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It was Sunday night and I was watching " News at Eleven on Eleven", the local

TV channel. "Jail Break" flashed onto the screen. Apparently three desperados had overpowered their guards and were on the loose. The newscaster said that they may be in the area, so beware! I was momentarily distracted by Suzie, my wife of 20 years, whom had just come downstairs from taking her bath. The air was full of a magnificent scent of her bath oil and shampoo. She had on a short, black silk housecoat, tied at the waist. It just barely covered her ample behind and when she sat down I could see she had nothing underneath.

Suzie had a great figure for a woman in her early 40's. She went to the gym three times a week, played squash at the club whenever she could get a game and always played golf at least twice a week. Mother nature had been kind to her and over the years she maintained her slim waist and firm butt. Suzie also had very large breasts, 36 D's, which were also firm. In my opinion she didn't need to wear a bra, but she said that if they bounced up they would knock her out, so she kept them contained. To go along with her drop dead gorgeous figure, she was very pretty. She had big blue eyes that sparkled with excitement when she talked and very dark brown hair. She had a cute button nose and full lips that turned up in the corners which gave her the appearance of always having a smile on her beautiful face. She looked much younger than her age and often times I was mistaken for being her father.

I had just gotten up to get us a drink and was in the kitchen when a sharp knock came to the door. Before I could caution Suzie she started to open the front door. The door slammed into Suzie and knocked her down. It was obvious it was kicked from the outside. I rushed to her aid and was greeted by three of the most sinister looking men I have ever seen. On of them had a shotgun pointed point blank at me. As I bent over to help Suzie up I felt a hard wrap to my skull which I later found out was the butt of the shot gun. The lights went out.

When I came to, my hands were bound behind my back with duct tape and my head was spinning from the blow I had suffered. As I stirred the shortest of the three, Charlie, kicked me in the stomach. Charlie looked like a little weasel. The kind of guy you hated just by the way he looked.

"Please don't hurt him" I heard Suzie say. "What do you want with us?" she asked.

"With him, nothin'" said Butch, the leader of the trio. Butch was at least 6' 2", way overweight and as ugly as sin. "With you, well we'll get to that won't we boys " Butch said grinning showing his rotten teeth.

The other two men quickly agreed with a howl. The third man, Sam, was a very large man who was build like a brick shit-house. He stood much taller than the other two, had a body builders shape and was black. He looked Jamaican. It looked as if these men were the same as the ones that had been on the newscast. I then realized that we would be lucky to get out of this alive.

I could see Charlie was ogling Suzie. He grabbed Suzie housecoat and tore it off. "Look at the tits on this bitch" he screamed as he marveled at her tremendous body. Suzie crossed her arms over her breast to cover up. Charlie was having none of that. "Let's see 'em, baby!" he barked. "Or else!" he said as he kicked me in the chest. Quickly Suzie dropped her arms. "Please stop hitting on him. I'll do what ever you wish, but please don't hurt him anymore." Charlie reached over and gave Suzie's nipple a hard pinch and a tug. I could tell by the way Suzie winced that it had hurt. Charlie cackled as he roughly grabbed both of her breast with his hands leaving red marks which I was sure would turn to bruises. She pulled back in pain. Seeing this, Butch slammed the butt of the gun to the side of my head. I went down again; helpless to do anything. "Stop!" she cried as she looked down at me on the floor with blood coming from my mouth.

"Come on, Babe" Butch ordered as he dragged Suzie to the couch. As threw her down he handed the shotgun to Charlie and said "Me first." He placed his hand on Suzie's inner thigh. Suzie spread her legs to allow Butch clear passage to her pussy. I noticed that both of Suzie's nipples were hard and aroused. As Butch's fingers reached Suzie's crotch he exclaimed "This bitch is hot. Her pussy is just dripping. Man it's been so long since I had a hot piece of ass." He was right. I could see his fingers, as he pushed them in and out, we covered with Suzie's wetness. The room filled with the smell of Suzie's hot pussy. She squirmed as he continued to finger her. Then she started to meet his thrusts. She was getting hot.

The large black dude sat down on the other side of Suzie and started to rub her breast. His hands were so large that her breast looked small in his grip. He was much gentler than Charlie. For this, at least, I was thankful. I could see from where I lay both men had an erection. Suzie also noticed. She couldn't take her eyes off the large lump in Sam's pants and started to rub his rising member through his pants. Charlie had the gun pointed at my head, but he was intently watching the two men as they mauled my wife.

"Enough of this" Butch yelled. "I want a piece of this ass. NOW"

Sam quickly got up and Butch pushed Suzie back and spread her legs. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. He rammed his hard cock into Suzie's hot pussy. She squealed. As Butch pumped Suzie, she met his thrusts. I don't know what came over me, but I found my cock starting to harden.

She still hadn't taken her eyes off Sam's swollen bulge in his pants. She reached up and undid Sam pants and let the monster loose. Suzie grasped his large cock with her hand. She could barely get her hand a half way around it. As she looked at the large bulbous head I could see lust in her eyes. Butch continued to pump as Suzie gave Sam a hand job. Sam was getting very aroused as Suzie started to tickle his large balls with her free hand. Butch started to cum and pulled out and shot his hot spew onto her bare belly. Then Sam erupted. The first gush from Sam shot clear over the couch. The next pump landed on Suzie's breast in a big gob. Then Suzie screamed and had a very large orgasm. Seeing this, I too came in my underwear.

Charlie said "My turn" as he passed the shotgun back to Butch. He approached my wife and looked down at her covered with the other two men's cum. "I'm not getting their cum on me. Roll over slut " he said. Suzie complied. Charlie rammed his cock into Suzie's wet pussy. His cock was covered with her wetness as he pulled it out. He started to run his cock up and down my wife's crack giving special attention to her butt hole. Suddenly he buried his cock in her ass. Suzie screamed as he viciously assaulted her butt. He continued to pump and Suzie started to meet his thrusts. Was she enjoying this I asked myself. "Oh God" she screamed as she came again. I had my answer. Charlie then started to cum and squirted his load into her tight ass. Suzie just lay there for a minute with a look of contentment on her face.

"Get up and clean yourself up. Then get us something to eat bitch" Butch ordered.

"And put something on!"

Suzie went upstairs and showered. She returned wearing nothing but a see through wrap that just barely covered anything. She looked hot I must admit. What was she doing I thought.

"I told you to put something on" Butch shouted.

"Why, so you can tear it off and ruin my clothes" she responded.

Butch laughed and grabbed her ass. "I guess you're right. Now get us some grub"

Suzie went into the kitchen and prepared the men a meal. As she was cooking Sam went to the kitchen. I couldn't see into the kitchen from where I lay on the floor, but looking at the mirror in the hall I had an unrestricted view of what was happening. Suzie approached Sam and started to rub his cock through his drawers with one hand and grabbed his hand with her free one and placed it on her pussy. Her wrap fell open and I could see Sam pushing his fingers into her hot pussy. Her nipples were getting hard again. So was my cock. By now she had Sam's cock free. Sam sat on a kitchen chair and lifted my wife onto his throbbing knob. I didn't think that he would be able to get it into her, but it started to slid in.

She must have been very horny and wanting that big cock. He lifted her up and let her fall onto his cock. She squeeled as she quickly came again riding on that large cock of Sam. Then Sam came. He drove his cock deep within her and held her until he had stopped pumping his cum into her. He lifted her off and returned to the livingroom and left her to finish cookin their meal.

The three men sat at the kitchen table and ate the meal that Suzie had prepared. They ate like pigs with no manners at all. Suzie had also put out some beer for them which they greedily drank. After they ate I noticed that they were all starting to look very tired. You know, like a young child when they are fighting to stay awake. Then they all started to nod off. They all fell to sleep with their heads on the kitchen table. Suzie pushed Sam's arm to see if he was gone. No response. She quickly came in and undid me from my binds. Suzie then grabbed the phone and called 911. Within minutes our house was crawling with police. They cuffed the three escaped cons and took the out to the cruiser. Thank God it was over! The sergant in charge said that we were lucky to get away with our lives and asked us to come in to the station in the morning and give our statement.

After everyone had left I took Suzie in my arms and she explained that she had spiked the meal with sleeping pills. "You know, the strong ones that the doctor gave me when you are away" she said. I locked the door and turned out the lights.

Suzie and I went to bed, a little worse for wear, but both alright. I kissed her and started to rub her crotch. "Is this alright" I asked, feeling her pussy that was still drenched with Sam's cum. "Oh ya!" she said. "A little tender, but it's just fine."

What a woman, I thought to myself. She had given herself to save me from a beating and possible death. She put up with these men taking their turns with her.

I had such a raging hard-on from what had happened. I couldn't wait to have my turn.

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Another one of your treasures! Fuck you!

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So wife is gang raped and hubby is ok with it, fucking really. Sorry but no hubby would even think of touching the slut till cleared of all std's. Absolute rubbish and must compliment the author on beingmore...

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