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Virtually Fucked

byExtreme Bohunk©

Audrey set the last of her stuff on the dressing table. She looked up and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Her mind went over the past couple of weeks. The move hadn't been so bad, she didn't have a lot. Just a bed, some clothes and her stuffed animals. Her first place. Well, hers and Vanessa's anyway.

The rest of the apartment had been furnished by Vanessa. Audrey wondered how Vanessa could afford her own apartment off campus, not to mention furnish it with such nice stuff working part time, and going to school full time.

Vanessa was 20, two years older than Audrey. Although the difference in their age was only two years, Vanessa seemed much more mature, worldly. She was cool, her outgoing personality drew Audrey out of her shell.

Vanessa was constantly on the go, and so much fun to hang out with. Anywhere they went, cute guys seemed to show up. Audrey was a little jealous of Vanessa's looks. Long curly blonde hair that tumbled over her shoulders. It was wild, always messy yet very sexy, surrounding an adorable, not so innocent face. Her body was perfectly proportioned. Just right boobs with a saucy 'they're real' bounce to them. A softly curved tummy flared out to hips that moved like she was in heat. Nothing about her was forced, which made her even hotter. When she smiled, dicks got hard.

Audrey sometimes felt mousy when she was with her, despite her own good looks. She had a tight little body, with just a hint of baby fat. She wished her boobs were a little bigger. Her straight brown hair, parted to one side picked up natural highlights from the sun. Deep green eyes set over a snub nose gave her a serious look. Her lips were the best part of her cute oval face, soft and full with a natural pout to them. Her smile was shy and sweet, like herself.

When Vanessa had told her about the extra room, Audrey jumped at the opportunity. She hated the Dorm. It was noisy, and her room mate kept taking things without asking. Usually when Audrey got them back, they were broken or unwearable. Plus that bitch was such a slut. A different guy, sometimes a girl every week. She couldn't remember how many times she'd had to pull her pillow around her head to muffle the noises from the next squeaky bed.

When her roomie had an orgasm, the whole floor knew it. Audrey had no choice but to listen. She had mixed emotions about that. On one hand, she knew she could finally get some sleep. On the other, she was very jealous. She had never had one.

It wasn't for lack of trying. She had explored herself, like all girls do, finding spots that felt nice, and some that felt really nice. Sometimes when she was feeling naughty, she'd peel of her panties, put one of her stuffed animals between her legs, and rub hersef by moving her hips along it's fuzzy body. It gave her tingles and a warm feeling, but nothing more.

The computer was the final straw. It had been a gift from her parents. She could send emails or message them, much cheaper than long distance phone calls. She used it a lot for research too. One night, she went to log on, and it was totally fucked up. Turned out the roomie had gone online and let some killer virus in. The machine was wiped out, it would cost a bundle to fix.

Audrey was furious, and gave the bitch an ear full. She was slow to anger, but was totally fed up with this idiot slut. Idiot's reaction was a lazy shrug of her shoulders, she didn't care. Audrey stormed out. She ran into Vanessa, who'd just tossed her own pain in the ass room mate. The girls quickly struck an agreement, both excited to be living with a friend.

A soft knock on the door pulled Audrey from her thoughts. She turned from the mirror, and opened it. It was Vanessa, but not like Audrey had ever seen before. She was wearing an outfit that would make a Fredrick's of Hollywood designer blush. It was sheer, not quite see through, her medium beige nipples showed clearly from under a light pink and white teddy.

Matching thigh high self support stockings clung to her legs. A wide band of white lace at the tops left a teasing glimpse of thigh leading up to the crotch of the teddy, stretched tightly over the gentle rise of her mound. A few dark blond curls peeked outside the cloth. The fabric dipped in the middle, hinting at the crease beneath.

A pair of darker pink, open toe, platform stilettos with ankle straps made her about 4 inches taller. Her curly hair was fluffed out to a golden halo surrounding that beautiful face, her makeup a perfect blend of innocence and pure slut. She was a walking wet dream.

Audrey's face reflected her surprise. Her eyes traveled up and down Vanessa's outfit, and the incredibly hot girl wearing it. Her mouth open and closed, searching for words.

Vanessa laughed sweetly at her new roomie's reaction. Her smile lit up her face, white teeth contrasting with her bright red 'fuck me' lipstick. Her nails matched perfectly. A delicate silver chain bracelet, necklace and earrings, all accented with tiny red hearts completed the look. Audrey had never 'liked' girls, but for a moment the thought crossed her mind.

Vanessa told her, "Listen, I'm going to be in my room for a couple of hours. Please don't disturb me unless it's an emergency, OK? You may hear some noises, but don't worry about it. If I'm too loud, just turn up the radio or the TV, but please, whatever you do, don't interrupt me."

Audrey nodded, still unable to find her voice. She swallowed hard as Vanessa turned and went down the short hall to her room. The teddy rode very high on her gorgeous ass, swaying as she walked. Audrey could hear Vanessa softly humming 'Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's off to work we go' as she stepped into her room, the door closing softly behind her.

Audrey wondered why Vanessa would dress like that, and then stay in her room. No one had come in, so she knew Vanessa was alone. Audrey took out her books to study. She could hear the keyboard from Vanessa'a computer typing away. After a minute, it quit. Audrey's attention turned to her books, a part of her mind both preoccupied and rampantly curious about what was going on behind Vanessa's door.

A few minutes later, her ears perked up as she heard Vanessa's voice. It was different. Softer, with a small giggle to it, yet very sultry.

"How's that? You can hear me OK?"

There was a silence; and then, "I'm glad you like it, I wore it just for you."

More silence.

Audrey closed her book, very interested in the one-sided conversation.

"Of course I'll show you the whole outfit!"

Some giggles followed.

"I know! It's makes me feel sooooo naughty!"

Audrey listened intently, ashamed to be eavesdropping, but unable to stop. She realized Vanessa was on her computer, using a microphone to talk to someone. The silences were her reading that someone's replies. Audrey pressed her knees together, keeping as quiet as she could. Vanessa went on.

"You want to see the back again? OK."


"You are SO BAD!"

"I know, look at them! They're trying to push through."

"mmm, they do feel better when I rub them"

Audrey heard some soft sighs.

"You're right, I should take them out."

Audrey leaned forward, cocking an ear.

"Ooooohhh...that feels soooo goooood!"

"You make me do such bad things."

There was a shocked gasp, and then "I can't do that!"

"You won't tell?"

Audrey felt herself warming between her thighs.

"Ooohh...I feel sooo naughty!"

There was a long pause.

"That feels nice. It likes to be touched like that."

She heard a giggle, some deeper sighs.

"The cloth is getting wet. See what you do to me?"

"Put my fingers under it?"

A short pause, and then a soft gasp.

"I'm so wet."

More sighs and moans.

"You can't see under the cloth?"

Another pause, followed by a nervous giggle.

"OK, I'll show you."

Audrey heard three small snaps.

"You know how much I like you to watch."

Vanessa's sounds took on a more insistent tone.

"You like that? Oh OH! I like it too! Feels so good, so good!"

Some whimpers.

"I'm so close! So close!"

More sounds of need.

"Oh! OH! OH! I want to! So bad, so bad."

Vanessa sounded frustrated.

"I can't! I just can't!"

Audrey stood, and leaned closer to the door.

"Use what?"

"You'll help me? Oh please! Please do!"

Audrey found herself moving closer to the door. The crotch of her panties were getting moist.

"OK, it's plugged in, now what?"

There was a soft buzzing sound.

"Where should I put it?"

Shocked giggles.

"You are so so bad!"

The buzz stopped.

"No! I'll do it! I'll do anything!"

The buzz restarted.

"Ohhhhhh! Oh!"

"It's so so wet, sliding in and out."

Vanessa's moans rose again.

"OOOh! More! More please!"

The buzz got louder, so did Vanessa.

"Gaaaah! That. Feels. Fantastic!"

"I'm so, so, Oooooh! So CLOSE!"

Vanessa was panting.

"Put it where? I'll do it! I'll do it! It's there!"

The buzz went up.

"Oohyes Yes! YES! MORE! OOOOH! MORE!"

It went up again. Vanessa begged.

"Please! Oh please! Just a little more!"

It got louder, Vanessa drowned it out.

"YES! YES! YES! I'm gonna, gonna..."

There was a moment of silence except for the buzz. It shattered along with Vanessa.

"nnnNNNNNGGGGhhhhhh! OH! I'm cumming! Cumming!"

"oh MY GaaaAAAAHHHHHhhhhh...ooh ooh ooh ohhhh"

Her sounds calmed as it passed. Audrey heard some heavy breathing, the buzzing stopped. Vanessa's voice was husky.

"mmm...ohhh...that was wonderful!"

There were a few embarrassed giggles.

"Whew! I'm a sticky mess!"

"You did too?"

More giggles.

"See you next week?"

"Ok then. Bye for now."

Audrey heard Vanessa take a deep breath and exhale loudly. She scurried back to her bed, hastily opening a book. Vanessa's door opened, a moment later she stuck her head into Audrey's room. Her face was flushed and relaxed. She seemed a bit wobbly.

"Sorry if I was loud kiddo."

Audrey shrugged and lied. "I didn't notice anything, I was reading."

She held her book up as proof, hoping Vanessa didn't notice it was upside down. Vanessa supressed a laugh, and sat on the bed.

She explained that she paid the bills by working online. Her clients were referred to her by a service, completely anonymous. There was a camera and microphone attached to her computer, and guys paid a lot of money to watch her. More specifically, to watch her get off Her orgasms were real. Very real.

The customer got to get her off by controlling a vibrator that hooked into the computer. The money was great and she got to cum her brains out several times a week. She decided when she wanted to work, and which clients she would take. It was a great job.

Vanessa eyed Audrey.

She offered, "You know, they're always looking for more girls...."

Audrey blushed to her roots. Vanessa felt bad she had embarrassed her shy, sweet friend. She took her hand.

"Oh, Audrey! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean...it's just that you're so pretty! I'm really really sorry!"

A bunch of thoughts and feelings collided inside Audrey. That Vanessa thought she was pretty, that the money would pay to get her system fixed, that she was too embarrassed to admit she'd never had an orgasm. A secret thrill ran through her at the idea of being watched. The thought of it caused a little flush.

Audrey told her not to worry, that she knew Vanessa's offer was from the heart, as was her apology. They both smiled, realizing their friendship had just grown. Vanessa stood, and roughed up Audrey's hair. Audrey bopped her with a stuffed animal. In seconds, they were letting each other have it with anything soft that was in reach. Vanessa broke up laughing.

Between giggles and snorts she said "Imagine if someone was looking in the window right now! Here's me in this get up, and you in your 'cute nerd girl' clothes, having a pillow fight. Sounds like something you'd read on a porn site!"

They both broke up. Vanessa pulled off her platforms, and headed for the shower. Audrey gave up on her book, too distracted by the events of the evening and the dull ache in her girly parts. She changed into a t-shirt and panties, and climbed into bed.

Her mind was racing, she couldn't sleep. A little later, she heard Vanessa leave the bathroom and turn on the TV. Audrey rose and closed her door to muffle the sound, but she could still hear bits and pieces of dialogue. It was still a hundred times better than the Dorm.

Audrey tossed and turned in the darkness. Her mind was calming down, but her pussy wasn't. The thought that she had referred to it as a pussy sent a mild shock through her. She rolled to her back, and pushed down the covers. Her hands and fingers softly played over her body, lingering on the skin between the bottom of her t-shirt and the top of her panties.

'Pussy' she thought 'My pussy is horny.'

These were new thoughts to her, adding heat to an already smouldering mound. Her hands floated lower, touching herself through the cotton. She blew a gentle breath between pursed lips. Her hand cupped the soft rise in a gentle massage. It felt good, so good. She squeezed a little harder. A soft sigh slid from her.

She could hear the movie from the TV, something about Pirates. Her mind drifted to the open sea, she was on a Pirate ship. The fantasy deepened, she pressed into her hand. She was the Captain's wench, a virgin he would soon teach the pleasures of the flesh. He had kidnapped her, at first for ransom, keeping her for himself after it was paid. He would make this girl a woman.

Her thumbs slid under the waistband of her panties. In her mind, they were the Captain's. He peeled them off her legs, past her ankles, and tossed them aside. His eyes gleamed as the sight of her exposed feminity, wet in spite of herself.

Her hand found one of her stuffed animals, a moment later 'the Captain' was between her thighs. She turned to her side, rubbing herself into the fuzzy nap of it's/His body. It was soon wet, adding a delicious friction to her horny pussy. Her thighs squeezed tighter, her hips moved slowly, spreading more of her sweet juice over the fur. She moved Him a bit higher, finding that special spot that sent little sparks surging through her. Her pleasure rose and then stalled at a place where she was left wanting more. She wanted to find that elusive point of release, but didn't know how to get there.

She drifted off as the Captain took her. He followed her into her dreams, fucking her horny pussy, his thick shaft thrusting her pleasure beyond anything she had felt. It built, and built, and still he fucked her. The pleasure was indescribable.

A growing tension, a rising tingle that flowed and drove her higher, more tension, more tingling, all seeming to rush together into a sweet knot that tightened and tightened as the tingle became electric, drawing into a whirlpool of sensations that flowed, rose and tightened all at the same time, until, until.....everything froze for a moment, and then tried to rush out all at once in an exquisite stampede of explosions and contractions that she wanted to go on forever.

Audrey snapped awake, her mind clutching at the last strands of her dream. Her hands were balled into tiny fists, dug into the fuzzy body between her thighs. Small twitches pulled at her sex from within. She had never felt anything like that before. Her whole body felt more alive, yet so relaxed. She rolled to her back, moving the animal, her hand feeling for her panties. For some reason, she wanted to giggle.

She found her undies, pulled them on and settled back into her pillow. For a moment, she had a craving for chocolate, a moment after that she was sound asleep. She slept late the next day.

It took her a minute to remember where she was. Sleep tried to cling to her, but she pulled herself up, feet finding the floor, and hurrying to the bathroom. Normally, she was a bit grumpy in the morning, but not today. A slow secret smile crossed her lips as the memory of her dream floated back to her. She splashed some cool water on her face, still trying to wake up fully. The apartment was quiet, she guessed Vanessa was still asleep. She padded to the kitchen, marveling at how relaxed she felt. She gave a small squeak as she rounded the corner, meeting Vanessa's smile head on.

"Sorry!" she laughed "Didn't mean to scare you."

Audrey composed herself. "I thought you were still asleep!"

She poured some juice, and then noticed the time.

"Shit! I'm gonna be late!"

Vanessa smiled again. "You ace every exam in that class, they can get along without you for one day."

Audrey nodded and agreed, her stress level was really low today. She suggested they cut all their classes, and hang out for the day. Vanessa quickly agreed. She jumped up, grabbed her juice, and waved Audrey into the living room. She turned on the TV, just in time for Bob Barker. They settled in, both looking hot in their t-shirts and panties. Out of nowhere, Vanessa produced a bag of M&M's, and dangled it teasingly.

Audrey's mouth watered. "OOOOH! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"

She melted into bliss as the chocolate kissed her tongue. The show and candy went on, Audrey couldn't remember the last time she'd felt so good. The new place was fantastic, Vanessa was awesome, they had entertainment, and chocolate. Life was very very good.

Vanessa asked, "You sleep well?"

Audrey beamed. "Like a log!"

Vanessa gave a low chuckle, "I thought so, sounded like a good one."

Audrey gave her a confused look. "What do you mean?"

Vanessa grinned. "Oh come on, I heard you!"

Audrey's mouth opened in shock, her face went red. "You heard?"

Vanessa giggled. "Oh yeah, you're kinda loud."

Audrey realized there was no point beating around the bush, she told Vanessa all about the dream that felt so good. Vanessa gave an odd look. Something was dawning on her.

She chose her next words carefully, "So you're saying that you've never....?"

Audrey shook her head. Vanessa blinked, trying to figure out if Audrey was putting her on. She stared, waiting for a hint of a smile, something that would give away that she was joking. Vanessa realized she wasn't, and put out a tender hand. A moment later, she gave Audrey a warm hug. The two friends sat close together, arms and shoulders touching. They watched TV for awhile in silence, broken only by the plastic of the bag as they passed it back and forth. Finally, it was gone.

Audrey was starting to doze, she leaned and put her head on Vanessa's shoulder. Vanessa stroked her hair tenderly. She sighed, and let the older girl pet her. Everything just felt so nice today. Vanessa's touch moved to her arm, and then to her face. Audrey opened her eyes to find Vanessa's face inches from hers. She looked her friend in the eyes, and gave a contented smile. Vanessa had a serious look in her eyes, instead of her usual impish sparkle.

She had something to say, but seemed to be searching for the words. They came slowly.

"Audrey" she said softly, "I'm not gay, or bi, or even curious about it. In fact, I've never even thought about another girl before. I like you, you're my friend. It hurts me to know that you've never.... Well, you know."

She swallowed hard, and continued "What I'm trying to say is, if you'd like, I could.... you know, uhmmm, show you?"

She looked down, and then back into Audrey's eyes. Audrey was deeply touched. She cupped Vanessa's face with her hands, and closed the distance between their lips. Their kiss was sweet, soft and gentle, a shared moment between friends. As it broke, they both knew it would be the last. They smiled, and then hugged each other with a combination of affection and relief. Neither of them wanted to go there. They broke down in embarrassed giggles, and pushed each other away.

"Ehewww! Gross! You kissed a girl!

"Oh yeah? So did you! Do ya love her? Are ya gonna marry her?"

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