Virus Ch. 09-10

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Revelations and transformations.
9.4k words

Part 5 of the 5 part series

Updated 06/07/2023
Created 05/23/2015
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Chapter 9: Love Transfusion

She looked from one man to the other. Raising her eyebrow at the pair she asked "Are you sure this isn't just a ploy to get me to screw your best friend?"

There was a tense moment where they all just looked at each other. Finally Drew started stuttering "I... I just-"

"I'm just teasing you," she laughed. "So you really think this will make me better/faster/stronger?" Both men shrugged. Neither could be sure it would make any difference if she contracted the virus from just one or both of them. She bit her lip and examined each guy's face. "Just tell me honestly, is this something you do? Share women?"

Drew shook his head no vehemently. "The only threesomes I've had were with two women," Neil stated proudly, sitting on the edge of the bed. "This has never been done before. I'm not sure if it'll work. At the end of the night all that might happen is I had sex with a hot woman and I also saw my best friend's dick." He paused, then added "The fact he's even willing to try proves he must really care for you to suggest it."

Alex blushed. Her eyes shot to Drew's face. He was looking away, trying to appear nonchalant but she could see that he agreed with everything that was just said. She suddenly felt nervous. Once more she was in a position where her actions at that precise moment would impact her future. If she said no, she would still transform but she might not reach the full potential of the person she was going to become. If she said yes, there was a chance she could reach that potential and maybe also inadvertently harm Drew's and Neil's friendship. She cared deeply for Drew too and didn't want to put him in an uncomfortable position just for her sake. She wrapped the sheet around her and got out of bed. She padded quietly up to Drew and touched his cheek. "Drew, are you absolutely sure you want to do this? I don't want to do anything that might harm your friendship," she murmured in a soft voice so Neil couldn't hear.

He seemed to drink her in with his soulful stare. His hand mirrored hers and caressed her cheek. "I'm up for it," he declared with conviction.

She nodded to show she was willing to attempt it and gave him a quick peck to seal the agreement. She turned around and announced "It's decided. I guess we're gonna try it" with as much confidence as she could fake.

Neil slapped his palms on his thighs and stood up. "Okay then." Drew and Alex stared at him and waiting for him to start, possibly because he was the only one still fully dressed and also the one with threesome experience. He finally took the initiative and started undressing. He pulled off his tee to reveal a thin but muscular torso decorated with various tattoos. He kicked off his shoes and started unbuckling his belt. Alex felt Drew move closer behind her and wrap his body along her back. Neil slid his jeans down and danced one leg then two out of them. He stood there in boxers staring back at the pair. Grinning impishly he unceremoniously pulled down his boxers and flung them off.

Alex felt Drew's fingers dig into her hips anxiously. She grinned back at Neil and, taking a long look at his cock, declared cheekily "Nice. Not as impressive as Drew's but very nice none the less." Neil laughed. She felt Drew's fingers relax as he whispered "Good answer" in her ear. She turned slightly toward him. "Your turn," she ordered, pointing at his sweatpants.

"Aw, man. Can't you get naked first so I'll have something pleasant to look at?" Neil whined to Alex.

Ignoring him, Alex tapped her toe waiting on Drew to depants. He smirked at her and slowly removed them. She took a moment to admire his body then, seeming to recall what was about to occur, looked nervously at both men. They all had equally anxious faces. She took a breath then let the sheet slip off her body. She could feel both men's gazes sweep over her and she had to fight the urge to hide or cover herself up. She reminded herself that by the end of the night they would be doing more than just looking at her.

All three stood rooted in place, naked and unsure. Finally Alex said tentatively "So, should I... Uh, what do we..."

"Um, why don't you get on the bed and we'll flip for heads or tails," joked Neil. Drew remained silent with an enigmatic look on his face. Alex squeezed his hand and sat on the bed, waiting for further instruction. Neil shuffled up to Drew. "Drew, if you don't want to do this-"

"I do," he replied decisively.

Neil sighed. "Okay, then you tell us what to do. Do you want Alex and I to have sex in a different room? You don't have to watch if it'll make you uncomfortable."

Drew looked at his friend, careful to only look at his face since he was still not used to a naked Neil. "No. At the same time to strengthen the transfusion."

"Ok," Neil shrugged. "I was joking about the heads/ tails thing. But how do you want to-"

"I'll make love to her. I get the bottom half," Drew proclaimed. Neil nodded but stayed in place and waited for his friend to approach Alex first.

Alex was sitting up in the middle of the bed, watching both men discuss how they were planning to have sex with her. She was secretly glad they were ones deciding. She was still feeling extremely nervous and unsure but could start to feel tendrils of lust start to unfurl within her. After deciding how to start, both men turned and started approaching the bed. She grinned nervously at them. Drew walked to the center of the bed and locked eyes with her. In what seemed like a split second he was suddenly on the bed, kissing her deeply. She could feel a dip on the bed at her side where Neil must have sat down but she was still locked in Drew's overwhelming kiss. His hands stroked her possessively and his kisses burned across her cheek, neck and chest like he was claiming her. He finally pulled away slowly. Alex leaned back slightly to take a much needed breath. She glanced to her left to see Neil sitting next to her, patiently watching them. She glanced at Drew to see him sheepishly look at Neil. Drew readjusted his body toward her right side to allow Neil in. Neil continued to watch unhurriedly. Drew kissed Alex on the lips then began showering the right side of her neck with kisses and licks.

Once Neil was certain that Drew was ok with it he moved his body closer to Alex. She looked into his eyes. He held her gaze and kissed her gently. He pulled back a little and examined her face. He leaned forward and kissed her a little more insistently. Once he felt her nervousness start to dissipate he began to kiss her with more passion, slipping his tongue in her mouth to taste her. He teased her with his tongue and she responded with her own, teasing and tasting his mouth as well. Drew was caressing her right breast, watching them. He felt some uneasiness but distracted himself by taking her nipple in his mouth and running his teeth across it. He alternated sucking it and giving it playful bites. He heard Alex let out a soft moan into Neil's mouth and he bit her breast with a little more force than he intended to. She broke her kiss with Neil to give him a reproachful look.

"Ouch!" she laughed. She leaned down toward Drew to kiss him. "You can be rough with them but not too rough," she playfully admonished. He looked up at her guiltily and promised to be nice. She looked back at him in bemusement and teased "Don't make me put you on boob restriction."

"As if I'd allow that," he replied as he latched on her breast again, sucking it deeply in his mouth and flicking the nipple with tongue, causing Alex to roll her head back and moan. Drew grabbed her left breast and gave it equal attention. He moved back and forth between her breasts - kissing, sucking, licking. Alex felt movement behind her and suddenly the heat from Neil's body was pressed at her back. He moved the hair from the side of her neck and started sucking on it. She felt a hand, probably Neil's, cupping her crotch. A finger started teasing the slit. Alex leaned back against Neil and he tilted her face toward him to kiss her. She could feel Drew start kissing down her stomach. He moved lower and suddenly announced "Mine!" Alex felt Neil's hand suddenly move away from her. Both she and Neil laughed at Drew's possessiveness.

Neil slid out from behind her to allow her to lay down. He was kneeling on the bed and leaned down to kiss her before moving his mouth to her breasts. It was his turn to play with them. In the meantime Drew was teasing her, kissing just the outside of her pussy. Finally she could feel him part her inner lips with his hand and give a soft kiss to her clit. She shivered in delight. He smiled to himself and licked her entire slit a few times before sucking lightly on her clit. She instinctively lifted her hips slightly to meet his mouth. He slipped a finger slowly into her. He sucked a little harder on her clit, not aware that Neil was sucking hard on her nipple at the same time. Alex groaned in bliss from all the attention. Drew added another finger. Once he was satisfied she was wet enough he gave a final kiss to her pussy and sat up. Neil felt him move and sat up too, waiting to see what Drew was going to do next.

Drew slid her down slightly and spread her legs more. He grabbed the base of his cock and slid it across her pussy a few times. He was teasing her with it and also spreading her wetness around so he could glide in easier when he entered her. Meanwhile, Neil moved off the bed and pulled Alex's upper body toward the side of the bed. He grabbed several pillows and positioned them under her head so she could lean toward him comfortably. Alex reached out and grabbed Neil's erect cock and stroked it a few times. She looked up at him and gave him a grin. Drew gripped her thighs and she switched her gaze to him. She met Drew's eyes. They held the gaze as he entered her slowly. A smile broke out on her face and she closed her eyes in pleasure at the feel of him. She opened them again and gave him an affectionate look. He smiled back and thrust his body deep in her again.

She felt Neil touch her hand. She hadn't realized she stopped stroking him and had let go of his dick. She turned her head toward him. He was standing next to the bed, stroking himself. She lay her head back so she was looking up at him and he quickly glided his cock across her mouth. She flicked out her tongue to tease him, and caught the grin he gave in response. He held the tip over her mouth, waiting for her to open up for him. She gave it a quick lick. He rubbed his cock over her lips again. This time she sucked lightly on the sides as they glided across her lips. Once again, his cock was presented in front of her mouth. This time she took the tip in and started to slowly suck it. She changed positions, twisting her body and sitting up slightly to allow her more control. Neil adjusted the pillows to make her more comfortable. Finally settling in a good position, she brought him to her lips and suddenly took him all the way in her mouth, only to go immediately back to a light sucking. Neil almost lost his footing from the unexpected sensation.

At her other end, Drew's cock was buried deep inside as he plunged deeper and deeper. Her legs were wrapped tightly around him as he glided in and out. He saw her take Neil in her mouth and felt a pang of jealousy. I haven't even had a blowjob from her yet, he realized. He hated that he was feeling jealous, especially since he was the one who convinced her to do this. He tore his gaze away from the other two and concentrated on fucking her deeper, and the incredible feeling of his cock inside her.

Alex was absorbed in pleasure when she felt a slight stutter in Drew's thrusting. With Neil's dick still in her mouth, she twisted slightly to peek at Drew. He was staring down intently, seemingly engrossed in what he was doing. She let Neil's cock fall from her mouth. "Drew," she called softly. He looked up at her cautiously. She gave him a half-smile. "Watch me," she purred. "Imagine I'm doing this to your cock." She grabbed Neil firmly and sucked deeply on the tip, all the while maintaining eye contact with Drew. She began taking more of Neil in her mouth, pausing occasionally to lick up and down the sides or to smile at Drew. He returned the smile and realized that she was matching her speed with his thrusts, and began thrusting in earnest. Her pussy seemed to mold perfectly around his cock and he couldn't believe how heavenly it felt.

She was now deep-throating Neil and all he could do was grunt in pleasure. Neil gripped her head and felt himself suddenly spurting in her mouth. Alex felt a split second panic but quickly started gulping, careful not to spill any precious drop. Drew couldn't believe he just watched his girlfriend swallow Neil's cum. He didn't have time to ponder it since he was still grinding into her and at the precipice himself. He gripped her legs as his body rocked in spasms, sending ribbons of his own cum inside her. His grinding and sudden spasms hit Alex in all the right angles so she too felt her body shudder in orgasm. (Actually, a couple.)

Sweaty, tired and sated, all three rested on the bed. Drew lay on Alex's right side with Neil on her left, facing the other direction so he'd have more room to stretch out. Alex's body tingled from pleasure. Drew reached his hand out to squeeze hers and turned on his side and examined Alex's face.

"Stop. You're making me feel like a zoo animal," she laughed.

"Sorry. Just seeing if the process has started yet."

Neil sat up and peered at Alex too. She looked at the two men. "Well?" she asked.

Drew noticed it first. Her eyes. The hazel color looked more vivid, the green/ gold richer. They seem to glow with a brightness. He looked over to Neil to say something but Neil nodded to him even before a word was said.

Drew squeezed her hand. He exhaled a long, slow breath. "Yeah... It's starting."

Chapter 10: Whole New You

"Yeah... It's starting."

All three sat on the bed waiting in anticipation. Alex still looked nervous so Drew took her hand and squeezed it reassuringly. When nothing happened after a minute Neil let out an embarrassed laugh. "I forgot that it's a gradual process. Some people transform in a few hours while others take a whole day." He slid off the bed and yanked on his boxers. "I'm going to get me something to drink. You know, there's a chance Alex might need another injection to trigger the change, Drew," he waggled his eyebrows at Drew as he walked out, trying to lighten the mood.

Not wanting to think about the changes her body would be going through, or even the prospect of having more sex with the guys, Alex excused herself to take a shower. She stood under the shower head and sighed in relief. There was something soothing in just letting the hot water flow down her back. She giggled to herself at Drew's shampoo collection. He didn't seem like the type of guy to have that many bottles. After a quick sniff test, she chose one with a light fragrance and started lathering up a small amount in her hair. Her head felt slightly tingly and the simple motion of massaging her fingers through her hair as she shampooed was almost putting her in a hypnotic state. She ducked her head under the shower spray to rinse out the shampoo. She combed her fingers through the hair to wash it out completely but as she brought her hand down she noticed that her hand still had handfuls of her hair. She lightly touched her scalp to feel for an empty spot and saw a clump of hair fall. She let out a scream and instantly both men were at the shower door.

"What's wrong?" Drew cried.

She couldn't hold back the tears. She wasn't in pain and from what they explained may happen later this hair loss was the least of her worries. She felt a little ashamed, like she acting like a brat. But still, she didn't want to be bald. She looked up and sniveled " hair."

They looked down at the hair now covering the shower floor. Drew stepped in, sweatpants and all, to hold her and whisper "It'll be ok." Neil stood at the door, examining Alex and the shower floor. "Do you mind if I come in?" he asked respectfully. Alex was still sniffling but she nodded. Neil stepped into the shower in his boxers, but turned the shower head toward the wall so he wouldn't get wet. He reached out toward Alex's head and carefully ran his hand across her hair. She gasped and jerked her head away, scared of losing more. A large clump lay in his hand but she felt a distinctive tug where some hair was still attached. Neil let the loose locks fall to the floor and with great care parted the area he had just touched. "Drew, look," he pointed out.

Curious, Drew leaned over and looked at the area of her scalp that Neil was pointing out. It didn't look red or like anything was wrong. "What am I looking at?" he asked, confused.

"You saw how much hair came out. There should be a bald patch here with that amount," Neil explained. Drew looked again and it looked normal. Neil wiped a tear off Alex's face. "Yes, you're losing hair but it's growing back almost instantly. No female Rogaine for you," he joked, trying to make her feel better.

She still looked worried and asked "It'll stop though, right? I'm not going to get so much hair that I'll become the bearded lady? Oh God. Don't tell me it'll be one of those things that no matter how I try to cut my hair it grows back to the same length almost instantly. I'd hate that. What if twenty years I decide to try a pixie cut? On one hand, that's great if I find out that the pixie cut doesn't work for my face but on the other hand, what if it does look super cute but I can only have the look for twenty seconds?"

Both men just listened in amusement to her rambling. Drew finally interrupted her to explain that no, their hair grows back at the same rate as 'normal' humans, that they don't suffer from hirsutism or excessive body hair, and she'd look adorable with any haircut. He hypothesized that this was a one-time only part of the change. Once Alex had completed a thorough inspection of her scalp, feeling for any bald spots and not finding any, she calmed down.

Drew kissed her temple and gave her a hug. "Ah, you feel cold. Better finish your shower." He made sure the water was still hot and pointed the shower nozzle back toward her. He didn't notice that Neil was on his knees in the shower stall, gathering up the hair to throw it away so it wouldn't clog up the drain. "Hey!" Neil exclaimed as he got sprayed too. "Oops. Sorry," Drew laughed then 'accidentally' aimed it again at Neil. "Quit it!" Neil barked out.

Alex couldn't help joining in Drew's laughing. Neil looked up and them and smiled, glad she wasn't crying anymore. There would be plenty of that later. Drew grabbed a bar of soap and started rubbing it against her skin. His eyes grew wide as a strip of skin seemed to peel off. Horrified, he examined Alex's face. She had her eyes closed and wasn't acting like she was in pain. Drew looked down at Neil, who had witnessed the whole thing. "Um, I'll get your legs since I'm down here," Neil said in a faltering voice. Not even bothering with soap he ran a finger on the outside of her calf and saw flakes of skin coming off. He leaned in to examine it. The area was slightly red but there was no bruising or breaks in the skin. He carefully got to his feet. "Ah... Alex?" She opened her eyes and looked slightly surprised that he was standing in front of her, but wasn't showing any signs of distress. "How do you feel?" he asked, trading looks of concern with Drew.

"Um, better now that I know I'm not going to have to shave my face. Why?" she asked, perplexed.

Wordlessly, Drew showed her the arm he had been lightly soaping up. It was slightly red, like when skin has been scrubbed with a loofah. With a very light touch he ran his fingers down an untouched section. She saw a layer of skin roll up and fall off of her. Her face immediately twisted into a look of horror. Neil jumped in to explain. "It's probably just like what's happening to your hair. Your body is just regenerating into the best you possible. It doesn't hurt, right?" Alex nodded numbly yes, it didn't hurt. "See? This is just the top layer of skin. Normally it sloughs off naturally over a week but today it's just in hyperdrive. It won't do this again," comforted Neil.