tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVirginity and Inhibition Lost Ch. 03

Virginity and Inhibition Lost Ch. 03


It was a hot summer day in Phoenix the temperature was 102 degrees and I was working at my convenience store selling mostly cold drinks and lottery tickets. The best part about summer in Arizona is that the women wear next to nothing to try and stay cool and a bikini top is perfectly acceptable attire everywhere in town.

As the manager of a convenience store I have seen my share of beautiful tanned bodies. Even my girlfriend Margie likes to strip down to the bare essentials once the temperature reaches triple digits.

Margie is a beautiful blue-eyed blonde babe who during the summer tans to a golden perfection. She hates having tan lines and is constantly pushing the acceptable limits of public nudity at our apartment pool.

She especially likes to display her allover tan when visiting me at work, she knows how much it turns me on to watch my customers look at her body and she certainly provides them with an eyeful.

Today was no different as I watched her enter my store wearing a bikini top, which proudly displayed her 34C chest and a pair of jogging shorts. The shorts have an inner mesh lining allowing the fabric to fit loose and provide runners flexibility. Margie likes them because she doesn't have to wear panties.

She sat on a chair behind the counter and told me of a great deal she had seen in the newspaper for a 3-day cruise to Mexico. We had talked about taking a vacation and a cruise was a great idea. I knew she wanted to relax by the pool on the topless deck and I wanted to see if I could take our relationship to yet another level.

I wanted to have a threesome with Margie and another woman. My plan was to leverage the cruise with her agreeing to my request. I figured there would be plenty of gorgeous women on the ship to choose from and Margie could definitely attract a few.

Just then Margie stood up and screamed, "Oh my god...Michelle!"

She ran around the counter to hug her friend Michelle, they had not seen each other since graduating high school two years ago. Michelle looked great, she's about 5'5" with shoulder length black hair 32B chest and she had lost any baby fat she had back in high school. She was now trim and fit and looking mighty nice.

Michelle was just as happy to see Margie as well, "I can't believe it's been so long, you look great!" Michelle said as she looked over Margie's tanned body. The two of them were best friends in high school, but when Margie and I started dating Michelle kind of fell out of the picture.

They talked for about 20 minutes while I tried to listen in and still serve my customers. Michelle gave me a hug and a kiss before leaving and said she was happy to see that we both were still together and said, "You guys make a perfect couple, maybe someday I'll meet Mr. Right." Margie walked her out to her car and again they kissed each other on the cheek and hugged goodbye.

Well like any guy the wheels in my head were already turning, how could I make this work for me? That night at our apartment Margie started to tell me about Michelle and what's been happening in her life the past two years. First the obvious, she was no longer a virgin. When Margie and Michelle first started coming into my store they were both virgins, in fact I actually took Margie's virginity. (Read part one.)

Margie went on to say that Michelle just recently broke up with the guy she was dating after she found out he was cheating on her. To make matters worst she also lost her job and at the age 20 years old she was living back with her parents.

With a grin on my face I asked her just how close of friends were they in high school. She inquired with a sarcastic tone, "What do you want to know?"

"You know, did you guys ever get together?" I asked.

As Margie began telling me about their lesbian experiences I could feel my cock getting hard. She said that they never went as far as giving oral sex but they kissed, sucked their tits and fingered one another. She said they were constantly taking each other's clothes off and running around in the nude. "We would go to her house after school before her parents got home and strip off all our clothes and walk around the house naked."

Margie was enjoying the fact that her story was really turning me on. She said they would dare each other to flash the mailman each day when he delivered the mail.

I asked if they ever actually flash him?

She answered "Yes, several times through the window but one time Michelle opened the door to the UPS guy when we both had on just our bra and panties."

"How old were you?"

"Sixteen, he looked at us both and eventually asked if he could come inside for awhile"

She said Michelle didn't answer him right away like she was actually considering his request. She honestly thought for a moment Michelle was going to say yes. Afterwards they both just laughed about it but Margie said she knew then that Michelle was much more adventurous than she let on.

I decided now was the time to suggest my plan so I told Margie that one of my fantasies was for us to experience a threesome. I thought the perfect opportunity would be while we were vacationing on the cruise ship. I then said, what if we invite Michelle as well and I could pay for everything.

Margie wasn't sure if she should be mad at the fact that I just suggested we fuck her friend or happy knowing she could have the full sexual experience she didn't get back in high school with Michelle.

She thought about it for a while and then said, "We can invite her but I can't let her know about the threesome, that needs to happen on it own." I happily agreed.

The plans were in place and two weeks later the three of us were driving from Phoenix to Las Angles to board our three-day cruise to Ensenada Mexico. Driving the 356 miles together was like a dream come true. Both girls had on bikini tops and shorts and I was the king of the world enjoying all the attention they were getting from passersby's and especially the truckers.

Margie wanted to work on her tan so she took off her shorts reveling her white thong and pushed back her seat so she could lay facing down with the sun on her ass. Michelle was sitting behind me in the back sit and said, "That's not fair I want to tan too."

Margie said, "So what's stopping you there's sunlight shinning in back there." With that Michelle pulled off her shorts reveling her white thong.

"Hey we match!" Margie said.

I could not see behind me but I assumed Margie was talking about their thongs. I thought to myself the truckers are getting a great view, Margie's ass was clearly on display and Michelle only had on a bikini top and a thong sitting in the back seat. That's when Margie started to play like they were back in high school and dared Michelle to flash a trucker her tits.

They both acted like I wasn't even in the car. They were laughing and daring each other to take off more of what little clothes they had on. Michelle would look out the door window and tell Margie when a trucker had noticed her bare ass. Margie would then adjust the string by pulling it over her crack and then back up it again. For some reason they both found this to be hilarious. Watching this I thought my dick was going to break through my pants.

I was finding it difficult to stay focused on driving the car. Each time Michelle would lean over to look out the window I got a great view of her ass through the rear view mirror. Then Margie said, "Dam it Michelle just flash this trucker your tits already."

With that Michelle moved over to the center of the seat, she looked directly into the rear view mirror and made eye contact with me as she untied her bikini top and took it completely off. She then looked out the window exposing her tits to the trucker that had dedicated himself to the girls by keeping perfect pace with our car for the last 10 miles.

Both of them started laughing at the reaction they got from the trucker. He must have given them a thumbs up or something because they both were giggling like schools girls again. Margie turned over and untied her top and let her tits free. Both of them now with only their thongs on were flashing their tits to every trucker that went by for the next hour.

I said we had to take the next exit and stop for some gas. I dared them to see how long they could wait before putting their bikini tops and shorts back on. At first I thought they would just blow me off but as I turned off the exit ramp neither one had put on any clothes.

Michelle said to Margie, "Go ahead and get dressed, what are you waiting for?" Margie replied, "Oh no, I'm not going to let you win this dare!"

Now I was really in heaven, we were stopped at the light about to turn into a gas station and convenience store with lots of guys around and they both were still topless. This was going to be great!

Margie put her chair back up in the upright position but then quickly jumped to the back seat with Michelle. I pulled into the furthest pump station from the convenience store where nobody else was pumping gas. There were only two other guys pumping gas and they looked like teenagers. The C-Store was really busy with guys going in and out.

I got out and started to fill my tank as I observed these two guys view of the girls. All they really could see was their head and shoulders. They couldn't tell the girls were topless unless they moved closer to my car.

What happened next was confirmation that this vacation was going to be all I imagined. Margie and Michelle started kissing in the back seat of my car. There was no mistaking their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths. I was now quite frankly getting a little nervous. Excited yet nervous. I knew this was going to get some attention and I'm glad I paid at the pump just in case we had to get out of there fast.

One of the guys got in his truck and drove over right next to my car. He clearly could see the girls were topless and making out with each other. He was playing it cool as he rolled down the window and asked for directions to Phoenix, "Hi their can you tell me if I-10 takes me into Phoenix from here?"

As I watched Michelle move onto Margie's lap and press her tit into Margie's mouth I turned back around and said to the guy, I bet you know these highways better than anybody so just sit there and enjoy the show while I finish pumping my gas.

He smiled and said, "Sounds good to me." As I got back into the car we certainly had the attention of several guys as I drove slowly around of the C-Store before heading back out to the highway. Margie and Michelle were too busy with each other to notice the men that had gathered around my car for a quick peek in on the girls.

Needless to say the drive to California was a real thrill, both of them were now completely reacquainted and a few hours later we arrived in Las Angeles and boarded our "Fun Ship."

Once on the ship we found our cabin and realized that for the next three days we were living in a closet. The room was small with one full size bed and a twin bed that folded down from the wall. However, I was not complaining, I knew this would only accelerate my plan to have them both at the same time.

We unpacked and walked around the entire ship to check everything out. The ship was incredible, shops, nightclubs and even a casino. That night we had dinner and then went dancing.

Both Margie and Michelle must have decided to show some skin tonight. They both had on their tight designer jeans. Margie was wearing a pink floral corset, which exposed her cleavage on top, as well as, her belly button ring below. Michelle was wearing a shell color lacy silk cami without a bra. All night long guys kept walking by our table to sneak a peek at her tits each time her strap fell down her arm.

We were drinking these fancy drinks all night. I had opened a beverage account when we boarded the ship so it was like an open bar tab everywhere we went. At about three in the morning we finally called it a night.

Margie and Michelle danced with each other as well as several other guys all night long. I watched each guy try to persuade them back to their cabins. But in the end it was the three of us back in my cabin as we each started to strip off our clothes.

I let the girls get started first and watched as they finished taking off their clothes. It is an indescribable experience watching them both naked on the bed kissing and touching and holding each other. Michelle looked over at me right as I finished taking down by boxers and was now completely naked.

She was about to start eating Margie's pussy when our eyes locked and I watched as she opened her legs inviting me to do the same to her. No words were spoken I simply moved onto the bed and between her legs. I inserting my touch directly into her pussy and Michelle let out a soft moan. She was already wet and her cum tasted so good to me.

Lying on her side she turned and faced Margie and began eating her pussy. Michelle starting breathing heavy and moaning cries of passion as I worked her pussy with my tongue and finger. Margie as well was moaning a bit louder and had begun touching her own tits.

It was amazing to watch both of them loosing any inhibition as they became lost in a moment of sexual ecstasy both receiving the pleasure of oral sex. I can't believe how lucky I was as I stood and moved directly behind Michelle with her ass now raised up in the air and her face buried down in Margie's pussy.

I placed my hands of Michelle's hips and shoved my cock deep inside her pussy. Margie was experiencing her first orgasm by another women as I was experiencing my first threesome.

The cabins to both sides had to hear the two of them at they reached each orgasm. I felt like I was fucking a virgin Michelle's pussy was so tight. I couldn't image why her boyfriend would risk giving up such a piece of heaven just to fuck another women.

That night we managed to all fit on a full size bed. Interesting though that Michelle ended up in the middle. Michelle continued to play with my cock and once Margie fell asleep she sat up on top of me and we fucked again.

The next afternoon we were all on the topless deck. The entire day was at sea and all we had to do was relax by the pool and drink the exotic alcohol beverage of the day. I was wearing my sunglasses to protect my eyes as well as so no one could tell that my eyes were open. I watched the other men on the deck, some of them came with their wife or girlfriend, but most were alone waiting patiently for girls like Margie and Michelle to remove their bikini tops.

Michelle was the first to untie her top and place it down next to her chair. In the sunlight I realized her tits were near perfection. They were both perfectly round like small baseballs with perky nipples on top and flawless virgin skin.

Margie was next and I looked around to see that every guy was watching her while she removed her top. Margie's tits are what every man dreams about. They are full and yet firm with bright pink quarter size nipples pointing up to the waiter as he smiled down at her and asked. "Would you like to order a drink?"

I thought he must have waited for her to remove her top before coming over to take our drink order. Then again I can't blame him I would do the same thing if I were in his shoes. Needless to say we never had to worry about finding a waiter, he was constantly checking on us.

Michelle got up to take a dip in the pool. She didn't put her top back on which I thought was bold. In no time some guy was swimming in the pool with her and they seemed to hit it off after talking for almost 20 minutes, Michelle came over and introduced him to us. His name is Steve and he was on vacation from New Jersey.

He turned out to be an OK guy and the four of us spent the rest of the afternoon together. I should have been upset that he moved in on my territory but I already had my threesome and I figured anything else I get would be above and beyond my expectations. I watched as he studied Margie's body, I'm sure he had a threesome on the brain as well.

Michelle and Steve left to go back to his room. I asked Margie if she thought they left to go and fuck? Margie said, "I have no idea but he was certainly easy on the eyes!" I gave her a look to kill and then we both just laughed. I guess I can't complain she did just let me fuck her girlfriend last night.

The four of us had dinner together that night and then it was dancing to two in the morning before Steve suggested we go back to his suite for a nightcap. Michelle spoke up and said, "Yes, you guys have to come and see his room its enormous."

Well Steve must have some money because he had one of the few deluxe suits with a full balcony. There was a king size bed and a sofa that opened up to a full bed. It was really a great room. He had a fully stocked bar and after are first round of drinks Margie suggested that we play quarters. I was not sure what she had in mind but the last time we played quarters she got so drunk that two guys got to fuck her on their kitchen table. (Read part two)

Margie looked at me and said, "I remember, I'll be good this time." Well even though Steve tried to look innocent he definitely caught on to what Margie had just said and announced, "I've got a quarter, let's play!"

So there we were playing quarters and getting drunk. The game progressed from taking a shot of beer if you couldn't bounce the quarter into a glass to flashing body parts and eventually accepting a dare. It was getting crazy, one of the dares Michelle had accepted was to order something from room service and then answer the door topless.

Both girls' must have thought they were sixteen again and flashing the UPS guy instead this time it was the room service attendant. I knew the night was headed towards an orgy.

What was still not clear to me was who had the master plan. My first thought was that Steve fucked Michelle earlier today and then convinced her to bring Margie and I over for some for fun later.

If that's his plan did he also convince her to hook up with me so that he could fuck Margie? I knew I was going to find out soon enough because Margie and Michelle had begun stripping off each other's clothes. If Michelle came over to me before Margie than either Steve wanted to fuck Margie and Michelle agreed or Margie wanted to fuck Steve and again Michelle agreed.

I was really to drunk to care either way. My guess was correct as Michelle came over to me and started to passionately kiss me. As she worked her way down to my pants I looked over to Steve as he watched Margie take out his cock and wrapped her lips around it as she slid her mouth down his shaft.

I cold tell from the look on his face that this was his plan to fuck Margie and Michelle agreed as a way of giving Margie to him the same way she gave Michelle to me.

At this point my mind was not clear if Margie even had a clue about how she was just played. She didn't seem to mine as she sucked his cock and licked his balls. I decided that I was going to the make the best of it and pulled Michelle up from giving me head and made her straddled my legs and sit down on my cock. As I entered her pussy I squeezed her baseball tits with both my hands.

Steve saw me fucking Michelle and without me noticing he and Margie walked out naked to the balcony. Michelle said, "Oh fuck look at them!" I looked over to see my girlfriend standing bent over the side of the balcony railing with Steve standing behind her driving his cock inside her pussy. He was banging her so hard and I could see her firm ass ripple each time he shoved it cock up inside her.

They were both on display to anyone looking out there porthole which didn't take long before I could hear the encouragements from some guys yelling out;

"Fuck her harder!" "Show us her tits!" "Fuck her in the ass!"

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