tagNonConsent/ReluctanceView From A Site Ch. 04

View From A Site Ch. 04


Well it had been about a month since Mary Jane's car had rolled into the car park of our construction site and I still smiled at the memory of that morning every time I went down into the basement car park as part of my duties on site. The same pallet of masonry blocks remained as a reminder of the four guys fucking her atop of them.

I was still coming to work early each morning to have a couple of quiet hours to myself to do office work before the site works started each morning. And each morning I kept one eye on the window hoping to see Mary Jane standing in front of her own bedroom window, across the road from the site, giving me a morning flash of her beautiful body. Whenever her bedroom light came on just before she opened the curtains I used to stand by my office window hoping for an early morning show. But Nah, nothing happened even though I knew she could see me standing there. Unfortunately she didn't give me the opportunity to set up the theodolite and admire her more closely through its telescope.

Then early one Saturday morning, my site office door suddenly burst open and in stormed Mary Jane.

"I am sick and tired of seeing you looking at my window each morning you fucking pervert," she ranted as she approached my desk.

"What?" was all I had chanced to say before she arrived at the front of my desk.

"I am getting married next month and I don't want my husband seeing you every morning, so this stops right now," she continued to rant as she came around the side of my desk.

I started to push myself up out of my chair to stand whenever a lady enters the room, as good manner demands.

"You don't fucking look through my window again," she screamed as her hand pulled back to slap me.

Fortunately I was standing as the flat of her hand hit the side of my face.

"Shit, Mary Jane, what the fuck has got into you?" I asked incredrously as the pain rolled through my cheek and I felt my colour come up.

"You bastard!" she screamed at me as she pulled her hand back for another swing.

'Shit, I've got some lass about to beat the crap out of me in my own office,' I thought and smiled.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?" she cursed as her hand started towards my face, her fingers bunched in a fist.

I quickly grabbed her hand and twisted in, making her bend forward to ease the twist and pain I induced into her arm. Following through I used her momentum to twist her arm further forcing her head and upper body down onto my desk.

"AAarrgh, you bastard," she screamed as her breasts cushioned her face's flat introduction to the top of my desk.

I finished the follow through by bending her arm behind her back and using it to pin her upper body to my desk.

"What the fuck has got into you Mary Jane?" I demanded trying to get my breathing back under control now that I wasn't at risk of getting the crap beaten out of me.

"My Fiancé moves in next month after our wedding and I don't want you perving at us all the time," she stated, still very angry.

"Just hang on one fucking minute Mary Jane," I stated, starting to get a little angry myself, "it was you who started flashing me and putting on a show several mornings. And it was you who dragged me into you house one morning because you were hornier than hell and needed a good seeing to." I paused for breath and held her securely down on my desk, "And it was you who came in here a few weeks ago playing Miss Little Girl Lost, wanting a bit of rough from us builders. So don't come storming into my fucking office demanding changes saying I am at fault, wanting to be Miss Proper for your hubby to be. We all know different."

I looked down to see her pinned to my desk, and now I was safe and not under attack I could take in what was happening beneath me. I had Mary Jane bent face down on my desk with her arse thrust high towards me, wrapped in a denim mini skirt that failed to hide her tanned thighs, and her upper body wrapped in a 70's type cheese cloth shirt that failed to hide the shape of her heaving breasts that squashed out from under her with her chest pinned flat to the desk as she fought to bring her own breathing under control. Her long hair was spread over my desk in disarray and I had one hell of a hard on from the situation in front of me.

"In my fucking office I say what happens, not you, not anyone else," I growled at her still feeling the pain in the side of my face. "And I don't have people storming in here trying to beat the crap out of me," I informed her as my hand arced through the air and landed as a resounding slap on her arse, with the resultant suddenly painful scream. "I fucking decide what I do and what happens on my site," I stressed as my hand descended again for another resounding slap & scream, "Do I make myself clear?"

Mary Jane fought to get loose after the two painful slaps across her arse. "Let go of me you fucking bastard," she screamed as she fought.

I gripped her wrist and wrested a little more to bring her under control and to ensure she couldn't move as I gripped the hem of her short denim skirt up around her waist, surprised to find two lovely orbs of bare buttocks gracing my desk as I found she was wearing a throng instead of panties this time. Her left buttock glowed red from my previous two slaps. I gave her right buttocks two hard slaps in quick succession, with the resultant screams, to make them glow the same colour, but this time I could see the shape of my hand in the resulting welts that coloured her skin.

"Stop you bastard, stop," Mary Jane screamed but still tried to fight her way loose. Shit, this lass had some fight in her. Then she kicked backwards like a horse straight onto my shin.

"Fuck that hurt," I cried out and then gave her arse four or five more resounding slaps, alternatively across each cheek in retaliation for the pain inflicted on my shin.

"Mary Jane, now you are starting to piss me off," I growled as my free hand reached down to grasp a firm grip on the red orb of her left buttock so that my thumb rested against the band of material that tightly split her buttocks apart. My thumb was pressing down hard pushing the material against the puckered hole of her ring piece. Suddenly she stopped fighting.

"Now let me go," She demanded, "And I'll forget this ever happened."

"Like fuck I will," I stated, "and I am going to ensure you are never able to forget today. You made a big mistake storming into my office like that and trying to give me a slap. I have never done anything to you that you didn't like......... but today I think you are going to try things that you don't like;" and then I tightened my grip on her arm in anticipation of her trying to fight me off once my little speech had been absorbed by her brain.

And boy did she fight back. She kept trying to kick me, push back off the desk, she screamed, and she fought, all to no avail as I twisted her arm further to induce pain right up to her shoulder. Even then she kept fighting, the more she did so the more turned on I got as I watched this cornered minx fight and squirm on my desk, her exposed arse dancing this way and that.

I just wanted to fuck the arse off her.

She needed to save her energy for the fucking that was going to be coming her way; so I gave her arse another couple of hard slaps to bring her colour up again, to shut her up, and to make her realise the losing position she was in. Although she had hammered my shins with a few lucky back kicks she wasn't going to get free, I was just too fucking horny now to let her go.

"You can fight me all you want, but I am going to enjoy myself with you today before you back to your fiancé. That is a lovely ring on your finger ..... it is a shame you are going to have to clean all the spunk off it tonight when you finally get home.

"You fucking bastard, let me go," she screamed.

'Time to shut her up and get down to action,' I thought, as I reached slid my hand between her bright red livid buttocks to firmly grip her throng and ease it to one side, exposing her ring piece and lovely mound as she lay trapped on my desk. I slid my thumb to her ring piece, my forefinger to her pussy lips and my middle finger to the hood of her clit.

"Now which would you like first?" I asked as I gently applied pressure to reach in turn, starting with her arse.

"NNNOOO, Fuck off," she screamed, "I'll never submit."

I laughed, "Then I guess I'll just have to help myself. Shall we start with an entrée?" I asked as I pressed my thumb hard against her arse, stretching the skin as I pressed down.

"No, please not that," Mary Jane screamed.

"Oh you would prefer it with some dressing on first, ..... well Okay," I offered and then I slid my thumb down onto her pussy lips and found they were already damp. Her body was betraying her. I ran my thumb the full length of her slit before slowly easing it inside her.

"OOhhhh," she sighed as my thumb sank deep inside her as far as I could insert it. Then she remembered she wasn't meant to be enjoying this. "Get your thumb out of me," she demanded.

"Certainly," I replied, ever the gentleman, as I extracted my thumb, covered in her hot sticky juices, before replacing it over her tight rear hole and rubbing it across the opening. She fought back screaming, "Not my arse, please not my arse." I felt her tight hole ease just a little, but then I stopped. Now she knew who was in control of today's proceedings.

Using my forefinger instead I ran it along the full length of her slit, back and forth, back and forth; the gentle non penetrating motion teasing her until her hips tried to thrust up and back onto my finger.

"Looks like you want some of this," I teased. Mary Jane lay there silent, apart from her heavy breathing. I could feel her pussy lips becoming moist as her leaking juices were slowly coated across her lips by my roving finger. Slowly I applied more pressure and my finger sank in a little and continued to trawl between her lips. Now her hips were thrusting back some more, and with some urgency.

I stretched my middle finger down to rub her mound and tease her clit through its hood.

"Oh yes," I heard Mary Jane softly coo underneath me.

"I take it you like that then?" I queried.

Mary Jane looked as it she bit down on her lip to prevent herself giving me the satisfaction of knowing I was right. So I sank my forefinger straight down the centre of her love tunnel and pressed down harder on her hood as I started to frig her off in earnest now.

Her breathing increased and so did the way her hips thrust onto my hand. I loved the sight of her pinned to my desk watching her tits roll in the cheesecloth trapped between her chest and the desktop. But for now the most evocative sight was her bare arse grinding on my hand. If I hadn't had to be using my right hand to keep her arm twisted I would have been fondling the sides of her trapped breasts as well.

I eased my frigging to a standstill and waited to see what Mary Jane would do. Once I had stopped for only about 30 seconds, I could feel her pussy starting to twitch and clamp around my fingers before I saw her hips start moving on the desk, trying to thrust herself back onto my fingers. As she did this I opened up my hand slightly so that my thumb slid up between her cheeks until it touched the star of her bum, instantly making her twitch at the contact on her most private hole.

This put her in a most compromising position; if she wanted to continue to thrust herself onto my fingers to bring herself off then my thumb would invade her hole, or alternatively she could lie still and fight the craving that was alight in her body to reach orgasm.

"Damn you....... Either let me go or finish me off you bastard," she panted.

I enjoyed her discomfort and her indecision.

"In my office I decide, you don't demand," I reminded her.

To tease her further and to pass some time admiring her beautiful body spread beneath me I kept still apart gently fondling the side of her breast through the cheesecloth.

Mary Jane rocked imperceptibly underneath me as she tried to relieve the way her nipples must have felt squashed against the desk and the felling of my still fingers against her erroneous zones.

"Fuck you," she stated with feeling.

Taking my hand off her breast I reached for my mobile and dialled Warren, the electrician.

"Yol Bro, can you please bring me a couple packs of heavy duty cable ties to the office, some 300's, 500's, and some 750's........ Thanks, see you in a couple."

"What's going on?" she asked with a little uncertainty in her voice now.

I just stood still and continued to admire her arse with my fingers buried between them, before very slightly rubbing my finger against her hood.

"Uhhh," she groaned and her arse rose automatically until it increased the pressure of my thumb against her star hole.

"Come on Mary Jane you know you want & need this," I teased her.

"Fuck you," she repeated and I laughed, and increased the pressure of my thumb.

Then the office door opened a Warren walked in.

"Here are the ties you asked......." he started to say, "Fucking hell," his eyes bugged out as he took in the sight before him," Hello Mary Jane, nice to see you again, especially that lovely arse of yours," he laughed out loud.

"Fuck off," she snarled.

"What do you want these for boss?" he said ignoring her reply.

"A little fun," I replied, "and afterwards you and some of the lads can enjoy some fun yourselves."

"Shit hot," replied Warren with a big beaming smile.

"Go and prepare somewhere nice and private where you and the lads can entertain the lady later," I instructed.

"Sure boss," he confirmed.

"Don't rush, we may be awhile."

Taking a long look at Mary Jane, Warren finally turned and left.

"So what is it to be?" I enquired after Warren shut the office door.

"What do you mean?"

"Do you want to bring yourself off on my fingers or not?"

"But not my ass," she pleaded.

"It's your choice; it is either all three or nothing."

"Please finger me, but not my ass, please," she begged.

"Nah," I replied.

"You bastard," she almost spat.

"It's been said before," I laughed.

I removed my hand from her pussy and pulled a cable tie out of the packet and secured it around her wrist that was twisted behind her back; ensuring it wasn't too tight to affect her circulation.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to make it more comfortable for both of us," I explained.

"Huh?" she grunted.

I made a chain of cable ties about a metre long, fixed to her wrist before easing the pressure on her wrist arm. While still holding her arm behind her back, I used my other hand to grip her other shoulder and pull her upright before me.

"What's going on?" she asked in puzzlement.

"Just making you more comfortable," I replied as I turned her around to face me. Then I pushed her back so her arse sat briefly on the edge of the desk before quickly easing her legs apart with my feet and pushing her backwards towards the desk top. As she fell backwards I eased her bent arm from behind her and pulled it high above her head as her arched body came into contact with the desk top. I quickly hooked part of the cable tie chain to the window catch so she couldn't sit back up.

"Hey," she cried out, "what the fuck are you doing?"

"Just making this more comfortable and enjoyable for us both," I explained again, before quickly bending down to grab the ABS case of the theodolite and strapping it to her ankle with a long cable tie; thus securing one leg down towards the floor as it hung down from the desk.

Standing upright again I admired the view of Mary Jane strapped to my desk before me. "You look fucking beautiful for a bride to be Mary Jane," I praised.

This reminder put some of her original fight back into her, but she was unable to either sit up or roll over.

"This isn't fair," she hissed.

"Hey, you started this, storming into my office wanting to beat the crap out of me," I informed her, "but we can finish this together, enjoying your last week of freedom in style before your wedding," I smiled down on her trapped body.

"Fuck off," she hissed back like a trapped animal and I loved her for it.

I stood and admired her for several minutes, thinking back to how we had both come to be in this position. Mary Jane had unknowingly been flashing me her body through her open curtains that morning until I had then flashed the lights of my office to show my appreciation and inform her that I was watching. Then on another occasion one of the lads had parked on her drive and she had complained; but half an hour later I was in her bedroom watching her play with herself. Then the next time we met when her car had broken down I had fucked her on the same desk as she was spread now, when I had had no intention of breaking my marriage vows, but it had just happened. And now I was going to do it again, because Mary Jane had pissed me off, and now all of a sudden thing had got out of hand again and I seemed unable to stop myself. I wanted to fuck her strapped down body; I wanted to let out the basic animal that was inside of me. I wanted to throw off the bonds of human decency that holds the fabric of our society together. Inside the confines of my site Portacom I wanted to act like an animal in my cage with the stunning Mary Jane strapped and spread before me.

I ran both of my hands up her calves, over her knees and onto the smooth skin of her spread thighs, under the hem of her denim skirt, which had dropped down during the move, before meeting together in the V of her thighs. Her hot damp mound met my wandering hands, with the twisted throng cutting tight into her pussy, so I reached up and tugged it down until the waist band got below the hem of her dress and was unable to come any further due to her spread thighs. Reaching around the edge of the desk top I opened the top drawer and pulled out my Stanley knife and cut the waist band of her throng so it fell to the floor by her unsecured foot.

"Just what the fuck do you think you are doing?" she hissed at me through clenched teeth.

"Well Mary Jane, you have started something here that I wasn't expecting, but I am going to finish it. Speaking for myself, I am going to enjoy the situation you have caused; it is your choice as to whether you enjoy it or not!" I explained.

"I'm getting married next week!" she exclaimed.

"Don't worry we'll be finished by then," I boasted as I started running my hands up her thighs again, and Mary Jane started to try and fight her way loose off my desk.

I pushed up the hem of her denim skirt to expose her glinting pussy to my lust filled eyes, before sliding my left hand on to her mound as her hips rocked & bucked on my desk, trying to get free.

Mary Jane tried to slap me with her free hand, so I grabbed it firmly in one hand while I removed my other hand off her mound and reached for the cable ties. Within a minute her arm was stretched high above and secured to the window catch as well.

"If you've finished, we'll start again?"

"Fuck you," she snarled.

"That is what I have in mind," I replied & smiled as my hand went back to her bucking mound. I loved the fight and spirit of Mary Jane, but I didn't have all morning; so I pressed my thumb against the lips of her pussy and slid it easily between her damp lips.

"You are already wet for me!" I smiled my appreciation.

"Fuc.... AArrgh," she cried out as my forefinger slid up to the first knuckle into her tight arse. Suddenly her hips stopped bucking on my desk.

"That will calm you down a bit so we can both enjoy ourselves this morning," I calmly stated as I increased the pressure some more with my forefinger to ensure I had her attention. "Do we understand each other now?"

"Yes," she replied, as I started to stroke my thumb around the inside of her pussy. She was tight and very wet. Whilst this might not be what she had planned for the morning, I think her body was betraying her willpower, her slight sigh between clenched teeth said as much.

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