tagIncest/TabooVisiting His Big Sister

Visiting His Big Sister


Dylan had a 4 day holiday vacation coming up and decided it would be a great time to visit his older sister Marie and his 2 young nephews Tommy and Jeff. It's been almost a year since he had seen them. Marie was constantly asking him to take off from work so that he could see the boys.

Unfortunately their father was a dead beat dad. He knocked up Marie in college and they had a shotgun wedding. They tried to make it work, but alas Dad was too immature and couldn't handle fatherhood. Without a father figure in their life, it was very important for Marie to have Dylan around so that he could help shape the boys into men. Dylan did what he could, but having a job that kept him busy as well as the distance of 2 states made it hard.

Dylan adored his sister. He has memories of how she would protect him from being bullied by his big brother, she would always take him to see movies, and she was always in the kitchen cooking a cake or cookies for him. Dylan truly loves his sister who filled his adolescence with joy and happiness.

Dylan left straight from work on Friday and made the long trek to his sisters. He finally arrived at Marie's front door around 2:00 in the morning on Saturday. Marie left the door unlocked for him. He walked in and was greeted by "spanky", their little terrier that was more bark than bite. Spanky yelped a couple of times before realizing it was a friendly face. Dylan dropped his bag and picked up the little rascal in hopes of silencing him, although he was too late. Suddenly the kitchen light flicked on and there was Marie. Smiling, but with eyes half open.

Dylan smiled back and then his eyes wandered. Wow, Marie was just wearing a tight fitting white tank top and white lace panties. He was immediately aroused by this vision before him. Marie was 10 years older than Dylan making her 35 and was absolutely beautiful for her age. She has always been a health freak much like Dylan and it showed. She had shoulder length brown hair, with hazel eyes, a perfect figure with B size breasts and a tight little ass.

Marie reached out her arms and hugged Dylan as tight as she could.

"Hey little brother, wow I missed you."

"Hmmm, missed you too" Dylan said as he squeezed his sister back. "Sorry about waking you, I tried to be quiet".

"Oh, that's OK, I knew Spanky would bark. Are you hungry, can I get you anything, I made your favorite?"

With that she turned to the fridge. As she walked Dylan's eyes were fixed on that tight little ass. The sides have crept up exposing a lot of cheek. He was mesmerized as she bent over, and fidgeted through the fridge. Then she turned quickly and held out a plate full of Dylan's favorite.

"Homemade custard pie!" She chirped.

"Wow Sis, you're the greatest."

They sat and ate, and Marie seemed to be taken over by glee. She was so happy to see her baby brother and loved pleasing him how ever she could.

Dylan had 2 pieces of pie while he sat with his sister, his eyes venturing south every now and then to catch a glimpse at Marie's nipples which were hard and poking through the thin material. Wow, they sure looked tasty.

After pie, Marie showed Dylan to the couch which she had made up for him to sleep on. She then kissed him on the lips and went off to bed. Dylan stripped down to his boxers and lay on the couch staring at the ceiling. His thoughts began to wander towards his sister and those nipples, that ass, the sight of her before him in her tank top and lace panties, the sight leading up her legs to that perfect "V". He began stroking himself and after 20 minutes dreaming of tasting and feeling her, he blew his load all over his chest. He cleaned himself up and then slept peacefully with visions of his sisters' naked body.

Dylan was woken up early the next morning by laughter and a tickling in his nose. He opened his eyes to his 2 nephews laughing their heads off after sticking a feather in his nose. Then he saw Marie in the background laughing and encouraging them.

"OK, everybody jump on Uncle Dylan!" She shouted.

With that, all 3 jumped on him with laughter and cheering, Jeff on his legs, Tommy on his chest, and Marie right on his lap, practically straddling him. Dylan, who happened to be having a dream of fucking his big sister, happened to have a raging hard-on underneath the blanket. Dylan, in shock and unable to prepare himself from the attack just looked at his sister dumbfounded. Marie happened to have the same expression on her face in realization of what was poking her between her legs. Then a smile crept across her face as she asked, "What were you dreaming about Uncle Dylan?"

As Dylan displayed an embarrassed smile, Marie slowly removed herself from his lap. Dylan was tempted to say something, but with the kids around, decided against it. He then turned his focus towards the boys with a little horseplay. His erection subsided as he gave both boys a couple of noogies on the head.

After a while of getting reacquainted with his nephews, Marie called them all into the kitchen for pancakes. As they ate Dylan decided to play some soccer with the boys in the backyard after he takes a shower and the pancakes settle. Marie decided that she would just layout in the sun while the boys played. By the time Dylan was ready for action and walked into the backyard, the boys were already kicking the ball around and his sister was already lying out. She was wearing a red bikini and Dylan was just enthralled by how sexy she looked.

After a long day of playing with the boys, it was rounding supper time. Marie had already headed into the kitchen to cook dinner. When she called for the boys to come for supper, Dylan was pleased to see that Marie was still in her bikini. While eating and sneaking glimpses at Marie's luscious body, he showered her with compliments. Remarks about how striking she is, what a good mother she is, and what a great cook she is, how can any man look away?

To end the evening, everyone showered before sitting down to watch a kid's movie with the boys. When the movie ended Dylan put the boys to bed before joining his sister again in the family room. As he sat next to her, Marie was flipping channels on the TV.

"Nothings on…" She said.

"Anymore movies, something more adult?" Dylan asked.

"The only movie I have is "9 ½ weeks." She replied with a questioning look.

Dylan heard of this movie, but had never seen it. It apparently had a lot of sex, and was starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. "Sure, sounds good to me"

She popped in the tape and snuggled up next to him. As the movie played, Dylan was getting pretty hot. Watching the sex scenes with his sister was a great turn on. He wondered if it was making her hot too.

The movie then came to a scene that had Kim Basinger fingering herself. This was making Dylan sweat. Then Marie asked him the question that took them to the next level.

"Has a girl ever done that for you?"

"Yeah, a couple of ex-girlfriends have."

"Really!" She asked surprised as she sat up and looked at him. She then looked back at the screen and said, "I could never do that in front of a guy."

"Oh, so you mean to tell me you do finger yourself." Dylan said with a smirk.

Realizing what she had just admitted to, it was her turn to be embarrassed. "Well…yeah…sometimes."

"It's Ok Marie, don't be embarrassed. If it helps you feel more comfortable…I masturbate all the time, almost everybody does it."

"Dylan…you're my brother, my younger brother…I shouldn't be having this conversation with you."

Dylan said nothing to this, wondering if they should actually walk down this road. Then after thinking it through herself, Marie pushed the issue.

"Have you ever masturbated in front of a girl?" She asked.

"Of course, Marie it's a thrill when you're with someone and you watch each other masturbate." Dylan then grabbed his erection and started to massage it through his shorts.

Marie was shocked and just watched as she could clearly see the outline of his cock as he stroked it up and down.

"Oh my God…I can't believe you're doing that in front of me, in front of your sister"

"Join me." He said encouragingly.

She looked him in the eyes, unsure of what she should do. Dylan then removed his shorts and shirt and laid there stroking his cock in front of her.

"Join me." He said again. "Let me see that sexy body of yours. I want to see you finger your pussy."

Still hesitant, she slowly slid her hand into her own shorts, and began to slowly slide it around. She then softly began to gasp and breathe heavier.

"Are you wet?" He asked while locking eyes with her.


"Does it feel good?" He encouraged.


"Take off your shirt; let me see your tits"

She then did at his bidding and removed her top. Her hand automatically went back to her pussy.

"Hmmm, you have nice tits. I like your nipples. So long and hard, like my dick. Do you like watching me jerk it?" He asked seductively.

"Yeah." She said.

"Tell me you like it."

"I like it…I like watching you stroke your…cock." She cooed.

Dylan smiled and said, "Take off your shorts now, and let me see all of you."

Marie did so without hesitation and spread her legs as wide as she could across the couch and across Dylan's own legs. Her hand now began work up a frenzy.

"Ooh, that's hot Marie, Oh what a body."

"Yeah, you like my wet pussy?"

"Oh, Yeah."

"Oh my God Dylan, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum!"

"Me to, me to!"

"Cum on me brother, cum on me!"

Dylan positioned himself over her and shot his load all over her as they came together. As they both began to catch their breath, Dylan smiled and she smiled back. He then leaned close to her and kissed her. She pulled him to her tight and slipped her tongue into his mouth. He lost his balance and landed on top of her. Dylan could feel his cum as she clenched him tightly. Dylan could feel his dick growing as well. It was nudging at her pussy lips.

"Do it!" She said in between kisses, "Fuck me Dylan, fuck your sister!"

He needed no further instruction. Dylan slid into her easily and she let out a stifled scream.

"Oh God, you feel so good Dylan."

"You too sis, you too."

Dylan began pumping her for all he was worth, and she was meeting each one.

"Yes, Yes, Yes, Give it to me baby, give it to me!!!" She yelled.

"Oh yeah, Oh yeah, I'mmm Cummming" He yelled as he shot his load deep into her pussy.

Dylan then collapsed on top of her. She kissed his neck and then whispered in his ear. "You'll be sure to visit more often now?"

"Yes, Marie, I'll visit more often."

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