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Victoria's Secret


We visited the mall on a quiet Tuesday afternoon. Our sex had been getting kind of stale, and we decided (after much discussion) that adding a little risk would add a whole lot of excitement. Little did we know how exciting it would get.

Naturally, Victoria's Secret seemed like a fitting destination (get it?). We walked into the store, and found that we were the only customers. Well, that was a little disappointing, but we figured someone was bound to come in at some point.

When we entered, the attractive young lady sitting at the counter reading a magazine lifted her head and said, with a rather annoyed manner,

"Can I help you?"

"No," I said, "we're just looking."

She immediately put her nose back in the magazine.

We wandered the store for a few minutes, enjoying the sexy lingerie, and whispering little innuendos to each other. I was getting a little turned on knowing what was coming.

Linda picked out a particularly hot teddy with crotchless panties, took my hand, and we went to the back of the store to the changing room. The young lady never once lifted her head.

Well, without so much as a hesitation, we entered the changing room. We had rehearsed this in our minds, so we didn't need to talk. Linda took her clothes off (she left her shoes on, as the floor was pretty funky). Her beautiful nakedness always stunned me, even though I had seen it so many times. She put on the teddy and panties, and paraded in front of me.

"Now," she said, "remove your pants and boxers, but keep your tee shirt on."

This is how we had planned it. I did as I was told. Linda got on her knees and started to give me a BJ. I could hear nothing coming from the store, so I was pretty relaxed. I got hard quickly, and really turned on. I thought we were going to fuck, and then get dressed and get out of there. What a story to tell our friends. But it was not to be.

Linda pulled her mouth away, and said,

"Now go out into the store and walk around in the aisles, and masturbate yourself."

This was not what we had discussed.

"Are you crazy? If I get caught, it will be really humiliating. They might even bring charges."

"Forget it, Robert. Risky is risky, and the thought of this is turning me on like nothing I've ever experienced. Now do it."

I loved the look in her eye, and there was a bit of the exhibitionist in me anyway, so I smiled and said

"OK, but I wouldn't do this for anyone else."

She said "I sure as hell hope not."

I peeked past the curtain. There was still no one in the store, and the young lady was apparently so engrossed in her magazine that she didn't even know we were there. I slipped out of the changing room. I walked a few feet. The clothes were hung fairly high, so that if the clerk looked up, she would see a man in a tee shirt looking at clothes. No problem, right. Wrong.

As I walked around stroking my very hard cock, I started to get a little, well, cocky. I walked the aisles, closer and closer to the door, and closer and closer to the clerk. All the time stroking myself. This was fun. I could always saunter back to the changing room if some one came in. I knew Linda was watching me from behind the curtain, and I'm sure she was fingering herself, and really getting off.

The clerk never even looked up. I decided to take a real risk. I turned a corner and came within 15 feet of her, facing her, stroking myself, knowing she wouldn't look up. What a rush!!

Suddenly she raised her head, and looked straight at me!! I froze. My cock went into flaccid mode almost at once. A wave of anxiety came over me. I just stood there because I didn't know what else to do.

There was no change of expression on the girl's face, but she reached under the counter and removed a sign. She held it up for me to see.

It said "Closed for Lunch. Back at 1:00."

She smiled, got up, and walked to the front door. She slid it closed, and put the sign on the hook.

She turned back and walked toward me.

When she reached me, she grabbed my cock and said,

"I'm Nancy, and I like your hardware. What's your name?"

"Robert" I managed to squeak.

"And what's your girlfriend's name?"

"Linda. And she's not my girlfriend, she's my wife."

"So much the better, Robert."

As she held my flaccid cock, she said,

"You are not the first couple to come in here with high sexual energy, looking to do something risky to enhance the experience. And you won't be the last. Let's go back to the changing room and chat with Linda."

I followed her back. She pulled the curtain aside. Linda had a look of terror on her face.

"Relax," said Nancy, "You're in good hands."

"Now," she said, "I want you both to get completely naked, except for your shoes."

We both started to object.

Nancy raised her hand in a stop sign and said,

"The first time this happened to me, I busted the couple. The store didn't press charges, as this sort of thing happens all the time, but the couple was so humiliated that I don't think they ever recovered. After that, I thought, shit, they don't pay me enough here, I'm going to get compensated with extracurricular activities. And I do. You can go along with me, or you can get busted. Your choice."

Well there wasn't a choice, and honestly, I could see where this was going, and I was really liking it (I'm not sure how Linda felt, but I was going to find out soon enough).

"Now get naked, you two. I will remain fully clothed because I'm not about to risk my job. At any moment someone, like management, could knock on the door. I'm not supposed to close for lunch unless it's an emergency, so I need to be able to go to the front and explain myself. Don't worry, I've got a REALLY great story I've concocted for just this situation. OK, lecture over. Take off your clothes."

We hesitated briefly, then did as we were told. It was easy for Linda, since she only had a teddy and panties on. She was naked in a matter of seconds. I only had a t-shirt to remove, and then I was naked too. As hot as I was feeling, I knew that if I sported a hard on, Linda would not be happy, so I controlled myself. Well, that turned out to be a pointless exercise.

"Now, Linda. You sit down on the bench. You are going to get an education. You can finger yourself all you want, and you WILL want. I am going to give Robert a blowjob that he will never forget. Watch carefully and you will learn. Robert, remain standing."

Nancy squatted down and put her lips to the tip of my cock. I got hard very quickly. She licked around the glans for about half a minute, then took about an inch of me into her mouth. She circled around with her tongue, and began to caress my balls.

I reached out to touch her head, but she removed her mouth and said,

"No touching".

She put her mouth back on and began to move it slowly up and down my shaft. She deep throated me a few times, and then backed off.

Linda was not happy at first (she can get jealous), but as things progressed, I could see that she was really liking this. She started to finger herself, and her legs got further and further apart. She stuck two fingers inside of her, and moaned. She never took her eyes off Nancy and what she was doing.

I wanted to close my eyes because I was so turned on, but watching Linda get hot was even more exciting.

Nancy removed her mouth, and stood up.

She said, "This isn't good for my back. Stand up on the bench so I don't have to squat. And I'll give you a little something extra because you are being so cooperative."

She unbuttoned her shirt, and pulled it aside. She was braless, and had the most magnificent breasts. Even Linda was finding it hard not to look at them.

I stood on the bench, and before Nancy put her mouth back on me, she licked her finger until it was thoroughly wet. She reached behind me and put her wet finger in my ass. OOH, that felt really good. Then she put her mouth back on my cock, and really started to go at it, while plunging her finger in and out of my ass.

I could tell that Linda was getting close to coming (it's not hard to recognize the signs after you've been married for 3 years). I thought it would be nice if we could come together.

I said to Nancy,

"Linda is about to get off."

Nancy stopped, looked over at Linda, and said,

"Oh, you poor dear. Come over here and massage my breasts while I finish off your husband."

Linda jumped up from the bench, came over, and started massaging away, while continuing to finger herself with her other hand.

I was on the verge, and Nancy knew it. She stopped with her mouth all the way up to the hilt, and didn't move a muscle. This was exquisite torture. Linda could see what she was doing, and liked it. She laughed. She kept kneading Nancy's breasts, and I watched. Linda then squatted down and started to lick Nancy's breasts. It was an awkward position to get into, but she managed.

Nancy started moving her mouth again. I was rocking back and forth, and feeling the unstoppable fire inside me getting ready to explode. I could see that Linda was there too.

I said, "We're about to come, Nancy."

She didn't respond, just kept up her sucking and plunging. A moment later I came like a race horse in Nancy's mouth, and a few seconds later Linda started to shake all over and stifle a scream. Her legs nearly gave out beneath her. I could tell this was an orgasm she would not soon forget.

Nancy swallowed all my cum, and licked me clean.

She got up, buttoned her shirt, and said,

"This has been a pleasure. Now get dressed. I never want to see you in this store again. But I will tell you that there is a whole club of Victoria's Secret clerks who engage in this sort of thing. So I suggest you try another store next time you are feeling randy."

She walked out of the dressing room. Linda and I looked at each other. We didn't smile, we didn't say anything, we just got dressed. Linda put the teddy back on its hanger, and we left the dressing room. She hung it up where she had found it.

Nancy had already removed the "Closed for Lunch" sign, sat back down at the counter, and was engrossed in her magazine again. She never looked up again.

We left the store, hand in hand. Without saying a word to each other, we both knew that we would very soon be visiting another Victoria's Secret.

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