tagMind ControlVince The Bastard

Vince The Bastard


Vince was a bastard, a right bastard. And a proper one at that. His alcoholic mother never knew who had fucked a belly full of arms and legs into her. Given the nature of Vince, his father must have been a right cunt.

At 14, Vince already had a tough rep in the neighbourhood. He was big and mean, well muscled with brooding, saturnine dark good looks. He didn’t have a moral bone in his body. He wasn’t above giving kids a smack in the mouth if they didn’t come across with their lunch money quickly enough. He had learnt early that a good whack got him anything he wanted. After one smack too many, he had been expelled from school. He still needed money for his fags and clothes knowing his useless mother spent any spare cash on booze.

He had already shagged the two school bikes. They were mates and known by all to be ready to put out. One was tall and thin with shapely legs she liked to show off in an illegally abbreviated school skirt. She had a narrow, unattractive face, but had gladly taken his cherry on a dead mattress at the back of an abandoned shed. Especially, after he had given her a back hander. She had lain there virtually motionless as he grunted his sperm into her. Her mate was also a useless shag. She had already heard what he had done to her friend, and had meekly flopped down on the mattress, raising her dress to her belly. She too was scrawny, but a fuck was a fuck. He hadn’t lasted long. Still full of sperm, he had put her on her knees and made her suck him off. It had not been at all erotic.

He had just turned 15 and was lounging at an outdoor café table one day when one of the local hoods approached him. He was big and mean, and despite a knife scar on one cheek, was well dressed. “I hear you’re a bit of a mean bastard, young Vince,” he said.

“Can be.”

“I need somebody like you in my team. I need somebody that’s not afraid to dish out a bit of the rough if need be. Are you capable of doing that?”

“Yep, guess so.”

“I’ll pay you a retainer plus commission to do a bit of collecting for me. Can you do that?”


“Mind you, if I find out you’re keeping some of my money, I’ll literally feed you to the fishes. Got that?”


Big Mike took Vince on as a member of his team of bullies. They ran prostitutes, loan sharked, owned tenements and were into the protection racket as well. Occasionally, Vince would be sent around to one of the girls and although he had the occasional poke, he saw the needle marks far too often and used condoms which he detested. He preferred head jobs, but he may as well have been using his fist for all the eroticism of it.

Then he found what he had been looking for. Or rather, Big Mike found it for him. “I’m promoting you to rent collection,” he had said, “but don’t fuck around with any whining stories. Give ‘em a slap and they’ll cough up.”

Vince went to one of the old tenements and after collecting from two old poofs on the second floor, arrived at 204. When it opened, a middle aged woman stood there, hands on her broad hips. “I suppose you want the bloody rent,” she said quietly. “It’s far too much for a flea pit like this. Here have it.” She thrust a bundle of notes into his hand.

Vince took the notes and wrote a receipt. As he handed it to her, he took her in. She was quite small, about five one, but broad. Her face was not particularly attractive and lines were apparent around her eyes. Her hair was brown with grey streaks and cut as a bonnet but she looked healthy and clean. Her breasts bulged out of the nondescript dress she was wearing that also did nothing to hide the fact that she had quite a small waist that flared to matronly hips. He stared at her, slowly looking her up and down. In comparison to his mother and that of the scrawny sluts he had rooted, she was huge.

She looked up and watched him giving her the slow scrutiny. She was annoyed. Bloody upstart, and young too, despite his new clothes and big build. She started to close the door. He pushed it back and stepped inside, pulling it shut behind him.

“What do you want, you bastard,” she said crossing her arms over her mountainous chest.

He back handed her, far too quickly for her to react. Her head rocked to the side and back. She regarded him as her cheek reddened. She knew. She suddenly smiled.

“Come on then,” she said, leading him to a bedroom.

Her bedroom, like her, was neat, clean and comfortable. Semi erect already, he had become fully aroused as she stood by the bed and started undoing the buttons of her dress. A long line bra struggled to contain a massive amount of breast flesh. A round tummy covered the top of her old fashioned panties. She pulled the dress off and sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at him past the bulge in the front of his trousers.

“I don’t suppose you’ll be satisfied with a blow job, will you?”

“It will do for a start. Get that bra off and give me a look and those monsters,” he said, looking at the long cleavage on offer.

She didn’t hesitate and undid the front fastening of her enormous brassiere. Her massive boobs burst forth and sagged down onto her rotund tummy. He unzipped and dropped his pants, pushing his underwear to his knees. He stepped forward, hugely erect dick in hand.

“Hold them up,” he demanded. She gripped them underneath and lifted. He fitted his prong between them and started punching in and out, lubricated by the pre-cum liberally flowing from his pee slit. It felt marvellous and he rapidly realised this was his first really erotic sexual experience. He knew then he would never fuck another scarecrow. His large dick peeped above her divide.

“Give it a suck,” he said, pausing his in and out movement. She bent her head and sucked him into her warm mouth. The sucking was better than he had ever had, made more so by the feel of her big tits on the rest of his shaft and balls. She swirled her tongue across his pee slit and sucked harder. He came, hard. He held her head against him forcing her to swallow. She nearly gagged. His dick was so far down her throat, he was being thrilled some more by the swallowing actions on the head.

“Jesus, that was some head job,” he said, pulling semi erect dick from her mouth.

She fell back on the bed, wiping her mouth. She looked at him. “Are you leaving now?”

He looked at her lying there, her huge breasts, fallen to the sides, rising and falling. “Nope, more to come,” he said reaching out, grabbing her panties and pulling them from under her and down her meaty thighs. “Spread your legs,” he growled, as he started getting out of his clothes.

She put one arm over her eyes as she pulled her knees up and let them fall to the side. She knew what he wanted to see.

Her cunt was covered with grey wiry hair. The slit was long but plump. He reached forward and prised them apart. They stayed spread and he ran the pad of his forefinger from bottom to top and back again. She was slightly moist. He ran his finger back up to the top and diddled the lump he found there. He could feel it swell. He ran his finger back down and pushed it into her. She felt tight. He added a finger and sawed it back and forth within her. She juiced up, and sighed.

“Get on with it you bastard,” she gritted. He slapped her on the inside of her thigh to remind her who was in charge and reached for her mammoth breasts. The big brown nipples stood up about half and inch as he gripped and twisted them viciously.

“Be careful, bitch, or you will really get hurt. Put my dick in.”

She reached down and guided him to her entrance. He pushed the bulbous head just inside her vaginal lips. Holding her around the legs, he poised then thrust the full length right up as far as it would go. It bottomed with a couple of inches to go. She groaned as he pulled out and thrust again, this time getting further into her cervix. God, she was tight. He started fucking in earnest, trying to rein in the jelly like mounds moving around on her chest with the motion of his jerking movements.

She hadn’t been filled like this in years. She’d given up on sex, and hadn’t missed the small-dicked bastard that had run off with his secretary and all their money years ago. Despite willing herself not to, she was quite enjoying the rude thrusting of this big cocked lad who was at least one third her age. He was darkly good looking too, even if he was a first class bastard. He started to speed up and, as she felt her melons sway and roll all over her chest, she came, absolutely surprised at herself. She felt him spurt far up into her, the heat of his ejaculate almost scalding. She had another mini orgasm.

He let go her legs and captured her still swaying tits. “You are a hell of a fuck, lady.”

He let his cock soak some more, before slowly pulling it out. Their mixed juices were pulled out of her clasping cunt by the flange on his dick. Vince wiped his cock on the insides of her thighs and the bed cover and started getting dressed. She looked at him.

“I’ll be back.” And she knew she wouldn’t mind.


Vince got out of bed and yawned. He’d gotten in at 4 am after an interesting night giving a couple of likely lads a bit of a pounding. Silly bastards had tried to muscle in on part of Big Mike’s turf. He’d smashed a knee cap apiece with a baseball bat and received a nod of approval from Big Mike. In the last couple of years, he had moved up in the organisation and was now one of the senior lieutenants. Big Mike saw potential and started teaching him the business. More and more money had come his way and he was now very comfortable. He had truly found his vocation in life.

There had been some significant changes too. His old lady had popped off after an overdose and he had paid for her to be burnt. He hadn’t bother to go and had her ashes scattered at the back of the crematorium over some geraniums. He had moved into a four bedroom town house and now had a full time live in housekeeper. In fact, it was Mrs. McIntyre, the old girl he had poked on his first day of rent collecting. She had been grateful to move out of the flea pit and even if he didn’t pay her much or often, she had a roof over her head, some money in the bank, liberal use of housekeeping funds and her own bedroom and en-suite on the bottom floor. He threw the occasional fuck at her for old times sake accompanied by a slap now and then. She didn’t mind in the slightest, as he had become quite the cocksman, learning to love licking her cunt. He never said much, but she knew he enjoyed himself whenever he was giving her a fuck. He could be insatiable and she quite often found herself fingering her clit, day dreaming about the last satisfying time. While selfish for his own pleasure, he had found that if she got off as well, the pulsing of her vaginal walls heightened his ecstasy.

Vince put on his dressing gown, and suddenly hungry, went down the stairs to the kitchen. Mrs. McIntyre was there leaning over the sink, scrubbing at a roasting pan. He watched from the doorway as her big hips swung back and forth with the effort of her work. He started to bar up. He hadn’t had a poke in a couple of days as he’d been too busy tracking down the would be turf invaders.

He moved quietly over to stand behind her, almost touching but not quite. She sensed him there and stiffened up. “Keep working,” he growled as he reached around her waist to undo the sash of her dressing gown. He opened a bit and slid both hands in to familiarly clasp her big hanging tits over her nightgown. She continued to scrub and the motion moved her melons about in his hands. His ramrod stiff cock rode the crack of her arse. If this kept up, he would spunk all over her dressing gown. He reached up and pulled the dressing gown down off her shoulders and threw it over a nearby chair. She had on a pink night gown that did little to hide her fleshy body. He scooted the hem up around her waist and reached around to finger her pussy. She opened her legs as his dextrous fingers found her clit and started massaging it to erection. He ran his fingers down her slit feeling the onset of her juices.

He hunched down a little and the helmet of his cock slid between her meaty thighs, unerringly seeking her hairy twat. Her big arse divided and she could feel his rough public hairs titillating her crinkled anus. She bent over a little more and felt his penis nudge between her bulging lips. Her huge breasts swung free of her torso, her nipples erect. He straightened and his rigid cock forced itself up into her tight, moist cunt. He had been holding her pussy lips apart to allow entry, and now that he was seated in her heat, he reached up for her tits, gripping them like handles, and started to fuck her slowly, revelling in the erotic sensuality of the situation. He shunted into her faster and faster, her cunt walls gripping and releasing. He reached down with one hand and quickly frigged her clit. She came, and as her cunt pulsed, he came too, spurting far up against her cervix. He slumped onto her back, still holding her huge mammaries, as the last of his seed jerked out of him. He eased himself out, feeling her slimy juices surrounding his cock and giving him another shudder of pleasure.

He folded his dressing gown around himself and sat on the kitchen chair. “Breakfast,” he muttered, picking up the paper. She sighed and moved to range. Romantic he wasn’t, but a bloody good fuck, just the same.

Some time later, he drove to one of the tenements to perform his weekly ritual of rent collection. It was a job he didn’t mind as there were a couple of big titted old tarts grateful for a bit of attention. He was interested to see who had moved into 208. He thumped on the door and it eventually opened, but not too far. It was far enough to see, that it was a tall black woman with a close cropped cap of grey curly hair. Her brown eyes looked him up and down and she said, “Yeah, what do you want, boy?”

His eyes narrowed and he suddenly kicked the door hard slamming back against her. He was inside and the door kicked shut before she knew what was happening. She was wearing a loose purple house coat done up to her neck. Vince grabbed the coat by the lapels and swung her around and up against the door. As she slammed into the door, her eyes betrayed her fear. The ferocity and suddenness of the attack coupled with the mighty strength he had used, alarmed her. She was unused to this sort of treatment although a neighbour had warned her that Vince was not to be trifled with.

“My name is Vince - not boy,” he growled, emphasising each of the points with a powerful shove. On the second shove, her head jerked back and hit the door with a resounding thud. He let go of her, and moving to an armchair said, “Get the money, bitch. I don’t have all day.”

She rubbed the back of her head, and pulled her house coat back into place. “You’ve made your point. I’ll get it.” She moved into the bedroom and he heard her fumbling about. Suddenly suspicious as to why it was taking so long, he was ready when she flew out of the room with a baseball bat raised above her head. He flung himself out of the chair, as the bat landed heavily behind him. Vince rolled and agilely leapt to his feet as she readied to go after him. As she swung up, he closed with her and grappled for control of the bat. He wrenched it from her and threw it behind him. Grabbing her by the lapels, he smacked her once, twice, three times and pushed her back through the doorway into the bedroom. Her knees hit the bed and she flopped back, her eyes glazing.

He glared down at her. “You won’t learn, will you, you black bitch. I think a lesson is needed. Roll over, I don’t want to see your ugly face.” He loosened and removed his belt as she ponderously rolled over. “Don’t move,” he warned her as he grabbed the hem of her house coat and pulled it up her legs. Her calves were nicely shaped, tapering up from quite slim ankles. She had dimpled knees. Raising the coat further, he saw that her legs were very smooth and brown, and long. Her thighs were thick but without a sign of cellulite. He flipped the gown above her waist, exposing large, smooth arse cheeks, deeply and darkly divided. The bitch had no underwear on, but he couldn’t see anything of her privates as her thighs were held tightly together. He raised the belt and welted her across her buttocks. Instantly, a deep red mark resulted. Totally in control of his anger, Vince gave her a few more, ignoring the muffled sobbing. He casually re-looped his belt, watching her shoulders shake.

“There’ll be no more nonsense - right?” he growled.

He heard her whimper “Yes, master.”

He gave her a gently pat on the arse, “I’m not your master, woman. Just a man doing a job.” He could feel the heat coming from her arse cheeks and began to caress the nearest one in a circular, soothing action. Her skin felt like velvet. He did the same to the other, again amazed at the velvety smoothness of her skin. Her sobs became quieter and she started to tremble. He leant over and used both hands. “Turn over, bitch,” he said quietly.

Knowing she had no option, she slowly rolled over, trying to keep her thighs together. He could see a delta of white grey hair that stood out against her chocolate skin. “Spread ‘em, woman. Don’t piss about. Give me a look at the goodies.” She raised her knees and let them flop outward.

Vince slowly drew his breath in as the panorama of a truly glorious cunt was revealed. Emerging from the white curly hair was a pair of plump, hairless lips that bulged up at him. He reached out and caressed his fingers from top to bottom and back again. As he did so, the lips rolled back a little and he could see the beginning of a pink interior. The dark hood at the top of the slit was pronounced as if it was trying to hide something. He flicked it with his thumb, just once. Instantly the hood retracted exposing a shiny pink clitoris the size of the end of his finger. It looked like a mini prick, helmet and all. Peering closely, he thumbed it again and watched in throb strongly. He glanced up at her. She was staring at the ceiling and tears were sliding down her cheeks. “That’s some treasure you have there, honey.”

Gently pinching the erect pink clit, Vince moved his hand up and down, and as he did so, the outer lips of her cunt opened outward, like a flower, revealing the rills of her light pink inner lips. He was awed. He hadn’t seen this on any of the old tarts he was fucking. As he rhythmically moved his fingers up and down, he saw a whitish, shiny fluid slide out of the bottom of her cunt and down the crack of her arse and begin puddling on the bed cover. With his other hand he started caressing her incredibly smooth inner thighs.

He looked up at. “You may not be enjoying this woman, but your body sure is. Undo the house coat. Lets see if the superstructure matches this pearl I’m peeling.”

She started undoing the buttons, one by one. Searching among the rucked up folds of the house coat, she undid the last one and pulled it to one side. His eyes widened. Sitting on her chest, held in place by her arms was a pair of massive brown breasts, full and plump, highlighted by areolae that were easily four inches in diameter. Crinkled nipples the size and shape of strawberries were semi erect. Still moving his thumb and forefinger on her clit, Vince reached up with his other hands and gently pinched the nearest cone, watching as it erected further and became hard. He did the same with the other one and heard her gasp. Moving up, he lowered his head and sucked the unattended nipple, rasping his tongue around it and across. He mauled the other tit then leant over and sucked it. Leaving her clitoris, the fingers of his other hand traced a line up and down the inner lips of her cunt, feeling the moisture gathering at the bottom.

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