Vision of the Spirit Ch. 02


An unzip sound gave direction in the dark. He felt the heat radiating from inside the bag before he made physical contact. Willow positioned herself against his back as he settled in on his side.

She murmured, "Oh, you're much softer to sleep on than the ground."

"You sure those cuts aren't going to hurt more with me in here?"

"Let's have a test." Warm arms snaked around his chest and she squeezed tight against his back. "Mmm, feels nice. Remember, I'm a tough girl."

Her pubic hair tickled his ass. "It's been two days since I showered," he warned.

There was audible sniffing, and then, "You smell woodsy. It's a manly smell. I like it." Her arm bent back over his shoulder and she played with the hair behind his ear. "I've never known a man with hair almost as long as mine." Several quiet moments passed as she toyed with it. "So, is this how the Indians lived?"

"I don't think they had sleeping bags."

Kisses began to tease his neck and shoulders. Fingers began to lightly trace his nipples.

"You're a hottie, Doctor DuBois." He felt her nose burrow into his hair. "You know that, don't you." Her palms rubbed and squeezed his pectorals. Her breath tickled his ear. "Firm muscles. I love muscles."

Even though Tom knew this was all an act put on for his benefit, and she was just making herself 'useful', he couldn't deny the very real pleasure of her touch. One hand wandered down his stomach, explored his navel and then toyed with his pubes. His right ear was licked, the left nipple was pinched and a delicate hand wrapped around his cock.

A groan escaped his lips as her hand teased up the shaft and twirled around the glans.

"Oh yeah, that feels good doesn't it, Tommy."

The hand on his chest left to join its partner at his groin.

Her throaty voice whispered in his ear, "Where would I be without you? I would've died of exposure if you hadn't been waiting naked for naked me. There's symmetry in how we met. Don't you think?"

The thought had crossed his mind.

Strokes on his cock began to intensify as the other hand fondled his balls. Willow hunched against his ass in a matching tempo.

"I want to give you pleasure, Tommy. So much pleasure. Then you'll sleep like an angel and I'll be right here, snuggling naked all night."

His hips began to move.

"That's it, Honey. Help me. I like the feel of you, thrusting in my hand. Your balls are getting tight."

Fingernail tickles on his scrotum increased the building pressure. Visions of Willow's body appeared like cave paintings glowing in the dark, three dimensional and alive. Tom rolled onto his back.

"Oh, Baby. You're getting close. I can't wait to feel your juice shoot up your cock. Come on Baby. Do it for me."

A groan and arched hips signaled the satisfying explosion. Semen fired out with the power of postponed desire. One tight hand continued to work him up and down as the other teased the glans and blocked the spray.

Willow kissed his chest and played with him until the erection softened. "Wow, you came a ton." One hand left and then returned with a cloth to mop up the mess. "Don't want to leave a wet spot." When finished, she laid her head on his chest without another word.

After some time, Tom said, "Thank you."

"Your welcome," answered Willow.

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