tagChain StoriesVirtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 2

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 2


Disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction based on the characters in the video game: Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl. I make no claims of ownership towards these characters, only the twisted things they do in this story belong to me. If you find this story on any site except Literotica, it has been stolen from me, I would appreciate you letting me know! Enjoy the story, and remember: Feedback is crack for writers!

I scooped up the pokeball and realized it was unused, and what's more an ultra-ball. Only one type of pokeball is more effective at capturing wild pokemon than an ultra-ball, and without hacking the codes, you only get one master-ball. It's virtually the only way to capture a high level pokemon, and often allows you to catch low level ones without even the precursor battle.

I shook my head. Cynthia had indeed succeeded. Not only had she interested me in the concept of adult rules, but I couldn't stop thinking about a second battle. The alternative rules, she had mentioned so casually, intrigued me to no end as well. While I'm not all that into pain, and my submissive nature doesn't extend that far, I do enjoy more than a little bondage; either tied or tying. And while I've experimented some, I'm not naive enough to think I know every interesting fetish out there. Cynthia had seemed so sure that I would be captivated by these rules, that I was certain she was right. She knew her game, and only the surprise of such a high level Piplup had won the battle this time.

So, if I wanted to find out about these alternative rules, I'd have to challenge the Eterna City Gym Leader. To hear Cynthia speak of it, she'd just sent the lynx right to the henhouse. But I knew better to take her word absolutely on this. In order to face a Gym Leader, you had to go through at least half a dozen lackeys first. As good as my Piplup, correction, Prinplup is I doubted he'd be able to handle a dozen or more pokemon in a row. And with only five sixty eight, I couldn't exactly stock up on Full Heals and Lemonades.

Limited options lead to one unavoidable conclusion, time to get myself more pokemon. On my bike, my course set in the direction the pokegear map said was Eterna City, I scanned the woods to either side for anything useful. Pokemon, like so many Anime shows, was predictable and rather cliche. If someone's name was Gardenia, likely she ran a Grass type Gym. This wasn't exactly good news for me.

Just like my little Piplup's Water attack can wipe out Cynthia's Garchomp, even if it had been many levels higher which I doubted, a Grass pokemon as many as ten levels lower could possibly wipe out my Prinplup with one hit. And to make matters worse, Prinplup's Water attacks wouldn't do much against Grass pokemon. Here ends 'pokemon type tactics one-oh-one.'

I had a few tricks up my sleeve already, but I wanted to truly stack the deck here. I'm talking YuGiOh "Heart of the Cards" type deck stacking. Ooops, wrong Manga. Let's just say I'd like odds against the Gym that would make a Vagas card-counter blush with envy. The problem? Grass might have more weaknesses than almost any other type, but they're often weak or difficult to obtain.

Case in point, fire burns grass. But aside from the obligatory starter pokemon of that type, which my Piplup proved I hadn't chosen, there were two other Fire type pokemon in the game. The odds against me being on the right path to catch them were about as steep as I wanted on my side when I walked into the gym. Ice works wonderfully against Grass, but the ninety degree weather meant those odds were about at the level of me being the next Mr. Universe.

That left me with Bug or Flying type pokemon. Well, Bug was out for a number of reasons. First, very few truly powerful Bug type attacks existed, and without my cheat-sheet, I couldn't guarantee I'd grab one of the few pokemon that had one. Second, most Bugs had a tendency to be weak in comparison to almost every other type. And finally, Bugs just give me the creeps. That's right, six foot tall, two-fifty pound, bad-ass-in-black gets freaked by a little butterfly.

So, when I spotted the Murkrow in the waning light, I figured my prayers were answered. Not only did Flying types pluck Grass, but its Dark dual type fit nicely with my attire and 'dark and mysterious' persona. I parked my bike and began to stalk towards it. I waited until I was only about ten feet away, in the shadow of some bushes, before I pulled out my pokeball and quietly summoned Chide. While Prinplup was certainly an effective fighter, I had no idea how talkative he was. I didn't want him to startle the Murkrow.

As it turned out, I didn't need to worry about that. The Murkrow's head swivelled away from us, and it suddenly took flight. I cursed the thing quietly as another pokemon began to stumble out of the bushes. That's fine! I didn't want a Murkrow anyway. People would start to think I was matching my Pokemon to my wardrobe or something. Besides, there's something horribly cliche about a man in all black, with a black trench-coat, and a crow on his shoulder. Yeah, just keep telling yourself that!

As the bundle of white and green burst into sight, I stared open-mouthed. The Murkrow ran from that?!? Ok, so a Raltz is tiny. To get a good image of one in your mind, take a two year old girl, put her in solid white footie-pajamas that completely obfuscates her body and put a gigantic light green bike helmet, with two pink fins along the center line, on her to hide everything else but her mouth. Oh, and make sure she's sucking on her obscured thumb.

While a Psychic type, like Raltz, might get crushed by a Dark type, it has its uses. Not to mention that they're just cool. I've yet to figure out why people like the Psychics so much, but it seems to be fairly universal. So that's how I found myself scaring the bejeezus out of a poor little Raltz when I jumped from hiding to challenge it to a battle. We'll quietly skip over the part where I dropped to my knees and tried to calm it down with further baby-talk. It's undignified and I don't like to think about it.

Now, there's an interesting question I had to guess the answer to rather quickly. In the show, you can't catch a pokemon, usually, unless you've knocked it unconscious, in the game, once it's out you've lost your chance. Here, I figured the show was closer to the truth, after all, knocking it out makes it too easy to catch for the games, especially since you'd have to do that anyway. So at least I didn't have to worry about trying to figure out how close it was to unconsciousness, especially without life bars to gauge with.

So, since none of Prinplup's attacks were super effective against Pychic pokemon, I might as well go for the sheer power of Hydro Pump. "Chide, Hydro Pump!" Once more the penguin's beak opened and an impossible amount of water shot forth. The poor little Raltz disappeared in a torrent of water. I readied the ultra-ball and wound back my arm as the flood petered out.

My jaw dropped. Raltz stood with its head cocked at us and thumb still stuffed in its mouth. For a pokemon with little discernable facial expression, it certainly made its confusion know. One of the most powerful Water attacks, delivered by an equally powerful Water type pokemon had damaged the Raltz, but done nowhere near enough to knock it out. When a blue glow surrounded Chide I knew it wasn't good. When he lifted into the air quickly, then crashed to the ground even more quickly, my heart leapt to my throat. Confusion wasn't the strongest Psychic attack and my Prinplup barely managed to stagger and remain standing after it. If the little Raltz could do that now, imagine what it was capable of once it evolved a couple of times.

Fortunately, Chide seemed faster than the Raltz. "Give her another Water Pump, Chide!" I was glad to see no signs of lingering effects of the Confusion attack. While Psychic was a stronger attack, Confusion had an annoying knack at doing exactly that to my pokemon in the game. It's a state where they tend to hurt themselves. This time, when the water petered off Raltz lay on the ground with barely seen, closed, eyes.

My arm reared back and I tossed the ball. Despite an odd spin, the little white nub improbably managed to hit the little Raltz. Red energy poured out to consume the pokemon and drag it into the ball. The little white nub blinked red once, twice, three times, each with a small "bling" before it finally settled. I had my second pokemon!

As I raced my bike down the path, I kept my eyes open for more pokemon, but held little faith. Chide was fairly hurt and the poor Raltz, whom I named Lita after a telepathic character from a favored science fiction series of mine, would be unconscious until I could get it to a pokemon center. I was positive I didn't have any of the special Revive medicine. So it was doubtful I could even catch anything if I found it. Besides, I was fresh out of pokeballs.

Neither the show nor the game do sufficient justice to the scenic countryside that I passed through. Now, a few miles doesn't take all that long on a ten-speed, but that slight distance from a city in my world would still be crawling with civilization. Here, the path quite literally turned and I suddenly burst upon tall buildings. How I hadn't seen them above the trees I don't know, but placate my ego by reminding myself it was off to one side and I was focused on the path ahead.

I made a quick stop by the Pokemon Center to revive and refresh my poor pokemon, but otherwise headed straight for Eterna City's Gym. Sure, I've never been known for sexual escapades, but something about the prospect of gambling with sexual favors tugged at my, er, sense of adventure.

One step into the gym and my suspicions were confirmed; this was for trainers who preferred Grass type pokemon. The place was a veritable maze of trees. Years of acting allowed my expression to shift to mild panic. Fortunately, a young woman wandered up just in time to catch my reaction. "Hi, I'm Jill, one of the trainers here. You're here to challenge Gardenia aren't you?"

Some people say you can't lie with your eyes. I can tell you that's utter bull. I'm quite good at it when I bother, and right now I maintained the slight nervous panic as I turned to her. She was probably eighteen, blond, had nice full breasts and her legs came together very nicely. A very tight body. But all she saw was a meek nod as my eyes never left hers. "Well then, I've been instructed to tell you that we'll only except adult rules for you."

Jill's eyes twinkled slightly as she said this and I began to sputter slightly. I didn't even have to act for that. I'd expected to have to make the challenge and insist on the specific rules. I certainly hadn't expected a very attractive blond to not only insist on them, but tell me that it was specific to me. Okay, so I'm not the greatest for self-esteem where my body is concerned. Sure, I think of myself as a fair catch, but usually for my mild and caring temperament. I'm certainly not used to having women look at me like a slab of meat. I finally managed another meek nod.

"Good. But before you accept, I have to go through a few basics." This part bored her. Here was the fine print. Personally I was interested in hearing it. This was, after all, why I'd been sent here. "FirstIhaveto assureyou thateveryonehereisover theage ofeighteen." Resigned sigh. At least I now knew she was eighteen. "Second, we'll be going by a slight alteration on the standard adult rules." Jill glanced over her shoulder at the trees and lowered her voice conspiratorially. "To be honest, the first is just standard alteration for gyms, it's the second part that I'm going to enjoy."

Jill straightened once more. Her hands went down and she tugged the bottom of her blouse to work out an imagined wrinkle. "The first part of the altered rules is that you will face a number of trainers in succession. You may, at any point, choose to stop your progress through the gym and claim your rightful victory from the trainer you've just defeated. Of course, if you lose then you become the defeated and the woman who beat you gets to claim her prize instead."

At this point, Jill made no effort to hide her focus, as her eyes slid down my body. If I'm any judge at all, she stopped and watched my crotch as she continued with the rules. All of the attention caused life to once more return to that area. The corners of her lips curled up in satisfaction. Her message was clear, she hoped she could beat me right off. That implication became all the more clear as blood began to flow into an ever growing erection.

"The second alteration," her eyes flickered back up to mine and winked in reminder before they returned to my groin, "regards pokemon. Every time you or your opponent loses a pokemon, you loose an article of clothing. Should you have more clothing than pokemon it is assumed you will be naked if you lose." That makes perfect sense. This 'strip-battle' version allowed the victor the perfect opportunity to gauge what they would most like the loser to do to, or for, them.

"You may revive your pokemon between battles, but your state of undress must remain into the next battle. Should anyone loose a pokemon while completely naked, they owe a grope. Either their opponent may grope them or insist they be groped." And interesting rule to be sure, but it made sense as well. Most trainers would come in with five or six pokemon and run out of clothing quickly, especially if they had to revive them between battles. With only two pokemon and no medicine, I'd only be down one article of clothing before I lost entirely. I figured I'd be fair if, or when, Chide fell and take off both shirt and pants.

The moment he confirmed his acceptance, Jill shifted to a ready stance. She reached back and pulled a tiny pokeball and held it forth. "Go Abomasnow!" My heart sank. A Grass/Ice dual type would be pretty difficult, especially an evolved form. And I had hoped to save my secret weapons for Gardenia. That, however, was the moment I noticed she had five other pokeballs on her belt. With that many pokemon, she was a very low level trainer. Otherwise, she'd be running the gym. When she saw my Prinplup, she thought she had me for sure.

I won't bore you with the number of battles that followed. The pokemon fell one by one, all with the use of Hydro Pump or Steel Wing attacks. Since neither are remarkably effective against Grass pokemon, it said quite a bit about the relative levels of our pokemon. In highlight, Jill only wore tight pants, a loose blouse and a lace bra and panty set. What's more, her body was as tight and enticing as I'd thought, and she was shaved bare.

By the time she took off the bra, her nerves were showing. Granted, I was almost as distracted as she was by her near nudity. When she lost the panties my resolve solidified while her crumbled. Strange thing about me, it's what I can't see, or can barely see, that entices me. You barely cover a woman, or even offer occasional 'stolen' glimpses and all I can do is stare. You put a naked woman in front of me and I'll continue with whatever I was doing.

I guessed she was so tense that she wouldn't appreciate being groped, for her last two pokemon, and chose myself. Both times grateful eyes met mine and she lingered as she stroked me through my pants. While she enjoyed the thought of total domination over a man, she obviously hadn't considered that I could beat her. Or, what was worse, that in victory, that I could demand she do things that she normally preferred not to. While still vanilla, there are things some women dislike or even fear. Jill had probably only turned eighteen recently, and while she'd fantasized about the adult rules, this was the first she'd actually participated in.

Five other women followed. Each of them were stunning in their own way. Their bodies, hair and eye color all varied. Their level of dress ranged from opulent to little more than lingerie. They all had three things in common though. Each one of them used Grass type pokemon, I defeated them all with just Hydro Pump and Steel Wing, and they all ended up stark naked. What's more, most of them actively tried to seduce me, non-verbally of course ~it seemed to be an unspoken rule~ into choosing them. What's more, they all seemed completely genuine in their attempts. Well, all but the one who didn't even try to seduce me.

It figures. Me with a serious red-head fetish and the only one at the gym stands there, buck naked, with hands on her hips and an expression that dares me to choose her. Hell, she all but silently promised me she'd make sure that anything I chose to do with her would end up decidedly unpleasant. Too bad really, she even had a shock of well groomed bright red between her legs. In the shape of a heart, of all things!

At last I'd reached Gardenia. She had short, reddish-light-brownish, hair and light brown eyes. She wore a dark green shawl that seemed to drape delightfully about her upper body as she moved. Her light brown cargo-pants had been cut off just above the knees to expose the rest of her strong legs down to her green hiking boots. Her black, long-sleeved, turtleneck ended just below her small, firm breasts. The effect was to expose her entire navel to the elements.

With the tiny bellybutton and another three inches of flesh above her belt, I knew I was in trouble. That simple observation told me she shaved at least some of her hair religiously as the top of her pants barely covered an inch above her sex. It also let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she either went commando or had the skimpiest, most improbable panties I'd ever seen. The thought of winning enough battles to get her pants off made my blood rush even faster.

I'd let myself be groped some and done some groping along the way. With one of the brunettes I knew she wanted to be groped, so I'd complied. Well, the moment my hand slide between her legs, they clamped shut and she began to rub herself across my fingers. Damn near got herself off before a delightful voice drifted from an unseen intercom to chastise her. That voice had done almost as much to get me hot as the woman's moans right in front of me.

Now, that soft, innocent sounding, voice drifted over to me from feet away. "Congratulations on your victories, and I'm honored that you'd choose to keep battling to me rather than take what I know was offered. I'm Gardenia." Something in her voice led me to realize that she held quite a bit of the same self-doubt that I did. She didn't feel she could measure up physically to the knockouts that came before her, so she compensated with skill as a trainer.

I had to disagree. I smiled kindly, and finally let my eyes speak truthfully. "Call me Lynx. And I could think of none more attractive here than you." The blush that begun at Gardenia's cheeks quickly spread to cover every inch of exposed skin. While it didn't quite clash with the green shawl or shoes, it certainly complimented everything else.

"You've proven yourself a skilled trainer. One pokemon to get here? And using attacks that shouldn't do much at that. But I'm much better than my acolytes." We both smiled and nodded. While both of us wanted to win, neither would be disappointed to lose this match. She called out her first pokemon and the match was started.

Cherubi, her first, looked like nothing more than two cherries linked at the stems, each with a face. I didn't give her the time to attack. I could tell her pokemon were strong, and type was on her side. "Chide, Blizzard!"

Gardenia's eyes widened with shock as my Prinplup's beak opened. Instead of water, a flurry of ice and snowflakes poured forth. One of the first tricks you learn as a pokemon trainer is to teach your pokemon attacks that are super effective against pokemon that can kick your butt. So I wasn't surprised when the poor Cherubi collapsed after the first attack. If it hadn't, I would have been in big trouble. Three on one with no type advantage was a little difficult, especially when I hadn't even had the time to customize Raltz's attacks.

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