tagIncest/TabooVisit with Aunt Vicky Ch. 5

Visit with Aunt Vicky Ch. 5


It was nearing the end of the summer and also the end of my stay with aunt Vicky. Soon my parents would be returning from their trip to Europe, and that would mean that I would have to go back home again. But more importantly, I wouldn’t be able to screw my aunt and cousin Brigette just about every day. Fucking my mom had just about always been my ultimate fantasy, but lately, getting both Vicky and Brigette together in a three-some had become my main goal.

Now, Vicky and Brigette both wanted me as their own I guess, but somehow I had managed to maintain steady sexual relations with both of them, without the other one getting too upset. I had even mentioned a threesome once or twice, but it seemed like they didn’t have any interest in sharing. I was getting kind of desperate to get them together, and time was running out. There was only about a week left before I’d have to move home.

“So Jake, have you thought about what you want for you birthday? I haven’t gotten you anything yet.” My aunt said as she sat across the table from me.

Vicky, her daughter Brigette and I were all sitting at the dinner table, eating our supper. Tonight had been rather quiet until my aunt brought up birthday plans. And honestly I had almost forgotten that my birthday was in just 2 days, with everything else going on lately.

“I haven’t really thought about it honestly.” I started. “I guess I have almost everything I could want already.” I said with a grin, “almost everything.”

My eyes wandered to stare at Vicky’s body. My aunt was wearing a blue sundress with a low cut neckline. She didn’t need to show off much cleavage, because the tight dress did a great job of accentuating her amazing breasts as it was. Vicky’s F-cup tits were held up high in her bra, bulging at the neckline of the dress. I looked over at Brigette next, who was wearing a half shirt, cut high which showed off her tone stomach. Her breasts weren’t as big as Vicky’s, but her double D’s were still huge, especially in that tight little shirt. She was wearing a pair of cut off shorts too, to match. I felt my dick getting hard already.

“Well,” Vicky said, setting her fork down and leaning forward, glancing across to her daughter. “Brigette and I were talking and we were thinking about having a dick sucking competition for your birthday.”

My jaw dropped.

“Yeah,” Brigette said, “This way we can finally settle who’s the best out of both of us.”

“The winner will be your sex slave for the rest of the week until you leave to go home.” Vicky explained.

“Well, if that’s what the winner will do… what does the loser have to do??” I asked.

My aunt and my cousin looked at each other with surprised looks on their faces, obviously they hadn’t thought about that part. “I guess we forgot that…” Vicky said, “I’m sure I’ll win, so the thought didn’t cross my mind.”

Brigette snorted and replied, “You don’t stand a chance, mom.”

“Hey, hey!” I cut in, “Stop, please. Ladies, why don’t we just settle this right now! Follow me to the living room.” I said as I got up from the table, leading them over to the couch.

I undid my pants and slid them off, along with my underwear as well. My cock was already completely stiff, and it popped up happily as soon as I freed it. As I was undressing, I saw Vicky and Brigette stripping down too. Brigette took off her little tshirt, letting her jugs fall out and jiggle freely. Vicky slid her dress off completely, so she was wearing just her lace bra and panties. Her tits looked amazing, held up like that in her bra.

I sat down on the couch and each woman knelt down in front of me, ready to get to work. My stiff cock was sticking straight up in the air.

“We’re going to take turns, going back and forth, then at the end you’ll decide who was better.” Vicky explained.

We tossed a coin to see who would go first, and Vicky won. My aunt positioned herself between my legs and leaned over, licking at the tip of my dick. Her huge melons pressed up against my inner thighs, and I felt her warmth up against my balls.

Vicky rolled her tongue around the tip of my dick for a little bit, getting it nice and wet before opening her mouth and letting my cockhead slide between her lips. She sealed her lips around me and starts nursing me tenderly. Her free hands caressed the bottom of my shaft and balls, while she started sucking.

My aunt sucked gently at first, then she started getting more intense. Her head started bobbing up and down more, while her hands continued to massage me.

“My turn!” Brigette butted in, and pulled her mom back, taking her place between my legs.

Brigette grasped my cock in both her hands, and leaned over, letting my dick nuzzle between her lips and fit perfectly in her mouth. Brigette sucked and slurped me messily, and her spit drooled down all over my dick, completely soaking it in her warm saliva. She sucked with more hunger than Vicky had, and she bobbed her head up and down, letting my dick fuck her lips. Meanwhile, she jerked me off into her mouth, and that alone felt good enough!

Her head bounced up and down my cock quickly, and my dick pummeled in and out of her hot little mouth like a piston. I had to hold back from exploding so soon. I felt my dickhead tickling against the back of her mouth each time she slid down.

“Ok enough, my turn!” Aunt Vicky said.

Brigette let my cock slip from her mouth reluctantly, and she cupped her big jugs, letting my dick slide between them as she backed away, giving me a wink. Vicky took her place back between my legs.

My aunt leaned into me again, and I felt the weight of her massive melons against my thighs as she started expertly sucking me off. Her cheeks sunk in as she sucked me hard, and her head bobbed up and down furiously. Vicky’s hands held my shaft steady, and cupped my cum-boiling balls. I felt her tongue wiggling along the bottom of my shaft as she moved up and down, gliding her lips along the entire length of my aching cock.

Vicky took her mouth off me, and simply started tracing her tongue up and down my rod. Her warm tongue traced over every bump and vein on my dick. I just leaned my head back and closed my eyes. Before long, I felt another tongue tracing up and down my dick, too!

I looked down to see both Vicky and Brigette below me, both licking their tongues up and down either side of my cock. It was like two little schoolgirls fighting over a popsicle.

I groaned deeply as both women ran their tongues over my dick, and would fight over sucking it. Vicky would suck her mouth along one side of my dick, while Brigette sucked along the other edge, like a harmonica.

Brigette and Vicky both giggled as they French kissed each other, keeping my dick trapped between their mouths. That’s when I started to cum.

I moaned as my first shot of cum exploded out of my cock, flying across the room. Brigette quickly grabbed my dick and shoved it in her mouth so she could receive my long awaited load.

My cock spurted over and over, sending massive globs of hot jizz into my cousin’s mouth. I’d never cum so hard in my life… and it felt as though I had shot at least a cup of gooey fuckjuice into her mouth. It seemed about right, because her mouth couldn’t hold in all my cream. White sperm dripped out of her mouth, down her chin, as I finished empting my load.

Brigette then leaned over and kissed her mother passionately, spitting the baby batter into her mouth. Of course some of it didn’t make it, and my fresh jizz dripped down both of their lips now. Vicky swished my load around in her mouth, before kissing Brigette again, sending the hot goo back into her daughter’s mouth, then it was swallowed.

Both women turned to me, with excited looks on their faces. Their eyes were wide, and their chins were dripping with cum. “Well?” They asked. I had almost forgot.


“So who is the winner of the contest?” My aunt asked.

“Who’s the best cocksucker?” Brigette demanded.

“Remember, the winner will be your sex slave for the rest of the week.” Vicky put in.

“And what does the loser get?” I asked.

They looked at each other again, exchanging confused looks.

“Tell you what, leave that part to me.” I said. I had something in mind. They nodded.

“Well, it’s a tough decision.” I said, looking at both women, still kneeling, their faces covered in goo. “But I would have to say, the best cocksucker is….. Brigette!”

Brigette squealed in excitement and clasped her hands together. Vicky was furious, and put her hands on her hips as she stood up. She huffed and walked out of the room, as Brigette got up and started dancing. My cousin stripped off her shorts as she danced around, dropping her shorts down to her ankles. She had no panties on underneath.

Brigette crawled up in my lap, “Are you ready for your sex slave?” She asked.

I looked down, and held my limp dick in my hands. I was exhausted from the double cocksucking treatment. “Ummm… give me about half an hour.” I said to her.

* * * * * * * * * *

That night, I tiptoed down the hallway to my Aunt’s bedroom while everyone was asleep. I opened her door slowly, closed in behind me and walked quietly up to her bed. Vicky was asleep, the covers pulled up over her. I sat down at the edge of her bed beside her and shook her shoulder lightly. “Aunt Vicky? Wake up…”

She mumbled in her sleep, but didn’t wake up. So I shook her a little more, “Aunt Vicky. Wake up….”

She shook her head a little and came out of her slumber, opening her eyes. “Wha… Jake? Whats going on, dear?”

“Aunt Vicky, I’m really sorry about earlier today. I hope you aren’t mad.” I told her.

Even in the dark, I could see well enough to know my aunt was frowning at me. “I can’t believe you chose Brigette over me!”

“I know, I know. Listen, Aunt Vicky, we both know that you’re a better cock-sucker than she is, but I had to have you be the loser because there’s something in particular that I need you to do for me. Something that you probably wouldn’t do otherwise.”

Vicky’s eyebrows raised up. “What is it?”

I paused for a moment, wondering how I would say this. It was something I had never thought I’d say to anyone, ever. “I need you to help me figure out a way I can fuck my mom.”

“Is that what you need?” She asked.

“Yes! I can’t figure out how. She’s not, well, you know... she would probably disown me if she knew half the things I was thinking about her.”

Vicky giggled a little and patted me on the arm. “Honey, there’s a lot you don’t know about your mother. In lots of ways, she’s a bigger slut than I am. I bet you didn’t know that when we were seniors in high school, your mother sucked off half the football team after the homecoming game, did you?”

“Oh my God, no.” I said in disbelief.

“Yes, its true.” Vicky continued, “And the other half was behind her, fucking her.”

“What else don’t I know?” I asked.

“Well, for one, Molly has cheated on your dad several times since they’ve been married.” My aunt continued.

Vicky continued to tell me stories about how much of a slut my mom was growing up, and how much of a slut she still is today. In a way, it hurt a little bit knowing that my own mother was such a lowly whore, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but get horny knowing that maybe I had a chance to fuck my mom after all…

A week later I packed my bags and left to fly back home. Saying goodbye to Vicky and Brigette was awkward, and in a way it was very sad, because I knew things would be very different when I got home.

When I arrived home at the airport, I was greeted by my mom and dad. Mom looked gorgeous of course, the splitting image of her twin sister Vicky, except mom had shorter hair. Those big tits were stuffed inside her blouse, and I couldn’t help but think back at all the good times I had with my aunt Vicky’s, and I started feeling the urge even stronger to fuck my mom.

I just had to somehow. I had to think of some way to convince her. Time was running out, too. I was to leave for college in a week.

[ One week later …. ]

Well, another week had passed, and I was destined to leave for college the very next day. I had wasted away the whole week and still hadn’t gotten any closer to getting my mom. It wasn’t my entire fault, really. My father had been around a lot, and when he wasn’t, there just wasn’t enough time, and the opportunity didn’t really present itself to approach my mom. Not that I had enough courage anyway. There were a couple opportunities where she and I were alone in the house, but how do you just get your mom to have sex with you? I was really starting to think that it was never going to happen.

But that night, my mom sent my dad out to the grocery store to pick up some food. Something seemed a little different about my mom. She walked through the living room, where I was sitting and said to me, “Jake, can you come here a moment, I need to show you something.” And she kept walking down the hallway toward her room.

I followed my mom into her bedroom and she shut the door behind me. My heart started pounding.

“Jake,” she started, placing her hands on my chest. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. You’re leaving for college tomorrow, and well, I feel like there’s something missing in your life, something that you never got out of high school. I kind of regret that you didn’t have any girlfriends, and I just can’t stand to see my own son leave for college still a virgin.”

“Oh my God, mom.” I said in disbelief. My mom was actually making the move on me! Yes!

“You are still a virgin, right? She asked me.

“Yes of course I am, mom!” I replied back. “And… well…. you know, I always fantasized about you, mom. I’m sorry if that seems weird, but I have just always wanted you so bad.”

“I know, Jake, I’m not stupid you know.” She said sternly. “I’ve seen the cum stains you’ve left in my bras.”

I blushed slightly, I thought I had been careful about that!

My mom started unbuttoning her blouse now, and her huge cleavage spilled out more with each button she undid. She let her blouse slip off her shoulders, and so she was just standing there in her bra and skirt. A quick zip on the side of her skirt, and she slipped out of that as well. She wasn’t wearing any panties underneath, and I immediately noticed that she was completely shaved.

“I’ve been planning this all day.” My mom explained. “Now hurry up and take your clothes off, your father won’t be gone long!”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. In an instant, I was ripping my shirt and jeans off, and my cock sprung up as I stripped off my underwear. I was raging hard and so ready to slam my dick inside my mom.

My mom leaned over the bed, placing her hands on the mattress, and bent over far, sticking her ass out toward me, with her thighs spread apart. Her bald, swollen pussy was peeking out, waiting for me. “Stick it in, Jake. Hurry!”

I came up behind my mom, and placed my hand on her shapely hip. With my other hand, I guided my cock up to her pussy, and slowly eased the tip in. It was a little tough at first since she wasn’t that wet yet, but once I got my cock inside her and started pulling back and forth, she loosened up.

It felt great, finally shoving my cock inside my mom. A huge surge of power filled me, and I felt like I could do just about anything.

My mom was bent over the bed, her legs spread apart to give me easy access to her pussy, as I started pounding my cock in and out of her. I shoved my dick up all the way inside her, then pulled out almost all the way, then shoved back in again hard, really giving it to her. This might be my only chance to fuck my mom, so I was going to really screw her brains out!

I held onto her hips and bounced her back and forth on my cock as I pounded her hard, my cock driving in and out. Finally I was getting a chance to fuck my mother!

“Ohhh Jake.. hurry.. hurry and cum.. your dad… mm… will be home soon!” My mom moaned to me.

I spanked my mom’s ass as I drove in and out of her, my rod aching to cum already, as her pussy walls massaged up and down every inch of my shaft. The bed creaked loudly and the sounds of slapping noises must have filled the house as my body slapped up against her ass, and my balls slapped up against her slit each time I buried my dick inside her.

It wasn’t long before I knew I was going to bust a nut. “Oh shit, mom… Here I cum!” I warned her.

“Oh Jake! No! Don’t cum inside me! Pull it out and spray it all over my ass!” She begged.

“I have a better idea.” I said, flipping my mom over so she was laying on her back.

I ripped her bra off, and her gigantic tits came jiggling out free. They were like two huge melons on her chest, and her big nipples were stiff and pointed. I pulled her down off the bed so she was on her knees, jerked my cock a couple times, and started cumming.

My blasts of jizz went splashing over her bulging tits. I had a ton saved up, since I hadn’t jerked off all week, and my cock kept spurting, sending jet after jet off hot, slimey fuckjuice all over my mom’s beautiful breasts. By the time my cock squirted its last shot of sperm, my mom’s tits were completely plastered in white cum. It looked so good against her lightly tan skin.

My mom smiled up at me and said, “Ok good. Now I have to hurry up and shower before your dad gets back! He’ll be home any second now!”

“Not so fast.” I said, placing my hand on my mom’s shoulder. “There’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

My cock was still fully hard, and I nuzzled it in between my mom’s cum-lubed tits. Placing my hands on the sides of them, I squeezed her titties together, sandwiching my dick inside them. Her warm, firm titflesh completely enveloped my cock.

I started rocking my hips back and forth, pulling my cock back and forth between her melons. It felt so good.

“Jake, we don’t have time for this!” My mom begged.

“Yes we do.” I replied.

She reluctantly cupped her hands under her tits, holding them up a little more for me, and I nuzzled my dick deeper down in the valley of her big, bulging, well-lubed fuckjugs. Mom started rubbing her tits up and down, and I started rocking my hips back and forth more, making love to her knockers.

“Oh God mom, I love fucking your tits!” I shouted.

“Shhhh! Jake, your dad will be home any second!” She begged again.

Just then I heard the garage door opening. Shit! Dad would be walking inside any second.

I quickened my pace, and started really pounding my dick back and forth through my mom’s huge udders. My balls dragged along her chest as my dick fucked up and down between her tight tunnel of titflesh, and I watched it poke up through the other end.

A few seconds later I was cumming again, spraying my mom’s face with jizz. As soon as I finished plastering her face, she jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I heard footsteps down the hallway and quickly dove, crawling under the bed.

As soon as I was under the bed, the bedroom door opened. “Honey, are you in here?” I heard my dad’s voice.

“I’m in the shower! Be out in a minute!” My mom called from the bathroom.

My dad closed the bedroom door and I sighed with relief.

It was almost too close.

My dad had been fooled, and the next day I left for college. My mom and I never spoke about that night again, nor did we ever repeat it. I guess it’s for the better, some territory is left unexplored, but it still remains as the best time I’ve ever had. I owe it all to my visit with Aunt Vicky…..


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