tagIncest/TabooVirginity Has Its Perks Ch. 02

Virginity Has Its Perks Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction.

Sometimes I wonder if life can get any better. Just the thought fills me with a humorous glow. It was just 24 hours earlier that I was thinking the exact opposite. Life didn't really look all that good to me then, no money of my own, no job, no girlfriend; it looked pretty damn bleak that was for sure. Then something amazing happened, not one, but two beautiful women deigned to teach me something amazing. They taught me self-worth, love and confidence. And the way they did it was wonderful ...

Or perhaps that was just a coincidental lesson, because what I thought the whole time was, my mother is fucking my brains out and my sister is helping her do it...

I was still resting on the couch with my eyes closed, my mother still astride my hips. I could feel her nails lightly scraping my chest, fingers trailing up and down slowly, stopping to circle a nipple every now and then. Mom was resting her head on my chest and slowly her breathing went back to normal as her fingers played across my chest.

I opened my eyes and looked over at Holly as she sat next to us as she stroked our mother's back lightly, still smiling at us as we lay there.

Mom eventually looked up at me and pouted her lips.

"Hmm, you aren't worn out are you Bobby?"

I looked down at that beautiful face and for a response gave a slight upward push of my hips and just smiled. My cock hadn't gone down yet; it was still just as hard as when we had started 15 minutes ago and still inside my mother.

Mom just laughed softly and looked over at Holly "Looks like we still got life in him Holly, what should we do next?"

Holly still smiling slowly got up and moved around and knelt down behind our mother and the next thing I knew I felt her mouth on the underside of my cock licking and slurping. At first I thought she was just trying to get us going again but next I felt Mom raising herself slightly and then more as she rose up off my cock. Cupping her pussy so as not to make a mess on the couch she got off me and moved over on her hands and knees next to me as Holly suddenly engulfed my cock and sucked it hard trying with little success to get what remained of my cum into her mouth. She used her hands and fingers to try to milk the very last drop out, but I could tell there was hardly any left.

Mom meanwhile had sat down on the very edge of the couch and had cupped her pussy to keep all of my cum in. She then mentioned that she was going to clean up and for Holly not to make her brother have a heart attack while she was gone. Holly hearing this suddenly left my cock standing in the cool air and had quickly grabbed Mom's thighs to keep her from moving.

Mom looked at on in confusion while Holly moved between her legs, where she looked at our mother and smiled a wicked grin.

"Holly what are you doing ... Ahh, oh baby, oh god that's so good!"

As soon as Mom started speaking Holly dove in and literally started sucking as hard as she could on Mom's freshly fucked pussy. And she was really going at it, trying to get as much of my cum out of her as she could.

I had just cum myself about 5 minutes ago, but seeing that my cock was getting even harder, so hard in fact that it was almost painful, I started to slowly stroke it while watching Holly give our mother one hell of a ride.

After less than a minute Mom started cumming, it couldn't have been anything else, she started thrashing from side to side and wailing. Even to my untrained eye I could tell she was having one hell of an orgasm.

I just sat there and started stroking my cock, enjoying the show, my eyes drinking in everything. The small oval Holly made with her mouth, the little hood being pushed up on Mom's clit when Holly's tongue went up and down, the way Mom pinched and pulled on her nipples, the way her face scrunched up as she came, what a sight!

Soon though, it was over, Mom came down from her orgasm and Holly sensed it as well and stopped sucking on her cunt. She resorted to lightly grazing the outside with her tongue a few more times until finally our mother pushed her away, totally and completely satisfied.

Holly sat back on her heels and just looked at us.

"So what's missing from this picture?"

Sitting there stroking my cock and looking at her I decided to be a bit flippant.


Holly and Mom both looked at me with shocked looks on their faces then when I grinned they realized I was kidding and they burst out laughing.

After the laughter had faded Holly looked at me and Mom again expectantly and that's when Mom got up and said we should all go get in bed.

Oh well I thought, it was a fun night I guess, but it had to end sometime. Sighing I took my hand off my cock and started gathering my clothes. Holly did the same grabbing her shirt and shorts from the floor.

With her robe and panties hanging over her arm Mom walked up the stairs to her bedroom and I heard her open the door.

With our clothes in hand me and Holly both marched up the stairs with disappointment on our faces with the night being over with and started to split up to go to our respective bedrooms when Mom's voice stopped us.

"Just where do you think you two are going?"

I stopped and looked over at Holly; she was as surprised as me. What was Mom talking about?

"Didn't you say it was time for bed Mom?" I asked, Holly murmuring the same question.

Mom laughed then, chuckling she said "I said it was time for us to go get in bed, I didn't say anything about sleeping though, that is unless you guys are tired?"

At that my face lit up and Holly's did as well as she squealed suddenly and ran over to Mom and kissed her right on the lips and in a split second had her tongue going halfway down Mom's throat. Mom just took it as it came and kissed her back just as fiercely.

On the way upstairs thinking the fun and games had been over my cock had started to wilt a bit but now had come back to full strength, bloated and ready for more. I quickly made my way over to Mom's bedroom door just as she and Holly where making their way inside still lip-locked and running their hands all over each other.

Somehow they made their way to Mom's bed and fell on it still locked together each moaning as hands found their targets'.

I went around to the other side of the bed and sat down unsure of where and if I should join in. Because at the moment they were in a world of their own.

And I don't know about most guys but seeing two very beautiful women going at it was one hell of a turn on for me, so I was more than content to just sit there and watch for the time being, giving my cock a stroke or two while watching.

Holly rolled our mother onto her back in the middle of the bed and came up for air. When she raised up she immediately attacked Mom's nipples again and started pinching and pulling on them as she started to make her way down the front of Mom's body to her pussy.

But Mom wasn't having it this time apparently; she stopped Holly before she made contact with her bottom lips.

"Holly it's your turn now baby." She said smiling.

Holly squealed and jumped onto the bed and then lay on her back and looked at us expectantly.

Mom got up and grabbed her ankles and slid her over till she had her ass on the edge of the bed and told me to come over to her.

I got up and came around to where Mom was holding her legs open. She then told me to hold her legs up for her, then Mom got down on her knees and slowly started stroking the inside of Holly's thighs and teasing the hell out of her. Mom got her tongue almost to the lips of Holly's cunt and Holly moaned in protest at the torment Mom was inflicting on her.

"Holly you know Momma's gonna take care of you don't you baby?" Mom said as she continued to tease my sister.

Holly nodded her head yes.

"You felt left out when I said it was bedtime didn't you baby? You were afraid we weren't gonna take care of you tonight weren't you honey?"

Holly was moaning continuously now at her mother's light touches and soft caresses. Slightly humping her hips upward to her mother's mouth begging for release.

I couldn't help but stand there and watch this incredibly erotic sight that greeted me, Mom's tongue lightly tracing the outside lips of Holly's pussy, her hands doing a feather-light stroking holly's thighs.

"Don't worry baby, Momma and Bobby are gonna take good care of you now honey, were gonna make you feel soooo good baby." She said continuing to tease her.

I watched and could almost feel Holly's need, watching our mother torment her ever so slowly with her soft touches and soft words.

Mom was now running her left hand palm down over Holly's pussy lips gently rubbing up and down, not quite touching her clit while her right hand was slowly passing out of sight down the crack of Holly's ass, moving slowly back and forth out of sight.

Holly was writhing on the bed now, moaning and begging Mom to go down on her, to rub her clit, anything, she was begging hard now.

Then I noticed Mom softly exhaling on Holly's lips and softly blowing air on her, and then all at once her hands stopped and she dove right into Holly's pussy, tongue diving deep into Holly's folds and her right hand doing something below her to Holly's ass, while here left was angled so she could rub Holly's clit in circles.

Holly shrieked like a banshee caught in a whirlwind. I mean it was loud; Mom's earlier cries had nothing on Holly. At first I was a little alarmed, she started bucking and kicking her legs so hard that I almost let go, until I saw Holly's hands shoot to her nipples where they started pulling and twisting so hard I swear she was trying to bruise herself. Mom never letting up, sucking and tongue fucking her pussy so fast and expertly that she had Holly constantly moaning.

And her moans and wails only got louder, until all at once they reached a crescendo and her whole body started shaking and her legs went stiff in my hands and all at once she went limp. Mom was sitting back on her heels and wiping her mouth and licking her fingers, I looked down at Holly a little concerned. Mom noticed the look and got out from between us and climbed up on the bed to look at Holly.

She was still breathing hard but eyes were shut and she the slightest of smiles on her face. Mom reached down and pinched Holly's nipple but Holly just lay there.

Mom turned around and sat down facing me and told me to lay Holly out on the bed so she could rest better. I did as I was told and made sure Holly was comfortable and then asked Mom if she was ok.

"Of course she is, she just passed out is all, she'll wake up in a minute after she gets over it." She said smiling and gently caressing Holly's face.

I sat down next to Holly's feet and just chatted with Mom for a few minutes while waiting for Holly to wake up. It didn't take her long before she started coming around, moaning softly at first then finally opening her eyes looking up at her mother as Mom gently stroked her face.

"Thank you Mom" she whispered.

"My pleasure sweetie" Mom said smiling down at her daughter, her fingers straying down the curves of her throat and back up to her cheek.

I just sat there and watched the two most wonderful women I know stare at each other lovingly. Admittedly we all had had numerous orgasms, but I just couldn't help it, my cock was still hard as steel and I wanted more. But I just didn't have the heart to break the spell Mom and Holly were under, it was just beautiful they way they looked.

Then Holly spoke "Mom, tell me something"

"What do you want to know sweetie?"

"Where did you learn how to do that? Making me, a woman, cum like that I mean" Holly asked.

"Ahhh, you think your prudish old mother would know how to please a woman you mean" she said laughing softly.

"Mom you aren't prude and you aren't old, I just mean that was the most fantastic orgasm I have ever had in my life." Holly said laughing.

"I'll tell you another time sweetie, I promise." Mom said, then looked over at me and back to Holly.

"And I'm glad you enjoyed it sweetie, but I'm sure your brother can give you one just as good, if not better" she said smiling mischievously.

Holly grinned back at Mom then looked down at me and me sitting there holding my cock, still waiting for attention, just smiling and being patient. Holly then got up on one elbow to face Mom and me.

"Mom, do you think you could go down on me again while Bobby does you from behind? All the time I was laying there first as much as I loved it I would have loved it even more if I had seen Bobby fucking you while you were eating me. Feeling him pushing your mouth into my pussy." She said grinning.

"You have such a dirty mind baby, but I love you even more now." Mom said as she leaned down to tongue wrestle with Holly.

Mom's left hand strayed down Holly's stomach until it reached her clit then she started applying pressure with her thumb and forefinger. I heard Holly gasp into our mother's mouth as she was being pleasured.

Mom released her lip-lock on Holly and turned to me, her hand still gently squeezing Holly's clit.

"Well stud, are you ready or should we give you another show to make sure that cock is nice and hard?" The way Mom said it and the way she looked, hair frazzled and spiky from all the activities tonight, something almost primal came out in me. I wanted to get off, and just watching Mom and Holly go at it had literally had me on edge the entire time.

I got up and not even thinking clearly, my brain was so fogged over with lust it was as if I was on auto-pilot, I gently picked Mom up around the waist from behind and still holding her up in the air gently started to lower her onto my cock. Holly had grabbed hold of my cock and positioned it so it would go right in.

As it sank in Mom groaned, she had her knees bent a bit and I lowered her head and upper body towards the bed.

Holly got the hint and slid around till her ass was once again parked on the edge of the bed and her pussy was right in front of Mom's descending mouth.

Still on auto-pilot I set Mom down on the floor on her knees while she attacked my sister's pussy. I watched for a moment, Mom sucking and rubbing Holly's clit while her daughter ran her fingers through our mother's short brunette locks. I just enjoyed the show and the heat and pressure Mom's pussy was giving me, I had come home again and this time I was gonna enjoy every absolute second of it.

I started slow, just enjoying the hell out of those soft hot walls that gave me life so long ago. Coming back, giving my mother one inch at a time, feeling the heat she was giving me in return, that oh so good heat, it was heaven.

I gripped her hips and started pumping in slightly faster, but not so fast to not enjoy every minute of it. This was right, this was where I was supposed to be, right here, right now.

Mom was now starting to moan as I picked up the pace, her pussy on fire giving off even more heat as she was continuously sucking on Holly's clit, driving her wild. Her head bumping into Holly's cunt even more as I continued to pound into her, going faster now.

Only 10 minutes had passed since I had started pounding into my mother, but it seemed like forever since I first entered her. I went even faster now, the mating dance I had surrendered to wanted release, the primitive desire to shoot my sperm into this woman's womb, my mother's womb, was getting uncontrollable.

Holly was starting to cum, I could tell now, having seen her and Mom have similar orgasms. Just a day ago I wouldn't have been able to tell you what a female orgasm was much less describe it as it happened, but now, I could tell, Holly was in heaven. Starting to moan and writhe about, Mom's mouth never once leaving her pussy, with each of my thrusts into Mom her head would bump Holly's pussy causing her to moan.

I was getting close, very close, I just couldn't help it, I was to the point where I was starting to get light headed. Holly's moans, along with my mothers were driving me crazy. Holly coming down from her orgasm looked me straight in the eyes and gave me a look I can only describe as lust incarnate.

I started pounding as hard as I could and both Holly and Mom started wailing as a result and I knew they were cumming, I had to, I simply had to cum soon. It built and it built and I couldn't hold it anymore.

I drove in deep and blasted the first shot and pulled back and drove back in so hard it shoved Mom's face up onto Holly's stomach, she started shrieking as I shot off into her. Driving as deep as I could I held still as the last few shots went as deep as I could manage into my mother, her still thrashing and wailing as I deposited the last of my seed into her womb. Her body going limp in my arms and laying her head on Holly's stomach, both breathing hard as if they had just ran a marathon.

I saw two beautiful females laying there, me still connected to the one on her knees in front of me, I pulled back a little to ease my cock out of her, just a bit.

And then, just as Mom looked back at me with a satisfied smile on her face, I smiled back, and then, still smiling, I felt myself falling and everything went black ...


Slowly, as if coming out of a long sleep, my mind starting working, I could hear. I heard my mom and my sister talking.

"Are you sure he's alright mom?" I heard Holly say.

"Yes sweetie he's fine, he just passed out is all, it's a wonderful orgasm, women frequently pass out much the same as you did. But I have to admit I've never heard of a man passing out before." I heard Mom say.

Slowly I opened my eyes and looked up at Mom and Holly looking down on me. I was on the floor, having passed out there. Holly with her red hair slightly covering her nipples with a concerned look and Mom just smiling at me, her hair still frazzled looking. I couldn't help but smile, I felt like the world was giving me a beautiful day and I never wanted it to end.

Mom felt my head and checked my pulse, why I have no idea, I think it was more to pacify Holly than anything else.

I slowly sat up and on impulse kissed my mother, our tongues went into each other's mouths immediately. Not with the tongue wrangling passion we had shared earlier, but more with a sense of love and tenderness. Tasting my sister on her tongue caused me to love them both even more, sharing this, this night, this wonderful night.

When I pulled back Mom was all smiles and I looked over to my sister, she was looking back at me expectantly. I smiled a small smile and kissed her much the same as I had mom, only she was a little more aggressive than Mom was, biting my lower lip slightly.

When I pulled back she still had her eyes closed and was smacking her lips like she had just ate something tasty, then I realized she could taste herself on my tongue from when Mom kissed me.

When she opened her eyes she grinned at me.

"I taste yummy." She said, moving her tongue over her lips as if getting every taste she could off her lips.

Mom laughed at her daughter's antics, and suddenly looked thoughtful.

"You know sweetie, your brother hasn't taken care of you yet."

Holly looked at Mom and got a considering look on her face.

"Hmmm, your right Mom, he hasn't, now isn't that just rude of him?" She said in a teasing tone.

"Yes it is sweetie, very rude in fact." Mom said looking at me sternly.

I could tell they were just kidding but I decided to play along anyway.

"Your right Mom, Holly I am so sorry for not taking care of you earlier. If you will forgive me, I will service your pussy for you promptly." I said with a half-bow while sitting there.

Holly and Mom both burst out laughing and after a few seconds I did as well.

After our mirth faded Mom said she wanted something to drink and asked us if we wanted anything. At that moment I realized I was thirsty as hell and Holly was the same, so Mom went to the kitchen to get us some bottles of water.

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