tagGay MaleVince Does It For Me

Vince Does It For Me


Vince does it for me...

It had come to the point that no sooner had I knocked on Vincent's door than he was unwrapping me like a birthday parcel.

"It is just that I have been dreaming about you, I am so very horny for you Pete"

I gladly relented which was not hard for me to do. The thought of being completely pampered by such an arduous guy was thrilling to say the least.

So we went through all the joys which we mutually enjoyed and as soon as he had stripped me, being already beautifully naked himself with a wonderful physique, I was glad to be his lover.

"I miss this so much" he whispered in a very defined and rich masculine voice which set me off and no mistake, it sounded so sexy, and very suggestive as he prompted me on all fours upon the king-size bed and gently but firmly parted my cheeks - complimenting me as always on my wonderful sexy tight ass that he whispered was just waiting for it.

It was good and he was so right, because by the time we had gotten to this stage, I was well ready for the feel of that big throbbing cock inside me. It felt like a hunger waiting to be fed and as Vince started to tease and finger me there, the feeling grew more intense.

"You adore this don't you Pete?" Vince asked as his little finger which he had just wetted, circled my brown hole.

"I simply love everything you do with me, Vince" and then he smothered my mouth with his and gave me the most lovely deep wet French kiss annointing me with the taste of that freshly garnished tongue that had been sucking my ass.

I can't explain just how intimate that feels, but when after the kiss, he asked me to suck his cock I was well ready and gave it my very all. It was so wonderful to taste him again after a week's absence.

"That is so good, Pete and I do adore the way you just help yourself to my cock and balls."

The fact is I just couldn't hold myself back after his deep and so exploring caressing of all and sundry, feeling him suck and lick my cock and balls as he lodged himself beneath me, his head between my thighs as he urged me to smother him with ass, balls and cock. I so loved the feel of that, his mouth and tongue and his nose rubbing me up in the most delightful way.

I sort of swirled a bit to give him more intensity and I was in mt own very erotic world by then.

"Holding my breath and counting" he always said when he indulged in doing that - and I knew when he pinched my ass, he wanted me to lift up for him to have some air, then it would be the same again, his mouth and tongue rampaging me, making me feel I was being eaten but knowing I was being really enjoyed as, leaning my head down to reach him, I worked my mouth around the diameter of his fat cock, enjoying the feel of teasing back his foreskin and seeing just how wonderful that gorgeous red knob end with the jap-eye in the middle looked and tasted, prodding the tip of my tongue into it as I heard Vince make those so wonderful throat sounds, and all the time me enjoying his so deep sucking and licking of my privates.

When we both came up for air we just chilled for a while, tasting each other's cum drenched all over our faces. I swirled some around in my mouth, enjoyed the salty earthy taste of rich earthy and very robust cock. Now I simply laid there next to him and squeezed it gently. We'd take some light refreshment before round two -that was always a must and I so looked forward to his rich deep fuck inside me, already feeling the feel of that cock stretching me as he entered me with gusto, giving me the fuck I wanted, the fuck of a so wonderful and divine quality cock which I felt was a part of my Adonis, I would carry on squeezing and feeling, cocking and balling him until I felt the swell start to rise once more.

"That was so good, Pete" said Vince stroking my thighs, his eyes focussed deep into mine, that look that said 'I am gonna fuck the ass off you tonight' and I was happy with that.

If he wanted the spanking first that was fine too, sometimes he did and sometimes he wanted to do other things like tie me with handcuffs and dress me in leathers, cover me in cream, spaghetti numbers and just spend time sucking me all up everywhere.

"It's about time we gave you some sound spanking," Vince said and I rubbed the palm of his right spanking hand with my fingers signalling yes please, and when I arched myself over and across his lap on the red leather settee, presenting my ass for punishment I held my breath and gritted my teeth for the first few spanks which always stung, but it was all so worth it just to see the pleasure given to my lover and anyway, soon he would smother me with a cooling cream which would ease the pain and give me a real wonderful numbness as he soundly spanked me some more.

It became a ritual, the sound of his spanking and the feeling afterwards, he telling me how beautifully hot my ass had become and how it so wonderfully tempted him - like he wanted me to move as he lodged himself beside the settee with me still on al fours as he concentrated on the joys my credentials could give. I guess I just chilled there and heard myself moaning to the feeling of those wonderful now gentle massage movements of my ass cheeks which he knew thrilled me so much, I said for him to sniff it and taste it again, I wanted the feel of his tongue delve inside my hole, for his fingers to stretch and rim me ready for his sublime fuck, that beautiful thick long hard cock thrusting me to oblivion.

I was still feeling the combination, a very warm feeling of the spanking and his warm hands stroking me, he said I tasted gorgeous and wanted my fuck so bad.

"Should we shower first Vince?" I asked knowing he liked that sometimes and the way we so enjoyed washing each other beneath the flow of tepid water and the feel of his hard-on revving up between my cheeks from the back. But today he wanted me as I was, unwashed and soiled, he'd fuck the ass off me he said and soon I was gulping cock again, but this time he was more forceful, he had gotten to the stage like he was an animal because of his strong sexual wanting and lust for my ass, his sexual feelings were taking over completely and now I was like a big passion thing waiting to be serviced.

His cock was deep into my throat when he ordered me upstairs again and I felt his squeeze of my ass as he followed me behind, It was like he was going to have me on the stairs for a while, it wouldn't have been the first time, but he prompted me into the bedroom and forced me over the lower bed rail with a deep cushion well placed below my stomach in a way as to present ass to his best advantage, and soon I was feeling the lust of him pulse through his big cock and push into me - causing me to yell, the feel of it so robust and full as he implanted it right up inside me, pausing for just a moment as I felt his throb inside me and then he was thrusting like a mad animal growling and grunting until I felt the real heavy surge of his final thrust as all hell was let loose and he reached his waterloo up inside my well fucked spanked ass.

When it was over, and after we had sprawled on the bed completely exhausted the both of us, Vince asked if it was okay.

I guess the look on my face said it all and when I made my way, looking forward already to our next session, I felt he was still there inside.

Vincent does it all for me.

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