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Visit to Varanasi


Prince Kyrhan had just been relieved of his duties as commanding officer of the President's regiment in New Delhi. He had loved these months of active duty that reminded him of his participation to fights with the Pakistani army near the border many years ago. Nowadays, there had beeen no fights apart from occasional skirmishes mainly due to activists crossing the border to attack Indian soldiers as Pakistan and India were now technically at peace. Kyrhan was basically a pacifist and the present situation just suited him perfectly He loved reading regularly speeches from Ghandi and discussing about them with his friends during evening talks with Dan, Rajeev and a few of his closest friends but on this present occasion, he was just chatting with two members of his harem : pincess Kira and Lady Leena who was just there on an extensive visit and they had enjoyed a long soak in the new Ayurvedic spa built by Kira and the Dalits' team in record time. Both girls were nealy naked as Kyrhan had taken his pleasure leisurely with both of them, Kira the first, then Leena and finally Kira again but backwards, just to vary pleasure for the Prince. Afterward, Kira and Leena felt completely sated and wouldn't care for mens 's company for a couple of weeks but that was just not the Prince's view as he intended to make full use of these women every day during Leena's stay. Kyrhan had enjoyed the unending vitality of this pair of such sizzling hot women and knew he could force them to repeated orgasms as often as he wanted! They would never tell him it was too much or that they were exhausted , Kyrhan could be sure of their dedication and Kira in particular just loved to push him to his limits!


-My Prince! Could I be of any help to you, my Lord and Master?

- No, please just enjoy your stay here. I just wondered whether you ever visited Varanasi!

- In Uttar Pradesh? It is not very far from here I once promised my husband to go there with him but I never went there so far!

- Would you care for a visit to such a sacred town with us!

- Certainly! I would like to be incinerated there after my demise.

- Considering your behaviour, Prince, when we have made love together, you have still plenty of time for that!

- Certainly! At least I hope so but you never know! and you, my dear Kira, have you visited that place!

- I am afraid that I never was there! I am more interested by living people!

- It's an opportunity, Prince! Take just a few days leave. You have two very attractive ladies to your beck and call and they are ready to fulfill any wishes you might have. You have worked non stop for months, now and remember what Manmohan Singh told you when you left your miitary job recently.

- I may quote it quite precisely; « A nice job done with your usual care for the finest detail and a tribute to your outstanding dedication to the Indian army»

So the two women went to choose the appropriate garments for their travel. Kira pointed out to her friend what she would have to wear

- No fancy dresses, no bright colours but no white sarees : we are not widows but we should keep to very strict dress code and certainly no deep cut clothes! And of course only sarees as long as you are in my house! Remember that I am married to a member of the Indian government!

Leena agreed immediately. She always acted as if she was Indian at home in London and spoke usually hindi even with her English friends. Kira chose in the pile of clothes a black and dark green saree, nothing too flashy with a conservative Brown long choli that would never attract too much attention : it was the kind of outfit that was the perfect opposite of what Kira or Leena usually wore to please the Prince and his friends. They were often more scantily clad then in order to be able to remove more easily their clothes so that they would be able to frolick unhindered with Kyrhan and his guests. Leena was more adventurous and she had often danced completly naked for the pleasure of the whole Dalits' team in the prince's palace. Kira, on her side, had to maintain her rank and keep her distance with simple servants but on some special occasions, she had taken a place among them and had opened widely her thighs for them in front of the Prince and he had showed her he was a real man in their couple. She had had not the slightest doubt about it but it was wiser to enforce it as often as possible.

Three days later, Kira climbed down from the train. She was accustomed to travels in Europe or USA but trains in India were such a different experience, much wider, with fenced windows that prevented people from climbing on the roof, or at least tried to do so... Kira noticed on the side of the tracks an old sign post indicating the former name of the city, Bénarès. Kira was seized by emotion as she walked toward the banks of the river where most Indian people wanted to finish their life. There were a dozen of burning pyres in various states of advancement and Kira paid due respects to the deceased. The stench of cremated corpses was almost unbearable but Kira was so deeply attuned to Indian customs that she felt perfectly at home in this city. She just wanted to take a ritual bath in the river as many people were doing not very far from there but her westerner education told her that the river was awfully polluted even though she had been told by Indian people that the sacred river could never be polluted by men's actions. That was one of the moments her instinct would oppose her mind but her education prevailed and she promised herself to take a dip soon in the river in an unpolluted zone.

Leena had no such fears and sat in the river, pouring liberally some water on her head and her saree soon clung tightly to the curves of her body. Leena looked down proudly at her friend. She knew that she had admitted a simple beggar in her bed, a feat Kira would never have accepted! For Leena, Kira was at times too haughty to just look for pleasure where it was. Kira noticed that there were very few very old buildings as she would have expected the city had been sacked by Aurangzeb, one of the most important Moghul emperors and the stones had been used to build mosques but the English Raj had saved the remnants of the city. After a lengthy visit, Kyrhan led the two girls in the silk market with some of the finest silk embroideries Kira had ever seen. Kira gasped when she saw some of the cholis and sarees on display. She imagined herself parading in the palace gardens wearing just one of these garments, sure that Kyrhan would peel it soon from her shoulders. Perhaps, she could wear it for Dan and their other friends and have them rip the fine fabric from her shoulders : the use of sheer force during sexual intercourse had always thrilled Kira and teasing true men enough to make them rape her between them was just a dream.

The only question for the Rani was whether Kyrhan would be horny enough to allow her the time to remove the silk garment or would he just rip it off her shoulders?

Leena had about the same idea as her friend and she licked her lips in anticipation, just imagining the pleasures she could obtain from her friend for Kira may be agresively sensual with the prince or any well hung male but she knew she was also deeply bi. It has been Kira who had introduced Leena to the pleasures of Sapho and girl to girl relations were the only viable alternative to the dirtiest male possession for Leena.

Kira and Leena left with finally four different outfits of different colours to catch the lust of their most appreciated partners in bed and a few of their closest female friends. Kira decided to make an excursion in the vicinity : she had heard of a temple, nearby. She easily convinced Leena to come along. There was there a large marble lingam (male phallus) that was said to bring luck to anyone who could suck it to the hilt. Kira laughed when she saw it :

- Look! It isn't so much bigger than Kyrhan's own virility!

- Sure, Kira! But Kyrhan may be longer and maybe thicker by a couple of inches!

- Maybe! But I would like to try it, just to see if it would fit into my mouth. There is just a possibility to see whether I can swallow it to the hilt! It's so huge!

- Don't kid me : Kyrhan is so huge that I had thought on our fist encounterI couldn't accommodate him but now I can receive him painlessly and even easily!

- Just the force of habit, Kira! you should try some of your Dalits workers! They are true men, I can tell you from my long experience!

Kira bent down looking sideways to be sure nobody watched her. She took the polished stone phallus deep into her mouth. Kira's lips were soon locked around the base of the marble protrusion. The Rani dropped the object from her mouth into her cupped hand and turned toward Leena, laughing :

- I took it all and I am pretty sure you can take it whole too!

Leena felt she had to try to swallow the lung just like Kira had done. She made her lips in a perfect circle and pressed her lips around the marble object. Kira was encouraging her :

- Continue, Leena, Just a single inch more and you will have succeeded!

Leena tried to release the muscles in the back of her throat. She felt the lingam slide deeper into her throat and to her immediate satisfaction, she could feel her lips surrounding the base of the marble object at last. She continued to suck its whole length admiring its size then she pushed back its whole length and put her mouth to cover Kira's mouth. She was exulting with her achievement and would have almost advertised it publicly! The only thing that prevented her to do so was the big object in her mouth. She could just emit a muffled groan of satisfaction. Kira couldn't answer in kind but she felt her pussy was definitely soaking, waiting anxiously for the future visit of the prince to her most intimate parts.

Kira had been wise to put on a thick tampon before visiting the silk market. At that moment, she had thought that Kyrhan could decide to fuck her on the spot during her visit to the mall but Kyrhan had unexpectedly left her quiet. It had been Leena who had shattered completely Kira's plans. Now she couldn't wait to have the prince between her legs banging at her pusssy. Kira was now so horny that she could have asked the driver of the rickshaw they had taken just to fuck her on the back seat like a cheap whore. Leena had exactly the same needs. She finally put a finger under her saree and found the courage to frig herself until she cummed on the seats of her rickshaw, just protected by the folds of her saree. But it must not have been sufficient degradation for Leena as she felt her friend's forefinger exploring her undies under her saree. Kira immediately knew what Leena intended to do : Leena's finger grabbed Kira's knickers and after a rapid twist of the hand, she just ripped them away. This way, Kira could never rearrange her torn panties. She just imagined Kira walking pantyless through the town!

- You don't need such luxury undies to return to our hôtel. To my view, you could walk naked in front of all the customers and all the beggars in the street could have their turn with you. You would need a long hot shower before Kyrhan would just accept to bugger you again! You're just a filthy cum dump! i cant understand how Kyrhan had the nerve of marrying you!

The two women tried to hide their feelings as they returned to their hotel. They already knew they had no hope to find some rest that night. Kyrhan was their only hope for some much needed relief. Kira just acepted Leena 's suggestion : she would return to the hôtel to meet her husband with her pussy bare under her saree. It would just add a feeling of shame to that overall rich day. Kira had finished to love that feeling of being totally exposed with no place to hide from view!

When Kira knocked at the door of her suite , it was the prince who opened it but Leena managed to smuggle in before her. She announced in a triumphant voice that they had visited a temple and had discovered a very big lingam...

- Kira had told me that it was about your size, Prince, and she had decided immediately to check whether it would fit in her mouth, and, you know, it did to the back of her mouth! So we played some dirty tricks all the way to this place! Yon never knowthat Kira has so many dirty ideas in her mind! She may look pretty tame here but she is a wanton slut as soon as she is no longer under your supervision!

- I knew it : I have to fight to control her! Otherwise, she could have affairs with anyone in the palace! Tell me about your escapades today! I can bet she had some unsual sex adventures today!

- You are right, Prince! Imagine this slut had decided to shed her undies when we were shopping in the mall!

- Good gracious! Kira! how can you be so dirty! You have no considération for your rank? Show me how you were under your saree!

- As you want, darling! But it had been Leena who had forced me to go bareback under my saree!

- Shut up and strip, slut! Keep silent while we discover the extent of your sluttiness! Show me how low you can get! I will then decide the punishment you now desserve! Expect a rich punishment in accordance to your sins!

- No, master! I did nothing wrong! It has been only Leena 's fault!

- Oh god! You should have put your knickers back the moment you were back in the hotel but I'm certain you were enjoying too much your public nudity! Turn around and let me explore the wetness of your pussy ... I knew it! You are positively drenched, just begging to be fucked by anyone! I think I could take advantage of your present situation! Would you care for some nice and very hard cock?

- Certainly, Dear. It's always a pleasure to greet you in my love tunnel! Ready when you want!

Kyrhan just positioned himself between Kira's thighs and just pushed in . His cock slid in effortlessly, eliciting a scream of pure lust from Kira's mouth. Kyrhan had to reply to keep the control of events

- I knew it! You were so much eager to have this cock driving home where you were waiting it! Have you got any trace of shame left?

Kira's cheeks went Bright red when a sluish noise could be heard from her very wet pussy. She could never deny she was more than ready if not eager to receive this proof of Kyrhan's lust for her.

- I think I have found the appropriate punishment for you, Kira! This evening and for at least two days, I won't fuck you. I will only fuck Leena. You will be just allowed to make her climax with your tongue but only after I had cummed in her pussy or asshole. You will lick her clean and swallow all her juices!

- Oh No, please, Master! It's too harsh : you cannot do this to me! Please, Be leniant, Master! Remember that I love you!

-And I too love you but you need to be taught a lesson. You will remember from now on not to cheat me of your love juices unless I have given you due permission!

-I stand corrected, Master and I will behave in the future. I promise it!

From that moment, Leena knew she would be the sole recipient of Kyrhan's semen that day. So, she took a scented bath to satisfy completely the Prince. She also chose one of the silk outfits Kira had chosen just for such an occasion. It had holes in most strategic places where the possible spectator would have the best view on her breasts and on her cleavage . Leena wanted absolutely to know whether Kyrhan would really apppreciate it. For her delight, the prince's first reaction was a very appreciative glance. In a minute, she was on her back with Kyrhan covering her body... She could assume that Kyrhan really loved that outfit but she was sure of that only when she felt her love lips hastily pushed aside as the Prince swiftly ripped off the silk to impale her deeper and more violently on his very hard virility. He soon started the in and out usual dances of possession. Leena was certainly honored because she had been chosen by the prince and even more so because she had been prefered to Kira, a rare opportunity but she couldn't understand the reasons of this unusual choice!

Meanwhile, Kira was sulking on her bed completly alone. It was also a new experience for her : she was more used having a dull group of courters ready to do what she had just decided. In her frustation, she looked for comfort by herself. Kira swept the tip of her forefingers along her pussy, just tentatively at the begining in fear of Kyrhan »s réaction then as the prince seemed not to care, she became more decided and threw her head backwards as her moans became more explicit. Kira was actively frigging herself as Kyrhan seemed more concerned by Leena than by herself. Kira was actively engaged in her third ascent towards pleasure when she felt a strong hand yanking her fingers from her pussy

- What are you doing, my beautiful wife? I have placed you in repantance and you, instead of feeling sorry for your misdemeanors I have caught you giving yourself illicit pleasure with your fingers

- Oh, Kyrhan! I was so frustrated by your contempt that I needed some relief. You perfectly know that you will always come first in my erotic dreams and nothing could please me more than having your magnificent cock plunging majestically in my waiting pussy and filling it with your potent seed!

- If you are so much interested by my semen, just lie with me on your four and prove me that you would do anything to prove your subservience to me!

- For sure, Master I would do anything to demonstrate my dedication to you. You may use my body just as you want. You may bugger me in the most debasing position and You will find out that I won't try to escape!

Kyrhan put Kira on her four with her bottom turned toward his massive frame

- Tell me I may do just as I want with you, that you are totally mine to plunder!

- As you want, master. I am your wife, your submissive slave . You may just own me and offer me to your friends if you want. I may wear your yoke if you want. Just know that I really belong to you, master.

- I know it, pussy and I thank you for your everyday devotion, Kira. Please, excuse me if i cause you any pain!

- Here I come!

Kyrhan pressed the hollow on Kira's rump and presented his erect manhood to Kira's love lips. He rummaged for a few minutes between them until Kira's pussy opened progressively. Kyrhan seized the opportunity and pressed forward. Kira's well lubricated pussy immediately gave way under the Prince's pressure. Kira just emitted a long moan as Kyrhan found his place between Kira's thighs. She had taken immediately her pleasure and she cuddled between Kyrhan's arms as she really loved the Prince even when he was somewhat brutal in his love making. She truely enjoyed the way he filled her pussy and left her totally satisfied. Few of her lovers had the same delicacy and the same results... But now he had to mount Leena and give heras much pleasure as he had provided Kira at least if he wanted to have peace in his harem? That was a policy he had maintained among his different wives. It was occasionally difficult to keep the appropriate balance between conflicting interests.

The first move when he was in Leena's presence was to shove his tongue between Leena's lips. That was a caress that she especially loved. Kyrhan always studied carefully all his wives when they had initially entered his harem. With this knowledge, he could control them quite tightly as he had explained once to his foreign friend Dan : they would jump into the fire for him and he could trust them completely. Kyrhan had once chated with Kumar, a pathologic control freak who couldn't understand how he could agree tp have his vives have their own wives live their own lives and with just a phone call be summoned by Kyrhan for months to provide sexual services for people they didn't even know, with just a snap of fingers. Kumar was mostly surprised by Leena who led a very public life in London but could also manage a whole group of Dalit labourers going as far as providing them sexual relief before being offered like a simple whore as foster mother or wombs for rent for interested managers. Service duration could then reach up to nine months or even a full year without returning home.

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