do that to her again. "Let me go now and I won't call the cops. I'll leave and we can forget this ever happened."

He chuckled. "Or I could not let you go, you still won't call the cops, and you will remember every single thing I do to you. It is in my best interest to keep you here, whether you agree or not."

"You're fucking crazy! What do you want from me?"

"Your submission," he replied.

"You will never have that!" she boldly responded, "I would rather die than willingly let you touch me!"

Before she knew it he had her pinned against the wall with one of his huge hands wrapped around her neck, lightly squeezing. His other hand began moving up and down her side, brushing against the side of her breast. He looked deep into her eyes as he said, "Really? You're choice. I can either choke you, or continue to touch your lovely body."

Tears began to form in her eyes. "Please don't do this."

"I'm giving you a choice; I think that's fair enough." He squeezed her throat a little tighter to emphasize. "What will it be, pet? Choke or stroke?"

"I hate you!"

"That's not an answer."

The tears of frustration started to fall from her eyes now. She didn't want to die. Even though she said it earlier, she really didn't want to end her life this way. She was too young; she had her whole life ahead of her. Quietly she said, "I don't want to die."

"Ah, so that means that you want me to...?"

In a resigned voice she finished, "touch me."

"That's my girl." He released the hold on her neck and began mimicking the motion on her other side. His hands slid to cover her breasts and kneaded them until her nipples began to pucker. He squeezed them between his fingers tightly and a small moan escaped from her lips. He bent his head and began sucking on one of the hard nipples. Victoria hated that her body was responding to him, but her nipples had always been extremely sensitive.

One of Stefan's hands made its way down to her pussy and he was happy to feel she was already a little wet. Her mind may not want him, but her body certainly did. "Open your legs more for me." She reluctantly did and he kissed his way down her body. His mouth found her clit and he began stroking it with his tongue. She jerked back from the intense pleasure, but his hands gripped her hips in place.

"Oh god, please," she wasn't sure if she was pleading for him to stop or begging him not to. It felt so good. He continued licking her clit while he inserted one finger into her tight pussy which was increasingly becoming wetter and wetter. When he felt she was ready he inserted another stretching her more. "Mmm, yes."

Without her realizing it, her fingers had wound in his hair, pulling his mouth in closer to her. She could feel herself on the urge of an orgasm and wanted that release. His fingers were sliding in and out of her and his tongue on her clit was driving her wild. The sensation built until she felt she couldn't take it any longer. She could hear her moans of pleasure, could feel her legs shaking in desire. And just when she thought she was going to come, he pulled out his fingers and stopped licking her. "No!" she cried.

He stood up in front of her and slowly licked the wetness from her pussy that was around his lips. He grabbed her face, roughly pulled her toward him and kissed her hard. His tongue assaulted her mouth and she sank into him, kissing him back, tasting herself in his mouth. He ended the kiss to say, "You will not come until I give you permission. You did not properly ask your master for it."

"No! Please!"

"You have much to learn."

"Fine! If you won't do it, I'll finish myself off!" Her hands quickly began stroking herself, but it didn't last long. He grabbed her wrists and spun her so her stomach was towards the wall. He bound up her wrists behind her back to prevent her from touching herself.

"You bastard!" He spun her back around, picked her up and carried her to the far corner of the room. He placed her down face first on a cot he had back there. He couldn't wait any longer to have her. He needed to fuck her.

Her legs were hanging off the side of the bed and her stomach was down on the mattress. He lifted her hips slightly and parted her legs. He grabbed her hips and guided his cock to her dripping pussy. The first contact was like fire. He couldn't help himself as he drove hard all the way into her. She cried out, whether in pleasure or pain he wasn't sure.

He fucked her hard and fast, grinding into her with a force he wasn't sure she could handle. He didn't care; it felt too good. Over and over he rammed into her until he felt her begin to respond. Her pussy began to tighten around him, wanting it as much as he did. "God, you feel so good!"

She couldn't handle any more of this. She was already extremely sensitive from his tongue on her and this was pushing her far over the edge of her control. She had to come. "Master, please!"

"Now!" Almost instantly he could feel her body beginning to quiver around him. She cried out in pleasure, lost in her orgasm. Watching her come beneath him was the end for him and he began spurting his cum into her pussy. He pulled her tighter to him and as every drop of him was released into her.

He pulled out of her and bent over to untie her hands. Gently he turned her over. Tears of humiliation were running down her cheeks. He wiped them away and kissed her gently.

"That, my pet, was only the beginning."

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