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Visiting Big Sis


This story is a work of fiction. All of the characters and events are fictional. All characters portrayed in this story are over eighteen years of age. This story portrays graphic, consensual lesbian sex and lesbian incest between sisters. If you are in an area where reading this is illegal or you are offended by any of this then stop reading now.

Special thanks to Vella_MS and Lucky-E-Leven for their editing. Also thanks to Colleen Thomas for her constructive comments.

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Boston's South Station was more busy than usual on this snowy Friday evening. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people were moving around inside the huge, high-roofed station hall. Countless commuters hurried across the vast open space towards the enormous glass wall and the trains waiting just beyond, trying to get out of the city before the snow outside got any worse. Adding to the confusion, dozens more people had just arrived on an Amtrak metro liner. They milled around reading the overhead signs, looking for friends and relatives or just heading for the exits.

Adrift in this sea of humanity, Wendy walked along the platform looking for her little sister. The train had finally arrived, three hours late because of the inclement weather. Wendy just wanted to find her sister, Amy, and head back to the dorm before the storm got any worse. There was almost a foot of snow on the ground so far and it was still coming down. According to the reports she had heard, it was supposed to keep snowing for the next two days. She didn't feel like being snowed in at the train station all weekend.

Being fairly short, at only five foot two, she couldn't see very well and craned her neck and bobbed her head as she searched. Finally, she caught a glimpse of long blond hair tied back in a ponytail. "Amy!" she yelled, wondering if it was really even her.

Just then the crowd parted and Wendy saw her. She hadn't seen her sister in several months, but she looked exactly the same. She was immediately reminded of how everyone had always remarked at how different she was from her sister.

Wendy was about the same height as her sister, had the same blond hair and their faces were quite similar but that was the end of the similarities. Amy, who had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday a few weeks ago, was slender, graceful and elegant. With long, toned legs and thin arms, she looked every bit like the ballet dancer she was. She had a pretty face with high cheekbones, a small pert nose and full lips. But Amy's most arresting feature was her large, incredibly dark eyes. One look into those eyes was enough to reduce most men to stammering halfwits.

Wendy, on the other hand, looked much more like an exotic dancer than ballet dancer. She was more curvaceous, with large, heavy breasts, a slender waist and wide hips. She had long blond hair and a pretty face like her sister, but she didn't have the same hypnotic eyes that Amy possessed. Wendy's eyes were a hazel color, not quite green, not quite brown. Many times as they were growing up, Wendy had wished she had the same eyes as her sister.

Amy turned at the sound and saw her sister across the station hall. "Wendy!" Amy yelled out as she ran towards her, backpack bouncing, suitcase dragging along behind. When she was a few feet away she let go of the rolling suitcase and, arms outstretched, jumped at her sister.

Wendy's eyes went wide and she let out a grunt as her little sister slammed into her. They both went down in a heap with Amy on top.

"Ow! Amy, Christ! Get off of me, you crazy bitch!" Wendy cried out as she laughed and tried to roll her sister off of her.

Amy laughed and kissed her sister repeatedly on her cheeks, forehead, chin and lips. "Oh you know you like it, baby!" She said as she sat up.

Wendy looked at her sister as they got up and she couldn't stop smiling. "You haven't changed at all since I've been gone," she said, shaking her head. "You're still fucking crazy."

"Yup, and you love me for it, don't cha?" Amy replied sassily, as she picked up the handle of her suitcase.

"Yeah, I suppose I do," Wendy laughed as she looked around at the people walking by; many of them were still watching the girls. Some were smiling; some watched with a bored half interest and a few were scowling with disapproval at the spectacle. Wendy felt uncomfortable under their scrutiny and wanted to get moving.

Since her coming out last year, Wendy had gotten used to disapproving stares; she had certainly seen enough of them. But she still didn't feel comfortable enduring them for long.

She had never been a very secure person, especially in high school. She had never really felt comfortable with herself and her surroundings. She had always felt like an outsider, not really part of the group, like she didn't belong somehow. She couldn't shake the feeling that everyone was judging her all the time and making comments behind her back.

It wasn't until her senior year of high school that she understood where some of her feelings came from. It was during that year that she accepted that she had feelings for the other girls. She had always had the feelings, had them for as long as she could remember, but she had pushed them away to the back of her mind and tried to ignore them. The thoughts scared her and she didn't want to acknowledge them. By her senior year she finally accepted that this was who she was. She was a lesbian.

It wasn't until her freshman year of college that she felt comfortable enough to finally come out publicly. The fact that she attended a college that was over eighty percent female and that a significant percentage of those girls were gay helped her work up the courage. In fact it was her freshman roommate that had finally given her the courage to do it.

Coming out to her friends at college had been relatively easy, as most of them already knew. Amy had also already known, though she had kept quiet until Wendy finally told her. Wendy had actually been a little surprised that Amy had known. When she asked how she knew, Amy just smiled and replied, "Do you think I'm that stupid? I figured it out years ago, probably even before you did."

"You couldn't have, I never told you, and I never told anyone." Wendy replied.

"You didn't have to say anything Wendy. We've lived together for years, I know you better than anyone else. I can read you like a book, hun." Amy said then gave her sister a warm hug. "I'm so glad you're finally admitting it to everyone, including yourself."

Wendy had been a little shocked that her sister had such a good idea of what was going on in her head. Apparently, maybe even a little better than she herself had. In retrospect, Wendy realized that it shouldn't have surprised her much. They had always been very close as kids, and had remained close even after Wendy had gone off to college. Even though she didn't see Amy very often they talked on the phone almost daily. Wendy missed seeing her sister terribly but was cheered by the idea that Amy was graduating High School in the spring and was looking at several colleges in Boston.

"We taking the "T" back to your dorm or a taxi?" Amy's question cut through Wendy's reminiscing.

"We should probably take a taxi. I don't feel like walking from the "T" station all the way to my dorm room in this snow." Wendy said after a moments thought. "Taxi stand is that way," she indicated with her hand.

As they walked across the massive station hall, their shoes squeaking and slipping on wet tiles, Amy's eyes were continually drawn to the shapely curve of Wendy's backside. Watching Wendy's ass sway as she walked caused familiar but troubling warmth to spread through Amy. The moment she had seen her sister the longing that she had been suppressing had reared up in her again, the desperate need to be close to Wendy and to touch her. In her mind she could still feel her own small chest crushed into Wendy's much larger breasts when she had jumped on her. The feel of her sister, even through all her clothes had sent a flush of pleasure through Amy's slim body. She desperately tried to sort out the tumble of thoughts that cascaded through her mind as they approached the automatic doors.

Icy cold wind carried in blowing snow as the doors rolled open. Once outside, the blowing snow covered them instantly as they trudged through ankle deep snow, churned to slush by a thousand hurrying feet.

Amy was surprised at how quiet and peaceful the city sounded. The snow seemed to absorb all the sound except for a dull murmur from the slowly passing traffic and the people's feet squishing along on the slushy sidewalks. It also covered up all the dirt and grime, giving the city a fresh, clean feel. She found it refreshing.

They made it to the first cab in line and Wendy yanked open the side door, throwing in her sister's backpack. The Cabbie, an elderly black man, was small and slender with short gray hair. He jumped out and helped Amy load the heavy Pullman into the trunk before returning to the driver's seat. Wendy was surprised to see a broad, kind smile on his face when he turned.

"Where yous girls off to this evenin'?" He asked in a surprisingly deep voice.

"Huntington Avenue over by the Museum," Wendy answered.

The cabbie considered for a moment, "OK," he said as he put the big Ford into drive, "But that's gonna take some time Miss. Hope yous girls isn't in no kinda hurry."

An hour and a half later the girls, cold and covered in snow dragged themselves into Wendy's dorm room, dropped the bags and collapsed onto the two beds.

"God that was miserable!" exclaimed Amy. "A few inches of snow and this town goes completely to shit. Where the hell did these people learn how to drive?"

"Snow on a Friday afternoon... doesn't get any worse than that. But it wouldn't have been so bad if we hadn't had to walk the last 4 blocks after the taxi got stuck," Wendy stated. "Well, at least we're here... I just don't know what the hell we're gonna do now. I thought we could go out to the clubs, but I'm not going back out into that snow tonight. Besides the clubs will be dead anyway."

"Anything going on around here tonight?" Amy asked without lifting her head off of the bed.

Wendy thought for a minute. "I doubt it. A lot of people went home for the long weekend. We're actually the only ones in this whole suite right now except Kelly."

"Kelly? Do I know her?"

"Probably not, she keeps to her room mostly, nice girl, but real shy. She's very studious and doesn't socialize much, at least not that I've seen. Kinda reminds me of a sexy librarian."

Amy thought she detected something in her sister's voice, a hinting of something more. She arched an eyebrow at her older sister, "Sexy?"

Wendy looked away but Amy could see her cheeks turn bright red with her flush of embarrassment. "Well, she's cute, you know, kinda..." she trailed off.

Amy tried to pretend she didn't notice her sister's embarrassment and went on, "She's shy, huh? Well, maybe we just need to get her drunk," she said with a little laugh and a sly smile.

Wendy, her cheeks still flushed, looked back and smiled too. She thought for a second then shook her head a little, "No, I doubt it. In fact, I don't remember ever seeing her drink."

The smile on Amy's full lips twisted a little and somehow looked a bit more devious. She cocked one slender eyebrow, "There's a first time for everything."

Wendy looked at her sister and a slow smile spread on her lips as well. "You are just evil, do you know that?"

"Yeah, but you love me anyway." She looked around, "So, do you even have any real drinks in this place? Gonna be hard to get that sexy little librarian plastered on Diet Pepsi and bottled water."

Wendy snorted, "Do I have anything to drink, she asks." She walked over to the small fridge in the corner and swung it open, then stepped back so Amy could see. "How's that?" The small fridge was packed with wine coolers and there were three bottles of wine on the door along with a couple of cans of soda for variety. "I stocked up just for you."

Amy looked over, "I guess that will do, for tonight anyway. So where is this librarian of yours?"

"You're serious about getting her drunk?"

Amy looked back at her, "Sure. It beats sitting around all weekend staring at you." She laughed then turning serious asked, "Do you really think she's cute?"

Wendy felt her cheeks heat again as she replied, "Yeah, she is pretty cute, she's..." She froze mid sentence and lifted here eyes to Amy. "Why do you ask?"

Amy looked as innocent as she know how, "Just wondering." Then after a moment she looked Wendy straight in the eye, "After all, you haven't told me if you have a girlfriend or not."

Wendy's lips pressed together in a tight smile, "Little Miss Nosey. Always sticking your nose into everyone's business." She sighed heavily, "If you must know, I do not currently have a girlfriend. I broke up with Samantha, my last girlfriend, in May." She shook a finger at Amy like she was a disobedient child, "But if you think you're gonna get me involved with Kelly, you're nuts. She's not even a lesbian."

Amy laughed, "My, my, my! Getting a little defensive there aren't you? Actually I wasn't thinking that at all." The devious look returned, "But now that you mentioned it..."

"You're nuts." Wendy muttered under her breath as she reached into the fridge. "Here." She tossed her sister a bottle. "Drink this, maybe it'll make you smarter."

By eight o'clock there were a few empty bottles on top of the fridge. The sisters had changed into shorts and tee shirts and were sitting on Wendy's bed watching some girl screech out a horrendous rendition of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" on American Idol.

"God this girl sucks!" Laughed Amy.

"I know. Where the hell do they find these people anyway?" Wendy replied as she took another swig of her drink. "I swear the producers must go out of their way to find people with that little talent. They better stop her soon or that screeching may crack the camera lens. "

At a soft click, heard through the open door, both girls looked up. Wendy had left her room door open as she usually did. The dorm rooms were set up in suites of 3 bedrooms sharing one common living room and two bathrooms. But the door to the main hall was closed so Wendy wasn't worried about someone seeing them drinking.

The door across the hall opened to reveal a slim girl Asian with long dark brown, almost black hair swept back over her shoulders. Small, rimless glasses perched on a slender nose framed big dark brown eyes.

"You must be Kelly," Amy said happily before the girl even realized she was being observed. "I'm Amy, Wendy's little sister. Wendy told me about you, why don't you come in and have a drink with us?"

Kelly seemed surprised at the sudden invitation, "I... I... I was just going to the... the bathroom." She stammered nervously, pointing down the hall.

Amy looked at her for a second, an amused smile spread on her full lips, "Well then come in on your way back. You were planning on coming back I assume?"

Kelly stared at Amy for a moment, a little like a deer in headlights and then nodded, with a nervous twitch. Quickly, she turned and headed off down the hallway.

"Did you have to do that?" Wendy sighed as she gave her best disapproving look.

"Do what?" Amy replied in turn with her best innocent expression.

Wendy gave another exasperated sigh, "I told you she was shy. I think you scared her. When she comes back, IF she comes back, play nice."

"I'm always nice," Amy said loftily.

"Nice," Wendy sniffed. "Ha! Well, how about you take your 'nice' ass over to the fridge and get me another drink, you slut."

Without protest, Amy got up and pulled out another wine cooler. "Slut, am I?" she muttered to herself as she walked back to the bed. Sitting down next to her sister she ran the top of the bottle slowly up Wendy's spine, letting the bottle cap bump over each vertebra.

"Oooo, that feels kind of nice, why are you...aaaaaa!" Wendy suddenly cried out as Amy placed the ice-cold bottle on the nape of her neck. Wendy involuntarily arched her back and tipped her head back in an attempt to get the cold bottle off her sensitive skin.

As soon as Wendy's head tipped back, Amy placed her lips over her sister's open mouth and slid her tongue inside.

Wendy's eyes opened wide with shock and she started to cry out with alarm and indignation, but after a moment the softness of her sister's lips captured her full attention and she found herself returning the tender kiss. Wendy's hand found it's way to the back of her sister's head and she pulled Amy's lips more tightly to hers. Her tongue roamed around in Amy's mouth, dancing with her sister's. Amy's soft tongue tasted like raspberry wine with a little hint of the strawberry lip-gloss she was wearing. Wendy found the combination of tastes and textures intoxicating.

It was not the first kiss the sisters had shared. They experimented a little when they were younger. They tried kissing and a little petting, just to see what it was like. Those kisses had been clumsy and awkward, neither knowing quite what to do, but this kiss was different. Amy's soft lips and nimble tongue ignited a fire inside Wendy, and she found herself getting lost in the taste and feel of her sister.

At the sound of the bathroom door opening, Amy quickly broke away from Wendy and sat down to watch the TV as if nothing had happened. Handing the bottle to Wendy with a sheepish grin, she said, "Oh, I forgot. This is yours."

Wendy looked dumbly down at the bottle in Amy's hand as her mind swirled with confusing thoughts and awakened desire. As her hand mechanically closed on the cold bottle she suddenly became acutely aware of how hard her nipples were and of the spreading warmth between her legs.

Kelly peeked timidly around the doorframe. The look on her face clearly showed that she would rather be just about anywhere but where she was at that moment. "I...I... think I'm just gonna go back to, to, to bed." She stammered in a tone of voice that was more like she was asking if it would be ok.

"Nonsense!" Amy cried as she grabbed the wine cooler back from Wendy and jumped off of the bed. Grabbing a hold of Kelly's arm she led the timid girl over to the bed, kicking the door closed behind her.

"Sit down, have a drink or two. It's Friday night, time to have some fun. We were gonna go out clubbing tonight, but the snow put a stop to that. So now we're just sitting back, getting drunk and making fun of the morons on American Idol."

She pushed Kelly onto the bed beside Wendy and opened the bottle. "Here, have a drink, sweetie. It'll help you loosen up, you look so tense." Amy handed Kelly the wine cooler then flopped down beside her.

Kelly simply didn't know how to respond to such a torrent of words. She stared at Amy for a moment, then at Wendy, then the bottle, back to Amy, then Wendy and finally the bottle again. "I really..." She started but faltered. "I'm..." She faltered again.

Wendy thought she was going to either start crying or bolt from the room at any moment. She looked to be somewhere between very nervous and completely terrified. As Wendy studied Kelly, wondering what the girl was going to do, she realized that Kelly's warm thigh was pressed up against her own. The girl's soft, smooth skin felt wonderful.

Wendy's nipples were still almost painfully stiff and it seemed she could feel every thread in the soft fabric of her tee shirt as it glided over them with her every movement. The warmth between her legs had increased and she realized that she was squeezing her thighs tightly together. She forced herself to stop and sit back, trying to relax. But she didn't move her thigh because she didn't want to lose contact with Kelly's soft skin.

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