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A jubilant team began rushing off the playing field towards the locker room after winning the CIF southern California divisional title. The players were all jumping, gesturing with high-fives, hugging and slapping each other on the hind quarters acknowledging the victory. In general, the team members were acting like most young men who had just won a division title in any sporting event. Although physically drained the adrenaline was still flowing through the boy's bodies as they hit the showers. Once the natural high from epinephrine wore off the physical pain from play would set in.

The hot showers would help alleviate some of the pain associated with rough and tumble play. However, for one of the boys it was a time to view his team member's steamy hot nude bodies. After the team finished showering they started to come off that natural high from the life drug produced by the human body. Once dressed in street clothes one or two at a time members of the team began exiting the locker room where they were met by family, friends and a few media types waiting to interview certain divisional champions.

For Josh, there was no family, no interviews. The tall redhead was beginning to feel the soreness set in. He was not one of the standout stars of the team, but he had played his heart out for a winning team. All Josh wanted was to get home, slip into a warm bath to relax and relieve the pain in his sore muscles. The redhead ambled across campus towards the bus stop.

Unlike the other boys on the team who triumphantly piled into their cars or parent's vehicles to go off celebrating their win Josh stood in the heat of the day at the bus stop waiting for his ride home. Out of nowhere Taylor Trella sped towards the gangling teen grinding his red Testarossa to a stop curbside yelling out, "Josh! Hey Josh want a ride?"

Well, hell yes, Josh thought to himself, he sure as hell would rather ride home in Ferrari Testarossa than wait in the heat for another half hour at a bus stop for a hot stinky bus ride home. "Hell yeah," the redhead replied.

"Well, hop in, buddy," Taylor shouted back.

Josh really wasn't Taylor's buddy. They didn't have much in common except Josh's sister. Josh bent down cautiously opening the door to the low slung Italian sports car accepting Taylor's hospitality. As Josh slid into the bucket seat and began buckling up the two eighteen year olds were exchanging high-fives. Josh saying, "Thanks Tay."

The debonair Taylor was Josh's twin sister's boyfriend. Josh rarely saw Taylor, only whenever he came by to pickup his sister for a date. Taylor had never before invited Josh to do anything with him or offer a ride, but Josh had fantasized about the urbane Italian-American.

"So, where the hell has Janice been hiding herself?" Taylor asked as they sped off, "I haven't seen or heard from her in a few days."

"Didn't she tell you?"


"You really don't know what happened do you?" Josh questioned. "She went with mom and dad on a trip to Ireland. Back to explore the family roots. My mom and dad had been saving for over a year to go. Janice spotted a bargain on the Internet for round trip air fare, lodging and a car rental, all for a little less than $1,300.00 total cost for the three of them. Dad thought he'd have to spend at least three grand or more just for airfare and lodging."

"Damn, sounds like a deal to me."

"I couldn't go because of the damn playoffs."

"Sorry you didn't get to go, buddy," Taylor said slapping Josh on the left thigh, "but hell yeah, Josh, that's a great deal for a trip like that. That's how my dad and mom travel most of the time and they do like to travel, especially when they go back to the old country. Or anywhere for that matter; mom is the bargain hunter in our family."

"I can't understand you of all people didn't know my sister was gone." Josh responded, "you been bangin her for over a year now."

"How the hell do you know I've been bangin your sister?" Taylor blurted back.

"Dude, she's my twin sister!" Josh exclaimed, "We know everything about each other, including what's going on with our sex lives. But you being an only child wouldn't have a clue about anything like that."

"I'm not an only child. I got an older sister," Taylor replied.

"Yeah a sister that's like eight or ten years older and married. I'd say that leaves you at home as an only child," Josh came back.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Anyway Janice and I kind of cooled things down a couple weeks ago. You didn't know that?" Taylor questioned.

"No, she didn't say anything about you guys breaking up, but she's been hecka busy the past few days before they departed."

"We didn't really breakup, just takin a break. So, where we headed?" Taylor asked.

"I really need to get home."

"You sure," Taylor responded, "It appears I ain't got a girlfriend and you never had one. Let's go party, buddy."

"No thanks," Josh responded, "I just want to get home and slide into a hot tub of water to relax my sore body."

The two rode towards Josh's house in silence after concluding the verbal exchange. Maybe Taylor felt bad that he hadn't been told by his girlfriend about her leaving going to Ireland. Maybe Josh was embarrassed about blurting out that he knew Taylor was fucking his sister. Whatever the reason, there was a quiet estrangement that had developed between the two as they continued towards Josh's house.

Once they arrived Taylor asked, "You gonna invite me in?"

"Sure," Josh said and then commented in comic sarcasms, "I suppose you want to share a warm bath with me too?"

"Only if you want, buddy."

Josh didn't feel there was a need to answer Taylor back. The two walked in silence through the house to Josh's small bedroom. Once in the room Taylor flopped down on the twin bed, "Damn dude this is a really small bedroom. I mean compared to mine."

"Big enough for a bed and dresser," Josh said while he began shedding all his clothing except his drawers, "that's all I need."

Taylor was cautiously eyeing Josh as he was undressing. Josh didn't have a great body compared to his, but it was okay. Facing away from Taylor Josh dropped his drawers, walked out of them and began padding off towards the bathroom to draw a warm bath. Taylor was watching Josh's creamy white backside disappear into the bathroom.

In the bathroom Josh was busy sprinkling some of his sister's bubble bath in the hot running water. Then he took a seat on the floor dangling his arm in the tub of rising water swirling his hand around stirring the suds. He was also thinking about Taylor sprawled on his bed, wishing that he would join him in the bath.

Now, Taylor was one hella ripped dude but he never went out for any type sporting activities. Josh felt that Taylor's sole purpose in life was to live the life of a Romeo, seducing every girl that came his way. He was the rich kid who had everything in life, and delighted in flaunting it. All the girls around town chased after him. Josh couldn't understand what attracted Taylor to his sister.

Janice was a nice looking girl, but wasn't a raving beauty. Taylor had the body, looks and money to have any number of truly beautiful girls in town, but no, he'd been dating Josh's plain appearing twin sister instead. Both Josh and his sister were not homely nor were they beautiful people. The siblings were both redheads with creamy white bodies dotted with freckles. A little taller than many of their peers they were mediocre athletes. The twins were just average appearing young people working towards a common goal: completing their senior year of high school.

From the first time Josh met Taylor he wondered what the third generation Italian-American playboy might look like bare ass butt naked. Josh had seen him with his shirt off on a few occasions, but that was it. The upper half of Taylor's body was buff, smooth and tan. He possessed the dreamy olive smooth complexion of Italian men with a dark line of hair leading from his belly button into his shorts. Josh had drooled on more than one occasion wanting to see where the treasure trail ended and the prize at the end of it.

Josh knew that his sister was aware of what was at the end of the trail and it must have been a true pot of gold. She'd been guarded about what she revealed to her brother about the prize. She had told Josh that she had been engaging in sex for over a year with Taylor. She also told her brother that she enjoyed giving and receiving head more than intercourse and the same was true with Taylor. She'd remarked that Taylor had a cute penis and he loved letting her suck him off. She told her brother that the two would sixty-nine each other whenever possible, but rarely did they engage in intercourse. Josh never could find out from her what cute meant as far as Taylor's penis.

The sister had never expanded on the dimensions or anything else about Taylor's cute manhood, just that it was a beautiful thing and she loved giving him blowjobs. Of course Josh had on more than one occasion fantasized about what it might be like to deliver a blowjob onto Taylor and vice versus. There had been more than one night Josh had completed masturbation beneath the sheets dreaming about what it might be like for him and Taylor to engage in mutual sex.

Although Josh had never engaged in sex with boy or girl he felt that he was probably gay and was painfully aware that Taylor was a straight eight guy. He knew there was no chance that any of his dreams or fantasies would ever come true when it came to Taylor.

The rich kid had never come onto Josh with any overt sexual overtures, but Josh felt there had been covert gestures and the two had exchanged longing looks at each other on a few occasions. The tub was halfway full, so Josh reached over to turn off the mixer before cautiously easing his legs and then torso into the tub of hot water. He settled his butt onto the floor of the tub to take full advantage of the warm water: warmth to ease some of the muscle pain.

Suddenly, before Josh could recline against the back of the tub he felt a pair of legs behind him. The smooth legs making contact with his back began to spread wide, sliding down each side of Josh's body. Taylor began adjusting his body behind Josh's body while Josh was accommodating Taylor. Once seated, Taylor began pulling Josh tight against his body. "What the he...," Josh started to blurt out.

Before Josh could finish his sentence Taylor put his mouth against Josh's left ear while pulling him back against him whispering, "Be quiet and enjoy. You know you want this as much as I do."

Josh didn't say another word as Taylor began wrapping his legs over the top of Josh's legs while his hands began roaming over the upper portion of Josh's body, massaging the redhead's sore neck and shoulders.

"Just enjoy the moment, Josh."

With Josh resting against Taylor's chest the Italian began rubbing up and down Josh's arms. The redhead didn't have the body builder physique that Taylor did; instead, he was just a lanky athlete. As the two began to relax and recline against the back of the tub the young men's bodies were mostly submerged in the warm water. Nothing but their heads and tops of their shoulders above the waterline: a waterline that was within a couple inches of the top of the tub.

"I asked about sharing a bath with you and you didn't say no to me," Taylor whispered into Josh's left ear, "so here I am. You tell me if you want me to leave, but I don't think you do."

After that comment Taylor's hands reached around Josh's body his fingers finding Josh's erect nipples. Taylor saying, "See, I knew you wanted me in the tub with you, just look what I found."

The young Italian stud began playing with the Irish lad's erect pink buds using his thumbs and forefingers to stimulate the firm nipples. Taylor could feel Josh's heart rate increasing each time he drug his thumb nails across the nipples and then began flicking them.

"Oh God, don't stop that," Josh whimpered, "That feels so fucking good."

"Yeah, that's what your sister says when we do this in my tub," Taylor responded, "but my tub is twice the size of this one. We'll have to try it sometime."

Josh didn't know how to take the comment about his sister; moreover, he didn't care, he just wanted Taylor to continue fondling his firm nipples. Josh could feel a nice size bump pressing against his lower back and butt crack. He knew it was Taylor's burgeoning boner. As Taylor continued teasing the redhead's nipples while lightly kissing on Josh's neck, something that was driving Josh wild with desire for more.

"You know, your sister is really hot blooded babe. What about you?" Taylor asked, "Are you as hot as your sister in bed?"

"I really don't know that much about my sister and how hot blooded she is, but I'm sure you're gonna tell me. The question is, are you gonna tell her about this?" Josh asked.

Taylor sidestepped the last part of the question, "She has a great set of boobs. Not too big and not too small, just right for me to play with and nipples that get firm just like yours in a heartbeat. I love to play with them and suck on them. She loves for me to play with her nipples kind of like what I'm doing with you right now. And while I play with one nipple I'll be stimulating her clit with the other fingers."

"I agree with the assessment about her tits," Josh replied throwing his head back so he could hear Taylor better, "but I've got something bigger and better than a clit if you want to play with it."

"Before I do that let me tell you more about her clit. I get her all excited soaking wet and then her clit becomes as big as a small strawberry and damn near as red," Taylor bragged, "I love sucking on that little strawberry while Janice is squirming and screaming for more. I can make her cum so many times working her clit."

Josh was not sure where the conversation about his sister was heading or why Taylor was telling him, but it was making Josh fucking hot.

"I'd sure like to make you cum if you let me?" Taylor asked.

"Oh yeah," Josh whimpered.

Did Taylor really want him or was he just missing Josh's sister. Josh had never fooled around with his sister. That was considered incestuous. He'd only seen her nude a few times back when they were kids before puberty. Hell, Josh had never fooled around with any guy or a girl.

All Josh had done was search the Internet for porn. There was a ton of it available. Not only erotic stories, but graphic photos and videos as well as any type sex toy a person would want. The one thing that had piqued Josh's curiosity was the anal sex toys and videos about anal sex.

"You know what truly drives me totally crazy about your sister, her red bush. That makes the oral sex between us super. We can totally satisfy each other orally and never engage in intercourse," Taylor said, "What about you Josh, can we satisfy each other?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean," Taylor replied, "Haven't you ever engaged in sex with a girl or a guy before?"

"No!" Josh exclaimed.

"Oh wow, you're a cherry," Taylor responded excitedly.

"What do you mean a cherry?" Josh quizzed.

"That means you haven't had sex yet in your life," Taylor responded.

"Well, I do jack off," Josh whimpered somewhat apologetically.

"Do you mind if I cop a feel," Taylor said dropping his hand into the redhead's crotch reaching for Josh's hard dick, "Oh my, you do have a nice dick. Yes, a nice size one," Taylor said stroking the full length of Josh's tool underwater, "Do you mind if I play with your balls?"

"No," Josh whimpered once again, "Oh God, play with whatever forever."

Taylor had taken total control of Josh; the redhead was melting away and Taylor knew it. Taylor had that golden charm about him to get whatever he wanted in life. Everyone loved him even Josh's parents. They liked him from the first moment they met him and always welcomed him into the home. Taylor could definitely be a politician when he became an adult. He had the charm and all the correct lines to get elected and if he kept his nose clean keep getting elected. Josh had never heard him use any slang or vulgarity in his vocabulary in public or around family.

"Oh my, I do want more of this but in the bedroom," Taylor whispered, "Are you gonna let me have your cherry today, baby?" Taylor whispered into Josh's left ear, "Just like I took your sister's cherry. You do want to have sex with me don't you? If not just tell me and I'll stop."

"Uh-huh," was Josh's simple whimper response, "I want you as bad as you want me. Will you teach me?"

Taylor could feel Josh's heart racing. Here, the person of Josh's dreams and fantasies was propositioning him. No more fantasies or dreaming about sex between the two of them. They were going to engage in sex and young dreamy Taylor Trella was going to be his seducer, his teacher, and in the process pluck Josh's throbbing cherry.

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