Virus Ch. 05-06

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She is subjected to a different kind of big bang theory.
7.1k words

Part 3 of the 5 part series

Updated 06/07/2023
Created 05/23/2015
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Chapter 5: Remote Controlled

Alex stood in the lobby organizing some pamphlets, wondering when she could go back to her dull, regular life. What with the infection, the Feds in pursuit, and having to live with the incredibly hot guy she'd just started dating but could no longer sleep with... Yeeeah. She'd gladly go back to blessedly boring and unexciting. For the time being, she was grateful for any sliver of normalcy, like going to work every day. She knew it had to be monotonous as hell for Drew and Neil who were taking turns keeping an eye on her. And since Neil's sources still didn't know whether Alex was actively wanted by the government, they'd be stuck doing it for a while. Unfortunately even hackers can't do anything when there's bureaucratic indecisiveness.

A man stopped and grabbed a pamphlet from the stack in front of Alex. "Hello," he smiled. "So what can you tell me about-" he glanced down at the paper in his hand "-registering to vote?" He was cute in a nerdy way, and his clumsy flirting made Alex suppress a smile. His hands shook slightly in nervousness and the paper slipped from his fingers. They both leaned down but instead of reaching for the pamphlet, the guy grabbed Alex and clamped his hand over her mouth. She was momentarily stunned but snapped out of it when she felt herself being dragged toward the door. She bit his hand hard, causing him to loosen it as she let out a muffled scream.

Drew was fighting the urge to take a nap but once he heard her panicked voice all his senses were awakened. He instantly sprang up from his seat and looked for her. The scream came from the front of the library so he leapt over the table and bounded toward it. A few split second strides later and he was at the front doors where he saw Alex being shoved into a car. The car sped out of the parking lot, onto the street, and flew around the corner at the next block.

Drew ran to the corner in time to see her being pulled into a different waiting car. Tires squealed as the vehicle raced down the street but he easily followed. The car unexpectedly pulled into a gas station where Alex was yanked into a SUV. This time Drew hadn't seen the exchange. He guessed she had been moved but wasn't sure which of the cars she was in. He closed his eyes, inhaled sharply, and concentrated. As if it were a ribbon fluttering in the breeze, he caught her delicate fragrance in the air - a trace of citrus shampoo, a touch of floral body lotion and her natural warm, earthy scent. There. Black Toyota. He took off like a shot after it but the car tore onto the freeway, and he finally lost sight of it.

He took a deep breath. He wasn't out of breath from running but if he didn't make a conscious decision to calm himself down he knew he'd be feeling violent. Very violent. He grabbed his phone and growled out "Neil. They have Alex. We need to find her now before I tear this city down."


Alex was riding high on adrenaline and she was using it as fuel for maximum damage. She bit, scratched, slapped, punched, and kicked until finally one of the guys overpowered her and injected her with a sedative. She woke up to find herself in a hospital gown, held down with metal cuffs to a table similar to one you'd find at a doctor's office. The room looked like a cross between a hospital room and a laboratory. She saw the guy from the library walk up to her with a clipboard. He was wearing a lab coat and an eye patch. There were two other people in lab coats milling around behind him, one looking through a microscope, the other typing on a computer.

"What's with the eye patch? Are you some kind of Bond villain?" she sneered.

"No, I'm actually a scientist. My name is Patrick Lee. The eye patch is because you scratched my cornea in the car," he replied.

"Aw, want me to kiss it and make it better?" she hissed mockingly, baring her teeth at him.

"Ms. Daniels, I'm sorry for the way you were brought here. I wish there was a way we could have persuaded you to come willingly. But now that you're here I want you to understand how important you are to future generations and how much we can learn from you."

"That whole 'It's all for science!' speech won't work on me. That's just a bullshit excuse to perform whatever science experiments your DIY Frankenstein kit came with on a woman you kidnapped."

"Regardless of whether you approve or not, this research opportunity is too valuable to pass up. We took blood and hair samples while you were unconscious to minimize your discomfort but we need you to be awake for the next test." He suddenly looked flustered. "Ah... It's...ah...slightly unorthodox, but you must understand that we believe this test could provide a lot of valuable data for our research."

Alex could see out of the corner of her eye the assistants start to move a heavy machine. Once she saw clearly what it was she started desperately trying to pull her limbs out of their cuffs. The machine looked like a vibrator out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. The protruding phallus had what looked like sensors on the tip and along various parts of the shaft. It was connected to a huge monitor and what looked like a complex computer.

Patrick reached out to comfort her but pulled his hand back, realizing that wouldn't help. "Ms. Daniels. Please calm down. We aren't trying to harm you."

"Fuck you, you sick fuck. Raping me with a machine isn't considered harming me?"

He winced and tried to look contrite. "I assure you, the only reason we're performing this experiment is to gauge your response to sexual stimuli. We have crude information that creatures like Mr. Elias are highly sexual beings and have different responses than humans. We'll do our best to make this process as comfortable for you as possible. We also hypothesize their condition is transferred through coitus so we will need to collect vaginal fluid samples afterwards. We can have Charlotte, our female lab tech, collect those if you prefer."

"So being violated by a woman is supposed to make it ok? Fuck you!" she screeched.

Patrick continued looking apologetic but rolled the machine directly in front of her. The assistants appeared at either side of Alex. They placed small electrodes on her scalp, chest, and arm, and wired her up to a smaller machine, presumably for monitoring. The male assistant mumbled "I'm sorry for this" before pulling the front of her gown down. They attached a small cylinder to each nipple. The cylinders had wires and tiny knobs and gears attached to it. As soon as they were done the gown was pulled up to give her a small amount of modesty back. Patrick typed a lot of information into the computer, then adjusted the table Alex was lying on. She felt herself being leaned back, with her knees slightly bent, and her legs raised and parted. Pillows were positioned behind her back and neck for support and comfort. Alex noticed there was a TV attached to the ceiling where porn was playing. She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Mark," Patrick said, waving over the male assistant. "Show her how to work the remotes."

Mark leaned over Alex and smiled shyly. She felt him place long remotes in both of her hands. "I'll explain how these work. You'll control exactly-"

Before he could continue Alex let them fall from her hands. Instead of the satisfying thud of them hitting the ground that she was expecting, she heard quiet clinks. She felt Mark gingerly push her right hand down and she realized the remotes had a holder just beneath her hands. "As I was saying," he continued in a kind voice, "these remotes control the machines. You'll control the main machine, the... er... the... " he stammered, searching for a scientific or technical term for it.

"The scary vibrator. Got it," she stated, cutting to the chase.

"Er, yes. These buttons here position and angle it" -he slid her fingers over the appropriate buttons- "and these control the speed and strength." She could hear him walk around her and felt him place the remote in her left hand. "This remote is for the sensors on your breasts. They can do everything from rolling, pinching, or simulate sucking."

"I'm so glad to see our tax dollars are being spent wisely," she snarked under her breath.

The TV screen was lowered and positioned right in front of her. Patrick's face popped into her field of view. "We're about to get started, Ms. Daniels. If you'd like a specific type of genre played, or the volume raised or lowered, please let us know. We'll be recording the results behind privacy screens so call out if you need us. I know this isn't ideal but please relax and try to enjoy it as much as you can."

Alex frowned and tried to spit at him. Unfortunately he moved his head before it could make contact. He again gave her an apologetic smile then backed away, presumably to begin the test.

Alex let go of the remotes again, closed her eyes, and tried to breathe steadily. For about five minutes she lay there, pointedly ignoring everything around her. Suddenly she heard whirring as one of the machines clicked on. She opened her eyes in fright but felt nothing. After a minute the sensation of very light electronic impulses skated across her nipples. They were slightly ticklish. She shivered and grabbed the remote for the nipples. She desperately felt it with her fingers and mashed random buttons but couldn't find an 'Off' button. She dropped it in frustration and attempted to ignore the sensations. This continued for several minutes before she heard the other machine also kick on and begin whirring. Her blood ran cold and she couldn't help screaming out in terror.

Patrick hovered over her again, quietly murmuring comforting words to calm her down. "Ms. Daniels. Please don't be scared. No one here is going to hurt you." She looked at him with tears in her eyes, which he gently wiped away. It took a minute before she realized that both machines had been turned off. Patrick patted her arm reassuringly and sighed. "I know you think we're being sadistic and cruel, and I'm sorry. I'm just trying to understand more about these supernatural creatures. Haven't you wondered how they are able to do the stuff they do? Aren't you curious why they are different?"

Alex thought back to when Drew revealed what he truly was. He explained about their DNA but not how exactly it enabled them to have all their powers. At first it was just so hard to believe that these otherworldly beings that she had never believed in before were actually real. Then when Neil mentioned she might turn into one too, it scared her so much she purposely avoided having to confront the how's and why's of their existence. It was easier not to think of them at all than think of the possibility she might change.

Patrick could see that Alex was considering what he said. "Listen, if I could study one of them, I would. But both Mr. Elias and others like him have let us know that they have no interest in aiding our research."

"I understand what you're saying but that's not a good enough reason to strap me down and screw me with a machine," Alex fumed.

She felt a touch on her other shoulder and turned her head to see Mark. "As Mr. Lee explained, we're not here to be evil or cruel. We have to at least attempt the experiment," he stated in a kind voice. "Lie back, get comfortable, even fall asleep if you like. The machines will be on but we won't turn on any stimulation settings. If you do feel like maybe you'd like to participate or test out the machines just grab the remotes to try them out. We'll be behind the screens and unless you call out for us we'll leave you alone." Patrick nodded in agreement with his colleague's statement. True to his word they walked away. She heard a scrape of metal as the privacy screens were put in place and the sound of the machines turn on, but didn't feel anything happening to her body. Alex closed her eyes and prayed that somehow Drew would find her.


"Make this car go faster," Drew commanded. "Or I'm going to get there the fastest way possible and I don't give a damn who sees me."

"Calm down," Neil sighed. "You saw the text. We know where she is. We'll be there soon and you can play the hero rescuing your maiden."

"Screw you. If I was watching over her like I should have, I wouldn't have to play the hero."

"Hm. Not used to you being in the wrong. I don't like it. Let's pretend she was captured on my watch so we can go back to me being the screw-up."

Drew scowled. He was in no mood for his friend's jokes. Neil gave him a sympathetic smile and said "Hey. We make mistakes, too. We'll be there in about 15 minutes. It'll be ok."

Drew continued scowling but Neil noticed his shoulders relax a fraction of an inch. "You need to spend that time repeating the Boy Scout's oath to yourself until we get there," advised Neil. "On my honor, I will not kill anyone."

"Pretty sure that's not how the oath goes," Drew grunted.

"Are you sure? Seems pretty violent of the scouts to let packs of wild boys out into the woods who won't promise not to kill."

"Neil, shut up and drive faster," warned Drew.


While the two were speeding toward her, Alex was having a problem. She couldn't relax enough to fall asleep and frankly found herself getting bored. She called out to the scientists so many times (to ask for water, ask for the sound to be turned down, ask to be let go, etc.) that they finally learned to tune her out unless she hollered a request relevant to the experiment. She found herself watching the porn just for something to do. At first she dissected it on an intellectual level. What kind of home life led to the actors choosing that profession? Then she played a game out of examining the background props, like trying to read the chalkboards for the school scenes. When she got bored with that she started counting how many times the couple actually kissed. She was surprised that there was a lot of kissing in the video currently on. It must have been one of the "female friendly" porns. As she mindlessly watched the scene she started to feel a prickling of heat slowly spread across her skin.

Oh God, she thought. Not now! Not now! Not now!! The last thing she needed was the unpredictable itch of arousal. The guy on the screen passionately kissed the woman as he lay her down on the bed, then began kissing his way down her body. Tendrils of lust start to unfurl deep within Alex so she shut her eyes tightly and tried to think of every unsexy thing she could. Unfortunately her mind willfully disobeyed and chose only to remember making love with Drew. How his warm mouth felt on her skin. How his long fingers managed to be both tender and forceful when he played with her. She felt her pulse start to race and wetness start to pool between her legs. She dug her nails into her palm to distract herself with pain but it didn't work. Her body was intent on satisfying its desire.

In utter embarrassment Alex reached down and picked up the remote under her left hand. She tentatively clicked a button and felt a very light suction on both nipples. She strained to hear if the scientists reacted to it but couldn't hear anything unusual. No sudden tapping on a keyboard, no scraping of chairs. She tried to satiate herself on the manipulations on her nipples, slowly turning up the force of the suction with a couple of pinches thrown in too. Unfortunately it wasn't enough. Her lower body felt desperate for attention too. She picked up the right remote and hesitantly pressed a few buttons. She could feel the vibe barely poking her inner thigh but that was as close as it could get.

Deeply ashamed, she called out to the scientists. Patrick appeared, attempting to maintain a disinterested expression but she knew that they were aware she had used the remotes. "Yes, Ms. Daniels?" he asked politely.

With a humiliated groan she muttered "Can you... The machine... It needs..." Finally frustrated, she growled "Oh for fuck's sake. Just move the machine so it'll actually touch me if I use it."

He looked at her in shock and nodded. She could hear him grunt slightly as he wheeled it in a better position. Appearing at her side again he looked uncomfortable and asked if he could move her lower gown to position the machine better.

Alex leaned her head back and tried not to feel defeated. "Yes. Go ahead," she agreed dejectedly. Patrick quickly moved the penis in place, then snapped on rubber gloves and parted her labia slightly to nestle a smaller vibrator directly on her clitoris. He pulled the gown back down to give her privacy, then walked away. She lay there for a few minutes before the tingling in her pussy felt almost unbearable. She again pressed on the right remote and this time felt the vibrator rub gently against the outside of her pussy. By this time she was really wet so it had no trouble sliding inside her. She experimented until she figured out how to move it and how to control the vibration. The vibrator had skin-like folds and seemed to be an adequate width - not too huge to be painful, nor too thin to be useless. Alex liked being able to control the angle and the depth. She tested a new button and gasped when the other vibrator sprung to life. Alex panted as it buzzed furiously, giving wonderful direct focus to her clit. Meanwhile, the nipple clamps were providing the nicest sucking sensation and the dildo kept pumping deeply, perfectly in her. Her mind went blank as her body surrendered to the overwhelming euphoria.


Patrick was typing notes into the computer, trying to tune out the patient's moans. He wanted to maintain professionalism and sporting an erection would not help at all. He was so focused on trying to keep his dick in line that he hadn't even heard the door open. He only looked up when he heard a voice cry out "Don't kill him!" There was a sudden flash of activity and he abruptly found himself looking into the face of a very angry, scary man. Patrick recognized him as the creature from the library, Drew Elias. Before Patrick could take a step, Drew reach toward him and Patrick immediately felt his body go weak. The last thing he saw as he sank into darkness was Charlotte lying unconscious on the floor and Neil standing over Mark.

Drew swung aside the screens that were blocking Alex and stopped in his tracks when he saw her. Due to her writhing around, the gown had gathered at her midsection, exposing her whole body. The vibrator pistoned away rhythmically inside her. Drew strode forward to yank the machine out of her when he heard "I wouldn't do that." He swung around angrily but stopped when it saw it was the male assistant. "What the hell, Mark? You want to explain how the hell this happened and why I shouldn't break everything in this room?"

"Well, one, I wasn't aware it was going to happen. This wasn't an officially approved assignment. There were a few guys who imagined themselves as Seal Team Six or some shit and just decided to see if they could obtain your friend before anyone had really signed off on making an attempt. I just got the call today that I was needed to help run the tests, and I texted you right after I got it," Mark explained. "And before you ask, I proceeded with the testing because I knew you were both on your way."

Drew sneered at his friend and waved his hand dismissively. "So explain again why I shouldn't pull all that shit away from her?"

Mark sighed and glanced at Alex. This whole time she was still moaning and thrashing in ecstasy, unaware that Drew and Neil were even there. "Neil told me what happened," Mark responded softly. "That she was infected but hadn't completed the transformation. Dude... " He looked like he wanted to say more but thought better of it. Instead he revealed that he had to run tests on her to keep up his cover and that she deserved to experience the most pleasurable ones first.