tagBDSMViolet's Punishment

Violet's Punishment


Violet was in trouble, and she knew it. Master had left the customary list of chores pinned up next to the door before he went to work, as always. Less customary? Few of them were finished, and Master would be home in ten minutes. Violet shivered. She hoped the inevitable punishment wouldn't be too harsh. Maybe just a beating and an ice shower, if she was very lucky. She hoped Master was in a good mood. After all, she didn't want him to cut her long, dirty blonde hair off again. Master had a thing for...creative punishments. Violet would just have to be on her best behavior. She got dressed according to Master's orders, in a lacy black thong, matching bra, and plaid miniskirt, as well as her red leather collar, of course. She hesitated for a second, then put on some thigh-high stockings as well. It probably wouldn't do much to alleviate her punishment, but it was worth a shot. It hadn't been her fault, really. Master had caged her the night before, and he knew Violet never slept well in her cage. So her intended nap after Master left had turned out rather longer than she had planned. Nothing much to be done about it now, she thought to herself. Violet went and knelt in front of the door in preparation for Master's arrival.

Right away, she could tell this would not go well. Even the way Master pulled into the driveway was vicious. Violet's lip quivered slightly in fearful anticipation of her evening. The sound of Master's key in the lock made her heart skip a beat. Master opened the door, walked inside, and closed it again rather more forcefully than Violet would have liked. He stood in front of his pet, and Violet kissed each of his shoes once. She made sure to kiss them well, actually using tongue, which she generally thought was kind of gross. Master's shoes were usually rather dirty.

"Get up, girl." Master's deep voice chilled Violet every time she heard it. Something had annoyed Master, and now Violet knew she'd have to pay the price. "Yes, Master," she said, as meekly and submissively as she could. She stood up, and hung up Master's coat as he walked inside and sat down on the couch. Violet had managed to tidy up most of the house, so maybe Master wouldn't check on her other chores too much. She realized she was desperately clutching at straws now, but Violet really did not want to get punished by an angry Master. She was rarely allowed to stand up while Master was home, so she crawled on all fours, into the living room, to kneel at Master's feet. She gently stroked her cheek against Master's pants leg, nuzzling his knee.

"What is it, girl?"

"Please Master, your pet was just wondering if everything was okay?"

"What? Yeah, I'm fine, pet. Don't worry."

"Yes, Master, I won't, Master. Would Master like anything to drink?"

Please don't say beer, please don't say beer, Violet thought to herself. Adding alcohol into the already ugly circumstances would certainly not end well for anyone involved.

"No, I'm good. I am hungry though. Where's dinner?"

"Um... well Master, about that..."

"You don't have it done do you, slut?"

Violet hung her head. "No, Master."

"Go get the list I left for you, right now."

"At once, Master."

Violet slowly crawled to Master's room to look for the list. She didn't get very far, however, until Master's voice rang out again.

"SLUT!" he yelled from the living room. "Get your sorry ass here NOW!"

Violet obeyed immediately, terrified of what would happen next.

"None of your chores are done, are they, slut?"

"No Master, please Master, if you would allow me to..."

"Shut up. Why the fuck do I leave you a list every morning, slut?"

"So I know what I have to do today, Master."

"And what the fuck is the point of that if you're just gonna ignore it?"

"Please Master, I didn't..."

"Shut the fuck up, slut. Get into my room and wait there, on all fours, with your ass in the air."

Violet's voice was shaking as she answered. "Yes, Master."

She crawled over into Master's room and assumed the position. She had never seen Master so angry, and was absolutely terrified. She was almost crying by the time he walked in, and closed the door.

"Alright, slut. You're probably never going to disregard my orders again, are you?"

"No Master, never again Master, please Master it was an accident, I didn't mean to disobey, please don't punish me, Master..."

A rough blow from Master's riding crop replaced her pleading with a cry of pain. Master leaned down and dangled a butt plug in front of Violet's face. Her eyes widened, since this plug was bigger than any she had ever used before. Master didn't go back door on Violet often, and so her asshole was tight and not ready for a plug that size. Master didn't seem to mind that, however, as he roughly shoved the plug into his pet's ass.

Violet's eyes grew huge and she whimpered in pain as she felt her tight hole get stretched out and filled by the plug.

"Oww Master, please, this hurts, Master..." she moaned.

"Shut up, slut. I've had enough of your miserable whining." Master forced Violet's gag into her mouth and tightened the straps around her head. Violet could only quietly whimper through the ball gag as Master prepared the next part of her punishment.

The pain in Violet's ass was growing steadily worse as Master picked up the big wooden paddle he used only on special occasions. He let her realize what was about to happen.

"Now, you are not allowed to shed a single tear unless I say you can, slut. Do not disappoint me."

Violet couldn't answer, but nodded her head slowly. Master raised the paddle and brought it down hard on her ass. Violet's head reeled from the sudden burst of pain. The force of the paddle's repeated blows was shoving the plug deep into her ass each time, in addition to being rather painful by themselves. She hoped Master wouldn't tear her asshole. Violet was trying desperately to stop herself from crying as Master ferociously continued her beating. She whimpered weakly, but Master took no notice. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally threw the paddle down.

Master grabbed Violet by the hair, eliciting a little squeak of fear and pain. He then reached down around her hips, grabbed the plug, and roughly yanked it out of the girl's ass. Violet squealed loudly. This was the worst pain she'd ever felt, and she had a sinking feeling it wasn't done yet. Next, Master took off her gag.

"You can cry and snivel and whine like I know you want to now, slut."

Despite herself, Violet did exactly that. Still on all fours, she burst into tears, begging Master not to continue with whatever he had planned.

"Oh god, Master, please don't hurt me anymore, I can't take this, it hurts so much Master, oh please Master, please..."

Master was now taking off his clothes, and Violet suddenly realized what would happen next. Master saw the fear in her eyes.

"What's the matter, slut? Is your whore ass sore?"

"Please Master, don't fuck my ass, please, you'll destroy it. Please, I learned my lesson, I'll never disobey you again."

"Oh, do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up, slut. You'll have learned your lesson when I say so."

Violet was crying again, and she looked up at Master through tear-filled eyes before the punishment began.

"Please Master, may I ask for just a little favor?" she said in a scared and pleading tone that moved her Master.

"What is it?"

"Please Master, would you use lube and not fuck me dry? It's going to hurt so much already, and I'm really, really scared Master, please..."

Master sighed. "That's the point, slut."

With no lube, he knelt behind Violet, grabbed her hips, and shoved his 8-inch dick deep into her already damaged asshole.

Master had not renewed the order to stay quiet, but it wouldn't have mattered. Nothing could have stopped her from screaming as Master relentlessly fucked her ass. Violet was bleeding, she was sure of it, and tears were pouring down her face. She couldn't think of anything more painful than this was. Master was pounding her with no consideration of her squeals. She wanted to beg him to stop, but the pain was too much to speak. She couldn't even stay on all fours anymore. Violet collapsed down onto her stomach, but that didn't stop Master from fucking her mercilessly. Her squeals grew more desperate as Master got closer and closer to release. His dick was destroying her asshole, she was sure it had torn already, and the agony was simply unbearable. Master finally finished, cumming right into Violet's ass. She stopped squealing and merely gasped, one long intake of breath that lasted until Master stopped cumming. He pulled his dick from out of her asshole, and Violet cried again. She was facedown, sobbing into the carpet, begging Master to stop.

"That's enough, pet. You've taken enough punishment for this. You're never going to disregard my instructions again, are you?"

Violet tried to speak, but couldn't form any words. The pain in her ass was intense, and she was sure she wouldn't be walking tomorrow. Violet certainly hoped Master would consider that when he left his instructions list tomorrow. Master noticed how hurt and miserable Violet looked on the ground. He began to wonder if he had gone too far as he gently picked her up and carried her to his bed. It always startled Violet how quickly and easily Master could go from ruthless to gentle. Right now, though, all she could do was lie in Master's arms in his bed, as he held her tight and whispered words of love into her ear. Violet pressed her pretty face into his chest, and smiled slightly to herself. After all, she was his pet. She loved getting to sleep with Master.

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