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Virgin Tease


First Clinician Jenny called Rob from the waiting room and led him to a treatment room. As he followed her, his eyes focused on the slender beauty with light brown hair and a crisp uniform dress that settled a few inches above her knees. Her bare legs and white sneakers, as well as her walk, had an innocent teasing quality. Her smile conveyed a sensual depth that almost contradicted her age of 19.

"Please take off all your clothes," Jenny instructed. She stood and watched as Rob disrobed. She smiled when she saw his cock cage. "It says you got an enema from Nurse Rina this morning. How was it?"

"Oh man, she really gave it to me good! I thought she'd never let me get rid of it. And I was so full! It just kept on and on."

Jenny giggled. "Yes, she does have a way with enemas. She gives me an enema twice a week. The same kind she gave you."

Rob grimaced, a sign that his expanding cock encountered the constriction of the cage. Jenny noticed but did not give Rob any indication.

"And this is the fourth day you've had your chastity device. How has it been?"

"It's not a lot of fun... I can't wait for it to come off."

"You know that the experiment requires edging and denial of orgasm, right? And that at the conclusion, Nurse Ashley will ask you a series of questions."


"Good. Lie back on the table and I'll bind you in place. Today's session will be three hours of teasing, edging, and denial."

Rob's heart raced when he felt Jenny's efficient hands bind his wrists to the table. She bound his ankles apart and removed the chastity device. Rob gave a sigh, and Jenny smiled. His unencumbered erection reached skyward.

She squirted oil on his throbbing erection and used her hands to carefully spread it. Then began the most arduous experience Rob had ever known.

Jenny gave his cock a few quick pumps with her experienced hand, and he approached ejaculation quickly. Just before he would have spurted, she put her hands behind her and calmly waited for his cock to subside. Rob grimaced and panted. A few moments later, she wrapped her hand lightly around his flagpole. "Oh my, you have a sensitive cock! These give me the most fun!"

She pumped slowly, each one taking more than 15 seconds. Using this method, she delayed his ascent to the edge of ejaculation for several minutes. Rob's choked moans delighted her. She figured that he had never been teased or edged. She smiled and withdrew her hands when she detected the telltale signs of impending ejaculation.

"Please," he implored as he panted. "Please!"

"Rob," she panted lustily, "just seeing the intense wanting in your eyes is enough to give me orgasms." Then she put her legs together and closed her eyes. Her whole body trembled, and a few high pitched whimpers escaped her. Then a big sigh as a sexual blush spread across her face. Rob was near ejaculation just from the scene.

Jenny reached under her uniform and pulled off her panties. There was a large damp spot on them, and she brought it close to Rob's nose. "Do you know what a girl's pussy smells like when she's had an orgasm? Here, inhale my scent. Guys tell me that it's like an aphrodisiac!"

Rob inhaled, and felt a strong pulse of pre-cum seep from his cock. Jenny smiled. "Rob, I'm going to put a ball stretcher on you to help keep you from ejaculating. You've got one of the most sensitive cocks I've worked with, and we can't have you spilling it before the experiment is complete." Then she efficiently placed a plastic appliance on him that kept his balls away from the base of his cock.

"Now I can continue," she said, and squirted more oil on his member. After a few moments of casually stroking his purple erection, he was close to orgasm but his ball stretcher kept him from crossing the line. He continued to plead with Jenny.

"Uhhh... Gawd, I need to cum! Please, please let me cum!"

Jenny put her free hand under her dress and stroked her pussy as she kept on teasing Rob's cock. It took only a moment of this and she treated him to her gasps of orgasm.

She then turned her attention to his balls and the insides of his thighs at the same time she slowly stroked his member.

"Rob, do you know that I'm a virgin?" she teased. Another strong pulse of pre-cum. "I've never had intercourse, yet I know more about male anatomy than most girls who have fucked their brains out!" she kept on with her gradual stroking. "Not only that, I have a boyfriend AND a girlfriend!"

"Aaaugh! Let me cum! Please!"

She giggled. "Uh-uh-uhh! No cumming until I let you!"

"Uhhnh! You - you're a virgin and have a boyfriend and a girlfriend?! How do you, umm..."

"Oh, I get lots of sexual satisfaction, Rob! I have lots of orgasms." Jenny's hands kept working his cock with frustrating skill. "You know Nurse Ashley - the one you saw to sign you up for the experiment - she's my girlfriend. She also has a boyfriend."

Rob thought of the attractive brunette nurse Ashley. She had a slightly dominant demeanor, and the mental picture of her and Jenny in bed, naked, their arms around each other, and lips locked in a passionate kiss, made his midsection tingle with renewed desire.

Jenny put her face close to Rob's and whispered sexily, "One more thing, Rob - I love the taste of cum. Sometimes, after Ashley's boyfriend fucks her until he's spent, I'll eat her pussy - her pussy full of cum, Rob! That sends her into orbit!"

"Gaah! No more! Please let me cum now!"

Jenny giggled as she kept her charge on the edge of ejaculation. "My boyfriend spends a couple nights a week with me. I have to wear a chastity device for my pussy when we're together so I don't give in and let him fuck me. I let him fuck my legs, though."

Rob was nearly incoherent.

"I'll spread oil on my legs, Rob. Then I lay there with my legs together and he lies on top of me, pumping his thing between them. He's imagining he's inside my virgin pussy, and just seeing the want in his eyes sends me into orgasm. Then he cums and cums, between my legs!"

Jenny's free hand quickly went to her pussy. "Oh... Ohh... OH! Ahh! Mmmmmf!" She gasped as she had another spectacular orgasm.

"I'd better have a short break, Rob. This is hard work." Then she took her panties, wadded them up, and rubbed her pussy with them. After placing them on Rob's face so he could get a steady dose of her scent, she left the room for a few minutes.

When she returned she noticed Rob's cock had not subsided. "How's that sensitive cock doing, Rob? Oh! It looks like it still likes me! I'll have to spend some time with it!"

Rob's entire midsection was steeped in wanting and intense desire. As Jenny's skilled hands and teasing manner kept him constantly close to ejaculation, she fed his fantasies by telling him of her personal life.

"My boyfriend wants to marry me, Rob. I suppose I'd have to let him fuck me in the pussy if I got married. Sometimes I think it would be fun, but I'm having more fun as a virgin. Also, I'd lose my title here. First Clinician means virgin, Rob. It means the young lady who's teasing you has never had intercourse."

Rob could do nothing but groan and beg for relief.

Over the next hour, Jenny teased Rob's cock and balls, and alternated using the ball stretcher and leaving it off. She proved her extraordinary skill, as few girls could tease like that without accidentally bringing their charge to ejaculation. Though she thoroughly enjoyed teasing, she had the self discipline to let go at the right time.

Desperate tears of frustration and wanting escaped from Rob's eyes as he continued to beg Jenny for relief.

At the end of the second hour, Nurse Ashley came in and summoned Jenny away for a few minutes. When Jenny returned, she had a mischievous look on her face.

As she started handling and teasing his cock, she said, "Nurse Ashley was looking at your original paperwork, and pointed out to me that I had made a mistake in transcribing your information to my worksheet. I'll tell you what I did later."

She resumed teasing Rob with her hands and her words.

"She's going to give me a good spanking tonight for my mistake. Her boyfriend will be there. I'll have to take everything off except my sneakers. Then I'll get across her lap for my paddling. Omigawd! She spanks hard! Twenty five swats, Rob! I usually beg her to stop after ten, but she won't stop until I've gotten the whole spanking!"

"Let me cum! Please, please!"

She giggled. "Then I have to stand in the corner and listen to them fuck - at least twice. If I took my spanking well, she'll let me taste the cum in her pussy - while her boyfriend watches. After that, all is forgiven. She sends her boyfriend home and takes me to bed."

Rob panted and begged wile she kept handling him for a few moments.

"Rob, I can't help it! I've got to have another orgasm." While his midsection steeped in the hot sensation of intense and frustrated desire, she again put her free hand under her uniform dress and quickly jilled herself to an intense orgasm. Her quick gasps aroused him to such a degree that an unbidden spurt of pre-cum emerged. Jenny used it as additional lubricant.

"See, Rob, even though I'm a virgin I can get as many orgasms as I want!"

Rob struggled wordlessly as Jenny kept him near ejaculation. She continued to tease with her hands, mannerisms, and words. She giggled frequently and made sexy faces while running her hands over his chest and caressing his face.

"I've told you that Nurse Rina gives me a large enema twice a week. Oh my gosh, I have trouble with those! Ashley likes to watch - it makes her pussy fill with her sticky cream!"

Jenny smiled as Rob continued to pant and groan. He resigned himself to the fact that this pretty clinician was not going to let him cum until the treatment was over.

"That's not all, Rob - when we get home Ashley gives me a nice long fucking with her strap-on. In the tail end, Rob! She ties my hands in front of me so I can't interfere. Then she fucks me past the point where I'm sure I can't take any more! I beg her to stop: 'Ashley, PLEASE! Stop! No more! Not so hard!' Rob, the fucking just goes on and on! She loves to hear me moan and shout when she fucks me!"

Rob wiggled and thrashed about on the table trying to deal with the clinician's relentless teasing. Never had he felt such an intense physical and emotional need to ejaculate. Jenny gave herself more orgasms as she worked on him, until the third hour of teasing and edging was complete.

Nurse Ashley entered the room. "Have you told him yet?" she asked Jenny.

"No. Only that there was a mistake and that you're going to give me a good paddling for it."

Ashley smiled and cupped Rob's balls in her hand. "You really want to cum, don't you?" she teased with a a sly smile. All Rob could do is groan and pant.

"Rob, Jenny thought she was going to bring you to ejaculation today at the conclusion of your session. Your original paperwork, however, had you for two days of sessions before that will happen. So I'm going to put your cock cage on you and have you back here tomorrow for another three hour session."

"Noooo! No! Please, no! I can't take it! I've got to cum now!" Tears of frustration streamed down his face.

"I'm sorry, Rob, but that's the way it has to be."

She pulled on his ball sac while concurrently squeezing his nuts until his erection subsided enough to permit Jenny to put the cock cage in place and lock it. Jenny left the room and Ashley released his bindings and had him get dressed. After she led him out to the waiting room, she went back to her office. Jenny was there.

"Let's go home, young lady. You've got quite an evening ahead of you. Oh, and I signed you up for an enema tomorrow after your session with Rob. I told her to extend the retention time to 15 minutes instead of 5. I want to watch."

Jenny sat with her hands in her lap, her eyes looking down. She knew she would make a spectacle of herself while taking in Nurse

Rina's 3-quart sudsy enema and having to retain it for an extended time. She would have no choice but to stridently beg for relief.

"Yes ma'am," she quietly whispered.

Part 2

First Clinician Jenny reclined on the examination table and placed her feet in the stirrups for her weekly virginity check. Nurse Rina spread Jenny's pussy lips and examined her insides.

"You're good. Trish, you're next."

Jenny, after putting her clothes back on, summoned Rob from the waiting room. Her uniform dress was a little shorter than what she wore the previous day, and her sexy wiggle a little more pronounced than before.

"Take off your clothes and lie back on the table, just like yesterday. You have another three hour edging and denial session," she teasingly instructed.

Rob's midsection ached from his arousal, and his cock hurt from its confinement in the chastity device. Jenny bound Rob's wrists and ankles to the table and removed his cock cage. He looked at the pretty clinician and was sure he could not endure another three hours of edging and denial. Knowing that the teasing was being performed by a virgin female made his arousal all the more intense. Since he was bound in place, he knew he'd have to endure everything she would do.

The virgin clinician sensed his thoughts and used them to her advantage as she unlocked his cock cage. "Rob, this is going to be hard for you, isn't it? Having your cock handled by a virgin! A virgin with a boyfriend and a girlfriend! (Giggle!)"

Rob's breathing was heavy as he tried to keep his composure. Jenny squirted oil on his cock and balls and begain to lightly handle them. His cock, of course, became hard and throbbing immediately. He twisted his hips and panted.

"Oh my, you are in such a state!" Jenny teased. "I'm going to have to be very careful not to let you ejaculate! You may need the ball stretcher soon."

"Please let me cum! I don't think I can take all this!" Rob was immediately ashamed of his pleading, since he had convinced himself that he could take any amount of teasing without begging for relief.

"Three hours, Rob! Three... whole... hours!"

She giggled, and Rob whimpered.

She continued to tantalize him with her words as she ever so gently handled his cock. "You're probably wondering if I got my spanking last night, Rob. I did. She really gave it to me good! I tried to take it well, but after a few swats I couldn't help squirming and kicking my legs. Her boyfriend watched, and I knew he was about to cum in his pants from seeing me get it! I bet you'd like to see me get a good paddling, wouldn't you? You'd like to see me get it hard, for all the teasing I do!"

She slowed her stroking to an agonizingly slow pace. After several minutes she said, "Time for a little break. I've got to have some relief now!" Then she put her hand under her uniform and gasped in orgasm. Rob was almost incoherent from hearing her choked moans of bliss and seeing the expressions on her face as she climaxed hard.

After she attached a ball stretching appliance on Rob, she resumed her expert tease-handling, and was able to give more intense stimulation without fear of sending him into ejaculation. She put on her sexy teasing smile and said, "Rob, just before I came to get you I had all my clothes off and I was lying on an examination table with my feet in the stirrups. My legs were spread to show my pussy so that Nurse Rina could check me to be sure I'm still a virgin. All the first clinicians here have to submit once a week. You'd like to see that, wouldn't you? Your virgin cock teaser with her legs wide open. You'd have probably shot a wad in your pants!"

Jenny giggled as she continued her work.

Rob uttered close-mouthed groans in a struggle to keep from begging to cum.

Again and again, as she smiled, giggled, and sang, Jenny brought Rob to the edge of ejaculation. Over and over, just when he was sure that he'd be permitted to spurt, she suddenly withdrew her nimble hands and waited for the urgency to pass. Rob was not successful in refraining from pleading with the pretty clinician. Desperate, whispered entreaties were sweet music to Jenny, and more than once she stopped to treat herself to an intense orgasm. After wiping her pussy scented finger under his nose, she again - and again - took him up to the edge and back down.

She took the ball stretcher off for a few minutes at a time, and almost pretended to stroke Rob's cock, her touch was so light. She knew how much stimulation would send him into an uncontrollable episode of spurting, and stayed frustratingly short of it.

Rob lost track of time. To a male, one minute of teasing can seem like ten, and as the minutes blend together, the sweet delirium of desperation consumed all his attention. He was practically incoherent, and Jenny continued to use words as well as her hands to drive him far past the point where he thought he could not endure one more second of denial.

"Another thing, Rob - when I'm done with your session, Nurse Ashley wants to watch me get an enema. A three quart soapsuds enema, like the kind you got yesterday. Except that I'm supposed to retain it for fifteen minues instead of five. Oh, Rob, I don't know if I can take it! It's hard enough holding it in for five minutes, but three times as long! I'm going to put on quite a show for her. I'm sure I'll beg Nurse Rina to let me get rid of it - but she always follows Nurse Ashley's directions."

All that Rob could think about was how close he was to spurting and how intensely he wanted to cum.

"Tonight, Ashley's going to fuck me with her strap-on - in the tail end, Rob. Sometimes she's gentle and it feels really good. Sometimes she gets excited and makes me squirm under her. It goes so far up inside me that I can almost taste it! Oh! I need another orgasm - hang on!"

Jenny's gasps of orgasm were loud and intense, and Rob's reaction was as if he'd been edged and denied several times. His torment went on for the duration of the appointment, and he shamelessly begged her to let him cum.

"You probably feel like you could give a gallon of cum - if only I'd let you ejaculate! (Giggle!) I'll go get Nurse Ashley so she can check you over."

She was gone several minutes while Rob steeped in aroused frustration.

Nurse Ashley looked sexy and pert in her crisp uniform. Her dress seemed shorter than he remembered. Jenny smiled as she looked on. Ashley ever so lightly grasped Rob's frustrated cock and examined it. She giggled.

"Oh my, it looks like this one is rather desperate! You're right, Jenny - the sensitive ones definitely feel the effects of denial!"

Then she squeezed his nuts, increasing the pressure until his erection subdided slightly. "Rob, how would you like several of my first clinicians - all virgins - to spend an hour extracting your semen?"

A pulse of pre-cum suddenly oozed from his cock.

"I thought you'd like the idea," Nurse Ashley giggled. "I know that you'd really like Jenny to bring you off into a satisfying ejaculation. Usually, at the conclusion of an experiment, we have the client get dressed, and then conduct the interview. They have to take care of their ejacualtory needs on their own, away from the clinic."

Rob's erection returned to full force, and swayed in front of the Nurse and her virgin clinician. Ashley continued, "The male we had who was going to have three days of work here dropped out because of a family emergency. You're the only one who can fill that role now, without us starting a new experiment. I'd like you to participate one more day - and in return, I'll have Jenny and three or four other First Clinicians drain you as much as possible for a whole hour after your session tomorrow."

Rob was almost beside himself with frustration, but the prospect of a group of virgin clinicians working on draining his balls was too attractive to pass up. He reluctantly agreed, and Nurse Ashley scheduled him for an enema prior to his third edging and denial session. Then she attached his cock cage and sent him home.

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