tagNovels and NovellasVirtue or Vice Ch. 05

Virtue or Vice Ch. 05


The tall man didn't occupy Terri's thoughts much over the next few days. Despite promises to put her on street patrol, Terri kept getting saddled with dull, boring paperwork, checking police reports. She even worked dispatch one evening. She thought of speaking with her father and calling in a favor or two, but thought against it in the end. She wanted to make it on her own.

Terri was gritting her teeth in frustration. She hadn't been able to work at the Club this week, they'd needed her virtually every day at the Precinct. So, not only was she horny as all get out, she was broke to boot!

Under her uniform, her new blue thong rubbed against her pussy, reminding her how horny, how ready for fucking, she truly was. As usual, it was Devin who proved to be her salvation.

Devin called near the end of Terri's shift, inviting her out for a night of clubbing. Terri had the next day off – finally – so she eagerly accepted her friend / lover's invitation for a night on the town, although she informed Devin she was nearly flat-busted.

"As if!" Devin said, making a joke of things. Terri giggled.

Devin continued on. "The night is on my friend, Charmane. You remember her, right?" As if Terri could forget. She still didn't know that Devin was aware that Terri had seen her and the Asian girl in the throes of lesbian bliss. "So, go home, put on something decadent and trashy girl, and let's party!"

She stashed most of her uniform in her locker, and wanting to get the evening going ASAP, Terri hailed a cab. Even the drab police blues couldn't hide her curves and the Cabbie gave her an appreciative smile. Terri gave him the address and they zoomed off to her tiny apartment.

Terri got out of the cab and paid the man, but he refused a tip. "Having a hottie like you in my cab hun, that's all the tip I need!" he grinned. She gave him a dazzling smile and scampered up the stairs to her apartment.

What to wear?What to wear? Terri looked in her closet, but there wasn't any hesitation the moment she figured it out. She donned a tight, body-hugging pair of white jeans and a silver lame crop-top, showing her tanned skin and newly-pierced navel. She put on a pair of silver stilettos to complete the outfit, ran a brush through her hair and waited for Devin and Charmane to come and pick her up. She hadn't even been home 30 minutes when she heard the buzzer sound. She ran to let the girls in, both of them whistling when they saw her.

"Should we let her out, dressed like that?" Devin teased, turning to Charmane, who was staring at Terri with obvious lust. Charmane nodded at her lover. "I think she's going to give us competition tonight, that's for sure!"

Terri looked at the duo before her. The trio was surely going to get attention tonight, dressed as they were.

Charmane was in a simple white shift, short and nearly see-through. She'd adorned her beautiful face with a light silvery glitter and her long, ebony hair hung down nearly to her ass. It was obvious she was braless – Terri wondered if the lusty Asian was panty-less as well?

Devin had gone the opposite route, almost opting for elegance. She wore a long, black dress, slit thigh-high. She was wearing stockings with garters and a pair of sling-back sandals with a very high heel. Terri almost wanted to tell both girls they should stay in, but she needed an evening out. They got in Devin's little Miata and drove to the Club.

The Club was a good choice, lots of light, raucous music and cheap drinks. There seemed to be a nice variety of people with an equal ratio of men and women. No losers in the crowd, Terri observed, everyone seemed to be well-dressed and sexy.

The girls enjoyed themselves, after the first round, they didn't have to buy a single drink. People, men and women alike, kept sending drinks over, drinks with fun names like "Sex on the Beach" [ which Terri wanted to try someday, she giggled inwardly ]. She and the girls danced together, with other women, and with some genuinely hunky men.

Two of the men joined the girls for a few drinks, twins named Sandy and Zack. They were fraternal twins, Sandy having light brown hair, Zack being taller with almost-platinum blonde hair. Both of them were funny and amusing, and feeling no pain from all the drinks, the trio agreed to join the men for more drinks at their apartment.

For a brief second, Terri realized she might have left her common sense back at the Club, but knew her police training would keep them safe. Besides, with Zack nibbling on her neck erotically, she thought it might be worth the risk. Sandy was sandwiched between Charmane and Devin, he didn't seem to have any complaints as they drove in the twin's Beemer.

Upon arrival at the apartment, Terri let out an astonished gasp. "Apartment" was an understatement, it was a lovely, large brownstone with a very classy exterior. The three women followed the men up the stairs and indoors.

The quintet got very comfortable, having a few more drinks, then opting for coffee. Talk was lively and animated and very, very flirty, Zack placing occasional gentle touches on Terri's bared arms. If the others hadn't been there, Terri would have jumped him and begged him to fuck her.

Terri looked over and saw Devin, then Charmane, plant little kisses on Sandy. She looked back and saw Zack's dazzling green eyes looking into her own.

"Want to check out my etchings?" he grinned at her.

"I'd rather see your bedroom" Terri said, leaning in close and nibbling on his earlobe. She looked over to see that Charmane, Devin and Sandy were still making out.

Zack took her hand and led her into the bedroom. He pulled her into his arms and gave her a savage kiss, she hadn't been kissed with this much force since fucking Richard some time back. Impulsively, she ripped his shirt open, buttons flying everywhere and kissed his chest. He held Terri there for a few moments, then let her move upwards to his lips.

She raised her arms and let the muscular stud remove her silver lame top. Her breasts jiggled slightly, Zack leaned in and kissed one, then the other, then the side of her neck and behind her ears. She shuddered slightly at his exquisite touch, then started when she felt another strong pair of arms encircle her waist.

"What the fuck --?" she yelled, seeing Sandy, Devin and Charmane all grinning behind her.

"We didn't think you'd be adverse to a little kinky fun, hon!" Zack told her as his twin fondled her tits. Charmane came from behind her and faced Terri, leaning in and slithered her tongue across Terri's moist lips. Terri practically came unglued at the Asian girl's gentle touch and Sandy's somewhat-rougher manipulation of her aching breasts.

It wasn't hard for Terri to see why Devin was so enamored of Charmane, the girl's gentle touches had her cooing already. Her deep brown almond-shaped eyes met Terri's and saw the desire reflected there. Charmane kissed Terri again and felt Terri's agile tongue meet her own.

Terri looked over at the King-sized bed and saw Devin and Zack already there, almost naked and kissing sensuously. She allowed herself to be led to the bed, placed in the center of the adoring quartet.

Terri looked up and saw Zack's – dear God, MAMMOTH – cock – approach her lips. She accepted it eagerly, it was simply the largest cock she'd ever taken between her lips, but she concentrated hard on not choking. At one breast, she felt Devin's sweet lips, at the other nipple, Sandy suckled eagerly. Between her spread thighs, Charmane was lapping her cunt eagerly. Lost in the oblivion of decadent sexual pleasures, Terri didn't even remember being undressed.

Zack's big dick pulsated in her mouth, Terri whirled her tongue around it eagerly as his twin and Devin kissed all over her breasts and belly. On occasion, Devin would nip gently at Terri's nipples, causing the panting woman to shake with delight. Charmane's licking tongue was rewarded with a fresh flow of juices every time Devin bit at Terri's aroused flesh.

Never in her wildest fantasies did Terri think she'd be participating in a near-orgy. The Terri of a few months back would have been shocked at this Terri, fellating the large cock, letting her best friend feast on her tits, letting a pretty Asian babe taste her pussy.

Terri's body rippled in the first of what she was sure would be mini-orgasms. Devin grinned over at her, she was so happy to see Terri enjoying life at last. She leaned forward and shared of few licks of Zack's shaft with her friend-turned-lover.

Terri felt Zack move away from her, his cock sliding out of her mouth with a tiny "Pop" and she was disappointed. That was to be momentary.

"Time for a change folks!" Zack said with a grin.

Terri wasn't sure what he had in mind, but whatever it was, she was eager to go along with it. She'd had no complaints up to this minute, that was for sure!

She saw Zack lean over and whisper to Devin, then Charmane, then finally, his twin. She wondered what the conspiracy was about – should she be frightened? From Devin's broad grin, she rather doubted it.

She saw Charmane's grinning face and she leaned into the girl and kissed her. "You're wonderful!" she said to the girl, who beamed at her.

From behind, she felt Zack slide into position. She arched herself forward on the bed and Zack's monster prick moved deep into her cunt. She groaned at the sheer pleasure of it, now Charmane and Devin were kissing the front of her body. She was in a sexual nirvana, how could it get better than this? She rocked and bounced up and down on Zack's prick, moving on it slowly, accepting the girth of it inside her pussy.

It was truly delicious, having Zack fucking her pussy, having Devin on one side of her, Charmane nuzzling the other side. It got better when she felt Sandy's tongue slither in and out of her puckered asshole.

Awash in sexual pleasure, Terri was the happiest she'd been – nearly, EVER! All of a sudden, she felt Sandy nudge the ass. Oh No, God – he wasn't going to --?!

Terri felt Devin's and Charmane's comforting hands caress her body. "Relax darling, let him do it. I promise you, you'll love it!"

Terri hesitated, but Devin hadn't steered her wrong yet. "O – okay" she said, with a slight stammer in her voice. She let Sandy guide his cock, not nearly as large as his twin's, into her tight asshole. Zack began to fuck her again while his brother moved in and out of her ass, slowly at first. Both brothers began to get into the rhythm, Terri knew Devin was right, this was marvelous, wonderful, incredible!

"Fuck me, goddammit, FUCK ME HARDER!" Terri yelled, loving the twin invasion of cock in her body. The brothers continued slamming their hard dicks deep within her, while Devin and Charmane serviced her from the front. Devin was ecstatic that Terri was taking to this debauchery so easily.

Her whole body was on fire, Terri's ass was burning as Sandy's hard cock pumped deep within her. It was a nice fire though, she had no complaints. "Fucking God, that feels soooo fucking good!" Terri grimaced, pain turning to pleasure more with each moment.

Terri's body was glistening more with her exhertions from fucking back against Zack and Sandy. The girls were licking her body, the salty-sweetness arousing Charmane and Devin both.

"Like it baby?" Devin said as she fused her lips to Terri's in a passionate kiss.

"Oh fuck, you have to ask?" Terri said, returning the kiss. "Fuck me Zack, fuck me Sandy, oh Lord, fuck me EVERYONE!"

The twins were more than happy to grant Terri's request, but Zack, his large cock buried in her tight young pussy, was straining hard not to cum. He wanted to let go, but he wanted to make sure the petite brunette had a memorable fucking from both of them.

Luckily, Terri's orgasm was iminent and she let loose seconds later. That was Zack's signal to let go and he loosed a load of jizz in her pussy as his twin shot his load deep in Terri's bowels. The two depraved women moved to Terri and began cleaning her up, Charmane eating her ass, Devin licking Terri's cunt clean. Zack and Sandy were totally aroused by the sheer depravity of the pretty trio.

The sexual escapades continued until well into the next day. Terri was overjoyed that she had the day off, because she didn't think she'd be able to pay much attention to dull Police procedures today!

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