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Visiting Japan


Japan was always a place I wanted to visit, so I took a short vacation there during the summer. Being 18 and still living with my parents, I still had to get their permission to go and I got it. In no time, I was staying at a Japanese hotel, living their lifestyle and finding out more and more about the culture.

I loved it all, especially Japanese girls. There was something that made me attracted to Asian girls, even before I had taken this vacation. I never expected to find one passed out in the hallway of my hotel. I considering alerting the hotel staff, but instead decided to take her back to my room. I guess I was feeling a bit perverted that night as I picked her up, groping her ass, and carried her to my room.

She had a beautiful face with beautiful blue eyes, she looked to be about sixteen, no more than eighteen years old. Her straight brown hair went somewhat below her shoulders and her body was fantastic. She had a lovely figure and her tits, hidden by her shirt, seemed to be rather large. She wore a tight pink T-shirt along with a matching loose black skirt. They kind of outfit a school girl would wear.

I laid her down on my bed and shook her a few times. Looked like she was out cold for whatever reason. Back in the US, I had a girl who was basically my fuck buddy. She was fantastic and I would get laid almost any time I wanted to. But having been in Japan for a week already, I was feeling all the sexual tension build up inside me. I was considering hiring some sort of prostitute for a night, but right now, my mind was on this girl and what I could do with her while she was out. I had no clue what I'd do if she woke up or if I somehow was caught, but I didn't care -- I was thinking with the wrong head just like I had so many times before in my life.

I rubbed her tits through her shirt, they felt great. Making sure she was still out, I pulled her shirt up to reveal that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her huge tits stared me right in the face and I began rubbing them and pulling on her nipples. Apparently, this honey didn't like lingerie because I found out she wasn't wearing panties either as I lifted her skirt. Observing her face, I slowly slid one of my fingers inside her cunt. She was pretty wet, even if she was unconscious.

Finally, after some fingering and tit-groping, I noticed her awaking. I sat over her chest, my knees pressed against her shoulders. I unzipped my pants and removed my already rock-hard cock, holding it over her face. As she opened her eyes, she was totally stunned. She opened her mouth, gasping, and this gave me the opportunity I needed. I shoved my cock deep into her mouth before she could even say a word. She attempted to get free as I slid my cock up and down inside her mouth, but the fact that I was atop her kept her from escaping. Her fight continued for a few more minutes until she finally gave up and closed her eyes, as if she was wishing this was just a dream or a nightmare. Nevertheless, I still pumped my cock in and out of her small mouth.

My first shot of cum fired off inside her mouth and her entire body bucked upwards. Was she having an orgasm while I came in her mouth? I wondered this as I pulled my cock out of her mouth and a second shot of cum landed all over her cute face. Her eyes were shut and her entire body arched upwards as much as it could with me atop her. She gave out a somewhat loud moaning scream as a final load of cum landed all over her face again.

Her spasms stopped and she ceased moving. I slowly got off her, keeping my eyes on her my entire time. She looked at up at me and wiped some of the cum off her face with her hand, then licked her fingers clean of it. Smiling, she asked, "who are you?" I gave her a fake name and told her where I found her. She explained how she got to being out cold in the middle of the hotel hallway. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and in a fit of rage, he hit her and she smacked the back of her head against the wall. As she spoke, she continued cleaning her face and licking up what was left of my cum. "I guess I got him mad, I tell him he's not man enough for me." She giggled and looked at my cock as I smiled. "I tell him he can't even satisfy me... but you, my American friend, where did you and your beautiful cock come from?"

I told her I'm just staying at the hotel and couldn't help but do what I did when I found her. I found it hard to believe, but it all turned her on. "By the way, my name is Mai." She smiled and told me she was eighteen when I asked her. She struck me as quite the slut -- not that there was anything wrong with that.

"I have been with many boys... many men before... but I never sucked something as big as you."

Her English was poor, but I got the idea. I guess it's true that white men come better equipped then the Asian do. I myself was nine inches, which I know is rather impressive.

"I want you to... I want you to fuck, with me. I want to feel your monster inside me."

I couldn't believe her words. I was hoping she meant everything she was saying. "You want my dick in your pussy, babe?" She nodded, finally getting the last of my cum off of her face. I commanded her to get on all fours on the bed and she did, sticking her sexy tight ass up into the air, pointing it towards me. As I moved towards her, she began playing the sweet innocent girl.

"No, mister, please don't come near me... don't look at my pussy... OH!" She gave out a loud moan as my tongue first touched her cunt. She let her hips twist and squirm as I began to eat her out, soft folds draping around my tongue as it swirled over her wet pussy. Mai pushes her ass up into my face again and again, her legs parted like a broken straw. Bucking up and down into my tongue, she keeps of gasping and moaning.

I stop and turn her over, pushing her down onto her back on the bed. As I get on top of her, she trembles as my weight presses her into the soft mattress. I reach down and take my cock into my hand, slowly beginning to work it into her tight slit. She groans as I finally thrust forward and penetrate her for the first time.

Lifting Mai's ass up off the bed, I begin to drive my cock into the young girl's pussy. Voicing her passion, shouting some random words in Japanese and in English as well, she wraps her hands around my neck and brings me down face-to-face with her so that she can kiss me. I back up a bit and bring both of her legs up onto my shoulders, spreading her even wider than before. My thick shaft rams into her, nearly tearing her, with each thrust.

After a few minutes of this, I finally pull out and tell her to quickly turn over. Gasping for air, she does this and lifts her ass up again. I lick one of my fingers and slide it into her ass and eventually working a few more fingers inside to moisten her. She looks back at me over her shoulder. "Are you going to do it in my asshole?" I just smile at her as she asks me to be gentle. Apparently, she's never had it this way before. Pulling my fingers back out, I wrap my hand around my cock and position it over the tiny entrance.

Pushing it in for the first time, I move very slowly. I can only go in a bit over halfway, and just at that point, I can feel Mai's orgasm as she gives out several loud moans. I stay in the position for a few seconds and ask if she's all right.

Apparently, she liked what she'd felt so far as she exclaimed, "Of course, now fuck my ass with your big American dick!"

My cock filled her backside with driven thrusts, her tight asshole gripping my cock as I worked it in and out. Mai was screaming in pleasure as she had now moved one of her hands down to her cunt, rubbing and fingering herself. I quickly work up a fast, hard pace, my balls slapping against her ass as I slide in and out of her ass over and over again.

I can feel her butt cheeks tightening as her head shoots up, her moans becoming louder and more passionate than before. I continue driving into her as I feel myself coming closer to an orgasm.

"OOOOOOOAAAAAHHH!!" She let out a loud scream as she goes through another orgasm. That brings me over the edge. With one wild thrust, I push almost all of my cock into her ass and she lets out another loud scream as I explode inside her ass. Pulling out, my cum drips all over her ass. She barely has the strength to do it, but she spins around as my cock shoots one another blast of cum, landing on her face.

"I love you... I love your cock..." she spoke softly as she licked the cum off my dick. When she deemed it clean enough, she fell back onto the couch.

I stood up and began putting my pants on. "Where are you going?" She looked a bit disappointed, as if she hadn't had enough. Honestly, I hadn't either... I wanted more of this amazing girl.

"Fucking always makes me thirsty, I'll be right back." I winked at her and told her I'd pick up a few items for us to have fun with and be back within a half hour. She stood up, grabbed my cock through my pants and kissed me passionately on the lips before I walked out the door.

To Be Continued...

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